Lori Handrahan | The Pedophile Epidemic, Supply Pipelines, & Child Abusers In Power

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Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Alright Higherside Chatters it’s no surprise to us here, that beneath the surface of societies hustle and bustle, exists many worlds which never quiet bubble up to the surface.

-Secret backdoor meetings to consolidate power and wealth.

-Organized attempts to coordinate events we’re meant to assume are organic.

-and culture shaping cabals that put us right where they want us.

But of all the nefarious activities going on just outside of our view, none are darker that the very real trafficking of children and the underground culture of pedophilia.

And yes, many of us know this exists, but I’m sure few truly understand the depth and scope of the problem, like today’s guest Lori Handrahan.

Of course it’s difficult to nail the numbers down entirely, because there has been – suspiciously, very little data collection on the issue- but what can be compiled, Lori has included in her very detailed and quiet depressing book: Epidemic: America’s Trade In Child Rape.

Lori has been trying to help people for a long time, spending more than 20 years in international humanitarian and human rights work for the United Nations. She also received her PHD from the London School of Economics.

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The Double Life of Ben Levin: His depraved online world, and the sting that brought him down:


Running List of US Government Workers Charged/Convicted/Confessed to Sex Crimes Against Children:

To Catch Government Workers With Ties to Child Porn, Call the IRS:

UN whistleblower resigns over French peacekeeper ‘child abuse’:

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  1. So true that these sickos rely on people remaining silent on this issue. They know that the average person probably can’t accept the fact that horrendous things are happening in their own community. Even if they get caught, the majority will only get a slap on the wrist or some jail time at most.
    Once we string a few of these fuckers up in the streets for all to see, or start branding their foreheads with a big letter P, then they might start to rethink their choices.
    Greg, you touched briefly on the satanic abuse aspect, and have done shows on this in the past such as the Jay Dyer episode, and you had better believe that this plays a huge role in the overall scheme.
    Dark occultists torturing, raping and murdering children is nothing new, and is absolutely as prevalent as ever. Harvesting the adrenaline-infused blood of torture victims for consumption, extracting the bone marrow from aborted fetuses for longevity drugs, and siphoning the fear and trauma energies as offerings to parasitic archonic entities are all too common practices.
    One other thing I will also say is that we need to hold internet companies like google accountable for the content they host. Multiple people warned me about google image searches turning up dark content like child porn, even when the search had nothing to do with porn or anything related. I was skeptical until I saw it with my own eyes. I refuse to use google image searches anymore because of how easily they could put that content in front of someone and then potentially come after that person for “viewing” it.
    Crazy times we are living in for sure, and getting worse by the day.
    Blessed are the spreaders of truth and awareness.
    Keep fighting the good fight Greg, and don’t hesitate to inform us if anyone ever begins seriously fucking with you over spreading truth.
    We got your back.

  2. Great show but so depressing. My son was taken at age five by his drug dealer father, who was protected by cops and courts because he is a informant. Listening to this just brought this all back. Darn. Maybe humans should go extinct.

  3. Blessings Lori, thank you Greg.
    I find myself wondering what exactly would change if policy changed?
    The children broken through these processes either die, or go on to create other broken people. After two bankruptcies and loss of health and family, this is not an area I will overtly enter again. Even after the children were too old to be threatened with removal, the targeting is staggering.
    I will sigil for you both.
    Much love and gratitude.

  4. Dark and disturbing? Yes, but necessary info. The guest did an outstanding job of pointing out that wherever, anywhere, everywhere there are children…there will be pedophiles. A pedo is a predator, and they will hunt where prey is prevalent.
    Good job!

  5. I survived a predator and met so many others while I was in recovery. Everything she shares… and worse, happens every day. This is the core evil we need to eradicate. I can’t express how healing it is to know that people are finally paying attention, not denying and working to free children.

  6. Excellent interview Greg, this is a subject too few people want to discuss.

    What Lori has been through and how she has coped is in itself a truly amazing story. Lori was forced into exposing these animals by the most horrific events in her personal life. Like everyone else who has gone up against the elite pedophiles, she has been subjected to a massive smear campaign and so much more. I highly recommend going to her medium page and read ”Maine’s HHS Child Protection Staff are Trafficking Children” Aug 25, 2017.

