Chris Bennett | Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs And The Occult

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Folks, with a name like The Higherside Chats, it’s pretty obvious that the glorious Green Goddess that is sweet lady Cannabis is always ever-so-subtly present in this shows DNA. Because in a backwards age of prohibition, to form a personal relationship with the herb is in-and-of-itself an act of rebellion, and a declaration of sovereignty over ones own consciousness -which is often times a dangerous thing to do. And it’s endlessly frustrating that there is such a long and violent history of death and imprisonment affecting untold numbers of people over centuries, in the Empire’s persistent quest to control all aspects of the human experience. Anyone with the eyes to see, can clearly recognize it’s ability to facilitate creative and independent modes of consciousness – but across the board, it’s vast catalog of uses is so universally positive that one has to wonder if it really is one of the greatest gifts of the gods and enemy #1 of Empire’s of all ages.

It facilitated spiritual enlightenment in the age of centralized religious authority, provided a potency boost to the magical rituals of many sects and secret orders forced to hide in the shadows of history, inspired countless artists to create their masterworks, and in more recent times, coincidentally threatens the pocketbook in all three major areas of control and wealth building that the American Elite are built on: fuel, medicine and textile applications.

So we’re left with an inefficient, polluted, and hazardous world of oils, plastics, pharmaceutical chemicals, incarceration, and forest destroying practices – all the result of systematically removing this one magical plant from the people. But the tide is thankfully turning as we twist the Empire’s arm, and today’s guest Chris Bennett knows this all too well, as he’s been researching the historic role of Cannabis in the spiritual life of humanity for more than a quarter century.

He’s written about this in several books with titles like: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuanna in Magic & Relgion – Sex, Drugs, and Violence in the Bible – Cannabis and the Soma Solution -and most recently, a huge 700+ page masterwork entitled Liber 420: Canniabis, Magical Herbs, and the Occult

An impressive and prolific cannabis chronicler, bonafide marijuana mage of the modern age, and Fellow Dancer with the Devils Weed: Chris Bennett

PLUS Content

-Cannabis & Time. -Cannabis, The Crucifixion, & Death/Rebirth Rituals. -The Holy Grail being a cup that held a sacred psychedelic brew. -Entheogens in the Age of Suppression. -Saturn, Scythes, & Cannabis. -The Voynich Manuscript.

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  1. I’ve been smoking 15 years. I’ve been growing about 5. I’ve been so caught up in the medical, and financial (exoteric I see now) aspects of this glorious plant, that its spiritual and esoteric nature stayed in its shadows. I feel humbled by this enlightening episode. I’ve dedicated my life to this plant while remaining largely ignorant to what makes it so special.
    “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” I’ve heard. I figured out recently, this is the age of deception, and we’re ignorant on purpose. This special plant’s suppression has played an important part of that agenda in my opinion. I’ve always felt something special about burning a doobie in the moon light. I think smoking a joint enhances everything tho, lol. I gotta read this book now. Thanks Carlwood for yet another dew drop of knowledge.

  2. Ew. I swear what I’m about to tel you is true. Just yesterday i watched an ancient history documentary featuring rites and practices. I learned thst the famous SOMA was indeed~~ menstral blood! Its supposed to have magical and healung propeties, among many ther things. I kinda stopped paying attention because i was in shock Well, I can promise ya’ll one thing for sure – I aint findin out! This brings to mind the newest form of feminine hygene product~~~- the CUP!! Do you think…..?

  3. Already posted this on the forum but, here it is again:
    Completely down with all the spiritual aspects of this ancient shamanic herb and appreciate the enthusiastic passion here of our guest. Truly.
    Fun synco for me happened with this episode- I’m currently visiting family and got bored/stoned last night and retired to my room where there was a mirror- I thought heck, let’s prop this this up and stare it from the side in the near dark.
    Shadows move in mirrors- found that one out. So, it was a tickle to hear ya’ll on that topic when I listened this morning.

    BUTTT…. I have something else to bring to the table and excuse me because it’s slightly off the guests chosen topics.
    Every time that Cannabis has been mentioned on the show I just have to sigh. This topic is so close to my heart and life that it is hard for me to get into the conversation when it’s not in-person because I need eye contact to really get this message through. However, I’ve been waiting for a while to say that something is seriously missing every time Cannabis comes through in the show, so here go.

    What has been glossed over is the perspective of those people that are being slowly pushed out of the very thing they helped to create and sustain. The community that I ‘came up’ in is now an industry, complete with taxation and regulation that differs-of course- from county to county. So now, the very fucks that were arresting you and taking hatchets to your babies are now there with clipboards telling you how tall they are allowed to be and how much space they are allowed to grow in. Writing legislature that changes constantly to maximize penalties and fines, are the suits that have never put their two hands in soil- these bastards have no idea about what it is to grow.

