Russell Targ & Lance Mungia | Third Eye Spies, Remote Viewing, SRI, & The CIA

Show Notes


One of the most provocative sagas that American history books have left to the cutting room floor is the CIA’s Stargate Project, a 20+ year program to test psychic abilities for intelligence gathering though a contract with the Stanford Research Institute. The CIA “officially” closed the program in 1995 saying that it never yielded any worthwhile results, a stark contradiction to the testimonies of those involved and the 70,000+ documents that have been released on the program in more recent years.

Today we’re joined by one of the co-founders of this remote viewing research, Russell Targ, at 84 years young. Together with filmmaker, Lance Mungia, we discuss their new documentary Third Eye Spies which corrects the record through newly declassified documents, and interviews with those who still live to tell the tales.

The film is available now across all the big digital platforms, look into it.

PLUS Content

  • Using remote viewing to forecast the stock market.
  • Russell’s ESP training app.
  • The Reverse Psi phenomenon.
  • How much of the project is the CIA still withholding?
  • The real villain of the film.
  • Russell’s thoughts on lasers, light, and consciousness.
  • Effecting someone’s physiology remotely.

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