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Alright Higherside Chatters, another day, another deep dive into this weird world we find ourselves in, because there are just so many mysteries to unravel, and I for one never get tired of it: The study of consciousness, the co-creation of reality and the magic of manifestation, looking into past paradigms that might be much different than our own, non-human intelligences and their roll in our world, exotic energy sources, secret sciences, the crimes of nefarious cabals, and of course- the latest indications and evidence that our Earth might be hollow and inhabitable.

Well, if my manifestation muscle is working right, all of these themes should make an appearance today, as they are just some of the materia that makes up the provocative and diverse wheelhouse of today’s returning guest Brooks Agnew. If you don’t remember, Brooks is a multi-patented engineer and a six-time Amazon best-selling author of nine books. He holds a Bachelors in Chemistry. A Masters in Statistics and a Doctorate in Physics. He is an internationally acclaimed lecturer on energy, manufacturing, and more; as well as the host of X-Squared Radio- still going strong since 2005. Brooks was here about 3 years ago, talking about his work with a company producing affordable electric vehicles as well as the very real science that supports a Hollow Earth and his heading of an expedition through uncharted Arctic territory to prove it once and for all.

I know I’m excited to hear some updates on both of these fronts, and a whole lot more. A true alternative energy advocate, teacher of the Universe’s mysteries, and Hollow Earth Explorer From On High – Brooks Agnew

PLUS Content

-Strange qualities of the Sun that conflict with the conventional model. -The validity of Aether physics. -Quantum gravity & consciousness. -The science of manifestation. -How to heal our past. -Brooks’ commentary on geopolitics, the Trump election, and the coming changes. -Brooks’ meeting with Steve Bannon and Eric Trump, at Trump Tower.

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  1. Greg as always an awesome episode excellent guest and you always ask the best questions and keep your head no matter how steering you get LOL thanks again and the wonderful information regarding the physics of the planet and the ocean and the inside and keeping us up-to-date on our favorite Hollow Earth conspiracy goodness

  2. Just got Plus for me and me and my girlfreind and have been wanting to for a long time. That time, has come, thank you Carlwood for all that you do and all the light you shine upon us all with this medium.

    Clearly beyond the realm of man, for the most part.

  3. Greg, $8 is a steal for all that you do, as long as you have you continue to have you’re heart in this, I’ll support you, and let everyone I know about “THC Plus” everyday. I can’t thank you enough for my personal awakening. Godspeed Carlwood.

  4. awww hell yeah. this is one for the books. intelligently articulating a lot of fascinating and important information. Breaking down a lot of rabbit holes in a very sober, intelligent, and relaxed manner. I feel like this is one I could send my parents and coworkers you know

  5. Greg, so excited you want to look into more aether physics and free energy for October! Aether is my personal hollow earth 🙂
    Here are some researchers I think might be great (BTW, I met them all at a conference in 2017, all very cool)
    Aaron Murakami:
    Peter Lindemann:
    Paul Babcock:
    Al Francoeur (not sure he has a website, but here’s a clip. Also he’s a UFO contactee!):
    Paul LaViolette would also be a great return guest, if he’s game!
    Website for conference I went to:
    Here’s a video of another interferometer experiment, one of the best demos of aether:

    My two cents on the state of the free energy research right now: There is solid evidence for aether in terms of actual repeatable experiments, i.e. the interferometer experiments and over-unity generators (Also the observer effect. Personally, I think aether IS consciousness. We have been equating aether to electromagnetic energy, but I’m starting to think it’s consciousness energy). However, proving a physics proposition is a far cry from implementing it. Sure you can prove electricity exists and make a lemon battery run an alarm clock for the science fair, but that doesn’t mean you can power a city on lemon batteries. What we can prove theoretically is not the same as what we can engineer practically. Or cheaply, not a ton of grant money being thrown at this (for us non-elites anyway).

    That said, one glaring fault of the free energy community is the way some people overstate the effectiveness of whatever technology they have. John Hutchison is a great example. I suspect he had some sporadic successes in the lab and then faked the replication. This is all too common in science both mainstream and fringe. For example, I’m studying a free energy device that generates anywhere from 0.01-1 volt, I’ve seen it go as high as 2 volts, but it can only turn on an LED for maybe 2 seconds before the voltage dissipates. However the website where I found the circuit showed a video of it charging a phone (wires off screen of course, not even a good fake). I 100% understand the skepticism towards the free energy community. It has been filled with fraud, misinfo and sensationalism from day 1 and I’m certainly frustrated by how slow the progress is. That said, there are plenty of good, credible people trying to turn it around.

