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Ari Asulin | The Electric Universe, Pyramid Portals, & Our Martian Overlords

Show Notes

Cruising around the internet late one night, I found Ari Asulin’s and was not only impressed with the various themes he pulls together in a fun and epic reconstruction of the human story, but was also taken back to the earlier days of not only the internet but also of conspiracy culture. Where we weren’t so entrenched in politics, and had room for the sort of work Ari is doing. He was accommodating enough to give THC his first interview, and I hope you enjoy it.

PLUS Content

  • The Cathar Suppression.
  • Anatoli Fomenkos work.
  • The history of the Giants & the need to form the Mormon religion.
  • The London Fire & the Martian Attack.
  • The Strategic release of technology.
  • Latin the martian language.
  • Planet Vulcan.
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GREG! Bringing the heat!! My man

Kevin Kincer

Loved it! Decided to sign up for + after the first hour. I was already on the verge after Zachary Hubbard gematria interview & the chad stumke interview. The Adam curry episode was also great. Keep up the great work.


yeaa! the Zachary K Hubbard was such a perfect example of what makes THC so worth it. Plus membership is the way! welcome to the full vibe!

Larry La Marca

Now that was interesting. First time I have heard this take! Nice catch Greg!

renee Belisle

I'm impressed with how you were able to follow along with him so seemingly easy. I found it challenging to keep up because he was upending so many of my beliefs in order to build his narrative. I'd just get readjusted and he'd hit me with another bomb. After the interview ended and I was reviewing what I'd just listened to, I couldn't believe how broad the range of topics he covered was. Pretty stunning. I don't know what to think of all this yet as I need to reevaluate so much of what I believed previously. But, I do feel like my mind has been stretched and given new agility to contemplate challenging material. Thanks.

Mike (not Renée)


Epic Greg! Listening now…

Alexander Knott

But why does he say Saturn like that? It kept throwing me off but that's my problem, good show.


I love the way he pronounces certain words πŸ™‚

Bell Luke

I'm loving the whole electric universe theory and have been sharing it with my 10yr old son. He's not one to take everything he is taught without asking questions, and this is becoming his favourite topic because " it just makes perfect sense". I'm lucky to have him to explain the bits that go over my head. Keep it up Carlwood, your work is appreciated man.


J Zeta

CarlWOOD just saying BIGG Thanks for the last couple years of entertainment and this EP which I find as your peak as a host as of now. PS I should have taken you up on lifetime membership but I was very invested in my art at that moment. Lots of love my man.


Great talk! I’d be into listening to a part 2. A lot of interesting info. I didn’t expect the viewpoint to be so optimistic in the end. That was a great twist. Awesome show and thanks for all of them. 


My favorite recent show. Great interview.

Jamey Gheller

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘YES!!! Never wanted this episode to end!  ((Art & creating will help you escape lol)) 


Oh yeah ……


Awesome listened to the first 45 mins, defiantly going to listen to the full 2 hours tomorrow at work. His origin story with all the planets in Saturn and Jupiter coming out and creating the cresent with Saturn and our sun, awesome. Cant wait to finish.


Hi, Celtic cross was used for navigation on the stars no? With the ornaments inside it can be used to navigae…


Chrichton Miller, right?

CALEN essex

Discovered u from the tim dillon podcast not too long ago and ive been digging thru ur videos since. Keep up the great work!


Wow!! What a fantastic episode!! The plus membership fee is cheap at twice the price and a no brainier for such wonderful and varied content. Thanks so much Greg, great work as always! Cheers!



Ps. I’m now gonna dive back through the archive into the electric universe episodes! πŸ‘πŸ»



You may want to check out Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers: .

His dedication to the subject is without parallel – he refers to it as the Plasma Universe (a result of a falling out with Wal Thornhill and his crew).

