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George Wiseman | Brown’s Gas, AquaCure, & Suppressed Science

Topics Covered: Health, Secret Science

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George Wiseman is President of Eagle-Research and AquaCure. George does research in Automotive Engineering, Biochemistry and Aquaculture. He builds and optimizes efficient and practical water electrolyzers for specific applications; like combustion enhancement, Fueling Torches and Brown’s Gas for health. Brown’s Gas electrolyzers generate a unique mixture of gasses that are astonishingly useful, particularly due to the ExW component. Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is a negative plasma form of water, which give the Brown’s Gas a greater efficacy in its applications. A negative plasma has excess electrons, which give energy to the process. In the case of the AquaCure, a bio-available energy for health applications.

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PLUS Content

  • Frequency modulation with the AquaCure.
  • Free energy technology.
  • Ezekiel’s Wheel.
  • Anti-gravitic craft technology.
  • Brown’s gas compared to EZ water.
  • Plasma based lifeforms and waveform intelligences.
  • Cavitation & zero point energy.
  • The philosophy and unorthodox business ethics that George lives by.
  • Signs from the afterlife.
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