Joe D8_THC | The Holofractal Universe & The Unified Field Theory Of Nassim Haramein

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*The Joint Session has been moved to Monday, but have a real THC instead!

Today we talk to Joe AKA d8_thc about the Holofractographic Universe Theory of Nassim Haramein. As a fan of Nassim’s work, Joe started the /r/Holofractal community on Reddit, which has now grown to over 20k members and enthusiasts.


What is /r/holofractal?

Explain Holofractal Like I’m 5

Nassim Haramein: The Latest Discoveries On The Inner Workings Of Our Holographic Fractal Universe

The Resonance Academy

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-Films that make for good representations of Holofractal concepts. -Joe’s trip inside the Great Pyramid with the Resonance Science Foundation. -The importance of breath work, Wim Hof, and increasing your Godhead Density. -Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms -Nassim’s take on the Ark of the Covenant -Anti-gravitic crafts. -The importance of the number 64. -Breatharians

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  1. I was delighted to hear the latest THC episode with Joe D8_THC talking about Holo-Fractal Unified Science and Nassim Haramein’s work.
    Once again, it seems that prayers are answered in a synchronistic way 🙂

    Joe definitely was up to my expectations (if not more) in terms of the various knowledge, as well as his experience with the field group in Egypt.

    Greg asked about films that have some of these ideas. The one I re-watched recently that blew my mind was Avatar. Re-watching in the context of what I know today, and excluding the somewhat cheesy Hollywood feel of this film, it feels very much like an archetypal Disclosure movie, with the Navi practicing this Holo-Fractal awareness thru their culture.

    All in all, to this day, the Holo-Fractal view of the Cosmos resonates with me the most. It also beats any standard-model/materialistic theory by far, whether from Occam’s razor perspective (Nothing beats the clutter-less model of Everything is an infinite fractal emanation of the One, symbolized by the Torus), and also, the fact that it’s universally applicable in all fields. The other thing I would mention is how musical it is: tying it in with Walter Russell, and John W. Keely worldviews, characterized in infinite octaves, and frequencies, with sound and rainbow spectrum being two-sides-of-the-same coin. It’s beautiful and humbling just thinking about it to be honest.
    Thank you once again Greg, my stoner mind was very entertained.

  2. Yeahhhhh, I loved this, this is the kind of stuff that without being a THC’er, I would likely never have been exposed to. In terms of the idea itself, it really appeals to my intuitive sense of the magnificent universe we are within, and without… 😀 Love to Greg and all my fellow motherplusers… 😀

  3. Loved this episode. Very thought provoking! Talking about vortices it always seemed to me amazing what a murmer of Starlings can achieve as they work as one but have very small brains. Thought of telepathy. But someone studied and suggested they are aware of the vortices in the air and kinda fall into them so being able to fly as one.
    Been trying for a long time (along with everyone else!) to work out the energy system here – do they/don’t they need us. Do they have to keep us in fear to use that energy. However your discussion provoked the thought that it needs more “delicacy” than THEY have to create from the surrounding plasma so they have to keep us in low enough frequency to be useful but high enough to be able to create for them. This may be getting more tricky which is why they are trying to create consious AI which can create while still being under their control (or something like that
    Just wanted to also voice my surprise at D8 not going for it in the Pyramids as when is he going to get such a chance again?
    Anyway thanks for the questions you were asking to try to get to another level conspiratorially Greg much appecated always by me!
    The subject of not being monkeys but being divine beings is close to my heart (I think it was crrow in episode 69 who debunked Darwin) . I think the difficulty in getting our heads around it is that it is all backwards in that we WERE more advanced and after some trauma we signed something or asked the wrong things for help and ever since they have tried everything to give us amnesia. It’s an unlearning so god knows why we are really here and what our original purpose might have been. Well lost in the mists of time. Fascinating stuff though. Thanks both x

  4. Nassim = Black Holes
    Did not yet listen to this episode… but have been following Nassim content from some time. But after been “initiated” about the Electric Universe model all about Einstein and Relativity is BS. And one can demonstrate this mathematically:

    So, is Nassim is not preaching anymore about “black holes” as an useful metaphor… OK. Otherwise he is still in the grip of the Einstein nonsense.

    1. Hey, d8 here. Nassim’s black hole is _vastly_ different from the standard. When you think black hole, think spinning space. That’s all. Not infinite density singularity of one dimension (which absolutely doesn’t exist).

