Dean Henderson | The Nephilim Crown & The Secret History Of Power

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Dean Henderson is the author of six books. They are all available on Amazon in both print & Kindle formats and include:

  • Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network
  • The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries
  • Stickin’ it to the Matrix
  • The Federal Reserve Cartel
  • Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation
  • Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

Check out his Amazon Author’s Page for more, as his website was recently taken down.

PLUS Content

  • Modern feudalism.
  • How Dean would navigate the next decade if he was young.
  • Economic lessons from Dean’s life.
  • Sticking it to the Matrix.
  • Digital enslavement.
  • The power of even a small resistance.
  • Plasma physics, Saturn & Energy vampires.
  • Should we really destroy our ego?
  • The end of the cycle.
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Christopher Neal



The only word needed today thanks  

Dean and Greg 

Eric Dean

This is an awesome interview


I wish he would of gone a little more in depth regarding the Roman origin of the City of london dating back to 500's and what drove them there specifically. Hopefully in a future event, because it sure is a fruit for thought…

Robert Nimmo

What if the Christian concept of hell is a distraction to support whatever the lie is, like to keep people so in fear that their mind state revolves around not going to hell and layers out the corresponding thoughts, logic and behavior from there. ?

Andrew Copenhaver

I’ve often thought that maybe yea, we have it backwards I mean, “waking up” and self awareness which are earmarks of genius (just a few of many of course) are what screwed up the garden we were supposed to caretake post creation according to the Christian narrative. Is “illumination” a bad thing? Weishaupt’s original Bavarian Illuminati was about enlightenment and the promotion of free thought…A sort of Promethean fire for the people if you will. Toss into this debate a fiery- vindictive, narcissistic god (or at least what started as god of the Israelites although Yahweh’s origins are up for debate ) demanding child sacrifice and monogamous worship during polytheistic times and it gets interesting, especially when we know religion has been an endless control mechanism which Greg and many others have pointed out time and time again.

Anyway, “enlightenment”…Adam and Eve realizing there nakedness and breaking their programming pissed the god with a capitol G off! When Dean spoke of the “biting of the apple” I wonder if he takes that literally or to merely, proverbially, explain that it was by no fault in divine government but that sin and all the other shit in the world has its blood on the hands of mankind. As a way to explain the muck here I’m ok with it but yet again, I ask as devils advocate (no pun intended) and for sake of convo;

Is the nihilistic view of becoming consciously aware a “tragic mis-step in human evolution” as elocuted in the beautiful True Detective soliloquy where McConaughey’s character ‘paraphrases’ (bordering on plagiarism no doubt) Thomas Ligotti’s book Conspiracy Against the Human Race?….Or is it in fact godly?

The school of thought that we are divine beings can be argued either way, I mean, we were created in “their image” (of course staying in the aforementioned narrative/paradigm) but then in stark contrast it is deemed devilish to “be ye as gods” and we can point to many counterintuitive issues like this throughout scripture but at the end of the day it is knowledge/power  that is forever hidden and never  bestowed, only earned through the paying of ones dues, fought for by he or she that sacrifices or makes some kind of Faustian deal…This trope is a very interesting one, like the tree of knowledge guarded by the angel with he flaming sword.

Another great interview Greg I only wish Mr Henderson would source a little more or elaborate on some things like, when he said so definitely that The Rolling Stones were satanic it’s like, when one says something so bold as though it is absolute and not an opinion it begs for support in my opinion. I really enjoy when you challenge your guests and debate a point I mean, don’t get me wrong, your interview style is the best bar none as I can’t stand certain hosts that obviously love to hear themselves speak and make it about them but you my friend have “It” and with confidence let it shine bro! Your monologues prove the “It” man I love your word play.

Anyway  I am aware of McGowan’s research and have studied the Laurel Canyon material and possible CIA shade cast upon folk hero’s such as Kesey, the Dead, Zappa, Leary etc and how Jim Morrison’s dad was a top dog in the Gulf of Tonkin false flag but saying certain bands are ‘Satanic’ just rubs me the wrong way I guess and I was left “wanting more” on more than one occasion during this interview but such things must happen when we delve in to so much in only a few hours!










Jasper Beechwood

25 minutes in and I'm done. It just feels like stumbling around in the dark, completely unaware of ones real nature. So far as I'm concerned play net Earth is a boot camp for trainee stars. The nephilim, archons etc are like drill sergeants who are here to kick humanity's arse into waking the fuck up and realising our true shining, unlimited nature.

The Earth isn't spherical or flat. Those are assumptions of limited conceptual thinking, which isn't able to perceive life as it is right now; i.e. open expansive, formless, new, and all inclusive. Hierarchy is a head trip. It is thinking which binds more than anything else. Everyone including Dean is perpetuating a hierarchical system by giving it existence by continuing to think about it. It just so happens that the 1% who are most successful in the materialistic matrix lack qualities like empathy and compassion, which restrain the other 99% from acting like complete arseholes – but in their materialistic worldview, end up being the bitches of the nasties. 

