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Clyde Lewis is the legendary conspiratorial radio host of Ground Zero. He’s also just released a new book called Transhuman Substantiation: The Truth about AI and the Singularity.

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  1. Hey Greg any chance of getting Wes Germer of Sasquatch chronicles podcast on to talk about the Government coverup of the Sasquatch phenomenon. Even Les Stroud of survivorman has had encounters and has admitted the Government is engaged in a coverup.

    1. I’ll second that. Wes is also an excellent podcaster, and probably one of the most knowledgeable guys out there, regarding not only sasquatch, but the history, tribal knowledge, and all the extremely interesting anomalies that accompany this topic.
      It’s way deeper than just a big monkey.

  2. The graphic for this show would make for a great tshirt.
    Got my drink and my smoke at hand, and ready to dive in.
    I reeealy need to go back and comment on some recent episodes. Life has been too crazy lately to give all of it the attention it deserves. Looking forward to this one!

    1. So right, I’d buy it.
      Back at this episode for a round 2, since sometimes it takes a couple listens for me to get it all.
      Drinking some fine coffee as is my norm, and smoking a little smoke, this one is called Nurse Jackie, as also is my norm.
      Cheers, friends

  3. Unfortunately he is incorrect about the family separation thing. Border patrol agents need to separate the kids for a period of time. Why? To determine if these kids are being trafficked across the border against their will. But otherwise. If it can be asserted they are parents of the children or directly related. Yes they should absolutely be kept together. The sheer volume of trafficked kids being brought in for slavery and sex trafficking is staggering.

    1. His “truth” about the only way to thin the blood is the drug “Eloquis” is just flat ignorant of natural foods, herbs and minerals. but popping a pill supported by the doctor IS easier than doing all the research and then implementing them. He talks like we had no solutions till we received Eloquis from the med-gods of knowledge.

  4. Have you heard of Ken Wheeler? Hes the magnetism, ancient Greek, nature of light and metaphysics guy. Hes gaining popularity and his you tube is incredibly interesting. Have you heard of him or thought of bringing him on the show?

  5. If possible, would really love a show on Astrotheology, origins of religion, Vatican corruption, ect. Jordan Maxwell would be perfect. I know a lot of us cut our teeth on him years ago but THC is one of the only shows to never interview him, and he is sort of a godfather of the genre. Please think about it. Thanks!

    1. Lumen, dig deeper into Maxwell, hes partied with George Lucas and other disney-ites, and always leaves a self defeating message at the end of his speeches, hes old school disinformation ala Jones, chomsky, maddow, etc… do your own research of course, but I wouldn’t goto sleep listening to a Maxwell speech. Research NLP/Derren Brown

      1. I’m aware of the stories surrounding Maxwell, he openly admits to having dinner with Lucas at Disneyland. Although at times he can sound like a broken record, I do learn something from him every couple years. I agree he can be a bit negative without giving hope. And Derren Brown is amazing.
        The topics of Astrotheology and religious mythology seem appropriate for the holiday season. Jordan was the first person I thought of, plus I didn’t see him in the archives at the time. Any suggestions on people to look into regarding Astrotheology? Thanks for the input, it’s appreciated.

  6. Maybe all the glitches are said due to the fact the things you quoted don’t exist! It’s amazing how you talk about space as if you have been and the ppl involved in space are such trust worthy ppl. Hey Greg did you ever find out why the Statue of Liberty can be seen when it should be clearly hidden by the curvature of the globe earth using spherical trigonometry! or why ships can be brought back into view via a p900 camera! If you can solve these two Problems either from your knowledge or one of your pro globe guests! All this space talk is conjecture no one knows what the hell is out there as no one has left the earth! The moon landing is 101 of of conspiracy awakening if you believe the moon landing after all the bullshit off nasa and the freemasonic/Jesuit interest in this black op people funded institution! Then you aren’t awake to anything and just love being spoon fed fairytales and are still on the Star Trek trip and need to chill on the old hallucinagins

    1. I just posted something similar Craig! Thanks for your post! We need a new term for when woke af people wake more the fuck up…

      Woke agains? Rewokers? Woke stars?

