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John Brisson | Fixing Your Gut, The Medical Machine, & Plum Island

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Health, Solutions

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Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Holy Hell Higherside Chatters, health and wellness are the offerings on the THC alter today- because the long road to corporate food and oil based allopathic medicine has been paved with profits for the archon controlled capstone cabal and the lives of our loved ones along the way.

Yes, it seemed we’ve been attacked on all sides in a perfect storm of health suppression: from a plethora of chemical filled injections during our first months of life, to an engineered lack of education and the preaching of a deceptive food pyramid, to grocery stores filled with frankin-food, and a medical system structured to support the bad habits we’ve been bread for.

It’s sicker than sick and tantamount to mass murder if you ask me- with coke wielding polar bears and tony the tiger laughing all the way to our untimely graves.

It’s a real problem folks, and I’m sure we all know people we hold dear who suffer from ignorance and addition when it comes to their health. Many of us probably have family that left us too soon because those super value meals are just too tempting. Or know nice, kind people who suffer daily from conditions they could overcome with a swift change of the diet, but they’ve never heard it from a doctor.

But don’t take my word for it, because today’s guest knows these troubles all too well. His name is John Brisson and he’s the man behind the book and website and having taken charge of his own life, repaired the damage the system has done, and became a bonafide expert in all things alternative health.

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A few valuable resources from the interview:

2016’s top advancements in gut microbiome science:

The Fix Your Gut Forum:

H. pylori Bacteria: Tests & Results, Symptoms, Causes & Ulcers:

Plum Island:

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

In the Plus show today, we completely switch gears from the Fix Your Guy material and dive into some work John has done in exposing some lesser known political think tanks and secret cabals, including:

-The co-option of the right, the John Birch Society, and the Council for National Policy

-The media arm of these groups and the shows and personalities in their network, Alex Jones included

-child trafficking rumors on the right

-the seeding of ideas and figures via ufology publishing

-the mother goose club

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