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Troy McLachlan | The Saturn Death Cult Revisited

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Troy McLachlan returns after 7 years, to discuss the revised and expanded version of his classic book, The Saturn Death Cult. He has since written a few others, including The Purple Dawn of Creation: A Journey To A Time Before Time Began and Donald Trump: An American Jehu.
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PLUS Content

  • Saturn’s Madhouse: Additional Saturnian Symbolism.
  • The Silver Age: Rise of the Blue-bloods
  • The GODS Industry.
  • Sodom, Gomorrah, and the drug trade.
  • The serial killer motif, MK Ultra, & dark agendas.
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Looking forward to this one!

Last edited 28 days ago by BumbleSquanch

Wow! One of the best shows yet. Outstanding!!

Timothy Clark

The Best Show!!!! Greg well done my friend. Most Excellent Dude!! Cloud Altas. Yep. Wow. Thank you!!!!


Hey Greg.
I’m glad you released this one so soon after the last one. Really suffering in Melbourne under the incredible tyranny of a government gone rogue. These shows are a great gift in these shitty times, and I’ve listened to nearly every episode during our lockdowns. I find myself hanging out for the next drop these days, and here it is. Happy hours ahead!
Much love and thanks.


Hi, Melbourne girl here, isn’t it just shitty being here right now! Seeing this episode drop has just made my week. Stay strong mate!


Thank you and much love. Trying to stay sane is the challenge right now.


soldier on fellow victorian


Trying. All the best. Call me when the revolution starts.


Dearest Greg, thank you so so so much for all you do. It was hearing Troy, all those years ago, and then hearing Wal and David, on this very subject, that was my own “red pill” moment in life. I am forever thankful to you for that, because I have no doubt that the truth does indeed set you free, and hearing Troy really did set me free. Much love to you, from poor old Melbourne Australia x

Paul Rubinstein

I’m from Melb too

Last edited 8 days ago by Paul Rubinstein
greg berry

Booty rockin everywhere!


Man. I wonder where kratom falls in the discussion of the poppy/opium preventing people from being able to contemplate God. Kratom is also an opioid, but it is a kinder, gentler one. I feel like kratom saved my life, I wouldn’t be around to contemplate God at all without it.


Ya I love kratom and feel that I am a very spiritually aligned person. Not perfect by any means and I can see how kratom would interfere with certain energies but it does not sever the connection.

Last edited 27 days ago by Whitney

makes me wonder why we chose to come back here for the troubled times we have now, as per the agreement in Robert Monroe’s books lol.
What a loosh farm we have going on.

William Christie

THESE are troubled times? Did you ever notice World War 2 in 20th century history when 50 million people were killed, Europe and Asia was in ruins? And people now are upset because they are asked to wear a mask in the doctor’s office? Pampered!


That is an interesting view point. So, when in this current world wide situation are we justified in complaining, rebelling or revolting?
Living in Australia, we’ve endured more than 200 days of house arrest (and ongoing -still in lockdown), my kids have missed that much school and the lack of contact with peers is damaging their mental health. The propaganda and psychological warfare is relentless, and there is no end in sight.
Seems like troubled times to me, William, but I was born after WW2.

Last edited 25 days ago by Deliberate



Okay, boomer. I hope you’re not including 6 million jews in your WWII death calculation, btw.


so i normally hate the music, but this one actually hit fire af. Thank you for a great episode and for being you brother. Take care and bless up.

David Berger

Thank you, I like that your show gets outside of the box we seem to currently be in. I’d love to hear more about high strangeness as well.


Learn to pronounce

  1. 1. 
  2. short for cryptography.
  3. 2. 
  5. a person having a secret allegiance to a political creed, especially communism

⬆️this is the 1st thing that pops up when you google crypto definition. It’s right in front of our faces yet again.


YESSSS TROY MCLACHLAN! He blew my mind with his take on a 7hour podcast with Mark Ryan. His take on money systems, Christianity, symbolism the take on the Electric Universe and all its ramifications was a great springboard!


Excellent 🪐♥️🪐


I just got my Amazon firestick installed [open-mouthedsoyboymeme.jpg]. I will live in the pod! I will eat the bugs! I will own nothing and I will be happy!…
I started listening to the Troy podcast while walking the dog, so as to make this post relevant to this show’s comments.


I have to go with Greg on this one with regards to the question of whether or not the ‘power(s)’ behind ‘elite’ and occult sacrificial ritual and belief system(s) are factual entities and not a mere ‘superstition’, as McLachlan seems to have a position on. That’s kind of surprising to learn about that position, incidentally-particularly with his apparent Christian worldview (which, of course, predominantly accepts ‘higher’ created entities filling the gap between Man and God. Not to mention Christianity and the Bible’s rich history with Satan, fallen angel mythologies, etc…).
I have been listening to SkyWatchTV for a good while since at least the Coronavirus-as- conspiracy timeline. Tom Horn had guested on Red Ice Radio back before Henrik & Lana took a turn for the alt-right, and I recall listening to Troy and other Electric Universe Theory proponents on that platform then, as well. I don’t much care for SkyWatch’s Christian Zionism and Israel allegiance, but I have to say I agree with them on their pretty much blatant position that we’re living in Scriptural End Times. I am fairly certain they see ‘elite’ power nexus as being a legitimate supernatural force or entity/personality, which fits in line with their (evangelical) Christian worldview, alluded to earlier (a la Antichrist, Satan, et al).
Anyhow, this was a good interview and its nice to hear from Troy again. I was intrigued with his Red Ice interview at the time, but it’s hard to wrap one’s head around these conversations fully some time. I may have to listen to it again, and I just definitely remind myself to check out that 7 hour interview ‘shellfish’ mentioned above for more context.
Maybe I should even buy one or two of Troy’s books, I dunno.
Jay Weidner’s take on Kubrick films and the Saturn mythos or intrigue was interesting when I heard them, too. I think we’re all familiar with the Black Cube symbolism of Mecca and the kabbah, of Black Cube symbolism in Judaism (and the multinational conglomerate Black Rock is probably an allusion to this, as well); as well as the ‘occult’ connections to black cube symbolism in 9/11. I think there’s just enough ‘there’ there for interest and speculation, but it is hard really get beyond this and ‘know’ just wtf it’s all about. I suppose you’d have to kill someone or something inside a pentagram and incant a specific rite while willing intent of manifestation or communication with the intended entitles to really know…


Reference image (Saturn ring, 9, 11)
Reference image (Black Cube of Saturn)
Reference image (more Black Cube, Saturn)
Reference image (black cube gif)
Reference image (black cube color inversion [?])
Reference image (Star of David, black cube)
Reference image (black cube, Twin Tower reflecting pools, etc.)


In the electric universe, gravity is incoherent dielectric acceleration aka incoherent magnetism.


Gravity, magnetism, electricity and dielectricity are all the same thing just as ice, water and steam are the same.

Steven Sopaul Lal


Nathan Cokley

Love you Greg –

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