Had to get that off my chest!



Aaron Vallejo

If I were to be blunt I would say you read as if you're trying too hard.  The World is not flat nor spherical?  Limited conceptual thinking?  You are trying to mystify things that are not mysterious.  There is enough real mystery in this life that you do not need to confuse yourself, or others by injecting it where it does not exist.  If you close your hand over a ball is it a limitation of your perception or conceptual thinking that leads you to conclude it is a sphere?  Are there things we do not perceive about our surroundings?  Absolutely, but to throw out any order perceived in our surroundings, and come down as if there is no substance, rules, or order to anything just strikes a chord in me that makes me feel as if your head is just way too high up in the clouds.

To put a finer point on it you have a World View that is very poorly thought out.  You contradict yourself when you say the Archons, and Nephilim are here to get Humanity to wake up, but then you say Hierarchy is only given existence through thinking about it or believing it exists.  If we are imperfect, and require entities, and experiences to make us better by the very nature of that dynamic you are unequivocally stating that there is a Hierarchy.  If all things were equal, and nothing was above or below the other there would be absolutely no need for anyone to go through experiences to move us towards "waking the fuck up, and realizing our true shining, unlimited nature."

Forgive me if I did not say things in a soft enough way for you to not dismiss me outright.  At the end of the day just what I think, and I wish you the best in the end.

Jasper Beechwood

Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply. You asked "If you close your hand over a ball is it a limitation of your perception or conceptual thinking that leads you to conclude it is a sphere?" It is conceptual thinking and I'll do my best to explain why. When we perceive experience with full sensory awareness, everything can be said to be just as it is. Give it a go now. Have a sense of the warm, subtle alive feeling of the body from head to feet (don't think about it, just tune in and feel) open to the wide angle sense of sight and sound. Take a while to let the body shed its thought induced tension and open energetically.

This is what I call innersense – the original meaning of innocence. In this immediate presence which is the natural human state, everything is just as it is, with the body perceived as one with its environment. As the conscious, thinking mind simply observes the big picture, instead of focusing upon and labeling apparent differences in the field of awareness, it starts to slow down and enter a state of wonder. As it becomes more aware and appreciative of the genius, harmony and order of life's big picture NOW, it begins to realise its limitations. The conscious mind is a tool to use when we need to undertake any practical task which requires reason and visualisation. If these tasks are not presented by life, the conscious mind remains in a state of appreciative, engaged presence. Freed up from chronic labelling, judgement and opinion, the conscious mind begins to sharpen like a sword and penetrates deeper into the mystery of the unconscious. It realises that life is like an ocean, with waves, eddies, swirls and all kinds of apparent distinctions contained within one great intelligence.

As life is one, any habitual thought based perspective will meet with suffering. Thoughts are signposts which point towards, but can never describe the fullness of immediate experience NOW. Habitual thinking dams life to a damned, limited, scarcity tainted experience. When life is dammed it hurts. All of its interdependent parts are not able to function seamlessly and certain systems become dominant, to the detriment of others. No hierarchy is implied here. Only thinking categorises apparent differences in the field of awareness into higher and lower. Prior to thought, everything is as it is.

Whether we call them nephilim, archons, parasites, power elite, astrological influences or anything else, any entity which challenges us does so because we have damned ourselves by living in the shadow of thought, instead of the clear light of our own shining wholistic presence.

I understand if this is all over your head and you still think my head is up in the clouds. I have been meditating and living consciously for 26 years and know that it takes time for the light of innerstanding to burn away the scales (scales of judgement) which cover our mind's eye. Peace.


I’m glad you did.


The guest claimed that the Cree call the Nephilim Wendigos early in the episode. Clearly he's never seen a Wendigo, because they look nothing like giant space aliens. He doesn't know what he's talking about trying to tie those things together. I think he's grasping at the same well-worn, tired straws that a lot of middle-aged, white, christian, male conspiracy writers attempt to hold. It's a tired narrative that supports a lot of harm Christians propogate like the doctrine of hell (a totally manipulative and abusive means of controlling others). You guys lost me quickly after that. 


Neither do the Nephilim..& as a “Mic Mac Injun”..Wendigos? Are shapeshifters too! But then, I’m old & ‘descriptions of the Nephilim? I’ve heard many & varied? So what do your “Nephilim” look like? Or “the Watchers”? They are not the same but people do use the words ” Nephilim & Watchers” as ‘inter-changeable? Are you Cree? I’d love to hear your description of the Wendigo? Lurve & Peas! ;Qxxx

Dominic McCarthy

They Live


They – 

c. 1200, from a Scandinavian source (Old Norse þeir, Old Danish, Old Swedish þer, þair), originally masculine plural demonstrative pronoun, from Proto-Germanic *thai, nominative plural pronoun, from PIE *to-, demonstrative pronoun (see that). Gradually replaced Old English hi, hie, plurals of he, heo "she," hit "it" by c. 1400. Colloquial use for "anonymous people in authority" is attested from 1886. They say for "it is said" is in Milton.


