Linda Moulton Howe | Embedded Beings, Self-Activating AI, Mutilations, & Other Aspects Of The ET Agenda

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One of the finest journalists on this island Earth joins THC to discuss the latest in her ongoing investigation into the ET agenda. We talk about a fairly new phenomenon that’s being reported where alien Greys seem to be hitching a ride inside unknowing human husks for the purpose of “learning.” Could this be one step closer to hybridization?

We also talk about Linda’s ย vast work on animal mutilations and her latest analysis that at times, we seem to be interacting with ย self-activating hardware/software who’s programmers might not even be in this galaxy.

Keep up to date on everything Linda’s doing and reporting on at her website:ย

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  1. I dont know why I still care about this but I cant get over how much Linda backed the Roswell slides and in particular Jaime Mussan. She is a great interview but if you go back and listen to Whitley Streiber’s Podcast where he interviews Linda a week or two after the May 5th Roswell SLide Hoax it will really show you delusional LMH can be on certain subjects. I know it is nit picking at this point but its still at the forefront of my mind….

    1. Right?

      Makes it hard to take her seriously. Don’t get me wrong I even paid the 20 dollars to watch the damn conference but going in you knew it was bullshit, more for entertainment value then anything.

  2. I also find it beyond hilarious that Whitley just HAPPENED to have the NEW MASSAGE THERAPIST ALIEN EXPERIENCE…….

    *Cough* *Cough* Bullshit! *Cough* *Cough*

      1. Um no, I explained EXACTLY what Linda described the Massage Therapists claimed and Whitley said happened to him also. Did you listen to the interview? Perhaps try listening before defending Linda and another one of her “EarthFiles stories….”

  3. Linda is quite a dramatic speaker, making a lot of assumptions. I realize she’s been doing this for a while, but my gut is pulling me away from this one. Thanks Greg, I wish she’d have let you ask her more questions! She just went on a 2 hour long rant by herself…..sigh….

  4. there is no space- no billions of anything , howe has been lead here… flat earth is the trump card. she needs go flat & clean up her act. remote viewing is shit. nasa is shit. i feel bad for her honestly.

  5. Greg, I absolutely love your show, your skilled and respectful interview style, your intros, your music, etc. You are truly the best host I have ever heard and I have worked in the industry. I would love to hear you interview more shade tree researchers, the people who are not famous, not connected, not insiders, but instead are super curious, passionate, smart, not yet famous and too obscure to be co-opted. I’m so bored by the big names and the academics. But I’ve been at this a long time, so perhaps I’m jaded. Thanks Greg.

  6. Linda in my opinion is just pure goobly gook.
    I dont know if she started out like this or eventually got co-opted, or if she even belives what she is saying.
    But what shes doing is verbal slight of hand, pointing people in directions that lead nowhere.
    If she actually is sincere and belives her own bs, she is the worst at making a diffrence ive ever seen.
    she has been into this field for way longer than most with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    Greg i think you rock man, and you are my favorite interviewer ๐Ÿ™‚

    But to me Linda is just a person that clings to this field for cheap fame (possibly money?)
    and i think you deserve better guests ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. I got the same feeling from her.

      I like hearing earnest seekers delving into the mysteries, no matter how weird or far fetched they are. Even the self-conscious trickster types are ok. But for whatever reason, this just gets a meh.

  7. Read Isaac Asimov’s ” Childhood’s End. Exactly what Linda is laying out. He is one of the agents meant to shove the predictive programming down our collective consciousness piehole. Give the ok to the alien/ asshole elected officials covert takeover.

  8. I have to admit, I’ve never been too impressed by her. This really did nothing to change my mind. She can go on and on and on about herself, her awards and her interviews….but I find little of actual substance. I love the show and I love your style Greg, but I agree with a few others here. I just found myself fast forwarding to see if I could find anything that held my interest, something I haven’t heard before, but it just wasn’t there. Marie D. Jones & Nick Redfern – now those episodes were right in my wheelhouse..I’d love more episode like that. But, still, overall THC is still one of my favorite podcasts – I anxiously await the next episode!

  9. I’ve been an LMT over twenty years and have never heard of any grey alien occurrence like what Linda is describing. I will ask my colleagues to see if they or anyone they know has had this kind of experience. I enjoy her reports however I’m beginning to wonder…

  10. Did she also explain how to summon the entity that will come and collect your sperm? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Just kidding. Love what you’re doing in overall meaning Greg keep it up! This interview not my thing.


