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John Michael Greer | Political Sorcery, Will, & Weaponized Magic

Show Notes

John Michael Greer is a highly respected writer, blogger, and independent scholar who has written more than 70 books, including The Long Descent, Circles of Power, and the award-winning New Encyclopedia of the Occult. An initiate in a variety of Hermetic, Masonic, and Druidic lineages, he served for twelve years as Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America.

Today we’re talking primarily about his latest book, The King in Orange: The Magical and Occult Roots of Political Power.


PLUS Content

  • What happens when countercultures go mainstream?
  • Cultivating stronger will and imagination.
  • The best magical techniques for busy people to work into their lives.
  • Why mindfulness meditation is more tranquilizer than useful tool.
  • The relationship between archetypes and reality.
  • How to use a knowledge of archetypes to navigate the current mess.
  • Why so many people aren’t ready to move on from the pandemic era.
  • How to avoid falling through the coming cracks in the machine.
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Brian Ramirez

I need more THC!


Oh boy, I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for this one. Huge fan of Greer! Thanks, Greg!


Oh, right. Like the media really uses mind control techniques in its broadcasts to the public. Next you’re going to tell me the CIA is connected to the media…


Surely, you jest 🙂

Michael Ciupka

Insert sarcastic emoticon here…


Don’t call me Shirley.


I really enjoyed this episode and particularly appreciate the practical tools for the ethereal toolbelt! John is super insightful and entertaining, as well as yourself, Greg! A big thanks to both of you, for putting in the time and effort! 🌠
I personally feel it’s still important to try and present a good case to people who are unable or unwilling to see what we’ve been divided and duped by. I was one of those people just last year, and if some of my friends had an inkling, they never let on. Now I know why…. I’ve been offered the tinfoil more than once, but I’ve come to the point where I won’t go quietly.
If I can open one person’s eyes the way mine have been, I feel I need to continue on, and keep speaking my truth. I try to be careful and make sure things cannot be debunked by credible sources, and I feel that slowly but surely people around me are starting to say “what the actual fk?” For that, and for all of the truth seekers and speakers, I am so grateful! ❤🙌🏼❣


What was it that turned you around?


I work in a factory and saw the enactment of more and more “safety measures,” that in my opinion were completely uncalled for. I could see no one around me was really getting sick. I also got really synchronistic hits, with videos that would pop up. I started to look into what looked to be an active attempt to hide things. Whatever topics were hidden I looked into on alternate sites than mainstream…. I’m currently on leave from that job, because they started mandatory testing twice a month, that was 8 months ago. They decided to put the few employees who refuse to be routinely tested, on leave. I just got another job and am going to have to wear a mask because I won’t get the jab, but what I’ve seen from shedding seems like a good reason to wear one now, when I wouldn’t have before. Absolutely twisted, but I’ve seen a few people get sick after being around newly vaccinated people and they were totally fine all year in the exact same circumstances. Sorry for the long winded reply. It’s harder to answer than I thought! 🙂


Good for you!


Always love John Michael Greer. One of the realest out there. So stoked to see him on again




Anyone can think to themselves “I resist the fizzy brown soda water all the time, advertising works on SOME people but not on ME!” … but if you can’t admit that this stuff has any affect on you, you can’t really start to fight against it.


Heard this from Frater Xavier and it’s a good one: see it all as a proposition that can be accepted or rejected. Also, it’s the adverts that we don’t consciously notice that worm their way in, so keeping them out of our personal space (and especially the corner of our eyes) is very helpful.


Trump did not lose the 2020 election. Repeating it doesn’t make it true.


As a Boomer, I confirm everything he says about the Boomer Generation, at the end. I bailed out in my early twenties, but I had a ring-side seat watching the demise of my demographic. An old joke- “Where have all the hippies gone? They’re the stockbrokers who don’t wear underwear.” Actually, not really very funny. As I experience my cohorts embrace the Co Vid miasma, I thank the guest for explaining to me why they do so with such passion. It is the spectacular finale of a generation that has had their psyches twisted and gnarled by TPTB, and being forced into severe cognitive dissonance. Why? In the end the real question is, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Everything Mr. Greer says describing ways to deal with ourselves psychologically, comes down to that, imho. If you have to be right, then you spend your time rationalizing your life away, and if you want to be happy, you spend your time acknowledging how wrong you are, learning from your mistakes and not making the same mistakes again, just new and better ones, that you recognize, learn from, and on it goes. Two choices, either/or, I made mine, it’s alot of work, but worth it.

Ceven Seven

Second half of this was really great.


Good one, Greg! I am with you on the instantaneous glaze-over when people discuss politics as though they were real, but this one had my attention! Recognizing that our fellow humans are in the midst of an archetypal stranglehold is a useful tool. Thanks for your work😀!

Ceven Seven

Hopefully the free episode got the part about the psychology of the older branch co.vidians.
It should be given free as a public service to the collective consciousness.


I meant to add how much I enjoyed hearing about the types of magic that surrounded the elections. That was a totally new take for me, and really interesting. I love how Mr. Greer talks about the importance of intention when these things are being brought into play. I had no background on the 4 chan thing either, and definitely saw Hillary go down like a limp biscuit! Thank you for covering that as well! Your show and its listeners have helped me immensely. Thank you to all!


While listening to this episode I was checking my email and saw that I received one from an address “keke@…com”



Danny Campos

Mas o memos homie

Danny Campos

Mas o memos homie


Danny Campos

Más o Menos homie

Drake Wilcox

We need trump back NOW!
Trump2024 at the very least !
I’m two hundred% I’m in the way way conservative corner , but I think we need entire new party , patriot party , get rid of all the damn rhinos and all the left . Come on we got to change this nation we are falling apart

Drew Carter

I love guests who still think – beyond reason, that Trump was “legit”!

What did Slick Willie do when he became prez? He fired every single federal prosecutor (98) – because he knew he would go to jail for Arkansas activities .. so problem solved.

So what did Trump do when he took over? He had many more reasons than Clinton to fire all the prosecutors, but chose to only replace 37 of them .. NOT 98, and then he whined when every single federal prosecutor (even the one’s he chose) came after him.

It’s all theater, Trump did more harm to this country than Hillary ever dreamed.

72 hours before the 20216 election, Hillary called off her massive fireworks displays, as she was “TOLD” that Donald would win the election.

Donald was never the people’s choice, there hasn’t been a “people’s” choice, since electronic voting ..

Enjoy the show folks, it’s all theatre – Billions of US, thousands of THEM – but they still find clowns like Trump to do their bidding.


Having studied religion and the occult for four decades now, and having a deep interest in political and economic theory, it would take too long to pick apart the subtle ways in which the guest misleads the listener, and he surely is not worthy of the time or effort. But it is obvious to any educated individual that this guest would be as comfortable in a John Birch meeting as in a coven. I am sure that his banter works for the young, the desperate and the credulous, but I am fully aware that his promised Faustian bargains are far more mundane than arcane. There truly is nothing new under the sun.

Jasper Beechwood

Agreed. Good to see another listener with discernment. Couldn’t help comparing this show with Lon Milo DuQuette’s from last year. Lon is the real deal.

Melanie Hansen

I love the quote you chose from the book!

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