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Wal Thornhill | The Electric Universe, The SAFIRE Project, & Plasma

Show Notes

Wal Thornhill is the co-founder of the Thunderbolts Project, co-author of both The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods, & advisor to the SAFIRE project.

Wal Thornhill got his degree in physics from Melbourne University. He says that much of his inspiration came from Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, Worlds in Collision. Wal was invited to attend one of Velikovsky’s conferences in Ontario in 1974, and he began to question the nature of gravity. His ideas have sparked the interest of scientists, engineers, and astronomers, and I expect that they will pique the interest of our listeners, as well. Enjoy!


PLUS Content

  • Did the Earth’s saltwater come from the rings of Saturn?
  • Ancient accounts of 2 suns or Saturn as the sun.
  • What signs have been observed that relate to the electric universe model.
  • Cosmic rays coming from the Antarctic ice.
  • How has the scientific and academic communities responded to the Safire project’s results?
  • Why is there only life on Earth?
  • How could the moon landing have happened when working with such an incorrect model?
  • Other clues on Saturn and Jupiters moons.
  • What the EU model says about Saturns hexagonal polar storm.
  • Wal’s thoughts on a potential grand solar minimum.
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Greg, please please please check this out it’s on digital sigils used on tv and it’s insane


Sweet as usual


Very interesting guest – a scientific background which he uses to understand the world and all of existence and see how everything is connected. Science used to explain the existence of the soul and connect our current society with ancient civilisations. I was moved to tears – a very impressive but unassuming guest. It is rare these days to hear someone who is interested in how things work and connect – so many people are caught up in the dead end of celebrity and not fascinated by anything real or of value to the human spirit.

Thanks greg. Keep doing it.

greg berry


Patricia Aulicino

What a coincidence ;-)!!
I’ve been listenning his episodes on in alternance with your last interviews, Greg! And what’s my surprise when I saw this last interview!
Thank you very much

Eric Dean

That was awesome!!


In my opinion Wal Thornhill’s influence will one day be up there with Newton and Einstein. I tend to agree with the end of your wrap up, in that if there is a secret space program (and breakaway civilization), they were onto the electric universe from the beginning. You can’t have electro-gravitic space craft without the electric universe theories. And it follows that they have been busy keeping it hidden from the masses.


I agree that Wal Thornhill is a hero and a genius, and I appreciate what he and the EU camp are teaching, but I have another take on Einstein which is at odds. I think Einstein was a fraud and a shill, used by the elite to distract attention away from valuable science with his hair-brained theories of relativity. I like to say, “Einstein was the Neil deGrasse Tyson of his day”. He was bought and paid for by the controllers, and through him, physics science was retarded for a century, and remains so.

Regarding the moon landing, I wish Greg had mentioned the Van Allen Belt problem. I didn’t know about Thornhill’s involvement with NASA. I love listening to Thornhill. I’ll just try to ignore that discrepancy. 🙂


Greg, you are the best.


Also, Dear Mr Thornhill. As a Melbournian, I just wanted to thank you, deeply, and from the bottom of my heart. When a person suddenly realizes that every thing in their life that they were taught to believe was true wasn’t, it comes as a bit of a shock. I was very fortunate in that I heard you speak on this subject while having that experience, and everything made scenes, and I felt much better. I am so glad to hear you sounding well. Warm regards, Kellie


Hi Kellie, I used to live in Melbourne, it’s my favourite city. It’s hard to leave the cult but there are a lot of us and at least we have each other, even if it’s just knowing we are out there somewhere, trying to make sense of it aw and wondering and pondering and piecing together. Love from my wee corner of Scotland 🙂 Alexis


Gday halesofbay 🙂 Yes, there is awe and wonder in it all, isnt there. About five years ago I stumbled onto this idea that all of the most ancient peoples, and very large groups of peoples still today, worshipped Saturn. I just didnt understand why. Why this beautiful, but so remote planet? I was fortunate in that I have had a passion for history all of my life, and fully understood how the Romans and Greek felt about it, creating vast myths in the planets names. But why? Then I happen to come across Wal and David Talbott talking about Electric Universe, and heard Wal on this very show! (Greg is awsome, isnt he!) I could so clearly see how it all played out, a vast cosmic battle, with heliospheres crashing into plasma sheaths, giant explosions, meteorites flaming through space, and a ancient terrified humanity just dumbly looking up in bewilderment. And it all just clicked. Some deep question inside me was answered, and on the whole, I have felt alot better about life since then, if you understand. Melbourne isnt such a geat city at the moment, although the traffic is great! 😉 I have wanted to visit Scotland all my life, when I see images of those vast rolling moors my heart just sings. I love the tv show Shetland, omg the beauty of that place!!! Thank you for replying to my post Alexis, I do not know anyone else that has heard of, or understands this story, and as such I never get to speak about it. This has been very nice.

Matthew Smith

Thank you for having Wal Thorhnill on your program Greg! This is transformative, paradigm shifting information, and Mr. Thornhill is a clearly a voice of the ages. I tell everyone who will listen about electric universe theories and the Thunderbolts Project. Echoing other people’s sentiments, I just love the fact that it not only does away with the false dichotomy between science and spirituality, but really points to the fact that these are two sides of a great coin.

As an aside, I agree with you that there remain many unanswered questions about the moon landings other than the idea that it’s a large target and the some of the findings corraborated Velokovsky’s predictions. One man or even one movement can’t take on all the battles on all the fronts. As the paradigm shifts, we will reexamine a great many things with new eyes….