    Speak the truth and they will destroy you.

  7. As disturbing as the topic is, well done for covering it. This was one of the soberest accounts I have had the misfortune to listen to. Since Ted Gunderson’s lectures, I no longer had any doubts how prolific child abuse is. Thank you Lori for your research.

  8. Hey Higherside Chatters,

    Here is my review of her interview on Guns and Butter (KPFA Bay Area) fused with a book review I did as well. This review is long, but please read it before you make any sort of decisions. Even more important than my review is one of the links listed below of an individual that followed the case closely. I may comment on this specific interview down the road when I get a chance. In any case, cheers!

    If this books is able to garner more press it is going to create some major divisions. I want to give this book 5 stars for having the courage to come and say what needs to be said. The recent interview on Guns and Butter brought some more light to the subject matter researched in this book. But part of me questions the source material and honesty of the author based on her own alleged history of mental illness, which is very specific to the subject matter of this book. This part of me suspects some of the material is fabricated and untrustworthy. Is this book merely a giant revenge fantasy cooked up to get back at the perpetrators who she believes wrongfully took away her child? Did a giant conspiracy worse than Rosemary’s Baby take her child, or she is she a knowing (or less likely, delusional), manipulative sociopath? This motive is important to ascertain. But make no mistake, one of the two is probably true.

    This does not mean that I don’t think pedophilia is rampant in our culture. I do. Heck, I am very open-minded to Pizzagate, the Franklin coverup, and all kinds of trafficking scandals of the Western world. I think child trafficking is a giant open source and open secret in this country. That said, something didn’t sit right with me (call it intuition) with this book, and I did some research on this author. The results of that research are lower down in the review.

    Here are some of the claims the author makes in the book and on her recent interview on Guns and Butter (KPFA in the Bay area). These claims (and many others not mentioned) need to be fact-checked thoroughly:

    * There is an epidemic of child rape in this country – largely by men in positions of power. And this seems to be increasing in number. Some consider it the fastest growing crime in this country, though this data is very hard to track and/or not kept for unknown reasons.

    * Child rape often occurs after acts of torture, and men get off on the torture and release that arousal with the rape. It is the harm they are often attracted to.

    * Child snuff networks do exist, do include death, and are much more common that we think

    * Many child rapists are part of supply lines in which they will often have raped perhaps hundreds of kids before being stopped (that is IF they are ever stopped and/or caught).

    * Child orphanages and adoption agencies (all over the world) are often part of the child rape supply line. This has been an open secret for a long time. Also, many pedophiles will build careers around working with children (a high percentage of those arrested for child rape happen to be those who work with “disabled” children, and ditto doctors that specialize in children). Child protection agencies (and officers) are also a large part of the supply line. This includes foster care.

    * It is fathers, often with access to their children, that are most often the leaders of child pornography rings. This usually involves very small children.

    * Most child pornographers never get charged with hands-on child rape, though most are guilty of such. A large percentage of child pornographers need to show such rape to get into the child pornography network (to weed out investigators and cops). Many networks simply ask for access to your child pornography collection to weed out cops.

    * Child transport rings may soon take over guns and drugs in the international market and children are considered renewable resources because they can be sold over and over and over again and are considered easier to transport. And they are considered highly profitable because children are sold in person and on livestream. Some of them end in murder and organs are then sold on the black market.

    * The United States produces and distributes half of the world’s child pornography and half of the servers are also in this country. No US journalists have reported on this. We also know where these servers are at and nothing is being done.

    * Pre-verbal babies/kids are considered perfect victims because they cannot testify in court

    * There is a concerted effort to say child rapists are not criminals, and the act is not a crime, but the action of “vulnerable disabled people” that should receive civil rights protection under the Americans with disabilities act, along with a lot of other jargon (New York Times has printed a couple such articles) that is part of a strategy to create laws that attempt to frame pedophiles, and not our children, as the victims.

    * The amount of child pornography on government computers is staggering according to the Pentagon’s defense security director. This got little media attention.

