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Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Holy Hell Higherside Chatters, health and wellness are the offerings on the THC alter today- because the long road to corporate food and oil based allopathic medicine has been paved with profits for the archon controlled capstone cabal and the lives of our loved ones along the way.

Yes, it seemed we’ve been attacked on all sides in a perfect storm of health suppression: from a plethora of chemical filled injections during our first months of life, to an engineered lack of education and the preaching of a deceptive food pyramid, to grocery stores filled with frankin-food, and a medical system structured to support the bad habits we’ve been bread for.

It’s sicker than sick and tantamount to mass murder if you ask me- with coke wielding polar bears and tony the tiger laughing all the way to our untimely graves.

It’s a real problem folks, and I’m sure we all know people we hold dear who suffer from ignorance and addition when it comes to their health. Many of us probably have family that left us too soon because those super value meals are just too tempting. Or know nice, kind people who suffer daily from conditions they could overcome with a swift change of the diet, but they’ve never heard it from a doctor.

But don’t take my word for it, because today’s guest knows these troubles all too well. His name is John Brisson and he’s the man behind the book and website and having taken charge of his own life, repaired the damage the system has done, and became a bonafide expert in all things alternative health.

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In the Plus show today, we completely switch gears from the Fix Your Guy material and dive into some work John has done in exposing some lesser known political think tanks and secret cabals, including:

-The co-option of the right, the John Birch Society, and the Council for National Policy

-The media arm of these groups and the shows and personalities in their network, Alex Jones included

-child trafficking rumors on the right

-the seeding of ideas and figures via ufology publishing

-the mother goose club

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47 Responses

  1. Wonderful episode! I love the health topics, they are empowering. I am so grateful I was able to give my daughter a safe start to life, home birth, breast fed and nutritional food during childhood. Our health and freedom of choice is foundational to transcending this toxic system.

  2. I have an ex whose son had a really hard time gaining weight (failure to thrive) and the state tried to take him after accusing her of not feeding him. So criminal.

  3. Wow about Lana and Henrik’s marriage but that makes a ton of sense. Because when he went RIght he went hella Right, hella fast and it was right around when Lana showed up. Good nugget of info.

  4. Does the guest have any information documented from the second half of the show? I went to his ‘fixyourgut’ website, but don’t see anything about his claims. Thanks.

    1. Not currently, but I am working on a book that will document it. I do have links and sources. Josh Reeves has already covered a lot of it in his movies The Secret Right 1 and 2.

  5. Dude…. What a fucking AWESOME show! I loved hour 2, even though I am still subscribed to Red Ice and have been for 5 years, but I haven’t listened to them but maybe 10-15 shows in the past 2.5 years due to the obvious hard right detour… and I’m pretty conservative, but not ignorant. I’m glad y’all talked about all of that b/c that is something that everyone has thought, but nobody has talked about in depth b/c people like us (I’m assuming) have been fans since back when Henrik was still pure, intelligent and curious and I think we all wished it wasn’t true. Curious that Lana did say she knew she wanted to marry Henrik after hearing his show half way across the earth. What a she devil. But, Aaron Franz and Tom Secker called Henrik & Lana out on that shit right after the massive shift they took, so kudos to them. Again, kick ass show and I can’t wait to hear interview #2 with John. Btw, I’ve always thought it weird that Alex Jones and Henrik always seemed to purposefully not mention one another in their shows. I even noticed when the conversation with a guest was naturally taken them towards mentioning the other show by name, but as they were about to naturally say the other shows name it looked they were consciously avoiding it and steering the subject else where. Those F*UCKS! Anyway, thanks for another great show, brotha. Take care!

    P.S. Excellent interview, John! Dropping some serious knowledge that I’m sure will have an immensely positive impact on many folks lives whose ear holes come across this show. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, research and story. You are a definite inspiration and your family is blessed to have such a resilient and dedicated man like you in their life.

    You 2 take care and have a wonderful weekend with your families✌️???? (sorry for the emojis, Greg 😉

    Love, Peace & Chicken Grease (quote by John Leguizamo circa “The Pest =)
    – Drew

    1. Used to be a Red Ice subscriber as well. I knew it was over when Lana in closing out an interview on 3:14 with a plant specialist (interview that had nothing to do with politics) asked or stated to something about different flowers types not fertilizing each other and sticking with their own species. I’m sure I’m not exactly quoting it, but it was super cringy and the plant dude was obviously confused about what she was getting at. Probably why she saved it till the end.

