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Joshua Cutchin & Timothy Renner | Bigfoot, High Strangeness, & Odd Folklore

Show Notes

Our returning pal, Joshua Cutchin brings along the co-author of his latest project, Timothy Renner of the Strange Familiars Podcast, to dive deep into said project: Where The Footprints End – High Strangeness & the Bigfoot Phenomenon Vol 1. Folklore.

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PLUS Content

  • Thoughts, the imaginal, & realness.
  • Feeding unseen forces, sacrifice, & spiritual bargains.
  • Gifting, offering, & intention.
  • Bigfoot in the grimoires.
  • Bigfoot & the woman in white.
  • Bigfoot logic & intelligence.
  • The UFO/Bigfoot overlap.
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Fantastic! Going on a mtb trip to the U.P of Michigan. Been listening to your last Cutchin interview, missing 411 and now this drops! Too cool and timely. Sure hope I'm not putting encounter vibes to the aether…eek! 😀


I was going to go to a Bigfoot fest in nor cal this summer.  

Thanks for a weird one!


Love it… great research by these guys…. thanks Greg … I enjoyed my walk listening…  as per usual… 


With everything going on lately it's really nice to get back to the paranormal roots I'm use to. 


Just finished it.  Loved it. 

Towards the end Tim mentioned a sighting in Westville Texas and a bigfoot seeing a crucifix and saying "gulaga"

I was hoping one of you guys would reference Eddie Murphys Delirious where he called his cousins wife a bigfoot..  a goonie goo goo…  


Awesome show, and perfect timing. I just got back to a trailhead at Olympic Natl' park just in time to get service and listen by a campfire camping alone. Longtime member, never comment, but I have to say that I experienced some knocking maybe and definitely saw large healthy trees snapped over for no reason across the trail when they were literally just fine the night before, trees snapped in crosses. i took pics, wish i could post. Im a sasquatch fan, and i spend alot of time outdoors bushcrafting and such, and iv hiked in very remote AK, Quebec, and other places, but when it comes to any actual evidence this is the only iv ever seen in my whole life, here, hiking alone at Olympic Natl' park which is a fairly crowded place… so this latest show definitely adds a whole new perspective and makes me wonder.


Just started investigating our family’s poltergeist activity in  late 1960’s and throughout the 70’s as connected to Neighborhood ufo sighting in ‘68. This book is on my must read list. Great show!

Bell Luke

Just fuckin' wow! What a show dude and your right, it felt like the ol' skool THC that we all miss since the Rona showed up uninvited. Being an Aussie I was well intrigued by the ties to the mother land. So yeah, looks like I'm buying a new book or two. Love ya work Carlwood, keep producing gems like this man, because we all need a dose of reality to escape these nightmarish troubling times.👍🍺

Bell Luke

Aarrhh Fuck! This was meant to be on the Bruce Fenton show comments.


Great show, these guests re-perked my lagging interest in Bigfoot. Ive long thought the BF were interdimensional, but now these researchers have challenged that and given me  plenty more to chew on. I hope you keep the THC All-Seeing-Eye on their work. And thanx Greg as in my opinion you have filled the giant, empty shoes left by Art Bell. Mysteries are only interesting to me when there are enough facts to be plausible. When i want just fake scary stories, i watch Mr Creeps and Unit 522, but when i want meaningful discourse on real life mysteries, not dumbed down by The Materialists, i turn to THC. 


Just ordered the book- excellent and timely show!


Carlwood rides the fulcrum. There is room for everyone there. Be like Greg. Thanks for the effort.


Lol,Silly Humans………


This episode is so EPIC to me as I've never thought about Bigfoot so deeply before! I really love how the spiritual, mythical, supernatural and extraterrestrial aspects are brought together in this episode. Thank you Greg for mixing it up in just the right way! 


Greg, it was great.  I was never that interested in Big Foot before but you tied it into so many other phenomena I'm buying Cutchin's new book–I have all his other ones because of the show. 

I wish that when a UFO landed in a field behind a house with its flashing lights and whirling orbs and a line of Big Foot came out and paraded around the field; and the spectators came running out of the house, they stopped and looked at everything and then everybody said "Oh, it's THEM again.  Let's go back to bed."  And the people ambled back into the house, shut the door and went back to bed–what would happen?

Would everything disappear?  Would the UFO collect the Big Feet and zoom back up into the sky?  Would the Big Foot go up to the house and bang on the door yelling "Hey!  Get out here.  We're doing all this for you guys!" 

It would never happen but I'd love it to.



Gulaga of the Australian Aborigines – The Yuin nation or South Coast Koori People are the traditional custodians of the Sapphire Coast region.

“Gulaga is our spiritual mother and place of origin, our birthplace… She is sacred and her spirit endures…”

Perhaps an ancient connection with these beings and the aborigines? I believe Bigfoot is some kind of Jinn/Fairy which interacted with humans out in the open on a regular basis in ancient times.



Thanks, no "you know what" in sight or really ear.  That is refreshing.


Dude, this was such an excellent show.  This is exactly the kinda weird shit we all love hearing and thinking about. Love the idea of Bigfoot belonging to the same class of critters as Faeries, ghosts, and other apparitions of the spirit kind. 

Gonna buy the book.



Great show. Love me some Bigfoot.
Who wrote and performs the "Hey, Mr Spaceman" song? I'm real fond of it. Lovely song and singer.
Why don't you upload all her songs on a YouTube Playlist and put on your YouTube Channel please?
I'm now going to to share my Bigfoot story. Actually a little four foot hairy ape guy crossing a river in Malaysia.


Advanced ET transporting humanoids from another planet and dropping them on earth. Pranksters?


"I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem; it is not the photographer's fault. And that's extra scary to me, because there's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside." –Mitch Hedberg wisdom

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