Kris Millegan | TrineDay, CIA Drug Trafficking, & The Secret Society Leviathan

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Kris Millegan is the man behind Trine Day, the leading publisher of suppressed books. They’ve published some great material over the years, including many books by authors who have appeared on THC, such as: Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces, Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Ed Haslam, Me and Lee by Judyth Vary Baker, Liber 420 by Chris Bennett, Lori Handrahand’s Epidemic, Nick Bryant’s The Franklin Scandal, & The Most Dangerous Book In The World: 9/11 As Mass Ritual by SK Bain.

Kris himself is also a writer, researcher and publisher whose father was in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Military Intelligence (G2), and later was in the CIA, rising to Branch Chief, Head of Intelligence Analysis for East Asia. His father told Kris some things that he didn’t understand in the late 60’s. These revelations led to over thirty years of research into the subjects of CIA-drugs, clandestine operations, conspiracy theory and secret societies.

He joins us today to talk about that research.

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-Skull n Bones activity in the last 20 year.-Bonesmen in the current administration. -The School World Order & Common Core.-Magic & Mass Trauma Rituals.-The Elite’s Endgame.

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  1. Hey Greg…

    I gotta take back everything I said about Mr. Sam Tripoli. I gave his podcasts a more dedicated listening & it actually started growing on me. It actually reminds me of when I started listening to you 2-3yrs ago. I can hear progress & growth in what he is doing.

    I guess I’m just over protective of my THC. I want to see YOU blow up bigger than ever though imaginable but he is part of the ‘family’ & seems to be nothing but a great guy.

    Thank you for the years of entertainment Greg & for setting the fucking bar so HIGH!!!


  2. The bit about the mining reminded of an old friend/drummer/musician I used to hang out with… he sold mining explosives at one time in his past. He provided me with two very interesting pieces of information (or rather, principles).

    1) Companies/persons/prospectors will mine for gold, find it, then close the mine (not pulling it out of the ground)… an interesting storage method.

    2) No two companies enter into an ‘agreement’ with one another… it’s always a competition. (This was said as the outsource partner I was working for slipped on their support contract with MS… and eventually lost it).

    That bit about ‘mafias’ being at the top reminded me of that ‘competition’ principle. Although it may be more like musical chairs… the game is not to come up without a seat at the table… (or get burned).

    Although I tend to view that material ‘down-to-spiritual’ model the other way around. Of the four elements (earth, water, air, fire… or solid, liquid, gas, plasma/electricity), only one has the ability to trap (or channel) the others (temporarily… which may say something about memory). The other 75% are escape artists (which I personally tend to side with). I would put fire at the top of that pyramid… not material wealth (or maybe matter is their protection from the fire, in a manner of speaking).

    1. Mines aren’t taxed on the value of the minerals in the ground.
      Stock in mines is valued partly by how many claims are owned. Once a claim is put in production much of the speculative potential of that claim is gone, the value becomes more fixed.

  3. A Mary’s Monkey or Franklin Scandal movie would be the shit! Wonder who would have the balls to do the Franklin Scandal and do it right? This is a prime time to make it though. Seems they would rather focus on pop stars for now though. Me Too has been hijacked. All this nastiness in Hollywood, but apparently they aren’t fucking kids. Seems realistic. ????

  4. This was the best rundown of American/world history that I’ve ever heard! I was born in late 57 so hearing the perspective on the first two world wars was very enlightening. What amazes me more than anything is the ability to completely mislead an entire world of people. And then I get over being amazed and work on what I’m going to do about it. The puzzle pieces are all falling into place and the picture has begun to reveal itself. You’re doing great things here on the show Greg Carlwood. I’m listening, learning and sharing and will be listening to and sharing this one again and again. Seems there are a lot of interesting people who are showing up in the Northwest. Perhaps it’s coming time for us to gather.

  5. This was great! A wealth to unpack! I had the great pleasure to send some time with Kris here in New Orleans and he gave some of the best advice about recognizing hard ideological sells ; it was the best advice ever and I will never forget!
    Fantastic ,heartfelt and smart ! Thx Kris from a fellow boomer. Thx Higherside I am so glad to find you!

  6. That was REALLY cool! I love books too! Very interesting about the hippy time as in Scotland I experienced it as a mind opening full of potential time where you could meet all kinds of people from all different walks of life coming together instead of being apart and where a young woman could form opinions and voice them and often be listened to! In the circle passing the peace pipe….. Also talking of co opting good things the idea of having people from one group on another rival group’s committee reminded me of the old clan system in the Highlands where boys (I think usually) were fostered out to other clans to get educated, form liaisons to help them in later life and develop closer ties between them. Once again a beautiful thing corrupted by “its just business”. Thanks Greg loved this one and very thought provoking. x

  7. Very important show! These books have had an enormous influence on my life, especially the 9/11 Mass Ritual and the Sinister Forces books. In these times I am grateful for people like Carlwood and Kris Millegan who keep us going in the right direction. But it is frightening to talk to young people today and they do not read, even the ones in college. And I refuse to buy e-books precisely because of the reasons discussed here.

