KJ Ozborne | The Beast System, The Spiritual Battle, & The Old Plan For New Man

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KJ Ozborne of “The Scariest Movie Ever Made” fame joins THC to talk about the spiritual context he feels is key to understanding the Elite and their agendas. KJ Also talks about his heart attack, and experiences with the medical side of the Beast System that had during that time. Follow KJ’s ongoing work on his YouTube Channel, Website, & Patreon.


PLUS Content

  • The sky turning purple, strange lights, areal anomalies.
  • KJ’s banned videos.
  • Celebrity Sex Parties during Comic Con.
  • Reptillian Shapeshifters.
  • The city of tunnels under Los Angels.
  • Orbs & Demons.
  • Signs of the next 9/11.

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  1. Quick turnaround. I like when ones like these get mixed in every month or so. Need to get back to holllow earth, spirits or demons, and the forgotten history we need to know like the green children. You rock Greg. Always fin to bust chops when your system goes awry. But you were on a nice streak there for a while.

      1. I’m sorry, Greg! I just felt like the conversation was a mile wide & an inch deep. I love the deep dives you take with guests, when you can really explore a subject, and travel with it. Your riffing was as good as ever, but this show felt like a drive to nowhere. Wasn’t my really my bag, but I guess I’m spoiled! Thanks for your work, Greg!

    1. Waste of time? Are you saying that you learned nothing new? I learned of a new source for similar content of which I’m interested. Remember the pressure to contently provide content for a 24/7 news /internet cycle has lowered the quality of content (to put it mildly).
      I prefer quality over quantity. Stay cool bro, I know that you are a like mind.

  2. Well, I tried. I got to the point where Greg mentioned the Caesar’s Messiah theory, and it literally bounced off the guest. Closed minds are incredibly boring. Oh well, it’s all good. Much love ya’ll. ????????☘️

  3. I note all the relevant comments above which is what I was thinking BUT I just went on to this guys website and even some of the banned videos he has put there are saying no longer available. He seems to be using Vimeo so I guess they can ban videos of theirs on another website.One of them was how chemtrails and blue beam work together which I really wanted to see but I’m not getting to it seems! He must be doing something right and his piece on narcissism was spot on and scary. I have had personal experience of this which I am sure most of us have plus studied psychology at university and I think this is definitely a major part of our society which is not often picked up on. He does seem a bit that way himself when you watch his videos with his tantalising glimpses of bare chest and shades! Hahahaha

  4. In as much some may want to ‘be’ shepherds, and even more declaring that they have found shepherds…. ‘there are no shepherds’?

    ‘Either/Or’ is secondary to ‘And’ Yet, even ‘And’ (as the last word) implies as an ‘Either/Or’ – failing at being all-inclusive. So how can any wording being all-inclusive?

    Hint: ‘?’ …one might notice the ‘.’ is below on the ‘?’ …as above, so below.

    Such is the nature of encryption… parallel and simultaneous layers???

    Truth is always-already a question? The ‘answer’ being secondary?

  5. I rarely comment but I thought this was an excellent show. I know his spiritual beliefs didn’t fit with everyone but don’t allow that one thing to miss what his work has revealed. Anyway as always great show.

  6. Dear Greg what an awesome show thank you so much! I have actually followed this guy on YouTube for a while. This is another facet to the large gem we call conspiracy and it is good.. I think it’s so neat that even though he has coming from a very Christian perspective he shares so many of the same values and beliefs that a lot of us do and it’s a common glue that we all have lots of interesting information I’m going to check out and I really appreciate all the hard work you do to have really good questions and research you put in so much hard work for us and your questions are always amazing and thought-provoking thanks Craig have a beautiful day big hugs April in California

  7. Great show! I love these different view points. The biggest selling point of Jesus is that demons respond to that name. I heard Gordan White saying the same thing once. I loathe the Christian religion. I like how he says follower of Christ and not Christian. This was the best show in a while. I can’t explain why, but I enjoy the dark end times episodes the best. Oh yeah and i see 111, 222 all the time like everyday. Whats up with these number sequences everyone sees? I’d love a show on numerology or a Muslim view point sometime. Enough stoner rambling, I’m gonna check out this guys material. Thanks for bringing another wonderful rabbit hole to my attention to explore. Good job Carlwood!

