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Michael Wann | The Field Of Dreams & The Merchants Of Death

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Mike’s slides to follow along with for this episode:
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The Synchromystic Sage of the Susquehanna returns to THC for a 6th time. Today, discussing what Mike calls “the 2 mile strange attractor field in Wilmington, Delaware.” We talk about popular films that have taken place in the area, how the actors and themes weave through them, the legacy of the DuPont family in the area, and more.
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PLUS Content

  • The esoteric layer to the business relationships discussed in the first hour.
  • The DuPont Estate
  • The esoteric context of the Biden Inauguration.
  • Hunting humans.
  • Mike’s work with Ras Ben.
  • Expectations, reality, and health.
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Excellent show! Thanks guys!
He’s right, (about a lot) get some sunshine till you sweat if possible. Maybe sit in the car until you’re hot. Much love


Glad you’re feeling better!

Christopher Manning

Great episode that has some really strange synchronicities.
Re: being sick. I’ve been making my own kefir for about 2 1/2 years and it’s done an amazing job keeping me healthy. I think I even (probably) went through my wife and son (may have) had Covid and I was bulletproof. My son has also been drinking it since, I think, he may have had Covid, and he’s only had a cold one other time since then that I can recall.

thanks for the great shows. Good luck.


Yes ,Mike describes the sACREd field where ideas can take root. It is an ancient measurement. The field is the stage , the gematria the plot . Primus nodus de Natura

matthew franco

This speaker says a lot of interesting things.. the delivery though is pretty long winded.

Ceven Seven

I live a few blocks from the Strangeness Attraction Zone.
I can attest to some specific strangeness in this area.


Excellent…. Happy detox, getting welllll… ready for bubs almost 😁🌺😁


Ace!! Thankyou! 😻 Lurve & Peas! ;Qxxx

Andrew Taverner

Hehe Mind Lure 😉 i love you friends i love u family i love you you

Andrew Taverner

Sometimes i think Tom Cruise/Bill Hader is the president : ] beyond the grey skyyyyyyy beyond the green screen

Andrew Taverner

Greg r u doing your inn therapy… if u aint, please interview someone tht does 😈 imagine if liquid gold cured more than a jelly phish stang 🤣


Allegedly Dave on urine therapy and a lot more.


“We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel was released 9/27/1989. Someone had to catalog all of the major news stories.


Greg, I heard you speaking of being ill and this must be the episode you spoke about when you said it is most obvious. I say people on here care about you enough ( I certainly do) where you skip a week when feeling like that. Maybe put up one of your highest rates pastvl interviews. You’ve more than proven work work ethic and dedication to me. People here would understand. I belong to 1 other paid membership and while I enjoy it he takes at least 2 weeks off a year for vacation and in the past he’s had to put up an old episode because his guest bailed at the last sentence. Hope you’re better by now. I love my Mike by the way.

Todd ryan

Ha, we had almost the same exact thought. I hopped back on here to say something similar and scrolled down to see this right after it posted


Good grief, my apologies for the errors. Haste makes waste.

Alec DelBen

I’ve been listening for about six years now, but have never left a comment before. Keep doing what you do Greg, you’re the best at it and we GREATLY appreciate your work ethic. Just had to let my appreciation be known at least once!

Drew Carter

Greg take a few weeks off – get a guest host! We need you. BUT we also love you! Get REST!

I can think of one or 2 guest hosts who,d love to help!

Todd ryan

Hey Greg!

That was a pretty fun episode, especially the second hour when we broke away from FOD.
I know you’ve been feeling under the weather, man, and sorry to hear that. I can’t speak for the whole of your listeners but I’d totally be okay with you taking paternity leave and when you’re just crushed with an illness take the time to rest, like Michael said. I understand you that you hold your obligations to us high, and as a long time listener, I appreciate that. Juat don’t forget to take care of yourself! I don’t know how long you plan on doing the interview/podcast game and bringing us news from fringe to reality and a mixture of both; but if you’re in it for the long haul I vote you give yourself those much needed breaks, rest periods, and family time. Maybe take a play from Freeman Fly’s book and post an episode from the archives that relates to current time as a filler.
Anyways, keep on doing what your doing and thanks for doing it!


Right back at you my friend.


Hey Greg, I too have been taking supplements, browns gas , hydrogen water etc. and I too have had cold-like symptoms and need to sleep more than I seem to be awake. This is very strange for me, as I haven’t been sick since the 90’S. I too have put it down to clearing out the world-of-toxins we live within. I seem to be coming out the other side now, as when I do have to do something I have plenty of energy and a clear mind to do it . Hang in there my friend. 