  8. Well this guy’s sure woke, he could be a good stand in for Q. As always Greg you had to throw in your obligatory dis of Q (it’s nothing your interested in). As Q has pointed out how many msm articles are out there all bad mouthing Q that puts you in some downright cabal company. I noticed your guest didn’t take the bait, or did you edit out something good he said? Seems like he would have had some kind of comment on the biggest conspiracy gig going. Q is waking up millions worldwide, the only problem for the haters is Q’s a Trump op and the haters are mainly self loathing cabal commies who would actually like to see at least half the human race wiped out. (Not all their fault, the part about the tv flicker rate was more proof the mind control is real.)
    I’m a little stumped about your comment at the end that Kris said Trump was selected to make the msm trustworthy. It doesn’t jibe with what Trump’s been doing pointing out the utter cabal propaganda the msm is pushing. Unless kris means that Trump’s going to win and destroy the corrupt msm and the new msm will actually be trustworthy. There’s a concept that seems to good to be true but also the only possible outcome if we are to ever break the programming.
    If you really don’t know you should realize that Trump is a truther,
    There’s an interview on 9/11 where he says planes could not have taken down the towers it was a controlled demolition.
    Trump has to hold his cards close while the Dems go crazy with literal conspiracy theories but the world is waking up.

    1. Excellent! You said what I thought perfectly. Thank you for saying it so eloquently. Bravo! I like Q and our president. I hope like hell I won’t get burned again like I did trusting Obummer so much. But I DO so hope for the best outcome for all us Human Beans. Bless us all. ❤️????????

  9. I think there was more to the Vietnam War than just running drugs and getting soldiers hooked. China was seen as a real threat and look where we are now, talking about how they want to use China to run the show.

    Lots of things trace back to Germany, just like Switzerland and for a while Frankfurt was a major power base for the controllers, a big chunk being of the Judaic persuation, where the Frankfurt school was created, which is where the cultural Marxist assault on the USA began. Lots of the Manhattan Project scientists were German Jews and I think they and the Frankfurt school intellectuals had a lot to do with setting up the mind-control projects in the US. I have not seen any convincing research showing this came from Nazi-Operation Paperclip scientists. Germany of course was also filled with other non-Judaic secret societies, some i’m sure connected to the Vatican, and they all collaborated with each other.

    A big bulk of the heroin has always come from west China. Sherman Skolnick wrote about it (China White) and the connection to Wal-Mart and JB Hunt trucks.

    The Flat Earth theory isn’t a psy-op. The immediate organized backlash of controlled-opposition shills posing as flat-earthers was the psy-op. So is the “Flat Earth Society”. There is valid research and evidence for a flat earth, which is compatible with a globe model, as a hollow globe could contain a flat plane inside. I don’t believe everything they say is correct, however, mainly in regards to the sizes and distances of the sun and moon and non-rotation of the earth. I actually found out about THC by listening to Eric Dubay’s interview and I’m glad Greg had the balls to cover the subject with Eric and Jeran. So THANK YOU Greg!

  10. Thank you for this interview. Kris Millegan is a brave & great American. TrineDay Books is a phenomenal resource and everyone who listens to THC should dig deep into its material–Millegan’s own “Fleshing Out Skull & Bones,” but also the Peter Levenda, Jay Dyer and S.K. Bain stuff, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” the new RFK assassination book “The Inheritance,” and a bunch of others.

  11. I am a fan of Kris and own many titles from his publishing house and yes, I am also a boomer, but take exception with his readiness to allow the state to profit from cannabis. Has Kris forgotten that the federal government sprayed paraquat on Mexican pot fields knowing that the Monsanto chemical would damage the lungs of pot smokers? Has he never been arrested by some Barney Fife imitator holding a loaded weapon? If he has been arrested for cannabis, did he witness the “public servant,” tampering with evidence? The local and federal authorities made war on us and promoted discrimination against us, so why should we give them our money? One of my favorite Trineday books was Henrik Kruger’s, “The Great Heroin Coup.” Oh, just a note, I also believe those “Q” posts are nonsense; probably some joker on the Trump team.

  12. I really enjoyed this discussion. U.S. 1830’s to present is a nice manageable timeline that gives a good perspective without getting too complicated. I feel like most conspiracy theorists either only take it back 70 years or like 3,000. Obviously a ton of interesting books were mentioned but the one that most intrigued me was Generations. If we’re ever going to stop reacting to crises and actually start applying our conspiracy theory we’ll have to start looking forward and that may be a useful book.

    Carl I really like how you often talk to us about your strategy for the show at the end of an episode and ask us to support/ reach out to your guests. I really enjoy that kind of honesty/ transparency. It makes me feel like an insider or at least a part of something and it makes me excited for where the show is going. It feels like the show is breaking into a new level and I’m psyched (just please don’t go Rogan on us lol).

  13. I just had to stick this quote in here:

    “Remember, the Firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord.”

    Fahrenheit 451

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