    * Whew! She talks about a way forward. Improved investigations and prosecutions and more money dedicated to this subject. Better media coverage with the criminal reports being made public.

    So, once again, her source material needs to be checked by experts. With the recent Nassar case, “Pizzagate”, the blacklisting of the documentary An Open Secret, the Kevin Spacey revelations, etc, on the radar of some individuals, I think it is time pedophilia and child sex trafficking be broken wide open. But this may not be the book to this. And if it does break open very soon, this may not be the book we want in the limelight. Here is the link I suggest everyone take a look at before writing a rebuttal of my review. It is damning. It is possible it could be a smear or perhaps the truth is a bit more muddled, but this is worth looking at. Either “they” are out to get her in order to stop her from taking down the pedophilia racket or this woman may have some mental health issues that are helping to drive the material of this book. Here is the link:

    This link essentially shows a long extended mental breakdown of the author as she tries to pin her husband as a child-raping and child-selling father. The evidence available does not seem to indicate this. If anything, it seems to indicate that the author is a highly unstable narcissist and sociopath (she was diagnosed as a narcissist, according to the link — not saying I agree with that assessment). Is it possible that both her material could be true and she is an unstable sociopath? I suppose, but I doubt it.

    So unless you have looked at the above link, please do not comment on this review. If I find a conspiracy is working against her, and I find her source material and interpretations to be genuine, I will gladly change my tune. So, experts and researchers: does anyone want to help take a look at this book and the various links and sources she provides, along with looking into the link listed above that goes into her case?

    1. Wow that’s one hell of a detailed and extremely troubled history that she has.
      Anyone who takes the time to go through it can see that she seems totally unhinged and unstable.

      Thanks for that.

      1. ”Unhinged and unstable” are those that publicly slander someone without doing their homework. Biffman, i’ve spent many hours going over the info josh posted and i’m wondering what did you find that convinced you she’s unhinged and making this all up?

        joshhinnenkamp made the following comment ”So, experts and researchers: does anyone want to help take a look at this book and the various links and sources she provides, along with looking into the link listed above that goes into her case?” I’m waiting to be contacted as i’m more than keen on going over this case, i just hope josh is true to his word.

    2. joshhinnenkamp, I will keep this as respectful as i can due to me finding your comments insulting and your ignorance of Lori and her case disgusting. To slander someone in the manner you have and then make the following comment ”If I find a conspiracy is working against her, and I find her source material and interpretations to be genuine, I will gladly change my tune” this really concerns me. Surely you have thoroughly looked into her side of the story and her claims?

      Who is this blogger that’s convinced you into believing Lori is a manipulative sociopath, delusional mental case and her book is merely a giant revenge fantasy full of fabricated material, untrustworthy and merely a giant revenge fantasy? I have spent more than a few hours looking into this ”radical sapphoq” and still haven’t a name. I have read most posts from her blogs and even looked into every site that’s recommended by sapphog, nothing.

      You made the following statement ”So unless you have looked at the above link, please do not comment on this review”. I have done all that you requested and a hell of a lot more, all i need from you is a name for this blogger ”sapphog” and i can all but finish the homework you set.

  9. And when I didn’t think it could go darker, she explained that little cancer patients are abused because they are terminal anyways. I really don’t know how more fucked up this can get.

  10. And this will be my last comment, unless requested. I don’t wish to hog up the comments. But honestly, after further reviewing the evidence again, I truly think we all have been been duped by this lady. I think everything from her background, her work history, her relationship to her husband and child (I think it was allegedly HER that was the abuser), her seemingly shoddy sourcing, and her possible motive for revenge based on a potential mental illness (which I think is pretty clear cut, but I am not an expert), all indicate that this is NOT the expert those of us having been looking for involving pedophilia. I don’t think she is a deep state plant or anything (it seems she was clearly the victim of something, though maybe something unrelated to the subject matter at hand), simply an individual who may need some help. If those of us concerned people start citing her book and interviews as proof of a large scale cover-up, I think we are not only shooting ourselves in the foot, but also giving others an excuse to label widespread trafficking and pedophilia among the elite as conspiracy. It seems to me that everyone who has ever worked with this woman (men and women) have all been quite relieved when she is ultimately fired or let go. It is also clear that her work history claims are suspect at times. The link I provided above is important as it shows her progression of alleged revenge and mental illness.