  6. Strange comment from me but he is a bit too slick for me I reckon a fine mix of information and disinformation from this one. He seems to just accept whatever mainstream says and another one spouting the “no one comes here as we are primitive crap”. Thanks for all you do to keep my brain turning over. xxxx

  7. I want to know about Hollow Earth as much as the next guy, but I wouldn’t go there with Brooks. Breitbart News was conceived in Israel, supported by Netanyahu, and run by Bannon who was formerly of Goldman Sachs. Bannon was also an executive producer in Hollywood. Trump was owner of Resorts International, the Atlantic City front for the CIA. Trump was bailed out with $1 billion by Rothschild Incorporated when NYC real estate collapsed in the late 80s. That’s as Deep State as it gets. So, if Brooks is at the table with those guys, then he’s Deep State too. That Trump and the Republicans are ‘good guys’ that are going to save humanity is absurd. Brooks’ polemic against the Clintons, however much deserved, is just more psyop divisiveness. Everything Brooks says and does is suspect.

    1. The thing is though, manipulators and disinformation artists are typically self-aware enough not to slip into any kind of fanboy-dom; and definitely at least self-aware enough to know their audience. Now this to me would be doubly so if he is some kind of front man for psyops disinformation campaigns. We are definintely not a pro-Trump crowd and we are overtly naturally suspicious enough that manipulators would at least think twice before trying to sway us.
      His earnestness and just under the surface excitement, made me feel like he at least mostly believed all that he said. Now that might make him naive, or completely fooled; or it’s possible he might know something the rest of don’t that makes him believe these things. Hard to say.
      My mind isn’t made up one way or the other, but a strong vibe that this guy is deep state, I did not have. Who knows?

  8. I found the first hour fascinating and then he became obsessed with the Trump agenda etc! Obviously, if Brooks is 100% correct in his assumptions, then the Trump administration is a beacon of light in recent dark and troubled times…but I don’t see it that way personally. He is an intelligent speaker and of the highest order regarding scientific thinking but a large part of me is questioning his political motivations! That said, I would love to be proved wrong as I totally detest any notion of a Hidden Hand or Deep State truly ruling the (western) World
    Also, I think Greg handled a few dodgy and potentially divisive issues with aplomb!
    An enjoyable listen????

    1. Gareton – Read the works of Norman Rich and also the history of Lord Krishna.Two totally different areas of time. Yes there has been a controlling elite for a very long time- ever since the Battle of Kureksettra in India 5,000 years ago. The Western nations come from the loosing side of the battle. Their ancestors weren’t known for being “nice”. 5,000 years later and nothing changes. Sad. Peace.

  9. I do dig on the hollow earth content but I just get lost in this hope about Trump being some savior of the planet. I am no huge democrat but, having read the spectrum of info from Fox to CNN, I just don’t see anything in Trump but a morally bankrupt narcissist that stumbled into the presidency and is now a useful idiot of a bull in a china shop for any nefarious actor that can tempt/blackmail him into their toolbox.

    Trump was pegged as a scumbag long before any bid for the presidency. It’s not like people have been smearing him since the early 80s knowing that one day he would be PoTUS…

    And Russian collusion or not, the guy is clearly in bed with the Russian oligarchy and has ties all over to dirty money that also goes back well before any “fake news” smear campaign against him.

    When it comes to voting D or R, I typically vote on platform issues, not party lines. In this case, I have far more trust in a repentant and beat down DNC than what I am seeing in the GOP now. Call on god but vote Democrat this November, is my mantra.

    I think Trump being in charge of the Fed is every bit as scary as Hillary. It just really bothers me when people go all in on someone so clearly ill equipped for running his own businesses, much less pulling the strings of the global economy. It really takes the wind out of the credibility sails, IMO.

    If one good thing comes of Trump it will be that he is tearing the cover off the infernal machine that American politics has become. I am glad he got elected over Hillary, but only for this reason. He’s crashing the ship into the rocks where Hillary would have skillfully navigated it back on a steady course toward Corporatocracy

    1. As Greg has stated many times, he wants to be fully accommodating to his guest’s views and allow them to speak their truth freely. In my opinion, Greg was thankfully far more verbally dubious in this episode than I’ve ever heard him be previously regarding the track Mr. Brooks chose to sway the conversation towards the latter Plus portion. For the returning guest to be low on updates regarding his company’s electric truck & geographic exploration ventures (both dating back many years), then later to be highly speculative regarding wide-ranging systemic reformation that’s ‘right round the corner’ is vacuous at best. Respectful nod to Mr. Brooks for charisma and being well spoken. Gold star for Greg overall. Keep on doin’ watcha do brother!

