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Brooks Agnew | Hollow Earth Updates, Secret Sciences, & Darpa

Topics Covered: Hollow / Inner Earth, Secret Science

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Alright Higherside Chatters, another day, another deep dive into this weird world we find ourselves in, because there are just so many mysteries to unravel, and I for one never get tired of it: The study of consciousness, the co-creation of reality and the magic of manifestation, looking into past paradigms that might be much different than our own, non-human intelligences and their roll in our world, exotic energy sources, secret sciences, the crimes of nefarious cabals, and of course- the latest indications and evidence that our Earth might be hollow and inhabitable.

Well, if my manifestation muscle is working right, all of these themes should make an appearance today, as they are just some of the materia that makes up the provocative and diverse wheelhouse of today’s returning guest Brooks Agnew. If you don’t remember, Brooks is a multi-patented engineer and a six-time Amazon best-selling author of nine books. He holds a Bachelors in Chemistry. A Masters in Statistics and a Doctorate in Physics. He is an internationally acclaimed lecturer on energy, manufacturing, and more; as well as the host of X-Squared Radio- still going strong since 2005. Brooks was here about 3 years ago, talking about his work with a company producing affordable electric vehicles as well as the very real science that supports a Hollow Earth and his heading of an expedition through uncharted Arctic territory to prove it once and for all.

I know I’m excited to hear some updates on both of these fronts, and a whole lot more. A true alternative energy advocate, teacher of the Universe’s mysteries, and Hollow Earth Explorer From On High – Brooks Agnew

PLUS Content

-Strange qualities of the Sun that conflict with the conventional model. -The validity of Aether physics. -Quantum gravity & consciousness. -The science of manifestation. -How to heal our past. -Brooks’ commentary on geopolitics, the Trump election, and the coming changes. -Brooks’ meeting with Steve Bannon and Eric Trump, at Trump Tower.
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