    This link also shows how this alleged conspiracy against her would have to involve hundreds of individuals working against her. While possible, it is not probable. All I ask is that individuals do not simply listen to this interview and react. We are getting just one side. All I ask is that people do further research on this lady, her background, her history of alleged mental illness, her reasons for a revenge motive (whether rational or irrational), the very shoddy sourcing on her claims (many claims are made that have no provable sources), the linking of outlandish claims based on others’ seemingly unrelated or unsubstantiated claims and proof, etc. I think this is a very dangerous person to align oneself to in any kind of movement. Once again, my attempt is not to belittle or normalize or ignore or scoff at pedophilia among any population, including the 1%. I just think this provocative book and this lady’s background leave us with many more serious questions and distractions rather than answers. Thanks for listening.

      1. Yes — that is one of the articles I looked at. It really is just one more wrench in the cogs of her story and makes it so much more unlikely her story holds truth. If she is unable (or cannot differentiate) truth from reality in her own life (allegedly), then we must be doubly careful with her claims and sources involving pedophilia, sources and claims that were turned into a book (and an interview on here and KPFA and other places).

        1. There was definitely some unfavorable material I read beforehand, but it was all related to her personal case/career. So before the interview, I did request that we only talk about the broader picture. In that regard, I think it’s important stuff. Not many potential guests are going to talk about this at the same level of depth. I understand being skeptical though.

          1. But Greg,
            I am unsure we can even trust her sourcing that she uses. Some of the claims she makes about pedophilia rings seems to quite explicitly (even if not stated openly) based on her own, quite possibly, imagined experience. That’s a huge effing problem. And it will only be used against all of us trying to raise awareness of this issue. In any case, you do wonderful work. I apologize if i jumped all over this interview. Whether you want to be or not, you are a mouth piece to a growing movement in this country. I just don’t want to see you and others get cut down for a guest like this. And you asked about left conspiracy individuals in an earlier interview, so I will send you a message with some thoughts.

            1. I think you have it backwards.

              She has more credibility about the people and crimes that don’t impact her directly,
              and if you think she’s wrong about well-connected mischief, your opinion is broken, but Jim’ll Fix It.

          2. Josh you are full of it and judging by your actions on here your word is worthless. I can guarantee you she’s telling the truth because unlike yourself i have done my own research and not relied on some random blogger doing it for me.

            I will thank you for challenging me into researching this case, it’s been a valuable lesson. What this lady has been through is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, what’s even more sickening is those that judge without taking the time learning the truth. Every accusation made by your mystery blogger is easily discredited, all the evidence shows Lori is telling the truth.

            ”I just don’t want to see you and others get cut down for a guest like this” That’s bs, why are you so determined to hide the truth?

            1. Choicebro,
              I am confused. Have you been waking up on the wrong side of the bed? I sense a lot of hostility from you. Did I do something to deserve this? I have attempted to be respectful at all times. If I have failed I truly deeply apologize. I also do not wish to slander/libel Lori either. I attempted to use the terms “allegedly” when possible, as I do admit that I do not know the truth for sure. But it doesn’t mean I can’t look at the facts we are given and the voices that have been heard and sort of “think out loud.” I have tried to do this fairly. I also don’t appreciate that you seem to think that I agreed to tackle this case all by myself. I asked for help. In fact I asked if people could help research. No one took me up on that so I left it alone and lent out my book copy. I stopped digging into the story. I am glad to see you have done some digging. Good for you. What are you concluding? Something different? Alright, let’s hear what you think since my version is so “disgusting” and that I am so “full of it.” And I promise you, I certainly do not wish to hide the truth. And if you think that is my agenda you are very much mistaken. I have even listed my first and last name. I have nothing to hide. If I have failed in seeking truth I apologize. But please, enough of the name calling and tell me what evidence you have found to both back her personal story and the contents of the book. Please share. I have been very transparent with my thoughts and opinions on the possibilities. Can you stop being a grouch be a little kinder?