      1. Part of the reason I subscribe is because of the fair shake Greg gives and how he doesn’t use guest opinions he disagrees with as ammo in wars of words, even when well into ridiculous territory like flat earth theory. I just don’t like how Mr. Agnew came light on topic and heavy on partisan diatribe. It’s not fair to Greg or the paying listeners. It certainly put a sour taste in my mouth where Agnew is concerned. If I were him, I’d serve the broader audience and leave my political opinions out of the fringe science theory topics in the future.

  10. I’m with most commenter’s on this one. Agnew was pretty fascinating (altho running a TV documented expedition to the pole seems a bit questionable given the governmental security and secrecy around it) — and then he started spewing the Trump as the savior trope. Good on you Greg for most respectfully remaining skeptical.

    Meeting with Bannon right after the selection??? C’mon, RED FLAG folks!

  11. I think this episode was exceptional. The amount of info and number of topics covered demands a repeat listen just to absorb all the info.
    This was the kind of episode where I don’t need to question whether I agree or disagree with everything the guest proposes, rather, it’s like food for your brain to slowly metabolize over days. It’s makes you contemplate not just immediately pick sides.

    1. I 100% agree. It’s funny how THC has become the land of mindless twits, where if one, no matter who, acknowledges his political affiliation he is automatically a shill. Everyone claims to be open minded until the person goes against another’s beliefs..unfortunately even Mr.Carlwood, as he had to put Mr.Agnew on blast for picking Trumps side in his close. Great show nonetheless, just pathetic we, as an alt community, have come to this. “When nothing is owed, deserved or expected, and your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected. If you’re loved by someone you’re never rejected, decide what to be and go be it.”

  12. Funny how all the black-budget, deep-state, breakaway civilisation crowd are all about space, man, and this guy is kinda pulling the wrong end of the noodle. I had a glance over a couple of papers, referenced by Science magazine, that talk about water trapped in rocks and sediment hundreds of miles below the mantle – the density of which is inferred by the observation of earthquake data. No mention of “seas” or lapping waves, light sources or an oxygen rich atmosphere. Shame Greg didn’t ask where Mr Agnew got his PhD from. Other researchers have looked at this guy, he doesn’t seem bona fide. Try finding any scientific papers or patents actually attributed to him… It’s a shame because the idea of a hollow Earth is fantastic and superficially plausible.

  13. Damn Greg, you must be kind of a big deal now! …Got a dedicated psyop team working on you specifically… They know hollow-earth is the way into your heart, so this guy made up a sermon just for you!

    So in his hollow earth theory… The deepest layer of the outer shell of the earth’s crust is epsilon-Iron or some other exotic high pressure allotrope of Iron glowing as hot as the surface of the sun at 6000 C (10,832 F) and it is shining down through 500 miles or so of inner atmosphere (composed of what? What chemicals remain in a gaseous phase at 20,000,000 PSI and 10,800F ?) to the ultra-dense core which is covered by an ocean of “liquid” water. Okay just imagine standing or floating on this core (ignore the 1.4 million atmospheres of pressure for a moment)… instead of a small disk of 6000 C light shining down on you, you have the entire sky filled with the equivalent of the sun… and it is not 93 million miles away, but only 500 miles away… damn it’s hot! And the core would be even hotter. There is a temperature gradient that increases all the way to dead center.

    So basically he’s suggesting oceans of liquid water and photosynthesis and life could exist on the surface of the sun… but at 20 million PSI. Obviously I don’t know for sure, but I think that if a biosphere could evolve in those conditions, that life would be radically different than anything we can imagine… and it certainly wouldn’t survive on the surface.

    1. I haven’t been able to understand what other than an inner ocean you can really pull out of his hollow earth geology.

      I don’t really think that the core is a solid or liquid metal, more likely a plasma generating a light/heat source and gravity sink in a pinch effect as a result of cosmic longitudinal/chi/ orgone energy flows through the poles in opposition. The interior would in addition to it’s position also have the gravitational pull of the inner sun resulting in a lower aggregate pull toward the interior surface of the shell. This pinch effect gravitation potentially explains the tales of gigantic inhabitants and trees in the inner earth and why it is thought that the core is so heavy if we have a hollow earth.

