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Joe D8_THC | The Holofractal Universe & The Unified Field Theory Of Nassim Haramein

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*The Joint Session has been moved to Monday, but have a real THC instead!

Today we talk to Joe AKA d8_thc about the Holofractographic Universe Theory of Nassim Haramein. As a fan of Nassim’s work, Joe started the /r/Holofractal community on Reddit, which has now grown to over 20k members and enthusiasts.


What is /r/holofractal?

Explain Holofractal Like I’m 5

Nassim Haramein: The Latest Discoveries On The Inner Workings Of Our Holographic Fractal Universe

The Resonance Academy

PLUS Content

-Films that make for good representations of Holofractal concepts. -Joe’s trip inside the Great Pyramid with the Resonance Science Foundation. -The importance of breath work, Wim Hof, and increasing your Godhead Density. -Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms -Nassim’s take on the Ark of the Covenant -Anti-gravitic crafts. -The importance of the number 64. -Breatharians
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