So… "she"



in Irish folklore, a type of female fairy believed to foretell deaths by singing in a mournful, unearthly voice, 1771, from phonetic spelling of Irish bean sidhe "female of the Elves," from bean "woman"


Then of course in Talmudic lore there is the "Shedeem"… they correspond to the Arabian Jinn and the Jews hold that it is by all acts of magic and enchantment are performed by these "Fae"


The talmud states the "Shedeem" were the offspring of Adam.


Of course this ties in with the Tuatha De Dannan… Aliens, elves etc…


They Live indeed and they await their salvation, O Lord

Timothy Clark

Any idea why the number 8 and 45 appears in the movies and media? New Godzilla movie. Use of 88 as a tranquilizer level. John Oliver mentioned 88 on his two weeks ago. Watched "White Noise" kid has a 45 on his football jersey. Watched Infinity train, 45 on the arm. The list goes. They Live could be the start.

Abdul Ahmad

Another Two hours of Bias Confirmation… for my linguistics anyway. Thanks Greg 🙂


New favorite episode. He gets it. God damn. Much love and many blessings.

Danny Campos

"Garbagio" – Andrew Shultz BABY!!


Really enjoyed the interview…she has a beautiful voice…add that to the positive vibes generator


Dean is a old school deep researcher with some outstanding information and insights into the true history of our realm, the hidden control the crown holds, the power of the bloodlines and the true nature of reality. 

I really like his insights of the powerful affect of technology on our day to day actions and on the human psyche.   

It really is important for us to trust our own observations of the world.  Rather than just following what they tell us is "REAL" from a television, computer or phone screen.  


Once again Greg, an excellent choice of guests. I've been hoping to see him on for a bit now.


Nice one – definitely enjoy this type of subject matter. Also cool to hear him say he is in the Black Hills – I just moved here a few months ago.


Great show. I think more than trying to convert others rn, this is really the time to find the others/each other. As a mom in Cali w 2 little ones under 5…I have begun finding other families while on the playground, of all places, who are more aligned w my personal cosmology. Being in Cali, as you know Greg, makes it that much more challenging to not comply, but as parents, we have more to stand up for than just ourselves. I did not vaccinate either of my children and they are extremely healthy, bright and smart. I have been dealing w being shut out of society since I took a similar path as Dean as far as working outside the system (under the table), never having much in $ but abundance in life. I lost my job bc I couldn’t get childcare since I could only afford subsidized childcare and afford to work (yeah afford to work) for non-vax and due to Cali‘s medical exemption only had to figure something out… which eventually worked until it didn’t and then we figured something else out. What I’m trying to say, is don’t be scared about the system. Do you. If it’s meant to be it’ll flow. I trusted this even when I was homeless, single and pregnant… no it wasn’t easy, but def worth it. 


Jasper Beechwood

Respect for following your truth!


Great episode. I really liked the second part, when the guest transitioned away from his bloodline theories into frank talk about the current moment, and if anyone is on the fence about the episode, I'd recommend that they hang on till hour two. Thanks again for bringing us this great content, Greg!


Greg, you’ve done it again. I love interviews like this, just throwing out bits of info, facts and knowledge, that the audience can go research and expand the old conspiracy data base. Dean Henderson leads by example and I truly respect that, hopefully I can there in my life at some point, CHEERS Dean. 

Greg I would like to suggest an interview that I think you and the audience would find so fascinating and eye opening. His name is ROBERT SEPEHR. He has written a few books and has so many videos on YouTube to reference. He also does videos under the name Atlantean Gardens and his name as well. His book titles are 1666 Redemption Through Sin, Occult Secrets of Vril, Gods with Amnesia, Species with Amnesia. I really hope you decide to follow this suggestion and pursue an interview with this gentleman, I’m sure it will be worth it. 

Greg, I believe at this present time you are the best at what you do and it shows. The proof is in the pudding brother and you are killn it. So to you crafty writer of introductions, magic inquirer and lover of the hollow earth, your fuckn move. 


Love it.


Will Prince Philip, reincarnate as the next virus, to wipe us out! LOL


I liked him.  Just bought his 5G book on Kindle.

One thing that stood out for me was his take on the ego.  I'm a student of Rudolf Steiner and Dean and he are on the same page – we are supposed to have a healthy sense of self, nothing wrong with that.

Egotism is another thing entirely…

Good one Greg!


One of the best episodes yet!  WOW!