  14. I started smelling a rat when he started talking about LIGO – Miles Mathis(.com) does an effective dismantling of the gravitational waves nonsense. Then Trump came up and it felt like I was swallowing the rat.

  15. This is such a fascinating site- many have such developed clairvoyant skills. People know he is in bed with the Russians, people know that he lacks intelligence and the Rothchields bailed him out in the past. I suggest the listeners are more obsessed about Trump than Agnew. I also don’t like the way Greg is a bit too faced. You are very passive or seemingly agreeing while interviewing a guest and then change your perspective after their gone. You used to be more impersonal which I liked. Now , for whatever reason, you state your own opinions at the end. Why? Viewership? The interview should stand on it’s own. If you hold opinions that you must express then do so in the course of the interview.
    My other comment is the Democrat/Republican meme is no longer valid . The elites want it to keep going as a distraction. Globalist verses nationalism is partly what it’s about. The one percent having complete control of humanity the technology or humanity free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. I do think that Donald Trump is a nationalist. That is why most in Washington would like to be rid of him. This also is why he doesn’t rely on the Secret Service for protection. He said from the beginning that he also would retain his own security personnel The guest had a good point when he said that you can learn about an individual by who his enemies are. The arguments against Trump are almost always ones deriding his character with “insights” picked up by the low-class, worthless media. These personal insults began because there wasn’t a voting record or political history to criticize How anyone can accuse Trump of being a Russian puppet. etc. when the Clintons enables Russia to gain control of the US uranium deposits is just insane. .

  16. Greg
    An interesting interview! I liked all of the science part and none of the political part, but overall it was a really good episode. One thing I’d like to know about is the free audo book of his Charm of Favor book. I just bought the Kindle version of Charm of Favor, and I’d like to get the audio version.. Thanks!

  17. This is an interesting theory this guest brings up in this episode. My Plus membership is about to expire, and even though I said “I’ve outgrown THC” I think I will renew my membership because the guests are getting better. Since Tolec, who was the most ridiculous liar I have ever heard, THC has had some pretty great shows.

  18. Wow, i was surprised at how much i disliked the guy, had to force me through it all. To me most of it is bullshit, lies and disinfo. “Oh, it`s SCIENCE, bro! Proven gazillions of times!” – well F U, Brooks!

  19. It was interesting before the politics, but I don’t for a moment believe Trump is a good guy. I preferred him to Hillary, but that was because I feared war. I would love to be wrong, though.

    I’ll give him that letting people vote without ID is insanity. Just issue an ID to every citizen, like other countries.

  20. This man’s politics are as hollow as they Earth he subscribes to. This man seems to be little different than all the other angry white machismo nativist males trying to conquer the feminazi globalist agenda out to steal their good manly identity, commit white genocide via immigration, while turning their subservient wife into lesbianhood. All hail Trump and his glorious new regime!!! And all hail the Duke of Q!!!!

    You really do need to get a bonafide leftist on after this and other right-wing dregs (Sather, eg). But hey, it’s your show Greg. To be fair, i know you didn’t intent the interview to head in this direction, but i think you did know the risk by having him on.

    I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, and will consider the other topics and viewpoints he espouses. But it is hard to erase from one’s head, that if this man can be so easily duped on Trump, what else does he speak about that may also be based in paranoid fantasy or small hypothetical slivers of “evidence”?

  21. It is guests like this, those that espouse the whole Breitbart and Infowars and Q-Anon agenda, where they think they must take down the bad guys in the legislative, judicial, and executive branches at almost any means necessary, where it becomes very clear how close we are in this country to the right wing screaming for a top down fascist coup. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. So much of the conspiracy right wing (and many who claim they do not believe in sides but then think there are Deep State good guys helping Donald Trump) are now a hair’s breath away from openly asking for a purging of the left wing and a top down coup in this country. They are already screaming for the murder of Soros and Clinton, and I think it is clear that “Soros” doesn’t really mean Soros (and I can debate anyone on these boards about how awful Soros is because he is really awful), but really means those who are left of center. Scary times.

    I think this was an awful choice for a guest. Just awful. Almost bad enough to cancel a subscription over.

