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Jim Gale | Food Forest Abundance & Breaking The Scarcity Spell

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Today we welcome, Jim Gale, the CEO of Food Forest Abundance, a company that transforms ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing landscapes. They provide consultation, design, and installation services to help you realize your edible landscaping, farm & garden, or permaculture goals. They specialize in food forests, herb gardens, and profitable vegetable farms. It’s time to take back the land!

Get a design plan for your space today, or hire them for an install and mention this interview for a free fruit tree:

Design Example:

Check out the Permaculture Paradise that is Galt’s Landing:

PLUS Content

  • 7 Layers of a food forest.
  • Food fences.
  • 12 growable anti-viral herbs.
  • Backwards American culture.
  • More examples of the magic and intelligence of plants and trees.
  • Available space and yield calculations.
  • Duck deficiency.
  • The miraculous Moringa tree.
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The “Garbage Warrior” Michael Reynolds would be the next obvious guest, right? I think he has cancer so you’d better get ahold of him asap. I own 36 acres off-grid in SE Colorado and I drove out there to Taos, New Mexico to see an Earthship first-hand. My intention is to build one on my homestead. Grow your food in your house! HMU if you’re in the Trinidad, Colorado area… especially if you have the desire to build your own Earthship; I currently live in Kansas City.

Drew Carter

Very much looking forward to this show! Beartaria made the claim that on his commune – they can feed 10 families on 1 acre! While other “experts” claim you can’t feed a single family on 1 acre! Be nice to hear Jim’s stories!


Dude I loved this one. I have my own 1/4 out in nor cal that I want to turn into a decentralized rest stop for our kinda group. In the future I wanna teach tarot on at my spot. But it would be perfect kind of mr. Miyagi style to sprinkle in biodynamic and permaculture techniques to wax on wax off the archetypical story and spiritual gestation of the tarot. I have been a plus member every time I’ve been financially stable in the last 8 years and my dream is to be a guest one day. I’m not sure if it’s my Edibles or if it was just this dude’s Vibe but I really drink the Kool-Aid today Greg thanks


Seriously? I’m not gonna talk shit, but I think we’re kinda overstating experience with this guest. I could get you hooked up with my gardener for next weeks episode, he makes a dope home brewed Kombucha that he loves to talk about.


I’m operating under the impression that you’re missing the mark

Andrew Taverner

If the heart can b measured 60 ft away or close it. That means your earth can affect others without u even talking to them. Start driving by people and consciously sending them your earthheart vibration. Give it to the trees give it to the water u r the water give it give it give it we need more givers we have a lot of takers. I love u pee poles im gonna start making my own ormus soon and free fifty for all u homies and u brothers and ur sisters Greg thts gonna b $8 a mnth tho 😉

Andrew Taverner

Btw ur emmons interview is 1 of my tip favs. And u gave me her so i owe u dudeskee


Chris Edmonds is great


wrong spelling of her name


What is the correct spelling, and of whom?

Drew Carter

I finally got a chance to listen to this podcast. Jim Gale may know a lot about permaculture, but he falls hook line and sinker for the “PATRIOT MYTH”!

Jim lambasts the Fed, because we cannot audit them “legally”!

Jim just parrot’s the James Corbett’s, Ed Griffins, of the world.

The Fed is audited every single year by law, Ron Paul is a complete fraud, he knows they are audited under CAFR law! Every corporation must file a CAFR, it’s the LAW!

They didn’t send Congressman and Senators home for Xmas and then pass the law, that is a complete fabrication, as the Congressional Records show: The Fed Bill passed with a full majority in both houses.

Patriotards lament: “We have no control over the FED”! . Congress has altered the Fed’s responsibilities dozens of times since 1913!

Clint Richardson has written on this very subject:

Just setting the record straight, I wish guests would do the minimum of research before spouting patriot myths, over and over!


Very interesting read and I plead guilty to being a believer in the narrative as well. Much could be said and I won’t argue against anything I just read but the fact remains that at this point in time we are where we are financially, both in the USA and around the world. We’re past the tipping point at just shy of $30 Trillion in debt the last time I looked. The only way out of it is through it at this point. Again, great article. Thank you.


I think we are splitting hairs here , whether or not the fed is audited it’s still a horrible establishment


Yes ♥️


I know this is going to sound like me crying in my beer but I actually get depressed when I see the headlines for a show such as this. Not because I’m not behind the idea or concept of it. It’s because in my case I have had a massive heart attack with quintuplet bypass surgery and virtually no family to speak of. I have approximately 6 months of food and water stored, plus a generator for a rainy day. I am out of breath walking a flight of steps. No way I could work a garden. I’m scared. Flat out I’m scared. There is a local farmers market less than 10 miles away but nothing beats relying on yourself. And of course my neighborhood has not 1 person aware of what’s really going on in this world. I’m simply afraid to listen to this and hear things that I’m unable to do. Of course I think these type of episodes should continue to be posted. I’m gonna pass for right now. Truly sorry to be a drag on anyone.


My heart and thoughts are with you! I am sending you positive energy and vibes! Hang in there- one day you will be able to do this. In the words of a great grey wizard, this too shall pass!


Bless your heart. Thank you. It means a lot.