      Mudutu I was wondering if you have a link to the show where Aaron Franz and Tom Secker called them out? I always found it weird that more people didn’t call them on it when it happened. Henrik went from being what seemed like a considerate, low-key, curious interviewer to someone very angry and aggressive in a short amount of time.

  6. And… I totally agree about the major shift at Red Ice being related to meeting Lana. I said this a when he made the hard ALT right move and people took my head off. I was accused of blaming the girlfriend. I guess everyone forgot how the take downs work…you send someone in to throw off the movement. A classic take down move.

  7. Only half way in (just passed the free portion) and I can easily say this is one of my favorite episodes. It resonates with me so much because I had digestive issues coupled along with constant nausea since I was in the 8th grade. At its worst, I would have episodes where I would get a numbing sensation in my upper spine and incapacitated to the point where I couldn’t drive, walk, and barely talk. It was very scary for me because I didn’t know when it would occur and I had no idea what was going on. After visiting different doctors and hospitals, trying to eat “healthier”, I really reached my breaking point and felt like giving up. Luckily for me, I came across the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) book and it completely changed the way I looked at gut health and food. I eventually switched my diet and immediately went through extreme sugar withdrawal. It was hard to stick to it and I didn’t feel better at first but eventually I noticed that my seasonal allergies went away along with my eczema. Also, I haven’t had any of those weird episodes again! This book was a good starting point for me learning about digestive health.

    It brings a new meaning to the scene in the Matrix where they extracted the bug from his gut before showing him the looking glass… Anyways, great episode. Been really enjoying the latest shows!

  8. Wow, what a great guest! This guy is at professor level when it comes to health and the gut. T. gondii though, what a hoot I’d completely forgotten the mind control connection between cats and mice, but gender dysphoria.. woah! So we’re basically possessed by omnipresent spirits, the bacteria in our gut and every other barrage of atomic collisions on some molecular, dimensional or electronic level. I don’t know why he doesn’t like to use the term ‘evolved’, maybe cause the connotations of humans evolving from apes? but everything is constantly evolving in some form or another.. AI, human consciousness, the polar vortex, microorganisms…. he lost me in the second half though.

  9. Waw,
    I’ve been having severe abdominal pain on and off. Mostly at night and my doctor hasn’t done much to help other then give me antacids. Hearing this episode was exactly what I needed and at the right time. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the topic and I’ve adjusted my diet seance I’ve come across his. It’s been helping a lot. Great show! Thank you

  10. Hi Greg, Wow, incredibly awesome show! I’ve come across John’s website now and again, during times when I’ve felt the worst; I have struggled with “gut issues” for almost 25 years. I’ve sought out allopathic help as well as assistance from a functional/integrative medicine approach with varying degrees of success. I’ve gone ahead and ordered John’s book and am looking forward to learning more and, perhaps, “fixing my gut issues” for good! I also enjoyed the Plus Show and really enjoyed it. The information on various individuals who may have been, or actually have been co-opted was pretty mind-blowing. I am looking forward to learning more from John and perhaps another highersidechats and a Plus show with John in the future. Thanks again, Greg (and John, too). Cheers and peace, Sue

  11. I did realize, after listening to the podcast that I made two mistakes. One, is that Wellbutrin is NDRI. I know it modulates dopamine I do not know why I said SNRI. I also said Trump’s latest book Crippled America was published by Regnery Publishing, I was incorrect, his book Time to Get Tough, Making America #1 Again, was though.

  12. Hugely informative. Excellent guest, very much looking forward to his next appearance. I liked how the plus section was almost entirely removed from the first hour. And heck, I’m another one of those shame-about-where-Red-Ice-went guys, so John’s insight was well received. I think I may have missed their turn from esoteric/conspiratorial to nationalist (2 or 3 years ago?) and often comment in their videos about longing for days of old, but, alas, THC and Forum Borealis have filled that void and then some.

    Keep it up, Greg, love the show and so glad to have subscribed to + a few months back.