Carlwood interviewed Davidson in 2019:



Once again you have bravely ventured forth into the conspiracy jungle and returned with fresh and nutritious meat for your subscribers.  This kind of creatively unorthodox research is exactly what we need to take a good look at the world and not just at what we are supposed to be looking at.  Thank you!


  Greg, shoot me a dollar figure on what it would cost to get rid of the 15 minutes of goofy music at the end of each show. That silly crap belongs in hippy coffee shop on open mic night, an nowhere else. The show helps my insomnia until the "music" starts, and goes on and on until I have to get and hit the stop button.

  Otherwise, good show. It's harder and harder to find good new guests with new topics as the "classic" conspiracy presentations are burnt out from so many years of repetition. 


I agree. I hate the music. I miss the wonderful original song. I would sing it with my daughter sometimes for fun. I’m not saying your singer isn’t talented and the words to the songs aren’t witty. I just hate hate hate hearing it when I’m here for the spoken words. 


Killer episode: hollow planets, electric universe, alternate history timeline, aliens, giants…my dude bringing it today!!!!! Please bring this guy back for another show soon.


So,this is fascinating and I just got to the point at which the year 1666 is mentioned.Kind of like the chapters option for a podcast that was mentioned on the previous podcast with Adam Curry I just want to mention that Robert Sepehr is a great source for this topic and lots of other juicy ones.His books are great and he has a youtube channel,so I hope that you can possibly get him on one day Greg.Also this one with Ari is great so thank you for sharing.


I agree. Robert Sepehr is like the white whale. His content is abundant, but he's never done an interview. Ever. The best episode would be Carlwood finally interviewing Sepehr…for like, 5 hours. 


I am so excited and I haven’t even listened yet. In fact I’m so excited, I both want to and don’t want to listen to it bc I don’t want it to end. I immediately went to his website and have been musing over the topics on his page. So many things I resonate with it feels like this person is my twin lol. Been having downloads about frequencies lately and previously on electromagnetism. Thank you Greg for another amazing show that I’m sure will be mind blowing. You’re work is important and I’m happy to be a plus member. 

Kathleen King

Thanks Greg! Several months into your site. Doing the + I am a 65 year old female, Fl, USA, so freer than a lot of those out there but my children and grandchildren are having a really rough time in other US states. I always recommend your shows. Honestly I do get tired of rehashing how much trouble we are in from the current powers – I believe it – but can only handle so much doom and gloom, especially in the last lap for me. Of course I do want to know ways to fight back and be healthy but occasionally this type of show is just what I need. I will have to listen again as there are a lot of things to look into and I am not sure how much I agree with. I am coming from a science background but have read nearly every scifi book out there, so I have to rethink everything I was ever taught. Definitely have my thinking cap on and it is great to be able to consider such different ways of seeing our world and universe. Everyone should be open to new ideas and beliefs – ya just never really know and should never think that you do. Carry on!


It's so nice tae see such an open mind and that you're willing tae rethink. Hope that doesnae sound condescending, it's no meant tae, but it's just I'm so used tae folk being stuck in their mind ruts. I will consider anything given that we have nae idea what this place is or what's really going on, and I change my mind a lot when I learn new things. The best way tae never know the truth is tae think you already know it I reckon! Glad you're OK over there in Florida, but sorry tae hear your family is having a harder time. I'm in a wee hidden corner of Scotland and it's much the same as for you, if I didnae go online I wouldnae really know aw this was happening! Life is pretty much going on as normal here in south west Scotland farming country, for now anyway. Take care, and best wishes.


Hi Kathleen – turned 65 myself this year and also live in Florida (AND a big scifi fan!) Greg's shows are amazing. Unique guests like Ari are what will keep me around as long as the show exists. + membership is the way to go. So many subjects need that second hour to really give the guest time to flesh out their theories. And Greg is one of the best interviewers on the internet because he really gives people a chance to explain their point of view. This one makes me want to go back through my entire collection and look at the books in a new way, with predictive programming in mind.

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