John Brandenburg | Nuclear Destruction, Ancient Civilizations, & Other Mars Mysteries

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With a PhD in plasma physics and an impressive resume behind him, John Brandenburg joins THC to take the conversation a step beyond water on the Martian surface, and presents the evidence he’s found for a global, nuclear destruction event in Mars’ past as well as ancient civilizations, strange structures, odd microbial life, and more.

Go deeper on John’s website and pick up his latest book “Death On Mars”:

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  1. Fun podcast. Great job on variety. I still hold the idea that nasa is feeding these poor scientist fiction for them to work with. Omg! U all see the released apolo fake photos? Garbage in=garbage out. Fear not, nukes & ICBs don’t exist. Prepare for financial collapse

    1. Then, tell me This:
      1. What are you Typing on? (A Touch Screen, perhaps?), do you know WHO made the , worked on them? I DO!
      2. What is it you think makes those ICBMs be able to “see in the dark, (i.e.: IR lens Coatings, and their Manufacture)? I DO!
      3. WHO were the Idiots, who–before going to work on some Aspect of the HARM Missile–subjected himself, his and his wife’s entire Family, Siblings, Parents, Uncles, Aunts and more…, to Invasive Background Checks, just for a Comfortable Lifestyle on Blooodstained Paychecks? I DO!

      These People are Are REAL, these Companies are Indeed Decades Ahead of what is Known by “Jo Blow,” and they’re the epitome of what could be called Evil.

      I’m Not Defending them! I’m just saying that, for a lot of “Nothing,” these Gvt Contractors DO Get the Best of the Best, right out of College, (especially Computer Science Graduating Seniors); there was Nothing…, NOTHING Else these poor bastards, coming out of a Grueliing 4-year Mind-Bending Course-Load, Could go to Work on… Every single one of the Companies Interviewing them were for different aspects of a single purpose: making war; terrorizing those, whom decades later, the devices, they participated in devising, are used against. All came to his Campus, to Pick the Cream of the Crop: HP, TI, Hercules, IBM, many others whose names I’ve thankfully forgotten… And these foolish Young Graduates, holing for a Good Life, didn’t realize (consciously, at least), what they were in fact helping build, were machines of Destruction, of Maiming, of Despair…

      You may believe these were all make-Believe. My 1st Husband however, a Computer Scientist, would beg to differ. Though we’ve been apart (Divorced) a long time, 28 yrs., I still remember his stories, complaints, and comments about what he was working on–which is Why I KNOW Who, What, When, Where, Why and How “TouchScreens” were Developed…in 1982-83…!
      To borrow Carl’s colorful and very apropos word: “Boom!”

  2. We need to discuss Lisa nowak. In jail she said she didn’t feel Iike she had gone to space. Her lawyer said she never wore a diaper & she took a plea deal

  3. Im really trying to keep an open mind but all the Flat Earth/Enclosed World& Crrow777 research has really soured me on EVERYTHING NASA related including anyone who takes ANYTHING NASA releases seriously. Brandenburg tells a great story but since NASA just made some comical announcement about water and perfectly coordinated it with the movie “The Martian” I have a GIGANTIC PROBLEM taking any news about Mars seriously right now. Ive had a complete paradigm shift in the last 8months about what is above us in the sky and even more so about the plane of existence we call Earth, I wont go as far to say Mars doesnt exist but I truly dont believe it is ANYTHING like we’ve been told. There definitely isnt some rover driving around up there and there is a better chance I wake up tomorrow with a trillion dollars in my bank account than NASA sending people there. They cant even get out of low earth orbit!

    1. one of the head AI programmers On the Sims games told me this great anecdote: an engineer friend of his worked at NASA for the Mars mission. One day in the main monitor room all of a sudden the rover stopped working because of all the dust that was on its solar panels. All of a sudden as his friend was watching the screen, a human hand comes into frame and wipes off the solar panels on the little rover. Panic ensues and the engineer runs out of monitor room. He gets told to not tell anyone and isn’t allowed back into monitor room. This was 20 years ago…. Was the rover on Mars with humans or on earth ?

  4. Bring back Eric dubay he is more believable with every new guest being presented. The idea of the van Allen belts were not brought up in this interview. And all of this space talk seems contrived and fictional , good for selling books and movies and pushing agenda initiatives..

  5. That was refreshing. People like this guest or Wendy Tremayne or that Bloom guy who talked about Ethanol are good guests. They bring some information that’s not totally conjecture and speculation. I like the high weirdness, too, but too much of anything gets tired.

  6. I love the show and each unique guest. Hard, though, for me to get excited about Mars when he talks about NASA and I can’t believe a fucking word they say.

  7. Great interview. Good subjects. I really enjoyed this show. At the end of it all you realize that there are so many different story lines and different speculative narratives that the real conspiracy is probably to confuse you so much, and scramble your brain to the point that, you cant discern fact from fiction and your internal reality compass spins in circles. I have had to learn to keep one foot firmly on the floor while my mind desperately darts in all directions struggling to make enough connections to weave a logical narrative that ties everything together.

    Hmm…. maybe.

    Im tired. Im going to bed.

    Good night.

    P.s. Keep up the great work Greg. Im proud of you. And thank you for being awesome.