  11. It makes sense that Whitley would hold back such information….? Probably just ran out of space on the pages of his books!
    Very encouraging that more people are seeing through the stories or wet dreams ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. This image illustrates why the human soul is different. 1. We bend time and have hundreds of incarnations at once. 2. To do that, our memories must be hidden. The aliens see our quick progress. They live for thousands of years and don’t change! They reincarnate linearly and don’t understand it’s our simultaneous lives that speed us up. That’s what all the abductions and experiments are about. They think it has something to do with a mutation in our DNA. It has mutated but WE did it to overcome their strict programing. The DNA changes didn’t cause the spiritual growth, it’s the other way around.

  13. You nailed it Greg, aliens are lying 100% when they use the “our DNA is deteriorating.” They play on our emotions like the humane society commercial, then experiment on us.

  14. First of all Greg, I love what you do and how you do it. But try not to be Star struck so much.

    Serial killers are always presented to us with three names, (John Wayne Gacy, et al), and combination locks have 3 numbers, because things presented in 3’s click in your memory. I get the feeling Linda Moulton Howe wants to be remembered. Its called marketing.

    Linda has been blessed with recurring appearances on THE MOST widely heard radio show in all the world. This could only happen with approval from the “Masters of the Universe”. Therefore the information she presents must be approved by them as well. Her appearance on THC means TMOTU have now taken notice of you Mr. Greg.

    Watch your back, Carlwood.

    Obviously she is a master storyteller with 73 yrs experience.

    Some earmarks of an accomplished bullshitter are.

    1) Way too many personal pronouns (I, me, my). Check

    2) Self promotion. They remind us of their accomplishments, degrees, awards, etc. Check

    3) They try to stimulate your emotions to get you involved in their story. Because emotions cloud judgement. (I was beaten by the Po Po for protesting Vietnam and stuff) Check

    4) Long pauses, for dramatic effect, between words or thoughts or after a question is asked. Usually indicating that there isn’t much substance to what they are about to say and need to stall to burn up interview time. Check

    5) They will often go on long rants and not give the interviewer a chance to get a word in edgeways, thereby avoiding having to address any questions that can’t be answered by their prepared script. Check

    These are the reasons why I no longer listen to George and have switched over to you. Personal pronouns are a dead giveaway. When you start to hear those, switch on your intuition and take notes.

    Love you man, Herban

  15. I started to get that listening to Grandpa Simpson feeling after the first hour. Greg, I’m glad you said you were having feedback issues at the end of the show as I did start to wonder why you weren’t jumping in. Great work as always.

  16. I really appreciated this interview. The people who find her too intense could perhaps ask themselves how they would make meaning from seeing first hand the mutilated animals. This is the first time I have heard her express her world view. I think people do not extend empathy to her. She is an extremely courageous woman for whom this subject is not just an academic exercise. Does she make it all TOO real for some people?

    1. Yes, I agree. I am particularly impressed that she does not only sit back and read others work, but gets off of her butt and talks to people. Also, she searches for and finds corroborating paperwork, whenever she can.

  17. She has a very irritating cadence. Every sentence sounds like its leading to the most important and amazing point of all time. Unfortunately every sentence is either another fantastical claim or a name drop of a previous Linda Moulton Howe product (stated in full , only thing missing was the RRP and where to buy said product from).

    The way she repeated SELF…ACTUALIZING..E.T…TECHNOLOGY was incredibly patronizing. Yo, its 2015 Linda, we have all heard about weird shit before – you’re not blowing our minds.

  18. Great episode, this episode rang clear for me . it brought a lot of angle to view. Also I did like the mention of Kent State. Kent State is very relevant today. The elite are coming for free speech and attack on Christmas.Great history lesson

  19. I thought time travel did not fit in with electric universe? also Harald Kautz Vella mentioned that Snowden must be schill as HE had never been offered protection when he was attacked! You have to believe an awful lot to believe her – not nice to dis all her work! but she’s like someone wound her up and set her off! Well done Greg for yer patience!

  20. because of the following and other instances i dont care to take the time to remember, i think of LMH as a story teller full of hot air, not a truth teller: fake roswell photos advocate, AGW believer and advocate, in bed with HBO, buddies with snorey and all the other clowns that participate in the ufo circuit/circus.

  21. Thanks you, Greg. I like Linda. In some of her interviews, we get to see her. After watching her several times (or more), I have seen no microexpressions of deception on her face. I see her animation when she begins to get metaphysical in the interview. IMHO, she is authentic.

  22. I really enjoyed this show. One of the things that I like about Linda is her sincerity and dedication to scientific research. I didn’t realize that animal mutilations was so… precise. I always figured that it was some natural phenomenon like decomposition, but that doesn’t really add up. I definitely want to hear more!

    Also, I’m not trying to ridicule the mantis apparition point, but I could only picture this as I listened:
    (let’s smile a little)

  23. I have been quoting that line about the man and the Mantis image being as old as the solar system. Since this one came out had to relisten just figured out it was Linda Moulton Howe

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