George Wiseman | Brown’s Gas, AquaCure, & Suppressed Science

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George Wiseman is President of Eagle-Research and AquaCure. George does research in Automotive Engineering, Biochemistry and Aquaculture. He builds and optimizes efficient and practical water electrolyzers for specific applications; like combustion enhancement, Fueling Torches and Brown’s Gas for health. Brown’s Gas electrolyzers generate a unique mixture of gasses that are astonishingly useful, particularly due to the ExW component. Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is a negative plasma form of water, which give the Brown’s Gas a greater efficacy in its applications. A negative plasma has excess electrons, which give energy to the process. In the case of the AquaCure, a bio-available energy for health applications.

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PLUS Content

  • Frequency modulation with the AquaCure.
  • Free energy technology.
  • Ezekiel’s Wheel.
  • Anti-gravitic craft technology.
  • Brown’s gas compared to EZ water.
  • Plasma based lifeforms and waveform intelligences.
  • Cavitation & zero point energy.
  • The philosophy and unorthodox business ethics that George lives by.
  • Signs from the afterlife.
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Evan Fields

I love it when a guest blows me away with their deep body of knowledge and it's even better when their positive energy and passion signal boosts that information. This is exactly why I paid for a six month membership. 


Yessir…let's go!

Brian Ramirez

Amazing information! You should get Tim James on as well!

Cory Banks

Greg you are the man thanks for doing what you do excellent guest as always


a guest of freeman whos very popular and speaks about the heart being a brake not a pump amongst other things is “the greek” him and the carlwood would be an episode not to be missed,freeman holds a place in my heart but nobody does it like the carlwood,nice work.

Drew Carter

If you like Tim, You’ll love Walter Russell.


I think Greg should talk to Dr. Lando and get the guys from Walter Russell’s university on for and episode. That way we can dive deep into Walter Russell’s philosophy’s. The supposed best friend of Tesla and a man not many people know exists is always a man of and for the people. I have 3 book from Russell and its helped evolve my thinking the further I get into questioning and re-learning everything!


Holy fucking tear jerker batman. Wooh, definitely felt it when he was talking about his ex wife. 


Yep, I choked up a bit, too.

Matthew Smith

What a fantastic guest and interview. I love when areas of my own research coalesce in the ideas off a leading light I haven’t heard of before. In this case, George Wiseman is going deep into electric universe theory—for instance, anti granitic devices working on counter rotating magnetic fields sounds very much like the description of Birkland currents which are claimed by EU physicists to run throughout the universe & power galaxies and stars from the outside (which goes a long way to explain why the sun’s carona is degrees of order hotter than its surface). Greg, have you ever thought of having someone on from the Thunderbolts Project, like Wall Thornhill or Andrew Hall who can explain electric scarification of the planet and relate it back to the plasma thunderbolts of the gods? 

Matthew Smith

I guess that shows how long I have been a member! I will search previous episodes, and thank you Greg for being who you are and doing what you do.


Y’all know that having an alkaline body is vital for excellent health. Well, when measuring ph what do you think the “h” represents? HYDROGEN! Boom! For Robert O ?!(DAMNIT! My mind won’t give up the good doctor’s last name!I even bought his book called THE PH MIRACLE. But I loaned it out! Argh! !) This is the reason the AquaCure works. Please tell George this. 
I love you all. So very very much;


It matters if you’ve seen the “Ph Miracle” diet plan. A person would have to be facing certain death to have the motivation to follow this plan to the letter. If one could just use the AquaCure system, they could be cured without having to follow a very difficult diet plan. Of course we all need to eat as well as we possibly can.
Reminds me of something I learned. To get as much herbicides and other ‘cides’ off your fresh fruits and veggies, put them in a sink full of cold water to which you’ve added a capful (about 1 teaspoon) of hydrogen peroxide, plus a heaping teaspoon of baking soda. Swish the water around to mix. Then add your produce. Soak for a half hour. Rinse well. I like to refill the sink w just cold water and then plunge in the veggies making motor noises with my lips while racing the carrots against the celery. Carrots win every time. TELL OTHERS! So important to spread this info. The peroxide is full of oxygen which does this awesome electron grab, making the icky stuff go away. Cheers!🥂

Joe Hanley

hmm question comes to mind – What about the water you’re using to rinse? assuming it’s contaminated tap water. lol I mean I drink Eldorado spring water but im not going to fill a sink with it.


I have the same surname!

Joe Hanley

a fellow hanley ? cool


Another excellent show! I want to hear more about the Plasma creatures. The entire universe is sentient. Laugh if you want, but there are a few times I suspected something way beyond the software was communicating with me on the computer…with wit almost as great as the Carlwood's. 


I’ve had similar experiences


Health hero Tim James


You know I am not one to buy much of anything from listening to podcasts unless it is relatively cheap supplements. But a burning holy hell through a my fictional credit card wallet, I went full send on this one. You know the moments in life when you choose to do something and you get that instantaneous regret? That is NOT at all how I feel about this one. It was just too compelling not to experiment on this one. Now that regret I was talking about, may come in time if when I start to use it and see next to no results for me and my loved ones but really at the moment I'm just excited to help heal others, even more so than myself. I will report back with results also, as I have taken the plunge into the experimental abyss.

Much Love,

Great Show,

Hasta Luego!


Kickass! I felt the same way but don’t even have a credit card so my fucked us body will just have to stay fucked up for now. I would be healing others too. Be sure you do this on the down low. If you advertise publicly, you have to say it’s a food. Nutritional substance. Good for you. Betcha dint live near SE Michigan. I’m pretty close to Toledo, Ohio as well.


