Jim Marrs | Population Control & How Corporate Owners Are KIlling Us

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The legendary Jim Marrs joins THC to talk about his new book Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us, which covers most of the major campaigns against the people. From aspartame to vaccines, it’s all here people!

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  1. Don’t know about this guy….he has some good material going back some time and general info but comes across as pretty clueless overall for someone that is supposed to be spending a lot of time reading and researching. Some of the shit he says is just wack, indicates a lack of understanding and some pretty basic knowledge, like talking about treating a virus with antibiotics…..I’m not going to lambast JM by giving example after example of this kind of thing, you get the idea, if this doesn’t indicate the most superficial reading and comprehension on these topics….. maybe he just mixes up info. Easy enough to do when you’re older and have spent so many years researching so many different things, lol trust me on that one kids, seems impossible but you’ll get there as you age.

    1. My dad was from west Texas and recently passed at 72, thoroughly politically programmed by Fox and Friends. During this episode I thought at least 7 times that I wished I could have got him and Marrs together to drink a couple of beers and shoot the shit. Marrs made a comment about how in pre-internet times all that it would take to convince the public that there is “Nothing to see here, move along” was to march ex-military men out on main stream media and say the same. That’s the same crap my dad was fed and bought into for the 50 years or so that he paid attention to and tried to wrestle with the political realities of his lifetime. I caught a couple of things too that perked my ears as off but I don’t hold it against the gentleman, he is putting in work. Alex Jones hurts my brain on many levels.

      I really enjoyed the back and forth between Carlwood and Jim, the juxtaposition of generations and social background, the mutual level of respect. Great show!

    2. I noticed that, too, especially the virus/antibiotic thing. I decided he probably had so much in his mind that he wanted to get out, and he misspoke. Maybe it was a bacteria in the gut instead of virus? I’d never heard of that, so I might do a little research into that myself.

    3. I used to love this guy. The last few years however l, I think controlled opposition/limited hang-out. Some truth among the misdirection, i.e, still “researching” things that others have fugured out.

    4. He was referring to a particular bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. He misspoke. Other than calling it a virus, the story is pretty accurate. For years a doctor was ignored who claimed infection was the cause of gastric ulcers. He ended up drinking the bacteria himself to prove it. I’m a physician and know the history well.

  2. Always like listening to Jim Marrs. This show was kind of a rehash of other shows he has done. I guess it goes with the territory when your trying to sell books, can’t just tell everything that’s in the book. What would he sell? As always, a good show, thanks Greg.

  3. This show was so awesome. Maybe my favorite one yet. Been really loving the shows lately & I would also love to have Crrow back on. Don’t know why, but I can’t get enough! (:

  4. I remember that missile launch off the west coast a few years back. I was on my lunch break and saw it from Carlsbad (next to Palomar airport) It flew straight up… but the news outlets portrayed the incident as being an optical illusion caused by a plane flying towards the horizon. This is treasonous and absolutely shameful reporting for intentionally trying to mislead the public. Great show though!

  5. I love it when u have a little chuckle during the most traumatic moments.. laughter is a release of anxiety and we all should be laughing like crazy people because of the situations at hand eh. Previous comments who state Jim Marrs is clueless are most likely thinking that people w/ southern accents are not educated.. incorrect sir..check his sources, he started out as a reporter (which we don’t have on mainstream media anymore) so perhaps you just don’t want to look at the facts, you just want the news to give you your opinions. Not me. Keep looking into it all Jim, we’re listening. Thanks for your shows.

  6. Hey man great show JM never disappoints he’s old school for sure ! I love that he dont give a shit what ppl say bout him:)
    Real quick off topic but maybe see what u think. Flat earth, have like a mass experiment. Get as many ppl world wide to realease the high altitude balloons w go pros at same time and see if u can get some line of sight or triangulation or something.idk 1luv God bless

  7. Greg i am scared you are going the hancock mars redfern… ancient alien road… i hope you are not being groomed by this sect within the alternative information spectrum… i just dont trust them… more crow and lesser known guests please… this is like pop music bubblegum conspiracy.

    1. Just so you know, Hancock is opposed to the ancient alien idea. I don’t really trust Stitchen myself. I do like to let people make the case for their position though and it’s a popular one. Nobody grooms me but my cats!

  8. Greg,
    You are the shit. I love your podcast. I spent two years in San Diego (as a Mormon missionary) it’s an amazing place. They are lucky to have you represent them. Just a heads up, another group that have you a shout out is called “the conspiracy guys” out of Ireland. Not as good as you but still damn good. Peace and love brotha, peace and love.

  9. I think he’s a diss info mofo! He’s a so called researcher, spouting the six million holoucaust number. That’s proven to be a lie.

    80% truth and 20% lie =100% bullshit.

    Love what your doing Greg but I fought myself to listen to him.

  10. Jim reveals his true colors. Black people are prosecuted for a higher per capita percentage of crimes because they tend to be poor, and white people are more likely to get off.
    Police pull over and search a high % of black people, even though white people are more likely to carry illicit stuff.
    It’s the same as the argument that crack is way worse than cocaine. It’s not. It’s the same thing, but the traditional higher penalty for crack vs. coke is racist/classist, rather than based on reality. Crack is used by poor people because it’s a larger, solid crystal, rather than coke powder, so it’s easier to carry.
    Thanks for another great show!

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