  8. My favorite moment so far is Greg pondering how many weeks he would survive in the Revelations wasteland after killing for a can of beans. The guest is definitely on the apocalyptic side. His strong faith is interesting, but (and I sort of heard this theme in Greg’s questioning as well), I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a bit of scope creep with it. Everything seems to circle back to it, even when it’s not obvious what the Christian story has to do with the idea in question. I guess, though, that if these really are the end times and if you have to pick a team, team Jesus is one of the better teams out there. So, that’s cool.

    1. “I guess, though, that if these really are the end times and if you have to pick a team, team Jesus is one of the better teams out there. So, that’s cool.”

      Bullseye. Exactly. Even Edith Starr Miller seems to be alluding to the same in her great work “Occult Theocracy.”

  9. At least Greg knows how to talk the least possible…
    Recently i listened some of those Skeptiko and it suxx !!!
    That guy interview himself through the guests, only to show how smart he believe he is…
    I would never pay for that crap.

    1. One of the best things about THC is Mr. Greg’s silence. The other is his preparation. If you’re going to do something, do it right! Also, he waved his magic wand andPOOF!!I’m no longer a Bonerpizza! Insorta feel like the Frog Prince.

      1. Xtremerealitycheck’s work and research will BLOW even the most sleepytime of humans WIDE AWAKE, time to get off the couch and stop pressing play.

        Food for thought 26,000 burned out from Paradise fires and zero folks in shelters or aid Red crass shelters. Project blue beam straight to oblivion. Only a couple hundred reported dead? Hmmm? Henry Deacon reported to David Wilcock 10 years ago of a city of hybrids living in there own town with their own dentists etc. Covered very well by A PLANE TRUTh his stuff banned. Now Wilcock has some jacked views he was coopted by money and a Gaia contract but has come around and stated they are nefarious lucifarian and they edited his work to SNOW and spell cast. So the baby needn’t be thrown entirely from the tub on this, it is going on folks. WTFU put down the Xbox and Cheetos , it’s your life and it’s a 100% Boner Pizza! Heads up with all the smoke and mirrors , the Panopticon is enveloping the plane.

        But Greg help everyone out and GET if YOU can CAL WASHINGTON on INPOWER MOVEMENT interviewed on here he has a $300 dollar lien on the Queens Bitch ASS!
        YODA! He has brought hundreds to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY upon received his defaults and Mass Action of LIABILITY on their heads. Hundreds they aren’t resigning because Trump and Q they are resigning because he cracked the code and the flimsy spell that the BAR association and Corporations are people has cast and blown it WIDE apart .

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        We’ve been extremely busy over at InPower Movement, which is the official sequel to Take Back Your Power.

        Below is a list of all updates the past month, from the InPower Indiegogo Campaign:

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        As a lawyer confirmed to us in writing, “DTE [the major utility in Michigan] currently gives state elected office holders over $20M in campaign contributions and is also a member of one of the state’s largest lobbying groups.”

        This level of corruption is system, and it strongly appears to extend through the court system.

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  10. Did this “follower of christ” miss the lesson where JC talked about casting stones and judgement upon people? The bigotry and hypocrisy of the guest tainted the conversation and left me feeling disgusted. Greg, valiant effort to keep things non-judgemental, but as his knowledge on conspiracy matters dwindled, his intolerance towards others flourished.

  11. Some of your guests may not dig this one but I did! I researched deep into occult knowledge to understand it’s platform and honestly all the practices involved seem dark and heinous to me. The occult attracts people that want answers and then unveils a philosophy that ,to me, seems Amoral and destructive. Organized religion is trash but this guy’s approach to Christianity is refreshing to me.