    It’s understandable that many people are stoked on the idea that you are now allowed legally to use Cannabis. Nobody wants to get arrested for what we know is innocent and good- God given. But if you’ve been waiting for it to be legal- you are a tool. For me, I never needed that legalization to not only get healthily high but to forge forward into the business. Where else can a broke, homeless 25 year old (with a heart of gold) go from lowly trimmer- to trim scene manager- to hired grower- to land owner- then to multiple farm production manager/owner? I’m 32 now. All I knew before I started was that I’d rather be in the gutter staring at the stars than to fund the fuckery that goes on in our government. Without paying a cent to those baby killing mother fuckers, I was able to help myself and countless other hardworking, bright-eyed vegas to make some serious cash for their next destination. And I feel good about that. Wouldn’t say I’ve ‘made it’ but I am more comfortable than I could have dreamt at 25.

    The last standing American Dream is nearly over now. I’m not going to say it was perfect by any means- the runaways, the black helicopters, chasing off randos with shot guns, etc…. but it was an opportunity for like-minded folk to be out of the system whilst still making some decent money and respect. Now its next to impossible to branch the way I was able (and I was late in the game) because legalization=regulation. Those bitches in big business saw the money they were missing out on and came up with the plan to get in. The tension from the federal government is a show because they want the public to think that we ‘finally got a win’. But its not, and they will eventually use it as a weapon. It bums my heart hella to imagine the direction corporate interests will take the CannaBiz- just look what they have done so far…
    Dispensaries. Really? Quick rant mmmk. Has anyone been into those uncomfortable little prisons? The doors are locked behind you, someone has to actually press a button to let you in or out. That is just first up, next we’ve got all these pubescent cunts behind the counter with the NorCal hipster fuck attitude that thinks they know some shit cause they read it on the internet and been a ‘bud tender’ for 20 minutes. I’m at a loss here. How can any patient that actually needs medicine deal with this shit? I can understand how the dispensary works for the craft beer types (I can be one too) but for any patient that truly needs the relief of the chief- its just cruel. They’ve got new rules on the potency of edibles- if you’ve ever made any yourself, you’d realize how much you’re getting FUCKED on the price. Speaking of price- the dispensaries that haven’t yet bought their own grow spots (because they are waiting for the regulatory dust to settle) buy pounds now (of outdoor) from 3-7 hundred dollars (at least in norcal) but STILL charge the common consumer the same price or even more. These middle men are (at lowest) selling for 5-10 bucks a gram. You do the math. And then the packaging- my god. Don’t want to start on that- such a ridiculous amount of unnecessary waste. Whatever happened to dropping by your neighborhood dude after work to grab a eighth for the weekend (or night) and being surprised with the strain you’ve never heard of? Well, that shit is over my friends. And hey, I like variety too but why can’t we have Cannabis farmer markets and local grower exchanges?

    Sadly, ‘they’ have made it they capitalistic interest to fuck all the small farmers- heck even those that think they are ‘big time’ growers. For example- Calaveras county. Those bastards in local gov. acted as if they were going to allow complete roll out for commercial growers. I had a few friends go out there and pour every last dime into blank land, building infrastructure and supporting all the local businesses that benefit from the influx of efforts. The county issued licenses and other fees- the people I knew were happy to pay them at the time. Then there was a random campaign funded by god knows who but driven by ‘concerned citizens’ and they passed a ban that made all these growers that were trying to be legit in the biz unable to grow in those spots any longer– oh wait, you can have 6 plants- excuse me. The kicker is that CC is still expecting that all those people finish out the payments on the licensing fees. Can you even believe the audacity? I want to spit.
    But instead, I’ll just breath deep and be thankful that I was able to do what I was able to before the man came and held out his hand in demand.

    Thanks for another great show. My frustration isn’t aimed at the guest, he was wonderful.

    1. Fantastic and necessary rant! Great though to hear of your success before it was too late. I’ve been trying to tell family and friends this for years, but every time now one more state goes ‘legal’ they are all so excited their once dangerous preference is out in the open and easily available with the stigma of its use evolving. Far more level-headed stoners should have seen this coming and stopped promoting ‘medical’ measures in the first place, what did they think would happen, seriously? When has any industry ever been successful that was not then either destroyed or dominated by the mafias/cabals? I expect we will see a similar sort of usurping with all the homesteading/locavore/small farming that’s getting popular now–they will allow us to develop the land, make it productive, find our niche with the consumers, and then sweep another generation back into the Scarcities as they ’eminent domain’ our naive asses. And round and round it goes.

  4. I’m not even a pot smoker (the smoke gives me asthma), but honestly, I’ve been really depressed and stressed over the constant fires and smoke in California, the general state of the world, and my first thought when seeing the description of this episode was “thank god, a cheerful subject!” Ha. Thank you, discussions on psychedelics and religion and history are such a relief sometimes!

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