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Wal Thornhill | The Electric Universe, The SAFIRE Project, & Plasma

Topics Covered: Electric Universe, Plasma, Secret Science, Tesla Tech

Show Notes

Wal Thornhill is the co-founder of the Thunderbolts Project, co-author of both The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods, & advisor to the SAFIRE project.

Wal Thornhill got his degree in physics from Melbourne University. He says that much of his inspiration came from Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, Worlds in Collision. Wal was invited to attend one of Velikovsky’s conferences in Ontario in 1974, and he began to question the nature of gravity. His ideas have sparked the interest of scientists, engineers, and astronomers, and I expect that they will pique the interest of our listeners, as well. Enjoy!


PLUS Content

  • Did the Earth’s saltwater come from the rings of Saturn?
  • Ancient accounts of 2 suns or Saturn as the sun.
  • What signs have been observed that relate to the electric universe model.
  • Cosmic rays coming from the Antarctic ice.
  • How has the scientific and academic communities responded to the Safire project’s results?
  • Why is there only life on Earth?
  • How could the moon landing have happened when working with such an incorrect model?
  • Other clues on Saturn and Jupiters moons.
  • What the EU model says about Saturns hexagonal polar storm.
  • Wal’s thoughts on a potential grand solar minimum.
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