  22. I was not thrilled by the show. Like many others it seems, I was put off by the notion that Trump is our savior. It can’t be more obvious that Trump serves Israel and not the United States. We continue to fight imperial wars for the nation that attacked us on 11 September 2001. The Puppet in Chief also has an invasion force poised for the good people of Venezuela. It is frightening to hear Mr. Agnew speak in such glowing terms of Trump. How can such an educated man be so hopelessly deluded?

  23. I think joshhinnenkamp made the best point regarding this show. It’s clear to most with a brain that a large slice of America was duped by Trump, who if he isn’t an Israeli puppet, or Deep State dupe, sure has a funny way of showing it. It’s sad, but duped they were – and it is only the frankly dangerous, the ideological, the truly deluded who still believe the attractive intoxicating lie. This throws all of Agnew’s “scientific” ideas almost directly in the trash for me. I mean, clearly here is a man who suspends reality in order to believe something he finds it rewarding or pleasant to believe. Shame, as he’s a gifted talker. But yeah. I think we are better off looking upwards, not down into the earth. (The round earth).

    Still love ya Greg! And don’t EVER stop giving your two or three cents at the end of every show, I love it! Even if I didn’t agree with you politically, I would want you to put your stamp on the show and you are by NO means obliged to tell people you disagree with them during an interview – it tends to derail the interview, and that’s what it is. Not a conversation. You’re there to bring as much of interest or value out of the guest and you are absolutely one of the best at doing that, globally and in any section of the media – whether mainstream or nonfiction. (hehe)

  24. Believing in Trump doesn’t mean believing in Republicans. Most of us were Dems (lifelong), most of us thought they had us completely fucked. Still don’t like the R’s but do support Trump’s Q agenda. For the first time in my long life, the truth is out there and I feel like there is a source of info that makes sense and is hopeful. Almost forgot that feeling. Manifestation in the simulation leads me to believe that I can experience the future offered by Q. A much better future with morals and honor, good stuff like that. Maybe my 18 and 17 year old daughters can live in a world sans pedo-control. The folks so unwilling to believe anything good can come of anything every, bum me out. So hard to listen to fatalistic apathy, like there is nothing we can do ever, fuck Gordon and his Empire. So easy to see that Trump and his Ego want to save the world, maybe we should support that, you know, saving the world. Q proofs are irrefutable, logically.

  25. Greg, I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate the work you do. You are a great host and I always enjoy your quick and witty intros. It’s inspiring to see someone who is so clearly doing what they came to do here on this earth. My whole family loves your show and I always smile when my mom or dad gives me a call asking “Did you listen to the latest THC?”

    Awhile back I went hiking with my sister and friend.We found out we were near some hot springs so we decided to go. There were some people there already. We stayed and I recall telling my friend about THC and how she would probably like it. All of sudden I heard a voice behind me and this guy chimed in “I love THC!” He started humming your theme song and proceed to ask me about the last episode and if I listened to it yet. It was so cool and super random, here I was in the middle of the woods and for the first time I came across someone that knew THC wasn’t just about Mary Jane. (Although plenty of that was around)

    It makes me excited and hopeful to know that more and more people are beginning to see. I’m so thankful for coming across your YouTube channel when I was researching about Black Goo. I’ve learned so much and now that I have the Plus I’ve been catching up with old epsoides and the extra hour I missed before.

    I myself love that you have more episodes about magic and sprituality. I know we are approaching a time where we are being asked to start standing in our own power again. It is a time of reconnecting to our higherselves and for us not to be scared of going outside of the box. I myself have been shown time and time again that there is a great intellegence that will help you along your journey if you can ask. I have laughed and cried at the sheer beauty of how Spirit (Universe, Source, God and whatever word you choose to use) works . The last few years I have learned that messages are around us if one has the eyes to see, the ears to hear and a heart to feel it. Something alot easier said than done, most of us have been taught to ignore what we know to be true. As a native elder once shared with me, “The mind will trick you and take you off your course,do not listen to your mind. You listen with your heart, your heart will take you where you need to go. Trust your heart and your heart will take you home.”

    I was wondering if you ever heard of flower essences? I feel that might be an interesting topic. Also it would be really spectacular if you could interview Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman. I would love to hear you ask about soul retrieval and insights from elders and different helpers from beyond our reality. I know you have a line up of people already but can’t hurt to add a few more names to that list.

    Once again thank you for being you and providing great shows. You get me through my mundane household chores.
    Much love and respect.

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