Ari Asulin Electric Universe Pyramid Portals Martial Overlords Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Ari Asulin | The Electric Universe, Pyramid Portals, & Our Martian Overlords

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Cruising around the internet late one night, I found Ari Asulin’s and was not only impressed with the various themes he pulls together in a fun and epic reconstruction of the human story, but was also taken back to the earlier days of not only the internet but also of conspiracy culture. Where we weren’t so entrenched in politics, and had room for the sort of work Ari is doing. He was accommodating enough to give THC his first interview, and I hope you enjoy it.

PLUS Content

  • The Cathar Suppression.
  • Anatoli Fomenkos work.
  • The history of the Giants & the need to form the Mormon religion.
  • The London Fire & the Martian Attack.
  • The Strategic release of technology.
  • Latin the martian language.
  • Planet Vulcan.

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      1. Loved it! Decided to sign up for + after the first hour. I was already on the verge after Zachary Hubbard gematria interview & the chad stumke interview. The Adam curry episode was also great. Keep up the great work.

      2. I'm impressed with how you were able to follow along with him so seemingly easy. I found it challenging to keep up because he was upending so many of my beliefs in order to build his narrative. I'd just get readjusted and he'd hit me with another bomb. After the interview ended and I was reviewing what I'd just listened to, I couldn't believe how broad the range of topics he covered was. Pretty stunning. I don't know what to think of all this yet as I need to reevaluate so much of what I believed previously. But, I do feel like my mind has been stretched and given new agility to contemplate challenging material. Thanks.

        Mike (not Renée)

  1. I'm loving the whole electric universe theory and have been sharing it with my 10yr old son. He's not one to take everything he is taught without asking questions, and this is becoming his favourite topic because " it just makes perfect sense". I'm lucky to have him to explain the bits that go over my head. Keep it up Carlwood, your work is appreciated man.


  2. CarlWOOD just saying BIGG Thanks for the last couple years of entertainment and this EP which I find as your peak as a host as of now. PS I should have taken you up on lifetime membership but I was very invested in my art at that moment. Lots of love my man.

  3. Great talk! I’d be into listening to a part 2. A lot of interesting info. I didn’t expect the viewpoint to be so optimistic in the end. That was a great twist. Awesome show and thanks for all of them. 

  4. Awesome listened to the first 45 mins, defiantly going to listen to the full 2 hours tomorrow at work. His origin story with all the planets in Saturn and Jupiter coming out and creating the cresent with Saturn and our sun, awesome. Cant wait to finish.

  5. Wow!! What a fantastic episode!! The plus membership fee is cheap at twice the price and a no brainier for such wonderful and varied content. Thanks so much Greg, great work as always! Cheers!


  6. Greg,

    Once again you have bravely ventured forth into the conspiracy jungle and returned with fresh and nutritious meat for your subscribers.  This kind of creatively unorthodox research is exactly what we need to take a good look at the world and not just at what we are supposed to be looking at.  Thank you!

  7.   Greg, shoot me a dollar figure on what it would cost to get rid of the 15 minutes of goofy music at the end of each show. That silly crap belongs in hippy coffee shop on open mic night, an nowhere else. The show helps my insomnia until the "music" starts, and goes on and on until I have to get and hit the stop button.

      Otherwise, good show. It's harder and harder to find good new guests with new topics as the "classic" conspiracy presentations are burnt out from so many years of repetition. 

    1. So I know you’re aware there is a nicer way to ask, but the beautiful thing about being able to download the full MP3 files for THC is that you can put them in Audacity and chop them up however you want for your own personal consumption. The short answer to your question being that there is no cost to doing that but time. Have fun. 

    2. I agree. I hate the music. I miss the wonderful original song. I would sing it with my daughter sometimes for fun. I’m not saying your singer isn’t talented and the words to the songs aren’t witty. I just hate hate hate hearing it when I’m here for the spoken words. 

  8. Killer episode: hollow planets, electric universe, alternate history timeline, aliens, giants…my dude bringing it today!!!!! Please bring this guy back for another show soon.

  9. So,this is fascinating and I just got to the point at which the year 1666 is mentioned.Kind of like the chapters option for a podcast that was mentioned on the previous podcast with Adam Curry I just want to mention that Robert Sepehr is a great source for this topic and lots of other juicy ones.His books are great and he has a youtube channel,so I hope that you can possibly get him on one day Greg.Also this one with Ari is great so thank you for sharing.

    1. I agree. Robert Sepehr is like the white whale. His content is abundant, but he's never done an interview. Ever. The best episode would be Carlwood finally interviewing Sepehr…for like, 5 hours. 

  10. I am so excited and I haven’t even listened yet. In fact I’m so excited, I both want to and don’t want to listen to it bc I don’t want it to end. I immediately went to his website and have been musing over the topics on his page. So many things I resonate with it feels like this person is my twin lol. Been having downloads about frequencies lately and previously on electromagnetism. Thank you Greg for another amazing show that I’m sure will be mind blowing. You’re work is important and I’m happy to be a plus member. 

