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Just some thoughts from your humble stoner host about the range of things we’re seeing in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 scare.

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This is just a short commentary on current events, it’s all there baby!

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  1. gotta say it – “first!!!!!”

    Just want to send some Big Love to everyone!- have some energetic oxytocin 🙂
    Too many conflicting bs themes about all of it for me to make any helpful comments-
    we also have a server member in Discord whos stuck in Peru ( US citizen)- so thoughts are with anyone whos stuck somewhere they dont want to be at this time-
    much love Greg for this-

    Also are we having a Joint Session soon?

  2. It’s a phase 1 test, with an extremely high success rate. The majority of people who believe what they’re told are the problem, the main focus should be on how easy people panic & what phase 2 will be.

  3. Thanks Greg. Having been a Social Worker and Mental Health Officer for many years I know that a major prerequisite for both physical and mental illness is social isolation. I also know from a lifetime of experience that the only way to develop immunity to disease is to be exposed to it! So if we don;t have that exposure this winter then what about next winter. Many agendas I am sure – it will certainly keep the population down if we can’t touch each other! People won’t even come for a coffee to my house – they are their own facist police. Hard to keep yer heed when all around is madness. Here;s hoping Dr Andrew Kaufman is right about viruses not existing. Love to all. jay xx

  4. As I sit and watch this all play out you always have doubts that what you are seeing is real. The what ifs play havoc with your brain. Have looked for signs of fakery and they are everywhere. The vaccine girl is an obvious one, nothing about that story seems correct. They would never let out the name of the person let alone have them on TV. Treating her like a super hero, asking if she has super powers, and asking her medical questions when she obvious has no clue. Stocks tank due to oil prices, not virus, a well timed play by two powerful countries and our country responds by trying to fill the hole with money and failed miserably adding 2 trillion in debt in less than 24 hours, not a word on news. Then I see people that I think would jump underground if they thought the time was nigh. “Leaders” and powerful stars admit they have the bug but somehow always tend to be far away so no check can actually confirm and they live vicariously through daily tweets relaying their progress. Still that what if doubt lays back there twitching to be let up front. Then I am told dont be in groups from 250, to 50, 25, and now 10 by people in a group of 15 with 50 reporters shouting questions. Told to wash hands constantly, dont touch anything, prepare for 8 weeks but dont hoard stuff. Still that fear is there. Unfortunately this was the one week I had to be separated from my lady due to her having to be trained in mortuary sciences. During this week while the world around her was in panic, buying supplies expecting the worst there she sits waiting 3 days for work which doesnt come; with her teachers telling her this is the slowest they have ever seen in their business. She sits in a hotel that will not let her eat in the dining room, work out on the equipment or sit in the lobby, while all the other guests swim an hang out at the pool. Yet I still ask for signs. Now I am sure the call will come soon that I am to stay in my house and not come out for any reason, or else! Seems like instructions you give your pet while you vacate the premises. If I keep asking for signs maybe God or whatever will appear in a Bill Engvall disguise and slap me right in the face.

    1. MUST read or listen to: goodbye germ theory, by William p. Trebing

      The name does not do it justice, as it is about so much more

      Not only does it predict xxv t this exact thing happening, but it explains who, why and where this is going. It’s all laid out with plenty of citations, references, court cases etc

      It does not just cover the medical industry, it shows how it operates, but also a very clear crash course in who is in control, how they took control of the country, financial system, and are subverting the constitution.

  5. Interesting that 5g came out as the same time as this virus. Also is anyone talking about the treatment from cuba that the chinese used. A lot of articles have been censored from google on this subject, including. Articles by whitney webb and the mint press.

    1. Reading up on a few studies on 5g is interesting that it basically weakens one’s immune system so something as simple as a coronavirus is looked at as this world ending scenario. Did we stop global commerce when little Johnny had the sniffles or Grandma had a cough? It’s I think it’s internet age data speeds, pandering to social media and image, accelerating pandemic craze, and of course people still for whatever reason trying to cover up the effects of 5g frequency ranges on living organisms.

      1. Almost seems like a weird “never let a good crisis go to waste” situation because the mainstream craze and the economic impact is so colossal, was the lie worth the price? Is buying the Dow when it was 10% down really worth the price of this many jobs and industries coming to a screeching halt??? Consumer spending will probably be down for a year or two. Makes me think it’s misdirection and a very costly one where as usual people will fight to conform and say what they’re supposed to.

  6. Albeit imperfect, this is the best focus for science disciplines, not signing open letters to politicians or hypothesizing how many meteorologists can fit on the head of a pin. Sadly, it won’t happen.

  7. Thank you Greg, it was great to hear your optimistic message.
    Couldn’t agree more about keeping that sense of humour, and how our community is really on the front lines. I think this is a great time to do things we normally dont have the time for, so stay grounded, and nurture of a vision you’d like to live 🙂
    Cheers THCs!

  8. !!!!!!! I paused my round the clock listening of Cocteau Twins records as a protective energy bubble as I drive around Chicago delivering food to people (safely of course) to listen to this twice now… Mr Carlwood you are doing the good work. Speaking the thoughts I have running in my head so eloquently. So many good nuggets you have… “give me liberty or give me manageable flu-like symptoms” damn. priceless. I’m sending this clip to every person I know. Well. The ones I know who have at least a half open ear. Stay calm. Give love. Stay vigilant. Keep asking questions. And well. I’d say your move controllers but it might be our move next…. I’ve never been more grateful to have found your show so many years ago.

  9. I am with you on this subject Greg. There has been a lot of histeria and paranoid. I mean how can they closed airports and businesses just like that! In my opinion this virus is nothing more than a global experiment upon us human beings. This is a social experiment whether the virus is real or not. I think it is a social tool for control and it is sad how it is destroying small businesses and making the poor more poor , plus taking our right to mobilize away !!!
    Keep up the good fight Greg!

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