Gavin Page

Man.I struggle with the fact Mr Thornhill said we went to the moon.He said he had access to Melbourne Universities resourses at the time but he does not elaborate and you do not push him Greg.So I still do not feel like we are sorting things out and getting to the truth.For me I feel like you lost an opportunity to confront some all important topics.
They are still just Theories.
I need something to hang my hat on.
For how more fucking years do we have to listen to theories.
Give me one truth over a million stories
Maybe I am in a argumentative mood today,but I feel frustrated.

Drew Carter

I’ve been an electronics technician for almost 50 years! The hand wired memory ropes that NASA claims the Apollo shuttle – had in total less memory than a commodore 64! ( Integrated chips were only available in NAND format – no digital memory).

That NASA landed men on the moon, then took off with this computer is hilarious! Just one of the many anomalies that prove Apollo was performed in a studio!

Good question Greg, Bad answer!

Drew Carter

We have to cut Wal some slack here, he wouldn’t be able to attend any scientific conferences, if he was an Apollo Denier. Just because we don’t agree 100% with a scientist, doesn’t mean there is nothing of value. Thank God, we don’t all “believe” the same things.

Gavin Page

Yeah you,re right I have been a bit pissed off lately I kinda was surprised when I read my comments a few days later.l get so much benefit from listening to podcasts like these that to criticize them makes me wonder what the fuck was I thinking.
Peace Love and Anarchy

Jasper Beechwood

Another stellar show Greg! I love Wal Thornhill’s wisdom as much as his scientific discoveries. His answer to your question about whether certain things are being suppressed was spot on. He pointed to left brain thinking dominating everything and this really is the key to understanding the current human condition.
The function of left brain rational thinking is to solve problems. Unless it is fully integrated with right brain holistic perception, it will create problems to solve. As Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.
Left brain thinking dominates conspiracy theorists as much as evil elites. The thinking mind believes that the only way to peace and equality is through research and reason. It looks for things that it judges to be standing in the way of the place it thinks it wants to get to. Most people think like this and it perpetuates a closed loop in which the most heartless come out on top.
Greg, hope you continue to feature guests like Wal, Lon Milo DuQuette and George Wiseman, older people who have seen through the bullshit of the ‘real’ world and have much wisdom to share.

Drew Carter

Great show. We do indeed live in a Plasma universe.

The researchers at Flat Earth British, have done some amazing work to decode our plasmalogical cosmology!

In our research you will find the real world map and the true world model which we have been decoding for years and presenting to the world, this is the most advanced research and decodings the world has ever seen and decodes scriptures, realworld data, the Nazca Lines, Enoch, sacred geometry, geo/petro/hiero glyphs, colosseums, pyramids, Angels, Sun halo’s, lunar waves, quakes, volcanoes, luminaries, giants, titans, resets and many other subjects and topics including decoding Walter Russells work and the works of Santos Bonacci, the 400 year resets which are responsible for all the destruction, tsunamis and mudfloods etc in our history with much cross referencing with realworld data, history, holy books and prophecies.

Drew Carter

Greg, addressing your Sinus issues: I have the worst sinus’s in the world, my nose runs like a faucet .. making many tasks messy.

I just came across Buteyko Breathing, recently, – This method has made the most positive changes to my sinus’s yet.

Long story, but with my aquacure – I breathe the brown’s gas, all night long – but I tape my mouth up, only 2 days with that so far.

But the breathing does allow me to control my sinues.

Drew Carter

The specific Buteyko breathing method for sinus clearing:

Michelle Muller

Hi Greg have you tried luke warm water and a sml amount of salt dissolved. Sniffed up through the nostrils one at a time, the water comes out your mouth and you spit it out. The first time you do it it feels like you are going to drown but once you get used to it it’s heaven for the sinus. You just have to be careful not to do it too often or increase the salt content or you will burn the lining of your passageways as I once did and that is very painful. Once or twice a day I think is ok. You can google it.

Michelle Muller

Great interview, thanks. The electric universe makes so much sense to me ,I first heard about it on your show about 5 years ago then did some research, great to hear more.


LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Will listen a bunch more times.

Abdul Ahmad

1st Law of Thermodynamics does not say that you cannot magically create or destroy ‘Matter’… it states that ‘Energy’ cannot be created or destroyed (if I remember correctly… although the history of definitions does tend to change… like ‘herd immunity’). In effect, anything that appears as energy in ‘some defined form’ (as in not just a vague potential, called ‘Energy’), would be excluded.

My own observation confirms that material ‘things’ can be created and destroyed – even the memory of such ‘things’. ‘Things’ and constructs come and go. But energy is not some ‘thing’ I can tie down… not even with a word. Energy is always-already present… a kind of infinite truth that includes everything (even opposites cancelling out to a void). But that same ‘truth’ can appear to be ‘applied’ to any one ‘thing’ or ‘construct’ to produce the effect of elevating a ‘thing’ above its opposite characteristics.

Although I do agree that Electricity and Gravity are effectively layers of the same ‘Energy’, one of the issues I’ve always had with the electric universe description is the dependence on particles to produce a dielectric medium for radiation (waves) to propagate in. Empty space may not be a vacuum… but I doubt radiation is dependent on particles. I tend to see it the other way around…

Ice is the same as Rock with a different melting point, and both come from Fire… and Fire is just an illusion of imbalance in a Perfect Equilibrium of Void… where everything is Done… because it Always-Already ‘is’… a kind of Absolute Instantaniety.

benjamin savage

This hasn’t loaded to overcast yet for me. Is there another podcast streamer I can use for plus?

Vincent Gumlich

I came here to say the same thing. It’s odd. Any way you can push it through, Greg?

Vincent Gumlich

Hey Ben, I deleted the podcast from Overcast, then added it again. It’s all updated now. Hope that helps!

Steven Sopaul Lal


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