  12. I enjoyed this episode. I’m always willing to listen to other view points from an honest and open perspective. That’s why I dislike Michael Joseph. I left Schism 206 feeling tricked. I’m definitely not a Christian, but Kj puts out great information without pushing his agenda or bashing mine. Thanks Greg!

  13. The lack of political depth is the scariest thing about the author of the “Scariest Movie Ever Made.” Osborne views the world exclusively through the paranoid lens of us (the good) versus them (the evil elite cabal). The political myopia is so extreme that he cannot differentiate a “psyop” from a social justice movement that challenges misogyny and able topple elite males form their power perch. Osborne purports to be a proponent of overturning the power elite, yet disparages the “Me Too” movement as an elite conspiracy! Which side is he on?

    The lack of depth is equally pronounced when he identifies transgender movement, gender fluidity, and other challenges to dominate gender roles as yet another conspiracy emanating from the trans-humanist cabal. When Craig mentions Joseph Atwill’s work “The Messiah,” Osborne is absolutely clueless. Osborne never makes the connection that the intolerant, exclusivist monotheist views of Abrahamaic religions might be the cause of the rigid, oppressive gender roles, misogyny of women, and oppression of LGBT for the past millennium. Might not the transgender movement (and other liberation movements) be a legitimate socio-political response to pervasive oppression from the dominant culture rather than a conspiratorial arm of the trans-humanist cult?

    Please Craig, grab the cane and pull Osborne from the HC stage!

  14. This felt kind of all over the place, but that isn’t your fault. Like you would try to bring up a topic, and ask questions, and then he would give a brief answer, and suddenly be talking about something that has no relation. Also most your attempts at asking him to elaborate didn’t go really anywhere due to this same thing. I don’t know, was pretty disappointed, again not your fault as an interviewer. You rocked as always.

    1. I’ve been using it on and off for 2 years, being clean from heroin for 2 years. Your comment sounds like the propaganda being spun from the news my friend. Much love, but kratom is a very useful tool and is not nearly addictive or strong as man made opiods. I don’t even notice when I don’t take it
      many blessings!

  15. Thank you so much for this show! Despite being a Christian de-occultist myself (though certainly not to this level of success), I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this gentleman. So glad to have subscribed to the “Plus.” Keep up the great work!

  16. Listening to this now, typed in Earth Rang Like a Bell into Google and eventually scrolled down to the bottom. Saw sone photo’s of the earth, the second photo had 1111….that’s a bit weird when it wasn’t long after KJ’s comments about seeing 111?…..

  17. Great episode, I really enjoyed it. Really like the discussion about spirits and demons, as it’s something definitely persisting around all of us, good to know other people’s take on the subject. And even though the guest never went deep into any one subject, (jack of all trades, as he says) I found some points refreshing.
    Would love to hear more guests that deal with spirituality, particularly non-human entities and their ways of influencing us.
    Thanks for another fascinating one, Greg.

  18. I really enjoyed this.. I guess I CAN handle people who believe in Christ when they are not all preachy.
    I didn’t think I could but yeah each to their own.

    So much of that interview was really on point and I was nodding and agreeing and laughing at times which is great.
    When KJ answered Greg’s question about why is it he’s Christ follower and KJ mentions his friend who uses the name of Christ to ward off Aliens, I can’t help think it’s like we’re in a big virtual game and it’s like a special move or something haha. Cause why else would that even work? How the heck does any of this ritual stuff work? its just so intriguing!!

    KJ comes across very genuine and I really think that as people wake up, they each will start to notice patterns, numbers and find embedded codes in what ever belief system they are into. I just see all this as a consequence of our consciousness’s dealing in this holographic platform that we call reality. Everything is code. I totally agree that if we can see and understand the symbols we can undo the power behind using this all to control the masses.
    So much interesting stuff I need to check out now so thanks!!!

  19. Dude, I had to re-subscribe after seeing the new THC intro for this video. You’re crazy for this one, G!
    I am stoked to hear KJ speak on your show; I watch his material on YT and I have to admit, he’s one of those guys spitting that Hot Jesus Fire a little too strong for me, but I definitely enjoy his videos.

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