  7. Clyde Lewis is one of my favorite guess hopefully you can get him back before 3 years is out.. A plethora of information everything from the Sunspot to werewolves and vampires and super wonderful.. Thank you for all your wonderful questions and also for allowing him to speak on all of the different topics.. Have a beautiful day ❤️

  8. Love the talk and ideas. Y’all lost me talking about space though. We cannot trust space agencies it’s that simple. Regardless, interesting show. Seems like this guy understands what awakening is, yet he still puts stock in modern medicine and modern “space science”. The truth is he is ignorant regarding both. Still, I agree that sugar is the primary cause of many ailments.

    1. Agreed! Theres a lot of proof people have gone 100ish miles up and dug 8 miles down… nothing else.

      What now?

      Every episode has to go through the space believer litmus test filter. Does guest question space or hasn’t looked into it or purposefully or just mocking the concept?

      What’s gonna happen when they see all that new infrared game over footage? Or shoot some of their own…

  9. Just a technical note: when you post a comment on this forum the site reverts back to the beginning of the podcast. Would be nice if we could post without interrupting the show. No worries. I assume if there was a solution Greg would have found it already.

  10. Your closing notes on this show were genius, Greg. Very relatable. I agree with your thoughts on the truth community. Awesome closing. For this I will go and buy a grinder. I’d rather support you than some shit from amazon. Plus a THC grinder sounds amazing ????

  11. Fellow THC’ers, what are your opinions of Corey Goode? Legit or fake opportunist? Just started watching the documentary they released “Above Majestic” and while this guy and other people on the documentary have really turned me off in the past for seeming a little too over the top, the documentary is pretty interesting so far.

    If enough people think Corey is legit, maybe we should get him on. I just seen him do interview on a less popular youtube channel than Greg’s.

  12. More f.e. bashing without understanding the argument. Clyde is either willfully presenting the weakest aspects of f.e. or hasn’t done the research. Get david Weiss or jeran campanella on again, come on, you keep making childish digs at flat earth every episode and you haven’t kept up with the discussion.
    Fe core lasers and the mind blowing infrared footage emerging are examples. F.e. started in 2015, and is only STARTING to reemerge as a concept.

    Look let me break it down. There is NO model. Flat earthers are not actually saying the earth is proven flat, what they ALL say in agreement is that a lack of curvature and a lack of motion is strong evidence that we’ve been lied to. Tied into the fact the moon landings are obviously hoaxes, we are left with a lot of doubts and are forced to fund our own experiments to determine where we really are. Think how crazy that is in and of itself. That the issue is even up for debate illustrates just how shoddy of a job NASA, esa, etc al have done to create a preponderance of evidence as to the nature of our existence. All flat earthers want is more evidence from new sources.

    I suggest we all relisten to Eisenhowers farewell address, specifically at the 9 minute 30 second mark when he warns of the “task forces of science” and in my view was speaking to this very discussion. 09:30:

    It is emerging through new, yet unfinished, research that the globe hoax is not nearly as old as we’ve been lead to believe and I hope this evidence will be presented to the community soon. Evolution, paleontology and the globe appear to have all started around the same time by the same old cast of characters. And they did it in the mid 1800s…

    We are told we can measure trillions of miles away shifts in light abberations using heliometers,, that we can measure subatomic particles colliding using accelerators, yet we cant measure a single inch of curvature, over a frozen lake, over salt plains, or over rivers and canals? They lost ALL the footage of the moon landings? ALL the blue prints? ALL the telemetry flight data?

    What do woke people do when they wake up for real?

    1. Clyde mocks the community saying it’s a bunch of arm chairm youtube watchers, when here people are travelling from all over the PLANEt to attend yer another international flat earth conference…

      Ironically starting 4days and 20 hours hours from this post 8)

    2. I was a skeptic of Flat Earth for a long time until i learned about the experiments done (e.g. laser) proving no curvature, along with the fact that you can see entire structures too far away to be seen if there were curvature. The media’s pathetic “mirage” explanation was the icing on the cake. That said, I actually think the earth could still be a ball AND flat inside, with a dome on top and round on the bottom.

  13. I couldn’t do much of this. I have had enough of humans, especially those who have been herded into shut down survival mode, being put down. I hear a lot on predictive programming, I’m thinking it’s creative, but either way insulting people, because they don’t listen too or subscribe to, a different view, is not helpful. That a speaker would do it at the start of an interview, immediately show the duality and create an us and them form of rap-pour, highlights exactly what needs healing among us.

    Much love

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