Scott Henry

Look at the movie THE HUNT


Man that movie was right on the zeitguist of the times. It did a great job of filling out the types of characters representing corporate shills/conspiracy theorists. I had to show it too a bunch of people because it makes it all seem a bit to ridiculous where you just have to laugh.


Weird show. Michael speaks so long and so hard about each point that I lose focus. I think there’s about 30 minutes of content in this 140 minute show. I’m not sure I really understand the connection of the movies to the Dupont thing. It’s like there were two interesting but disjointed parts to the show. I’d love to hear the meat of it put together in one tight package, but I really don’t think I can listen to the show again. Anyway, Greg feel better and don’t be self conscious. We all love you.


Interesting sync narrative(s). I’m not buying official holocaust narrative(s) anymore, though. I know Greg had a Jew on who was critical of Israel once (JEREMY ROTHE-KUSHEL | THE ZIONIST NETWORK, THE TALPIOT PROGRAM, & KILL SWITCH DIPLOMACY). I don’t really recall enough from that listen if it was good faith or an attempt at damage control or muddying the waters. I’ll assume it was good faith, but the fact that ‘mainstream conspiracy’ is not critical of sacred cows like the holocaust or explicit Jewish power and hegemony speaks volumes. One really has to consider the ‘limited hangout’ probability at a certain point. Whether this is fear in not treading into Jewish intrigue territory and staying rather to ‘safer’ conspiratorial topics, or whether there is an outright disinfo and misdirection agenda is a matter of some distinction, I suppose. I would reckon sites like THC is the former. Greg’s got a family to provide for, so why rock the boat too much…
Ethnically Jewish Freeman had a guest on recently that stated he denied the official holocaust death numbers recently. He didn’t make a huge deal about it, but he was ‘allowed’ to say it. It’s really not that controversial of a claim, objectively-speaking, anyhow. Michael Wann wants to talk about ‘concentration camps’…come on, guy.
Is Michael Wann Jewish in any capacity? If so, that would probably be an indicator of bias on this topic, in my view. I find Wann’s diatribes intriguing and entertaining and enjoy listening to the vast majority of THC podcasts (I even downloaded Wann’s Susquehanna Alchemy audio). I guess we can agree to disagree re: WWII and Zionist hegemony, but I’m going to at least attempt to call bullshit when I see it (part and parcel of being an autistic conspiratard truth-seeker, I suppose).

Here’s an alt-right write-up on Josef Megele (video)

It took me all of a couple of weeks browsing /pol/ after discovering that board after the Wikileaks e-mail dump of HRC & Podesta, etc., to come to the conclusion that WWII revisionism was where it’s at and the ‘official’ holocaust narrative is bullshit. You all can do your own dives and research into this verboten topic or historical narrative if you want (not that I’m expecting anyone to).
I won’t hold my breath for Greg’s interview with Alex McNabb from or some other holocaust skeptic/anti-Semite. Red Ice had Dennis Wise, director of The Greatest Story Never Told, but of course I’m sure Henrik is shunned by the ‘mainstream conspiratorial community’ now that he’s a ‘wignat Nazi Jew-hater’ because he didn’t want White European peoples genetically and geographically replaced by the likes of Barbara Spectre and her ilk. Maybe when MLK’s Dream becomes reality I will finally see a Holocaust Questioning and WWII Revisionism topics podcast on the Higherside Chats.


Dude. Whoa.
When you see a TV murder mystery show with a Chevy that just happens to drive through a scene, do you write a long and obsessive overview of the decline of general motors in the past few decades? Must be a lot of work.


Are you Jewish? I seemed to have hit a nerve with you with my post for some reason.
Btw, the holocaust never happened, unless we’re referring to Dresden.


I mean this in all honesty. I don’t think you’ve struck a nerve because think hardly anyone would read a comment that long. Just being honest.


Good info within, but too disjointed to be called a good show. Respectfully, it sounded like the guest was not prepared.

Laurie Gerstein

I absolutely loved this episode! One of my favorites to date. I needed to hear this today. The universe does work in mysterious ways if we pay attention. I’m grateful that I found your podcast. Yours is one of my top two! Thank you! I hope you feel better soon!

William Pridgen

This is nuts, I’ve been thinking about watching Field of Dreams for like two weeks..

enzo osiri

why so many appearances?

Last edited 20 days ago by enzo osiri
Mike Poorman

You can take all the vitamins and supplements you want(I didn’t hear you mention it but I would highly recommend if you’re taking vit d3 that you take 400mg of magnesium at night as well. It helps the body absorb and use the d3) but if you’re tired, drained or stressed(especially stressed), sometime ya just get sick. Hang in there an hope you feel better man!

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