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Joint Session Bonus Show | Magic, Circumcision, Synchronicity & DynCorp

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Welcome to the latest Joint Session bonus show for Plus Members. Leave me a voicemail to get on the next one!

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Fauz Blakely

Hope you feel better soon!


Bro said he drank pond scum 😳 Hope it wasn’t one of the ponds that was turning the frogs gay 🐸😂


Sean here. Yes I know you would think my username would end in 22. Well it did but I messed up setting up and it locked me out so it’s 24.

Dr. Scott McQuate is the name. My dad says he’s not actually a bible thumper he just translates and tells the actual story. Here is the podcast that introduced him to me. Hope to hear him on some day. Cheers Papa Carlwood!


He says you can’t understand the Bible unless you obey it, so…


Still really interesting there is a bunch of things that I don’t agree with but he tells an interesting tale. The whole thing about us perpetuating the cycle with having kids was a tough one for me.

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Hi,You should look into frequencies and change your Aqua Cure to suit your condition.
I’ve just done this and solved a nerve pain in 2 days that I’ve had for months.
Much luv💜


How do you do that. I have an Aqua Cure and it seems to only have one setting. Thanks

Drew Carter

I believe, that Greg chose the Cheaper version, no longer for sale – it has no frequency setting! I’m kicking myself for not going with the even cheaper unit, that requires assembly! It is much more powerful! In one of George’s videos it is mentioned by George that the unit Greg & I have is basically just a hydrogen water generator! I can’t remember which video that was in , but the output from my unit bears testament to this!


Dang, me too.


I’ve been going between 432 and 528 on mine. I haven’t been looking up other frequencies to use but I try to put the percentage setting to match the Hz rate. So if I’m using 432 and 4+3+2=9, then the percentage they say is appropriate to use for my size is 44% I’ll bump it up one to have it 45% since 4+5=9 it will have a greater coherent structure. Well I hope anyway.


David Seaman (or someone claiming to be him) has posted on Reddit conspiracy groups within the past month or so!


Lost a friend to the vaccine. She had cardiac arrest in less than 24 hours after the Vax. She was 31 fit and healthy.

Drew Carter

I have not, and will not be jabbed! However someone else in our household was:. 48 hours after the jab, I broke out in hives/shingles (my nurse practitioner said she’d never seen anything like it! Other health issues, as well!

Greg is soft selling the vaccine danger, from my perspective ,- the horror of The JAB, cannot be overstated! The CDC admits that the VAERS system captures less than 1% of the injuries and deaths! The CDC also admits: More injuries, and more deaths with the Covid Vaccine than all the other vaccines in history!

The Red Cross has forbidden any vaxxed person, from donating plasma, or blood!

There blood is now that toxic!

What will happen in the future if you need blood or plasma?

Dana Schaffer

I personally have experienced VAERS not working right. They even put a bad fax number on their reporting forms. I called and mailed it and they still called me saying they were missing the lot number. I’m so mad I contacted my senator. Red Cross must have changed it back. Vaxxed can donate blood


I like listening to Bruce Fenton to help keep track of the pro-Pleiadean propaganda, but he’s just as dangerous as any bible thumper.

The Pleiadeans are not the good guys.

Drew Carter

Someone asked if there were any supplements or therapies, that will help people who have been jabbed?

There are several protocols which work: NAC, N-Acety-L-Cysteine, NAC has been removed from the shelves in the USA, but still available in Canada.

Suramin, which Judy Micovits states works to defeat the vaccine, has been removed from the market, BUT – Suramin comes from Pine Needles, and Pine Needle tea works as a substitute, it has many other compounds besides the pharmaceutical serumin. Be careful identifying pine trees, I drink pine needle tea all day, very nice tase.

There are many claims about this product: Asea Redux – it’s new, and not sure of pricing or availability.

Also Quercitin/Zinc/D3/Vitamin C in conjuction with the above.

There are options, how effective are they?

I’m taking them as I seem to be a canary in a coal mine, with others in my environment being jabbed, I get effected.

Dana Schaffer

I second NAC. Been using it for years. I noticed it’s out everywhere but fount it on Swanson vitamins website. Also simple vitamin B1 is very effective for reviving from post viral syndrome and the jab. Sadly it seems to be out of stock a lot of places too. It’s heat sensitive. So don’t ship in heat.


to the caller who revealed your personal horror story of circumcision, I can only say how deeply sorry I am to hear your call. I am an MD and I want you to know that we are not all haughty, uncaring assholes. my heart goes out to you, you sweet human being. much love to you.

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Sarah Kriehn

Long time listener here, but new THC+ subscriber & I am just so glad to finally have access to this extra content! Great work, love the show’s vibe – keep it up, man!

Elizabeth LaFavor

Hi Greg! Listener of five or so years here… a fellow San Diego resident with lots of common interests and passions. I don’t catch every episode and I am learning just now that you and your wife are expecting a baby real soon!! I hope you both are feeling supported by loved ones! I would love to support y’all if there’s any way I can. I’ve wanted to reach out and connect for a long while, finally feeling the call to reach out. I’ve made a lot of beautiful connections with families and farms in San Diego since coming here 7 years ago with my baby in tow. It’d be a delight to connect with you. Lots of love to you guys!

Elizabeth LaFavor

I just listened to the John Klyczek episode and will keep an eye and ear out for more info on that get together (:

Ava Alexander

Heard someone ask about what to do if youre backed up against the wall and forced to get the vaccine~ not sure if this will apply to the covid one but when i was younger and in school they make you show your vaccinations records but my mama didnt vaccinate me and we arent religious but there are religious exemptions for vaccinations. Hopefully that can apply to this one too.

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