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Jim Gale | Food Forest Abundance & Breaking The Scarcity Spell

Topics Covered: Motivational, Permaculture, Solutions

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Today we welcome, Jim Gale, the CEO of Food Forest Abundance, a company that transforms ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing landscapes. They provide consultation, design, and installation services to help you realize your edible landscaping, farm & garden, or permaculture goals. They specialize in food forests, herb gardens, and profitable vegetable farms. It’s time to take back the land!

Get a design plan for your space today, or hire them for an install and mention this interview for a free fruit tree:

Design Example:

Check out the Permaculture Paradise that is Galt’s Landing:

PLUS Content

  • 7 Layers of a food forest.
  • Food fences.
  • 12 growable anti-viral herbs.
  • Backwards American culture.
  • More examples of the magic and intelligence of plants and trees.
  • Available space and yield calculations.
  • Duck deficiency.
  • The miraculous Moringa tree.
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