Jason Richter

Ugh I feel your pain. Whereabouts do you live? I’m wondering if there isn’t some online community which is like minded where you may be able to network with some folks in a position to help? I know that’s passing the buck but im willing to keep up with this thread and help do some searching or whatever.

I am with you and the fear. I take big steps internally in order to try and keep the fear In check but sometimes as you know it overwhelms.

at least you are in good company here my friend. Im going to do my best to include you in my thoughts.


Bless your heart my friend. I live in Maryland about a 20 minute drive outside of Baltimore city. Yes I’m constantly checking in with various online groups that offer food and some go as far as fixing the cats as well but they always bring them back. Almost all of my cats are adults and they are much harder to adopt, which is another story but sickens me. I’m pretty much stuck with them. I even checked with a Vet who said it takes roughly 3 weeks to untrain the cats if you will that you’re no longer feeding them. Then they eventually move on. I’ve been feeding about a 1/3 for over a decade and I would never stop now. I just had to get it off my chest. I really do feel lost but I just trust something good will happen.

Last edited 3 months ago by timishere1925

Good grief, in my emotional state I just realized I didn’t even mention that I feed stray cats. I have no idea how I didn’t mention that. I could have sworn I did. I’m just a mess. Pardon me and thank you again.


My man, enjoy this old, old interview of an even older lady.

She shows how it can be done, even for those of us who are less physically able. Plus, she is quite the character, and a pleasure to listen.

Last edited 3 months ago by purplelama

Thank you so very much. I’m on it tonight. Again, thank you.


Incredible video. Lifted my spirits. What a lady. I’ve never seen gardening like that at all. Easy peasy. Let me start getting the hay. I don’t think I would garden full commando though. I could poke someone’s eye out with that thing.

Maria McCarthy

Praying for you friend.


Thank you as well. I will take it. Bless you.


Cool show as usual. Sound was ok

cat gardner

thanks for this one. I stopped listening halfway through and went and planted microgreens and ordered some potted fruit trees. going to go back and listen to the rest of it now.

thanks for doing what you do.


Great episode!! Very inspirational and I love his passion! Couldn’t agree more- what a better way to change the energy than to contribute directly to the living field. Couldn’t agree more and definitely where I have been focusing my energy. We have a pretty good sized vegetable garden and quite a few fruit trees and bushes but this really inspired us to take it up a notch!! Not to mention the micro greens for the winter. Thank you for this, Greg! I couldn’t agree more on the vibes felt in the garden. We are very fortunate to have purchased a decent size property shortly after the recession when the land was cheap and it was the best decision I feel
ever made. The plants, the critters, the soil- all of it- it heals the soul! Nothing like sweating al day in the sun and then spending your time in the fruits of your labor. We don’t take vacations- when we are off we spend time in our yard and have made it our paradise. I truly do believe this is one of the best things we can do right now to help change the tides and turn the energy around. Lol- I made it my mission this year to bring any plants I have in excess or that need to be split to my coworkers families and neighbors. My thought was even if I can ignite that passion in one person that’s multiple hummingbirds, bees, and other critters I have helped and it directly connects to the field of life- but I wasn’t thinking big enough- this guy thought big enough- helping others to create their own self sustainability. I LOVE it! Greg- as someone that feels vested in your success- go get a property- if it means moving somewhere where the land and cost of housing is cheap- do it!! Thanks again for your weekly pod casts- you do a good thing!


Dude I live in Minnesota I need to get that list

Shannon LeBlanc

The biggest fakeout scarcity is money. But it’s real. Money is scarce for workers and abundant for fake billionaires, because the fake billionaires’ ancestors were smart enough to take control of the counterfeiting central banking system long ago, giving themselves and their friends, the global corporations, as much money as they like, while for us, it’s a matter of slavery to get money. That’s a real scarcity, as long as we are willing to try to use their system under some kind of crazy assumption that the system is somehow fair. It is not. Of course those that benefit from it claim it’s fair, but it’s not. It’s controlled. Nature is more fair than the counterfeiters, so going back to nature is preferable. or we could start our own currencies locally.

Maria McCarthy

Really loved this show and this type of content. I think we’ve got the message on covid and all the bs that’s in the world; right now we need actionable content and this is it! This lit a fire under me to expand my own efforts at home. Thank you Greg!

Borious Glastard

Hey Greg! That was indeed a really motivating episode. Thanks for that.

Since I’ve been a PlusMember for three months now, I have the nerve to make two suggestions for future guests: It would be great if you could invite Michael Tsarion again. Or James True, whose books (including “The Technology of Belief”) really impressed me.

Greetings from Switzerland

Hogan Chen

Sorry to complain but this new scroll and let the old episodes populate is a pain in the ass. I was traveling back in time and it was so much easier to just go to page 28 then it is to scroll for an hour just to get to where I left off. Sorry I haven’t been round since the beginning but idk why make this change it was better and fine before. Really frustrated I have to scroll for literally 20 minutes to get to the time/episode I need to be at. If there’s a way to fix this or around this on my end please let me know but the function was perfect before.


All of a sudden, you and Crow777 are hiding things on the websites that we should not have to go hunting for. Like….am I logged in….

Steven Sopaul Lal


Alysha Franco

This is by far the closest episode to my passion. I must thank COVID for this time last year to discover permaculture and reconnecting to my Hawaiian Medicine (La’au Lapa’au). Loved this episode.


loved Jim’s vibe! Cheers

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