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Ari Asulin | The Electric Universe, Pyramid Portals, & Our Martian Overlords

Topics Covered: Aliens, Cosmic, Electric Universe, High Strangeness, Portals & Stargates, Pyramids

Show Notes

Cruising around the internet late one night, I found Ari Asulin’s and was not only impressed with the various themes he pulls together in a fun and epic reconstruction of the human story, but was also taken back to the earlier days of not only the internet but also of conspiracy culture. Where we weren’t so entrenched in politics, and had room for the sort of work Ari is doing. He was accommodating enough to give THC his first interview, and I hope you enjoy it.

PLUS Content

  • The Cathar Suppression.
  • Anatoli Fomenkos work.
  • The history of the Giants & the need to form the Mormon religion.
  • The London Fire & the Martian Attack.
  • The Strategic release of technology.
  • Latin the martian language.
  • Planet Vulcan.
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