Not very close Im in upstate NY. I dont think Ill be publicly trying to do this, mostly the people that my life crosses paths with, assuming it works as well as I hope. Of course if there is anybody that reaches out and is close enough, I’d be one to share.


I’m in Ann Arbor. Close enough?


Possible, it’d be a hike but if it works that well I’d figure out away to help ya out. I haven’t received it yet so it’ll be awhile before I test it all out and do some experiments with the people around me. I had that thought I could bottle it up and mail it out to somebody too. It’ll be a few months before I’m ready to share but shoot me a text. 5188543252 Sean Mulligan, just so I have your contact when if seems to be going well.


Hail fellow Ann Arborite!

Eric Coley

Add me to to the list of subscribers that took the plunge! Greatly appreciate the discount code!


Yeah, thanks a lot for the discount!

Last edited 11 days ago by SalsaShark77

I wouldnt worry about it Greg, life is meant for experiences and if this ends up being a flop, oh well. Wont be the first time I’ve been duped, probably wouldn’t be the last. Wonderful output this last year by the way, always got my wheels turning. I appreciate your effort.


Drew Carter

I made the plunge for one of George’s earlier models – AquaCure Model EA-H160 – I didn’t have the full amount for the newer model. I’m slowly on my way back, my wife and I both use the machine daily – and have never drunken so much water in our lives.

You won’t be sorry, George has great service, and a great service record.

Joe Hanley

I am seriously considering buying one and giving it a try too. its just there are endless devises and programs out there making similar amazing claims and I am very dubious of all such things but also hopeful. I did just contact George through his website asking for clarification on the refund policy. He replied promptly on a Sunday answering all my questions (impressive). synopsis – if you refund you are out the shipping both directions (receiving and returning) which for me in denver, co looks like about $200.

Jasper Beechwood

Such a privilege to listen to George, I felt truly blessed by the end of the show. It struck me that his emotional intelligence must be a big factor in his ground breaking work. He's a real scientist like Victor Shauberger, Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla, fully connected with and embracing his humanity. Mainstream science is characterised by an inherent mistrust of nature, the self projection of emotionally immature people.

I would have liked to hear George discuss Alkaline water, as it's something I've experimented with in the past. The first time I felt great and noticed that although I was drinking far more than usual, wasn't peeing so much. I had probably been dehydrated. But the second time years later, my digestion got worse. Felt like the alkaline water was neutralizing my stomach acid. Everyone talks about how alkaline is best, but that's very simplistic. Many systems of the body are naturally acidic: stomach, intestines and skin to name a few. Be very interested to hear any insight into this.

You rocked it with this one Greg. One of my fave ever THC shows. Thanks man!


This IS alkaline water! What do you think the H in PH stands for? Hydrogen! 🤩

Steven Sopaul Lal


Tim O'Donnell

Is the coupon code in effect on the price of $2,499 or should it be discounted to $2,000? 

Amazing show!  So much love for you and your guests, Greg.  Many blessings to you and yours!


Amazing episode … what a great guy and omg a 20% discount 🙏 thanks Greg 😎

Tim O'Donnell

Apologies for the silly question!  I was caught up in excitement and on a short break at work.  Cheers!


This was probably one of my favorite shows you’ve done. Also I enjoyed the ones where you get into early 20th century lost or forgotten technology like electric cars. As far as health goes you should get Ben Greenfield on your podcast somehow. He is literally, as far as I know, the most knowledgeable guy on health there is. All the stuff Clive de Carl says he can explain for hours. You can tell on his podcast he tries hard not to piss off the establishment so he can still be on air but he is just the best in my opinion. I’d love for him to talk to this guest because he talks about deterium water which has to do which hydrogen,


Agree! A Greenfield water re-vitaliser, which Bens dad makes, and is pretty easy to boot strap if your are short in $$$, was my plunge into the water world…and I’m damn glad I did!!
Chalk and cheese, dead water and re-vitalised water!!

Craig Peate

I have listened to hundreds of podcast on health and longevity. This is the first time I felt like the product being offered could really work. I emailed George with a couple questions and he got back to me quickly. I have already ordered one of his machines. There are cheaper ones out there, but his sincerity and willingness to offer such a huge discount for this community made all the difference. I also signed up for the plus membership because of this interview. I am excited to get my machine. Hopefully I can chronical some amazing health benefits. The VA has no real solution for my issues. I hope hydrogen is the answer.


I saw an bald eagle parched on a tree limb in the woods 50 ft from my side door the day before I listened to this episode. George’s story was one of my fist red pills in the early 2000’s.
Took the leap and bought a Aquacure, Greg your coupon code just saved me 5 years worth of subscription cost. Many thanks


This has to be my fav ever show. The part about his wife and the cats had me in tears,he sounds like a really genuine and kind soul. It’s heartbreaking he was unable to help his wife with his amazing invention.
I can’t wait to get my hands on one for my cats and I. Greg,do you think the discount would apply to folks from London GB.
And while I’m here thanks for the brilliant work you do with your show, you are hands down the best podcaster out there.
I love how well researched you are on your guests and the quality of the subjects you choose.


Although i hold a special place in my heart for each episode this one resonated wiyh me more than any other. I would love to. Get an auqacure but my wife and i are both small business owners with 5 kids. 2000$ is hard to come up with some mabye some of you hardcore thc listeners could send some good intentions my way. Thank you and let try to make the universe give us what we need

Drew Carter

George has a unit that you can assemble yourself if you’re handy at all. The ER350 .. it’s much more powerful than the current units, it works very well, but as George says – Women aren’t too impressed with the plywood box. 😉


I am handy im a electrician and carpenter im going to try to build one


Intentions sent.


Thank you


Dude this episode is fire as fuck. Get him back asap