Bruce Fenton talked Exogensis Hybrid Humans and Ancient Aliens on The Higherside Chats Podcast Interview

Bruce Fenton | Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans, Ancient Aliens, & The Mothership

Show Notes


Bruce R. Fenton is a British multidisciplinary scientific researcher and media personality. Born in the historic English town of Cheltenham, England, he studied Information Systems at Anglia Ruskin University before working in global finance and real estate.

Fenton, is an explorer best known for his expeditions to megalithic constructions in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and ancient ruins in the Georgian Caucasus. His adventures have featured in the UK Telegraph & Daily Mail newspapers as well as on the Science Channel.

Most recently he has made several appearances on the flagship History Channel show Ancient Aliens, featuring as a guest expert for seasons 14 & 15. His thoughts and findings have been shared on dozens of radio shows around the world.

He has two books available for purchase,Β The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human EvolutionΒ (foreword by Graham Hancock) andΒ Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation (foreword by Erich von Daniken).

Check out his Amazon page, his documentary on the Skeptiko channel, & follow him on Twitter @ExogenesisHH.

PLUS Content

  • Indigenous knowledge.
  • Alien engineered retroviruses.
  • The Alien Octopi.
  • Bio-photons, light, DNA & the Elite.
  • Reptilians cyrpto-terrrestrials.
  • Bloodline tracing agendas of the elite.

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      1. Hey Greg— probably not the place to post this, but— been a long time listener of the podcast, and finally, just became a plus guy. You’re a legend and you’re doing fucking God’s work. Never. Ever. Stop…. Also, great show!

  1. Wow! Mind blowing show! I loved it! I will definitely be checking out Bruce's books and documentary.

    If you get the chance in your busy schedule Greg, I highly recommend you check out Dolores Cannon's work, specifically her Convoluted Universe book series. 

    Dolores Cannon has tapped into a higher consciousness and actually had conversations with ET's during her Hypnosis work. Her work confirms that we were actually seeded by ET's. Its fascinating stuff.

    Thanx for the awesome work Greg! 😁

  2. Also, seeing as we are getting weird,(😁) my take is that these vessels we are piloting were created to end the War, because they can be interbred with the reptiles and the Elohim.

    So, we may be used as batteries, or food, or as ritual sacrifices, but it seems we are the key to fixing this shit, and they know it.

  3. 1.40min-   fascinating- off to do some research on ganglias.also made me ( more) paranoid lol
    So many bits  I wanted to comment on- this has given me flashbacks of so many conversations Ive had with people in this scene over the years.
    Also Greg- you just cant pull the " Just a humble Stoner" line anymore lol-   claim your brains- we see you lol.
    Really loved this one !!thanks yes

  4. This content is literally my jam. Thank you Greg for all your work. Mostly thank you for remaining authentic, genuine and true to yourself and your community for the entire time we've been here. I really do appreciate it. smiley

  5. So I loved the episode. Listened to the whole thing late last night. Was a bottle of ouzo in but there was no song at the end.. I look forward to them sometimes. Hope you haven't stopped em. Much luck and love to all who read this far πŸ™‚ 

  6. So much to unpack. He is delving into things that David Icke has been saying all along. His voice has been silenced or at least attempted. Going in for a second listen -really good show, Greg!

  7. Thanks Greg! This is a fantastic episode! Enjoyed it very much, a lot of food for thought and my first time being introduced to Bruce Fenton’s work. You are an excellent host, your interview style really allows guests to have the floor in terms of presenting their information. I felt moved to comment especially in this time of divisive rhetoric and trolling, which I know you get hit with too often Greg and is totally undeserved. You do great work and are greatly appreciated! Fuck the haters! 

  8. Great show, been waiting for Bruce & Greg to speak. The source (Valerie Barrow) is far out woo woo though, its the only questionable aspect of the story. She regularly spiritually channels Sai Baba who gives an introductory speech to Andromeda Val who is Valerie 6000 years in the future beaming mentally from the Andromeda galaxy. Its all up on YouTube. Far out there stuff. Having said this, Tthe science is fascinating, Bruce is an absolute ninja and his material is an excellent rabbit hole to get sucked into.

  9. Loved this interview mainly because so much of what this guy is talking about mirrors a lot of my own experiences with spirit since I was young. I also loved that he brought up stuff like agenda 21 since there are so many entities that want in. the psychic hacks, etc. Can't wait to get his book and read it!