  8. love the podcast, but got a feeling October’s going to be a long month though 😉

    This was in interesting show, but like a lot of the other comments, i feel like NASA is a complete lie and can’t really enjoy any space talk now i think it is a complete myth.
    You have had some really good guests on recently who have mentioned the links between MK Ultra and the alien agenda, and if you look into it, a lot of it is heavily funded by the Rockefeller’s also.
    Don’t you think that because most space “facts” we have these days originated in comics or other sorts of media goes against the idea they could be real?
    I’ll admit i’m not the smartest guy around, but could someone please tell me how they collect samples from the martian atmosphere? or any part of space actually?
    The best bit of this show was when Greg asked about the picture quality of space nowadays being so poor, but thought his answer was weak…

    Big up anyway, Love the show in general 🙂

  9. I just read this epic, long description from the latest Corey Good, David Wilcock saga where Good basically claims he went into the “honeycomb like structure of earth” and the whole discussion there with a bunch of Aliens was about the fact that most ET’s claim to be from outer space when most in fact come from the inner earth.

    It may seem a bit off topic from this discussion but as well as most of the commenters here I’m really struggling with what to think about ‘outer space’. I’m not a flat earther, but I do feel that it’s all a lot more wild and weird than we could ever imagine.

    I also don’t put a whole lot of faith into this Wilcock/Good blue avian stuff at all but I did find his inner earth post really interesting. Even if it is fictional it rang a bell of truth for me that the alien stuff is way more inner earth than outer space…
    Finding all this Mars and NASA stuff feels very outdated. Like “yes this happened and we’re almost ready to admit it, but that’s because it’s ancient old shit and will hopefully distract you all from what’s going on beneath your feet RIGHT NOW!.

  10. Stopped listening after 20 min. I agree what others wrote about NASA and people that base their studies and research on their bullshit, did not want to waste my time and suck his story up in my subconsciousness.
    I’m a 99.9% flat earther and don’t believe that there are other planets out there.

    From what i heard in 20 min, even Greg didn’t take him seriously 😀 .

  11. Loved this Show, Its Subject Matter, yet what I really want to say is to Comment on your Post-Show Monologue, about Saying “No” to Representation, by telling you my Story: Beginning in Mid-’89, I began a Decade’s-Worth of Putting as much Effort into my Music (then-mostly Electronic), as you put into THC; those who met me, loved my Music, but disliked that all I talked about was my Raisón d’être for making Music and Pursuing it so hard, (that IS all I did do). However, there was one thing in Particular that, as early as 1990, i’d already Decided I never wanted: “fame, and/or fortune,” or “celebrity” status. My only Aim was Advocacy for the Invisibly dis-Abled, a Group of which I’m a part of. The previous year, I’d met, and had Life-Changing Experiences, with another Composer/Synthesist, Who–contradicting himself, in his then-Role-Modeling and Mentoring me–did go on, and abandoning his Wonderfully Prog-Rock-Style Music, sold out to “fame, celebrity, mediocre music, and friendless fortune.” In 1993, he asked me “What was wrong? Caught off Guard, I gave him a White Lie, and that night, Dreamt the Response in the form of a Song, called “Wish You Knew.” (He never got to hear it!), By ’94, it was all over, he was even suing governments for the right to Pollute Sacred Sites (Taj Mahal); arriving at Restaurants in Yatchs, selling his Shows for PBS Pledge Drives, whilst driving a Rolls-Royce. NOT the Unassuming, extremely Talented Musician I’d met, at all. In ’91, I’d placed him on “Musical Probation,” only Giving up and Lifting it in 2001, when I simply KNEW his Music was Dead! BECAUSE OF WHAT I SAW HAPPEN TO HIS MUSIC, and HIS PERSONAL CHANGES, I made Sure Never to Say Yes to fame, celebritidom, fortune–and these did come knocking at my door/phone 3 times–very appealingly, w/ many Promises, but the Answer was always the same: “NO!” This doesn’t mean my Music is Mediocre or Poor–having began at 5, I’ve had 17 yrs of Classical Music Training, and beginning at age 11′ I also began Composing, succeeding 2 yrs later, at 13. My Point, Greg is that I Applaud You for having the Courage and Mettle to Not let those Money-Hungry Fame-Makers, take over you, your Life, even your Spirit. You’re a Musician, too, so I Know you Know what a Rush it IS the first time You Hear Your Music on the Radio–myself, it was Sept. ’94, at a Dutch Radio Station called SLOR-Cable and FM, in Ridderkerk (outside Amsterdaam). The Show’s Producer sent me Tapes of his Airings, and I Went Totally BONKERS, had to Sleep It Off a whole day. Shortly thereafter, other Requests came, I got an Agent, a Publicist…, then changing my Mind, Married a Rock Singer, and together we were the Musical Advocacy Duo Hearts Afire. I was even featured on a PBS News show, regarding an Art Galery Opening, and Its Artists. That was in ’96, Houston, TX, the Show, a locally Produced Daily News Show “WeekNight Edition” which covered the Machorro Gallery’s “Eye of the Beholder” Exhibit Grand Opening Night. There are some things, in One’s Professional Career that–depending on which way One wishes to go–One must say “No,” to being bighlighted in Succeeding Events. This was one if them. Again, Thank You, for Saying “No” to the Temptation of Celebrity–You wouldn’t be the Same, approachable Greg Carlwood we know and Love. You’ve Found Your NICHE! Stick with it! Should you ever waver, feel free to contact me; We’ll Chat! Break a Leg, and Namastè? 😉 C.

  12. I’m disappointed. How do we know who to trust? I was very intrigued by this interview, but am starting to feel I’m too gullible. Plus I’m honestly having a hard time letting go of what I learned in school. I’m an open minded guy, but I think I need more evidence to believe that we haven’t been to space at all (thinking of Crrow and others). Hard for me to see all of NASA’s efforts as fake. Doesn’t mean they aren’t lying. Anyway … fucking upsetting.

  13. I really like this man. He’s a happy camper. I like that. I kinda trust him more for it. His info is kickass! Thank you again Mr. Greg for another great mind meld. Wow.

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