  11. Thanks Greg! Several months into your site. Doing the + I am a 65 year old female, Fl, USA, so freer than a lot of those out there but my children and grandchildren are having a really rough time in other US states. I always recommend your shows. Honestly I do get tired of rehashing how much trouble we are in from the current powers – I believe it – but can only handle so much doom and gloom, especially in the last lap for me. Of course I do want to know ways to fight back and be healthy but occasionally this type of show is just what I need. I will have to listen again as there are a lot of things to look into and I am not sure how much I agree with. I am coming from a science background but have read nearly every scifi book out there, so I have to rethink everything I was ever taught. Definitely have my thinking cap on and it is great to be able to consider such different ways of seeing our world and universe. Everyone should be open to new ideas and beliefs – ya just never really know and should never think that you do. Carry on!

    1. It's so nice tae see such an open mind and that you're willing tae rethink. Hope that doesnae sound condescending, it's no meant tae, but it's just I'm so used tae folk being stuck in their mind ruts. I will consider anything given that we have nae idea what this place is or what's really going on, and I change my mind a lot when I learn new things. The best way tae never know the truth is tae think you already know it I reckon! Glad you're OK over there in Florida, but sorry tae hear your family is having a harder time. I'm in a wee hidden corner of Scotland and it's much the same as for you, if I didnae go online I wouldnae really know aw this was happening! Life is pretty much going on as normal here in south west Scotland farming country, for now anyway. Take care, and best wishes.

    2. Hi Kathleen – turned 65 myself this year and also live in Florida (AND a big scifi fan!) Greg's shows are amazing. Unique guests like Ari are what will keep me around as long as the show exists. + membership is the way to go. So many subjects need that second hour to really give the guest time to flesh out their theories. And Greg is one of the best interviewers on the internet because he really gives people a chance to explain their point of view. This one makes me want to go back through my entire collection and look at the books in a new way, with predictive programming in mind.

  12. Im listening to this show second time. There are so many items in the story which make so much sense! You are killing it this year!

    The year 1666 was written about by alternative anthropologist Robert Sepehr in a same titled book. He attributes the year to a Sabbatai Zevi who had an interesting story. He would be a great guest on your future show as well. 

    1. That sparked my interest too. I wonder if it was a sort of 2020/2021  (or 2022… 2023… who knows what's coming!) year where they pulled a lot of their tricks. I'll check out Sepehr's work, I've no heard of him. Thanks! 

  13. This is good shit. Ive been at a slow down in my research because of a few loose ends like shit in this guys theories. And what about Asians or why the different world maps etc…  This shit helps man thanx Carlwood! 

  14. Greg I love you, and I’m sitting here halfway through this show, trying SO HARD to follow, and I just don’t get it. I really want to! But I just can’t make my brain work. Still fun to hear, like magic realism. 

  15. Also I just want to say you are the most thorough interviewer I have ever heard. You run this lane and no one does it better. I just want to thank you for all that you do. I can't sleep without listening to you every night.

  16.  All the THC episodes are great Greg!


    I'm sure Ari knows about Sabbatai Zevi, this also happened around 1666.



    Redemption through sin talks about doing evil to get closer to God. I imagine it’s like love and heartbreak. or how cold and hot are the same thing?

    Sabbatai Zevi (Hebrew: שַׁבְּתַי צְבִי‎; August 1, 1626 – c. September 17, 1676),[1] also spelled Shabbetai ẒeviShabbeṯāy ṢeḇīShabsai Tzvi, and Sabetay Sevi in Turkish, was a Sephardic ordained rabbi from Smyrna (now İzmir, Turkey).[2][3] A kabbalist of Romaniote origin,[4] Zevi, who was active throughout the Ottoman Empire, claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He was the founder of the Sabbatean movement, whose followers subsequently were to be known as Dönmeh "converts" or crypto-Jews.[5]

  17. Just like most of the other plus members I found this episode to be interesting, fresh, and engaging. I have been looking at his website to gather more information and further understand where and why he has come up with his theory. At this point I can not "tell him where he is wrong", but I do have some questions. (I am writing this the day after listening to the entire episode, while driving, so correct me if I am misremembering, please.)

    Since the Moon is within Earth's Atmosphere, are there craft of any sort that have/actively go there?

    Does the Moon serve any vital purpose to life on Earth? Perhaps electrically or some other way. (Outside of being another way to track time)

    Does Ari have any take on the "Lunar Wave" phenomenon?

    While reading his post about the holocaust on his website, the opening paragraph explains that the author is of mixed European descent. I thought he said he was of Jewish descent in this episode. Not that I care but I was wondering, is the article authored by someone else? If not, then why have two separate stories?

    That is about all I can remember since listening yesterday. Thank you Greg and Ari, for facilitating fascinating conversation.