  13. Excellent podcast! This episode is quite something. Surprisingly exotic even in comparison with the more fringe stuff on THC. Kudos to John for his encyclopedic knowledge, passion and strength in adversity. A shining example of a sovereign individual.

    This topic is so niche and the guest so thoroughly informative that I consciously stopped at one point so that I can listen to it again from the beginning with a dictionary. It might demand several listenings. I have no other way of fully comprehending the material. John’s fluency on the topic and off the cuff familiarity with medical terminology makes the interview so damn dense. It is embarrassing how little I know about the subject especially as I’ve had gut problems since early childhood and have had psoriasis since my late twenties (potentially a side effect of anti-malaria pills), over a decade now. I can’t recall the name of the acne cream that I used in my teens but some of it was seriously toxic. The skin on my cheeks flaked at one point! My GP told me that my immune system was strong hence the pills and creams stopped working not after long so stronger pills were required. She ultimately offered me pills which she herself said were potentially cancerogenic. Fortunately, my vanity did not get the better of me. Fuck knows what the other pills did to my immune system.

    Greg, really appreciate you covering this subject so well. This episode is a call to action.

    Good luck to everyone on following up this material in practice!

    1. I got in touch with John, my first ever fan mail, to say what a great show and that I had somewhat of an epiphany. Of course, I didn’t expect a response. Not only did he reply but he also sent me his book “Fix your gut” in PDF because he realised I mistakenly only downloaded the Supplements book.

      What a fucking show guys… The second part now demands a relisten.

  14. Great show and I thank John for all of his great information. I’m also happy he mentioned Switzerland being important, as it’s globalist/Illuminati headquarters, as Bill Cooper exposed in Behold a Pale Horse. John is the ONLY guest i’ve heard mention Switzerland in this context and I hope he can talk about it in more depth in his next appearance here. Also glad he discussed Toxoplasma gondii being behind schizophrenia and other things, which is hardly mentioned by people in health discussions. The implications of the effects on human behavior by parasites such as T. Gondii as astounding. Bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever, Lyme co-infection) is another disease contracted from cats.

    The part about infected dairy products reminded me of the X-Files episode ‘Red Museum’ where, besides being about a cult, some covert operation is going on with ‘growth hormone’ experiments on cows on farms causing violent behavior in the local human population.

    Also glad you discussed Alex Jones and the downfall of Red Ice Creations..needed to be said! I must say I found the timing rather interesting when it happened right after getting together with the woman.

    Great article on Toxoplasma gondii

  15. Another great episode that combines two of my favorite topics, health and conspiracy. With regard to the lack of liberal conspiracy theorists, I can think of one: Miles Mathis. I’m pretty sure he identifies as a liberal. I know you’ve reached out to him and he doesn’t do interviews/podcasts. Even though some of his theories are too far out even for me, I appreciate the food for thought. Also, he seems to be sincere. He has a good point that we should be suspicious of anyone who is well known, including some of his former heroes. I still appreciate different viewpoints and hope I can find some truth even if there’s some cointelpro included.

    On another note, I hope your show reaches a lot of potential parents. Many of the recent health guests have provided good information about how to conceive and raise healthy children. I gave my kids a pretty good start by bucking the system and it’s only gotten worse in the past 20 years. I’ve worked in early childhood intervention since my children were babies and it’s heartbreaking to see how many more families are struggling with autism and “failure to thrive”. Plus, the narcotics epidemic is tragically taking it’s toll on way too many families and their babies.

    My heart goes out to you John. Thanks for turning your heartache into a blessing of a cautionary tale for others. Health concerns are the doorway to awakening for many of us (it started for me with the rash of dead microbiologists in the mid ’90’s). There is no telling how much pain and suffering you are preventing. So glad you are fighting the good fight!

  16. Really excellent show, so insightful and full of useful positive information we all can use to help our own and our families health. Loved the second half too, clearly listening to one of our own.

