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Joshua Cutchin | Paranormal Kidnappings, Changelings, & Fairyland

Show Notes

Alright dear people, if you haven’t had one yourself, you should be aware by now that humanity has a long history of encounters with paranormal entities- in a tale that might be as old as time itself. Today we call them extraterrestrials, in the British Isles they called them Fairies, but stories of these mythical beings behind the veil exist around the world, at every time depth, and on every Continent, and what’s worse: They want our children.

Yes people you better get past those ET and Tinkerbell archtypes because these are not your mammas otherworldly entities- and of course it seems there are many catalysts for these encounters but the themes of kidnapping, interbreeding, genetic testing, and even hybridization seem to be the strongest branches on the cryptozoology tree. And while I still think the jury is out on what these things are and what their deepest motivations might be, there is no doubt in my mind that intelligent beings exist that defy the physical world as we know it. Weather you get a quick glimpse of something strange in the woods, or encounter beings on the astral plan after a healthy dose of something intoxicating….these things are there, and few have studied these encounters as studiously as today’s returning guest Joshua Cutchin.

Josh was here in 2016 talking about his first book: A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch

He then returned a year later to get deep into his second book: The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstrous Miasmas

and today we’re getting weird with his third approach to paranormal entities- with a subject that’s darker than dark: Thieves In The Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions

Here he is, my favorite Tuba tickling paranormal gumshoe. The king of weird words and brass beats- Joshua Cutchin.

PLUS Content

-Was King Henry I’s replaced as a child? Have paranormal entities infiltrated our power centers? -Where more modern encounter cases break from tradition. -Sasquatch cases of child abductions. -Fairies as the Missing 411 solution. -The psychedelic connection. -Why we need shamans.
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Oh grow up.


I want my Mommy! THIRD!


Just got THC+ and oh boy am I excited!


That’s a good show Greg. Nice break from “political “ nonsense/horror. Thanks.


Thankyou!! Joshua is one of my favorite people to listen to!


Greg, are you aware that on TFH podcast with Grimerica and Conspiracy Farm, that they were trying to say that you’ve been compromised like Joe Rogan?
It really pissed me off, especially since I feel like they’re all a sort of THC knockoff. Plus you graciously gave them your blessing and exposed them to a larger audience! I left a less than friendly message, but I just thought you should know what your being accused of.


It was very clearly a joke. Ribbing your friends used to be a sign of affection. Now everybody seemingly needs a safe space.


I’d like to hear the clip if you had the link. Greg you’re the most balanced out of all the bunch. I don’t understand how they came to that conclusion.


Thank you Greg another excellent show.. Joshua reminds me of listening to Joseph Campbell very excellent ❤️


Loveed the episode! Thanks as always. As a “persian”, I just wanted to throw in my knowledge, jinn جن in Islamic lore is a type of entity similar to human but made out of fire instead of earth and water and air (and fire? ). And the word fairy in my opinion definitely has the same root as the Persian word Pari پری.


I love love loved this episode! He’s also a semi regular guest on Conspiranormal podcast. But by all means give your money Greg


I have a good changeling story:

I was traveling through Ireland for a few days with my 2 year old daughter a few years ago. We went to the Dunmore Caves. There was an old Irish man running the counter in the visitor center. There was about 3-4 people working in the visitor center.

I paid for 2 tickets, the old man saw my daughter and said, “Sorry, children aren’t allowed inside the caves. It’s alien down there.”

I insisted on going inside and eventually the man conceded. He let us go down the long stairway to the entrance of the cave and then said, “I’m not going to go in the cave, but I will stand outside the cave and listen for screams.” I asked him if there was anything dangerous and he said, “It’s just not safe for kids because of the faeries.” I went in with my daughter and got to spend time inside the caves without a guide, which I thought was a pretty incredible experience.

Inside the Dunmore Caves, there’s 3 different dead ends, with the bottom-most dead end going to a place called the faerie floor. There’s lights strung through the caves to provide light as well as some emergency lights (looks like a red police light that spins around when it goes off) that were off, with payphones to call the visitor center if something happens.

After spending about an hour inside the caves and looking through the 3 dead ends, I suddenly had a feeling of panic hit me. I decided it was time to leave and right as I turned to leave, the red emergency lights turned on and started spinning around.

I hustled out of the cave and saw that the old man who was standing at the entrance to the cave was gone. It was dumping rain water and the whole area was stormy. I figured the storm was the reason the lights were going off, but what was strange was when I got back to the visitor center, it was empty, all the people working at the center had gotten into their cars and left.

It wasn’t until after that experience that I found out about Changeling stories. My daughter was with me the entire time, but the storm seemed like something about of Missing 411. The rain was torrential and lasted for days. I know this is typical weather in Ireland, it just really affected me, it was pretty normal weather before going into the caves.


i loved this episode, i listening to it second time, thank you, very interesting


Hey Greg, could you try to get Wes from Sasquatch Chronicles on the show to talk about that phenomenon? He has a pretty big and successful podcast. Would love to hear you two chat


Familiar with Guillermo del Toro animated series ‘Troll Hunter? Check it out on Netflix next time you have a session.


Hey folks I have a few people you really need to get on the show. 1st is “the greek”,he did 3 shows on freeman and hours of shows on American freedom radio, past shows. MIND BLOWER. Not sure how to contact him,maybe ask freeman. 2nd is ken rohla,, brilliant about health,enery, many other topics. 3rd is Larry wood, also many shows with ochelli. Can only be found on Facebook, but brilliant enery,stuff like that. Anybody wanna 2nd these researchers Greg might take notice. Especially the 1st 2. Take care


Who’s You?

Greg’s doing fine , got to listen but ..

Easier to fake a memory than to be a physical being that is mutidimentional

Listening open minded


Loved this, thanks Gents!


Cutchin and Clelland are two of my favorites… there is great value in taking a broad view of many anomalies and finding patterns among them.

3 Lions

Any chance of a show this month?


I dislike getting all the shows in the last 2 weeks of every month. I would really love them consistent and spaced out. I could listen to this podcast every day though, the problem is I’ve listened to every episode.


I am new to THC and I have been busy listening to the archives. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this show. The problem is that it makes me want to buy all your guests’ books!

After listening to many of your shows I must tell you what I admire about you as a host. You ask just the right questions and no matter how “off the wall” a guest may sound you always treat them with courtesy and respect. You must have been told this thousands of times but I will say it again: Keep up the great work!

captain jack

Here in uk I was taught “changlings” where babies lacking vitamin k and developed cretinism which was an awful disease that turned skin grey. .They looked like gargoyles. ….last murder case in Ireland of a changling was a child with this condition….

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