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Joint Session Bonus Show | January 2021

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Thanks for the calls! GME, squeeze it baby!

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Danny Campos

You're humble now?

Matt Miller

Hey Greg this is random but I think Larken Rose could be a great guest on the show! His latest project is a movie called The Jones Plantation you can check it out on indiegogo. Could be the next matrix-like movie with cult hit status.

Nikki Carnarius

I love your open minded approach, and I've been listening more and more. I finally decided to join! Can't wait to go in and listen to the second half of all my favorite episodes. 

Ceven Seven

I know the show outro "Your Move [dark cabal overlords], your F*ckin' Move" is punchy and pithy, but do we *really* want to even consent to giving them a turn? 🙂  

Thanks again for all the great work,


lisa fato

I have a guest that I think would be really good. Kim Anami from a pod cast Orgasmic Enlightenment. Our mainstream Western culture has a lot of hang ups regarding sex and some Orgasmic( orgone) energy is what a lot of humans need in our troubled times. I like the way she ties mental health, emotional well-being and the psychology of people with the lack of this essential energy. Check it out.


Greg, here's the best book I read on the Farmer's Almanac with the concepts mentioned – very concise and short. It gets into a number of issues, like each signs corresponding to a part of the body. My grandmother used to plan her doctor visits by it. She would say "don't get your teeth pulled or worked on when the sign was in the head (Aries) – it won't stop bleeding" and stuff like that. Cycles, man! How do all the seeds of a particular plant all suddenly sprout on the same day? Energy, man – like the tides. Tides of energy… that's what I think of the Farmers' Almanac. Don't fight the tide!



The intro song is great. Reminds me of the song Frasier composed for his radio program on the show. 
Cheers all! Great show, thanks. 


If the person was a listener for a few years they must’ve only listen once or twice! Love me some Rune soup spillage into the thc, that guy is crazy! Ha much love and respect from the midwest 


I love everything you do Greg, the talk about the Farmers Almanac grabbed my attention and I would appreciate if you could flip the star signs, those of us from down under so we could see how our planting times work for us.



Moshe Diane Ramsay

The first viewer comment you addressed; that said you are “inciting violence”?…. in my experience…it’s likely a bot.

I’ve been moderating a large national forum for “neighborhoods” for nine years.  I’ve seen two in the last month.  
One was obvious, the other was trickier.  But, if you cannot connect with the anonymous entity, it’s a waste of your time.  No legit person is worth your time who would hide in anonymity.

Social media bots, and/or social-media actors are giving that same, usually “liberalish” word-twisting and “shaming” narrative.

I’m not saying all the zombies are actors or bots,  but if they are anonymous or don’t make common-sense; that’s my best clue.

Offer to talk in person or by phone or text.  They’ll slink away in anonymity.


Hey Greg, just spent the day digging into Ari Asulins website. Once again you have remotely expanded my brain! Thank you my friend! 

Derek Gates

So what is up with Epstien?…

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