  17. Great show! Decent guy! It was hard to follow at times due to my concentration span! So a few listens needed (for me) but loved it. My mother has lupus and I was 3 months premature ! Hey Greg would you be able to get a guest on, an expert on lupus and how it can be managed with other medications other than the shit they thrown down my mums neck… anti cancer (methaltrxate) and gallons of morphines (that eases her pain) but rots her body! I tried telling her about the GC-maf but I just couldn’t get through to her! Do if you did a show on maybe this issue I could let her listen to it and it may spark a bit of enthusiasm to want to help herself!!! Anyway mate it isn’t your problem, but if you could maybe get a guest on lupus (SLE) be great brother. Take care great program. Love you mate.

  18. Fantastic show! I need to listen a second time.

    Lyme Disease
    I had it and my parents did as well. Fortunately we knew a doctor who would treat it under the radar. It took several long courses (years) of Doxycycline to get rid of it for me. I had to stay on it until symptoms had disappeared entirely for 6 months and it took several months of treatment to get to the point where symptoms had disappeared – there would be a 2-weeks cycle where symptoms would flare up. If I quit the doxycycline shortly after symptoms disappeared it would come right back with a vengeance. Unfortunately by my early 20’s my joints – especially hips – were totally destroyed with arthritis. I’ve got new titanium/ceramic hips now, but it was painful going there for several years, but I’ve got my life back now and can do almost all the active things that I used to love doing.

    Why no leftist conspiracy theorists?
    Being a leftist means you believe in the collective and the authorities over that collective and that makes you less likely to be a conspiracy theorist – unless your trusted authorities promote a conspiracy theory (e.g. Russian collusion). Being a conspiracy theorist means you trust yourself and believe in the empowered individual over the collective – the mindless herd. Self-reliance and independence are more closely associated with conservatism and the right. We need both forms of organization: decentralized networks emphasizing the individual and centralized hierarchies emphasizing the collective. Each is weaker without the other.

    I’ve listened to some of Red Ice and really enjoyed it although like others have said… sometimes their identitarianism is extreme to the point of being cringeworthy. I haven’t listened to them in months.

    Please check out Jason Rezi Jorjani for an interesting take on the alt-right…
    He is a brilliant scholar who sort of got sucked into deep end of the alt-right for a while – was even housemates with Richard Spencer. I think he is a very level-headed and well-meaning guy, so I’d like to hear Greg interview him.

    I am very hesitant to consider all the people mentioned as “co-opted” as many times people’s views just naturally change and sometimes become more extreme in certain areas. There’s a spectrum of co-opting and some of these people might be lightly influenced or heavily influenced or full-blown agents. And I think there are multiple puppeteers and the strings get tangled up. I listened to Alex Jones for years, but after he failed to criticize Trump for bombing Syria under blatantly false pretenses… couldn’t do it anymore… and now I’m much happier to not hear any gravelly screaming in my ears anymore.

    I preach Keto a lot more than I practice it. Personally, I do well on the Keto diet, but it is so hard to stay on it when people are bringing in tacos and donuts to work and craft breweries are springing up all over the place! There’s only about 2 or 3 restaurants around here where I can get a truly keto lunch. So I only go hardcore keto when I need to slim up a little and then for the most part just try to go by the guidelines a few days a week and that keeps me pretty trim and healthy.

  19. Hey Carlwood, can you comment with the name of the mail order organic meats? I couldn’t remember where you mentioned it in the episode.. great interview as always brother

  20. I believe LSD affects serotonin receptors but it doesn’t actually increase levels of serotonin itself. He mentions LSD increasing serotonin levels and the effects thereof on the gut around an hour and fifteen… I’d love to know more about this specifically. My impression was that LSD doesn’t cause a risk of serotonin syndrome even when used alongside SSRIs for this reason. Am I mistaken?

    1. It is debatable if LSD increases serotonin, I believe that it does, it requires more research.

      “Another explanation is that our patient’s serotonin receptors remained in a state of permanent up-regulation following his previous LSD use. As a result, an acute surge of synaptic serotonin, as can be seen with the initiation of SSRI treatment, would result in a highly enhanced sertotonin signal, which might lead to hallucinogenic effects.”

      If this is true LSD is scary, state of permanent up-regulation of serotonin. At the very least, it binds with the serotonin receptors in the gut causing digestive issues.