  18. I've been a steady listener since Red Ice was still cool. This is the kind of thc episode I grew up on. Thanks, for giving Ari a shot. I had been yurning for an episode like this. Thank you both 💯

  19. Hey, Greg –

    Right on, man! I think Ari has a compelling argument. It's difficult to assess, of course, but i think he has tied together a bunch of threads in a way that makes a reasonable tapestry. I'm interested in how Ari has tried to make sense of the story of Napoleon. I don't know enough to be articulate, but I've always felt like something does not ring true with what the accepted history books say about him and that whole time.

    Thanks for keeping up the diversity of offerings and seeking and supporting new minds on the scene!

    Probably will listen to that one a couple of times.

    1. You should read Walter Bosley's book Esoteric Napoleon. He also does not agree with what accepted history says about Napoleon. I have not read it yet, but it's on my list. Walter Bosley is a past guest of THC and has a lot of interesting books.

  20. My first time posting on the comments, even after being a Plus member for about five to six years, but I absolutely loved this show. Look forward to doing some extra research on this. Thanks Greg!

  21. I liked it. a different approach and fresh look on this place we live. Shows like this is why I joined and love THC. I need to listern again though, as that was lot to take in. 10/10

  22. Has anyone else experienced issues of this episode continuously every three minutes or so, and having to refresh and try again? I encounter this problem through the browser, downloaded version, and even with VPN running. 

    Powerful crazy stuff here some beings may not want us to know!

  23. I've been listening for months now and really enjoy the content. Ras Ben, Michael Wann and Zachary Hubbard have tempted me to join, but Ari was the guest that finally made me go plus. Thanks for the information! 

  24. I loved Ari’s unique take on the subjects he covered and really appreciate that you presented him to us Greg.  What a nice change from our broken world, to look at the old and regular wonders of the world.   I loved this one.  Have listened to it trice👍

  25. Greg – this was an awesome show. My plus subscription ran out so I’ve listened to the same first hour twice until I can renew my sub. For anybody who thinks it’s not worth it crazy man best bang for your buck on the freaking World Wide Web.

  26. Wow! This episode was fantastic! I love these subjects so much. Thank you for consistently bringing us such great guests. Cheers, brotha. Your show is the best.

  27. This is hands down the best topic ever… nothing is more epic. Imagine a James Cameron movie made about this stuff! I dream of making a graphic novel to provide some amazing visuals and story to talk about saturn theory. We need more artists to start researching the topic deeply and communicating through story and image… So much fodder for the imagination. And who knows what is going on? Maybe it is the role of the artist in society to reconnect people by using their intuition to convey what has been forgotten. Ari should correspond with Troy McLachlan and his Saturn Death Cult stuff…. They say the same thing. Thanks Greg. God damn incredible. 

  28. This is going down as a THC classic for me. Please have Ari on again to dive deeper into any of the topics touched on in this episode. But to be specific, more talk of Giants and early America is something I'd like to hear more about.

  29. Epic show!!!! Ari laced together so many different theories that I've heard before, plus some crucial puzzle pieces that were previously missing for me…. and now it ALL makes sense!!  

    I Love all the shows, but this one even got my hermit self to comment!!! Thanks guys:) 

  30. Hey Greg have you ever tried to get John Hutchison on? I know you asked one of your guests what he'd been up to recently. You should definitely try to get him on if you can brother. Anyway. Been a plus member for a few months now and been going back thru for all the plus content I've missed thru the years. Keep it up man. Great new interview also!

  31. Where’s the YouTube Banner Greg? We’re missing you, fella! I know it says you posted this one on the second but I know it was really the first, and we are dying for your next one!

    This episode was so fun though!

    Reminds me of old times!

  32. This episode right here.. Exactly what i wanted.. Puttin' the "Theory" back into "Conspiracy".
    He is probably closer to the truth than we would like to admit. We've all been on the kick; that
    the world we know is an illusion.. More like the Matrix every day. After this little gem
    (i haz listened to this ep a dozen times now) all i can say iz "Bravo"and more "Time Travel"
    plox moar Time Travel.. oh.. and what ever happened to the 'Spider Horse' guy.. seemed
    so far out it could've been legit (as recent times haz shown us)

  33. Just signed up for Plus to hear the rest of this one.. Epic.. And now I get to listen to the other half of the other million shows I've listened to over all these years.  Thx for all u do Greg. 

  34. Great episode. I've been a long time subscriber and thought this guy brought a lot of new and interesting ideas we haven't heard yet. I'm coming back to this one for several re-listens.

  35. It truly was a unique show; completely mind blowing 🙀🤔😃 and very interesting….

    I want to lear more from his work so I will be checking out his website!!!!! 
     Thank you Greg ; it was a great show.  

  36. Finally signed up for the extra,don't know why it's taken me so long,been enjoying for so long,have learnt so much in the last few months and different ideas,some of which I always pondered just needed the extra information,thanks for the great work…….Always think,let no one tell you your wrong…

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