      1. Perfect response. As I was listening I was thinking the same but could tell as the episode touched on so many things it couldn’t really go into depth that a non local fractal universe is massively different than the conventional model and any idea of a black hole. Made me cringe just hearing the term thrown around. Love EU as well. Makes me want others to never even use the term anymore. Spinning vortices works just fine, and when ppl ask, then it can be explained. “Like a black hole?!?!?!”….”no, not like a black hole, spinning vortices”

        Regardless, loved the episode, actually, gonna have to relisten. Love hearing actual unifying theories rather than ppl just parroting each other endlessly hiding pushing contrary data under the rug and banishing their peers, awesome job man.

  5. Holy quantum awesomeness!!! … Behind the THC effects I see that your innate intelligence is activated, and with all the information you get into its amazing your discernment in the dynamics of it all. I started in on a book called The book of Enoch by James J. Hurtak. What I’ve read has myself confused but my innate intelligence fired up. I cannot read the book without getting dilated pupils, and I do not use psychedelics or drugs of any kind. It’s a very mathematical book. It’s worth looking into. While I was reading I would lose track of time. My fiancee said it was doing something to me, I had to stop reading for fear I was leaving my fiancee energetically, really I was just waking up???? after this episode I’m going to pick it back up…. 64 keys…. Now that’s synchronicity.

  6. Great episode, Greg. I love the subject and thought Joe did a good job explaining it. Some of the equations and physics concepts were a bit over my head but it was an entertaining and thought-provoking ride nevertheless.

    But Greg, or anyone else, if this is a model that interests you, I can’t recommend The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot enough. I believe Shamangineer mentioned it, in the Mind Episode. The book explains the concept in terms the layperson can understand and relies on the theories of Bohm, whom Shamange (I think) and Joe mention.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Talbot is no longer with us, or else I would highly recommend him as a guest.

    At any rate, it was a great episode and I would not complain in the slightest if you were to pursue this theory in future episodes.

  7. I appreciate the work of Nassim Haramein, and he has lots of new and intriguing ideas, but if they could somehow be reconciled with the Electric Universe model, or integrated into it, they wouldn’t seem like just a step-in-the-right-direction re-hash of the mainstream model. I’m no expert – and maybe this is just a gut reaction – but the Thornhill/Talbott Thunderbolts Project approach makes better sense and just rings true.

    1. Nassim’s model DOES this. It describes how gravity is emergent from electromagnetic oscillators (planck spherical units), and that the background fabric of space is also a quantized electromagnetic field.

  8. Dear Greg this was an awesome show thank you so much! The area of quantum physics. I thought it was interesting. He started off the show with the story of the interest net Dot. Shiva was considered shake the universe into being and that is what basically the vortexes is the shaking rotating. As a practicing magician for 30 years / which for 30 years I have gotten into the field of physics because it speaks of the same thing in a different language wonderful books to look at our beginner’s guide to constructing the universe by Michael Schneider, the holographic Universe by author with last name Talbot. Thank you for a wonderful show the suppression of information is Fast and the suppression of our mind is been a long time as Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake a few hundred years ago for his belief in the Multiverse which we now say is what is. Add to be a three-dimensional creature trying to figure out the fourth dimension! Thank you again all the best April

  9. That emphasis on the 64 peaked a memory on a frequency-based relationship… particularly that of the A432Hz. If you tune C to 1Hz and multiply by 2, so as to increase octaves, you will eventually end up at 64Hz (1×2=2, x2=4, x2=8, x2=16, x2=32, x2=64Hz)… the note C (for center) can be any of the above these frequencies. Also notice that many computer increase in bit-depth and memory by these increments.

    But the real magic is that major notes are produced by multiples of the 3. G is 1×3 (x2=6, x2=12, 2=24Hz). Then 3×3= D9 (x2=18, x2=36Hz). A is 9×3=27Hz. But if you continue to increase in octave we get (x2=54, x2=108, x2=216, x2=432Hz). A432 is a means of back-referencing most instruments to 1Hz, or just one cycle as the base.

    In effect a frequency based ratio system (almost like a different kind of math) is being described… based on the number 1 (the quickest way to count to infinity… all else is division).

  10. Those that like what was explained here need to learn about the Electric Universe model… Specially try to listen several Wallace Thornhill talks at Youtube. A summary:
    – All about “Relativity” is BS: (
    – Quantum Mechanics is a “recipe” (that works) but do not explain anything.
    – Mathematics is a tool but Natural Philosophy is the source of explanations (“God” is not a mathematician)
    – The Kirchhoff ‘Black Body Radiation’ theory was already totally disproved, this has consequences to Plank…

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