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John Michael Greer | Druidry, Being Your Magical Best, & Dark Age America

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John Michael Greer is a widely read author and blogger whose work focuses on the overlaps between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society. He served twelve years as Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and currently heads the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn. He’s written over 50 books, with one of his most recent being, Dark Age America.

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-What’s coming and seeking techniques to avoid crisis. -A beginners plan to betterment & starter magic. -The Raspberry Jam Principle of black magic. -John Michael Greer’s unsung heroes of magical history. -Translating ancient grimoires, resurrecting magical texts, & how to get involved. -How to properly scale entities’ influence on our world.
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dreamtime jedi

I knew Mr. J.M.G. would turn up here sooner or later. I have been into his work for nearly 2 decades, and he had a large influence on my early magickal studies. Plus he lives near me, though I have yet to meet him in person.
Diving in now…

dreamtime jedi

Fantastic episode!
Alchemy, folk magic and a rich occult underbelly to the history of life in America, absolutely.
My grandmother was of German descent, and everyone in her town knew to call her first if they were cut badly, as she could stop the bleeding faster than a doctor, even over the phone. I will not reveal the method, which among other secrets have been passed to me, but I will tell you that is the same with many families of people I know in this area. Each family would have certain skills and secrets that were brought over from their homelands and handed down even to this day. I live not far from Amish country PA, where several lost books of magic are said to reside.
And I stand corrected, Mr. Greer did reside in western MD, I did not realize he had moved to Rhode Island.
As far as alchemy, I knew an interesting old guy who told me years ago about how Chinese immigrants had brought alchemical and metalurgical knowledge to the west and were able to amass small fortunes extracting gold which had gone unnoticed from many abandoned mines after the peak of the gold rush. Not sure of the process, but was said to involve mercury…
Lots of other secrets like that.
As for me, I try to improve the world by spreading magical thinking piggybacking on smiles and laughter througn entertainment. I dabble in many theatrical arts, but my main focus has always been stage magic combined with hypnosis and similar disciplines.
I find that a very real form of alchemy takes place when I am truly able to connect with an audience and make seemingly impossible moments happen.
You might say I put the magic in magick.
My goal is to write a manuscript of some sort relating to the crossover between performance magic and the conspiratorial/occult/military use of the conjurers secrets, including charlatans who pose as real magicians, and real magicians who pose as charlatans.
Indeed, writing takes great discipline, and I am only just beginning to muster such discipline, so kudos to John Michael Greer indeed for his literary accomplishments.


Dope!!!!!! Always so incredibly interesting learning about magic(k)


Follow-up is the best part here. Thanks Greg.


I’m glad you all got something out of this but for me he just seemed too glib and like he knew all the answers and too much of the view that we just leave the evil doers to do that and help ourselves to cope better with that. Also very insulting about the mass of people which I aways find strange from a magician who knows the power of magic and spells.


From someone who has always been interested and intrigued by magic, but never delved into this rich practice, what’s the most effective way to get started?

Good show Greg. As always.

Met Sam Tripoli in Plano, TX after one of his shows. It would be great for you all to do another round table conspiracy show down here in Texas! Maybe food for thought!


dreamtime jedi

Learning a method of divination, such as runes or tarot is a great way to break into the magickal universe.
I began with runes when I was very young. Learned to read and write with them, do divination layouts, kept a journal of results, and most importantly, played with them. You quickly learn to perceive multiple layers of information and symbolism, which will lead to an expanded consciousness in general.
Once you begin to poke and prod at “the other” in these simple ways, then knowledge will begin to unfold itself to you holographically as you become ready for each new bit.
Simple as that.
I would also learn a thing or two about psychic self defense if you plan to delve deeper.


Loved Greer’s points on getting back to the natural world and being a co-creator in that world. That creation seems to me to be of
a different sort than the digital binary realm that we are also creating now. Being in nature I stand in awe of the majesty of that creation.
We co-create when we pay attention and let ourselves just be in the picture, seeing the beauty of nature, and understanding that
that creation is part of us and we are one with it. I’m ever grateful for all the beings that work to weave this all together.


Ok, maybe most Masons are just wanting to do good things but this guy is obviously shilling the “Great Work”.
Pushing the notion that civilization is in an inevitable decline so we should all scrabble for what crumbs of our great birthright are left over from the “Empire” is perhaps pragmatic but mostly deeply disturbing and wrong.
We are beings of infinite creativity and potential and the only scarcity in the world is freedom and love.
We can have a limitless supply of those and all the material stuffs we need will follow but it will be a epic struggle of good over evil.
We are at the cusp of a Golden Age of peace and plenty.
We have to demand Truth.
There is real truth, not my truth or your truth, The Truth.
I did like his story about dropping his tv out the window tho.


Congratulations on the Raven interview!

That afterthought section got me so motivated thanks Greg, it’s good to hear you not so bummed about your hard work and optimistic instead!


Amazing work. Again, a thoughtful and well written closing summary’s by Gregg. Amazing questions to guest.




Yesssss, I’ve been waiting for this interview!!!!! Loved every minute of it.


Beautiful closing statement!
Thanks for all you do:)


So thousands of ritual abuse victims were all making it up. There is no evil witchcraft and Freemasons don’t have power. It’s all hate speech and blood libel! Nope, not buying it. This guy is fast-talking liar.


Small synchro story… last week I announced to someone out of the blue I was thinking about learning a new language- it was one of those statements you say then wonder what made you say it, as there was no pre thought process to that statement.

The next day I listen to THC and there Mr Greer is suggesting learning another language. So now i just need to choose which one 🙂
I loved this show- thanks!!


It was all going reasonably well until he announced he’s a Freemason. Made some good, if a little cocky, points but I find these people near impossible to trust. As far as I’m aware Bill Clinton is a Mason plus Trump too (hence the hand signs). I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water, as some good points are made, but as with all compartmentalised Masons I don’t think he’s there for anything apart from his own ladder climbing. I already have a strong connection to nature thanks, and my intuition told me to stop listening halfway though.


I liked what this guy had to say about magic. Wish he’d said a little more about the practical use of magic and how to apply it into our lives instead of the breathe and drink water’ stuff. It’s good to know, but I’m here for the magic man!
I definitely lost a bit of interest when he tried to say there has never been any dark magic ritual abuse anywhere ever – dude c’mon! The goddamn Bush family is dripping in that stuff.
So Satanists don’t exist? They’ve got a goddamn church! All that denial about the really evil & dark side of magic sounded WAAAY too mainstream thinking for my liking.
But I did like how Greg and he talked about how the Conspiracy Community needs to do less theorizing and take more positive meaningful action in our lives.
Definitely agree with that.


This episode is mega supreme with a burrito supreme in a Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

JMG = LEGEND. Mad respect to him, The Carlwood, and anyone who has ears to hear this.


This is easily your single most important interview.

Greg, I can not thank you and Mr. Greer enough.

I now have the piece I was missing.

Eternally grateful,


Justin Bracciale

I love his take on meditation and his presentation style. What a unique voice and personality! 

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