      1. What mechanism does “Up regulation” occur. My understanding of Serotonin production is that 95% is made in the gut by 4 bacteria. L. Reuteri, L. Rhamnosous, L. Helviticus, B-Longum. The remaining 5% is made in the brain. I would guess that most people today due to all the chemicals ingested and inhaled kill normal gut bacteria, are likely not producing enough Serotonin and this is why we may see SSRI’s being administered so freely. BigPh=BigChem Co. meme is alive but sick. delves into this very very well. Do you have a suggested source for these 4 bacteria? I do, RAW Probiotics “Vaginal Support” by Garden of Life. Ciao and keep up the awesome research. btw I clicked the link here to go to your site and was hit by a virus from a place called coinhive, hmmm. No problem resulted but….is there a tell there?

        1. Instead of running ads on the site, we do use some computer power to mine crypto. There is a disclaimer on the site and a way to turn it off on the bottom. The amount of bacteria in the gut that produce serotonin changes between 75%-90% but a majority of it is used in the gut itself to control muscle contractions for peristalsis. I do recommend and like Gutpro.

  21. I really enjoyed the show. I’ve had the experience of watching someone who probably had Borderline Personality Disorder traits to begin with become a monster as she gained weight. The weight gain was stress-related and was concentrated at the abdomen. You see this all the time. My guess is my ex-friend had become a host for yeast (and things the guest mentioned) and it altered her personality. A once slim fit person is now obese (slightly deformed by it) and is prone to rages and is emotionally unstable. We should all consume less sugar as it is the source for growth of these things in the body.

    I also enjoyed your guests journey into “conspiracy” land. The CFP isn’t a surprising organization to have in existence but last time I looked our country has been run for the last 20 years by Neo-Cons and Neo Liberals. They have fucked things up royally. The Obama years were the worst. Everything thing from rampant homelessness to “hate” as an outlawed emotion to wars, wars everywhere came from the Left. It was quaint your guest was telling us to beware of the CFP but I hardly see this country’s issues stemming from conservative policies. Give me a break.

  22. Great Intro, Greg. As usual very insightful.
    As a wholistic doctor of 34 years, my heart always goes out to people like this man and his sad life of illness. Such heartache…so many go through. There are alternatives but the mind control is so so strong. It’s everywhere. Corporate health care has a strangle hold on media. They will not lose market share to the dregs of the world, alternative care practitioners. So it continues to be grass roots….

  23. Very, very interesting, but I remain kindly skeptikal in this one. 🙂 I’m not all the way through, and something struck me. This big push to reclassify cannabis as a hallucinogen, it’s all over the place and based on very little data as far as I can tell, some basic ‘stoner’ behaviors and unsubstantiated claims about heavy, long-time users. Here’s a good example of the current PR:
    I heard a couple other flags early on, but this one made me stop. Just sayin’
    I’ll not close down yet though, always good to hear where folks are it, even if they’ve been schooled in the biz, all the better one might argue!
    Great last three shows Greg, you’re on fire young man, more power to ya!!

  24. Another great show, but if I can be a bit critical it’s that the red ice accusations were a bit thin on the ground. They do what they do, they’ve explained their change in stance many times and they put a very important part of the picture out there, you can’t see the whole picture without seeing all the pixels, and in the same way that thc is invaluable red ice is also invaluable. But anyway another great show.

    1. I thought about Red Ice again. Henrik had Josh Reeves on twice to talk about the CNP and watched the Secret Right documentaries. Yet, we know that Red Ice is involved in the Alt Right, Richard Spencer and the Regnery family who are strongly linked to the CNP. Did he not investigate those that came to him? I doubt it, Henrik is smart.

  25. I had to change my vote! I was too impressed and intrigued to not find lots of value in the entire show, especially the second half. And for sure I agree on the underlying premise that it’s really bacteria that controls our world. 🙂
    Just some doubts on some of his data and assumptions, which I’m now inclined to research further, thanks for the good work!

  26. I was only able to give this episode a listen to recently and I’m guessing the coupon/code HIGHERSIDE to download the book is no longer valid or it changed. Or do I have the wrong code?

  27. It all got a bit feverishly six-degrees-of-conspiracy.
    Also, this guy voted for Trump.
    As if voting makes a difference.
    Also, lots about pedophilia…
    But nothing about Trump and Epstein.

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