     I really appreciate him bringing up the fact that not everyone in the world has forgotten how to communicate with spirits since oftentimes when I listen to shows like these, you guys assume that just because northern Europe culture doesn't do this, then no one else does or has been doing it. It's important to remember that dominant culture is by no means the same thing as only culture.


    1. Hearing that the shamans in Australia just take some time and go to the bush when the want to confirm an idea, has inspired me to quicken my meditation practice.

  10. Because the of information new to me available in the wake of the declared pandemic, I have learned of the more reasonable alternative to the germ theory and the evidence that supports that viruses are a body's healthy response to toxemia. When, in the first two minutes of talking, Bruce Fenton said that the origin of life is retroviruses infecting evolution, I pressed pause, and almost didn't come back.

    I'm so glad I did come back. It was a great interview by Greg, and Bruce makes a great case for his understanding of the origin of life.

    While listening, I wanted to post an alternative to the use of retroviruses in the directed panspermia theory.

    Greg has interviewed Saul Luckman who talks about DNA and how expanded 5D consciousness can intentionally alter DNA. David Wilcock talks about the science of beaming light through DNA in one beaker of water, into a beaker of sterile water, and life emerging. 

    In the second half Bruce and Greg began talking about light's ability to carry information. I was glad to hear that they recognized this better theory.

    There is another alternative theory that would support what Bruce has to say about the 'bombardment' of Earth by the aliens at war. He suggests that asteroids coming from different directions was used by the aliens, but electromagnetic scarring could be a better explanation. 

    For circular craters to form, asteroid impact would have to be perfectly perpendicular. The craters formed by electric scarring are always circular, and shallow. 

    If aliens can somehow throw lightening bolts at a planet, and there is plenty of evidence that Earth has been scarred electrically, like the whole Grand Canyon, then that might be related to the magnetic pole shifts as well. Magnetic fields are affected by electric currents.

    I love hearing that the war in heaven affecting planet Earth is between Cats and Lizards. Being mammalian myself, I favor the Cats!


  11. Enjoyed the show. Now I'm well into reading the book. I live in Peru, I participate in ayahuasca ceremonies.  I also have an interest in the western esoteric tradition and have a high regard for Rudolf Steiner.  He has a different approach regarding the presence of human beings on planet Earth.  He says we have been here all along from the beginning just not in the solid physical way that we manifest now.  He characterizes human evolution as long, drawn out descent  from spirit into matter.  Various experiences with ayahuasca make me tend to give Rudolf Steiner the benefit of the doubt, nevertheless I'm fascinated with what Bruce Fenton has to say. 

  12. I love the topic of 780k years ago….this number caught my attention in the podcast..enough to login to the plus and leave a note (oh! The work!) 

    Anyway, when I heard the # I was almost instantly brought the image of John Anthony West. I could be wrong, but didn’t he also believe the “ludicrous” timeline of certain events around 750k back?  His timeline of the golden age. 
    I can’t remeber and I knew that if I took the time to research it I wouldn’t leave the note….

    Space ships and Egyptologist; A Love Story 

    big hugs πŸ€— 

  13. Great stuff, right up my alley. As a west Australian I know about the tektites, awesome to know they are part of something I’ve vaguely remembered my whole life but never been able to prove. It’s heart breaking and exhilarating at the same time. Wow… 

  14. Did I hear Fenton say that bases under the earth pulled in asteroids??  Was surprised you didn’t ask him to elaborate on this, seeing as all things inner earth are you jam. Considering UAP’s have an affinity with water, one has to wonder if they still aren’t here screwing with us from below, and not necessarily always above. 

  15. SONG?!?!!

    Greg I feel like I needed to sneeze but it never came lol πŸ˜…

    Awesome ep though! I like his sense of humor. Definitely a whole bunch I'll be mulling over from this one …

    I'm excited for the new joint session idea as well. We have shit satellite internet that couldn't swing it in the past… and my social anxiety didn't help either lol. So I'm excited to add to the forum!

    Now I'm off to the plus content to find a song that'll finish this thing off right! πŸ˜‰ I think Mr. Spaceman is fitting, and it has always been one of my faves after a show πŸ’œ


  16. I want so much to be able to hear this guy, but he definitely mumbles so much that i am struggling hard. I have hearing loss and need articulation especially with an accent. 

  17. If water holds memory because water contains ormus/chi/spirit maybe thats how we are able to pass memories on 780,000 years, all water is connected we r all 99% water we live in water even tho we call it air fish also call water air? We live in the in-between state of water from below and above I wonder how this correlates to the layer of fat we have to protect us from cold like other water mamals… thx for the great shows brother 

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