          3. Just as a note of how effective a forum and comments section can be, based on some research shared by choicbro I think I may very well change my opinion on this matter. I wanted to publicly state that.
            This may very well be a coverup and conspiracy as large as Rosemary ‘s Baby
            I don’t know if any of the evidence is a smoking gun, but a giant stack of circumstantial and some anecdotal counter testimony seems to at least make her personal case much more believable.

    1. I’m not sure what you are trying to do here? Looks like you are trying to discredit this guest by linking to some random blogpost with some random person’s opinion. Dr. Handrahan sounds credible and knowledgeable and the things she is discussing are important and true and need to be discussed. AND, REGARDLESS OF her nasty divorce situation, it appears that Dr. Handrahan is talking about documented court cases, not making things up. So it Seems really odd to try to discredit one of the more legitimate guests on this show. You also seem to be discounting the very real possibility that she’s been character assassinated because she’s telling the truth. Maybe Consider that possibility and what your hit piece might be doing to a real truth seeker.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s amazing what you find when you are prepared to look. I’ve spent a lot of hours looking into josh and his mystery bloggers claims, I just hope ”joshhinnenkamp” is true to his word and contacts me so we can go over these accusations.

        1. Choicebro. I am contacting you true to “my word.” Now, can you stop being so reactionary and talk nice? Thanks. What do you have?

          Awakening13 — Okay. I am completely wrong. No red flags going on here. Be nice and I will come and play. If you act hostile to my opinion I won’t engage with you. Now based on your research and your fact checking what do you have?

  11. I also have red flags waving….I only went to Lori’s website and watched her in her role as UN consultant justifying regime change in Syria by accusing Assad of using vacuum bombs on his own people…

  12. As hard as it is to hear this, the only way to cast out the dark is to bring in the light. I pray for the safety of this woman. I pray for the safety and to release the children who are suffering.

  13. Her definitions are way too sensationalized — emailing a jiggling GIF to someone doesn’t make the two of you an “international” “organized” porn ring.

    I am only halfway through, so I wonder if the Rotherham jihad makes it into the conversation.

  14. I’m happy you had Lori on. She opens people’s eyes to the violence involved in pedophilia. Now we know when so-and-so was arrested for 1200 files of child pornography that there is a good possibility that there are violent images rather than just suggestive photos.
    This is an uncomfortable subject as most of us cannot imagine the motivation to harm a child and erroneously dismiss pedophilia as a small problem. Also, the more we remove the taboo of speaking about it, the more the stigma of shame is lifted from the victims and unto the perpetrators. Victims feel more empowered to speak.

  15. joshhinnenkamp I would like to apologise publicly for coming across hostile and share some of what i have already said to you.

    ”I would like to start by sincerely thanking you for sending me down what has turned out the most important rabbit hole after education i’ve been down. I was familiar with Lori’s story long before the THC interview and in all honesty my opinion was formed by a couple of friends close to Lori. Reading your comments hit a nerve, and for the first time in living memory someone’s opinion got to me. I strongly disagreed with what you wrote, but was unable to prove you wrong. So the past three weeks i’ve spent many hours going into every aspect of this case and believe it will have a lasting effect on me. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis based on the sensible approach you have taken, in your shoes i would have come to the exact same conclusion”.

    ”If I find a conspiracy is working against her, and I find her source material and interpretations to be genuine, I will gladly change my tune”.
    Very few are true to their word, you have proven to me. Looking forward to you finishing reading my research and changing ” I may very well change my opinion on this matter” to ”I have changed my opinion”.

  16. Just signed up two days ago, when I heard just 5 minutes of Charlotte Iserbyt! Now this episode. Wow! Why didn’t I do this sooner!? Amazing, revealing information Greg! Thank you!

  17. I got 15min into it. The mental images, i just can’t. I know it goes on. This is the one thing I’ll bury my head in the sand for still. I can’t face this issue because my solution is set pedos on fire high noon downtown. The world needs a Batman Punisher. I love “The Boondock Saints” way.

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