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Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision and consciousness, and the author of Luminous Life: How The Science Of Life Unlocks The Art Of Living, Light: Medicine Of The Future, Take Off Your Glasses And See, and Wisdom From An Empty Mind. Originally trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, his life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of his own eyesight, leading him to a deeper understanding of light and the science of life.

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-Light therapy suppression. -Light, the high octane fuel for life. -Light, colors, and the effects on our physiology. -The spectral receptivity system. -Fire. -How sunlight effects us differently at different points in the day.

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  1. Another great episode man. Oddly enough I’d just finished the episode about avoiding the light, Wayne Bush I believe, shortly after this was posted. It’s been a conflicting day lol

  2. Best show in a while. And that’s saying alot because you are always on point Gregg. Great job. Do you ever think of the amount of power that travels through you via your guests and endshow summations? The information literally changes lives, and the course of consciousness itself through your show. And though you say you are energetically dense, you have created a very powerful conduit of consciousness with pure magic and sorcery. From idea to implementation, to creation and development, your show is unparalleled in quality. I have been listening since episode 30 something, and while some big name shows have more listeners, I dont know any that have the consistent depth of knowledge that I can expect everytime I listen, as well as still being entertaining, as THC. It’s why you are a trailblazer, and the fact that you truly are humble, makes others want to sing your praises. But you have every right to be proud and gloat, should your ego feel the need. Lol

      1. Wow! Yes, too kind and very much appreciated! It’s really been a dream come true and I just want to make sure to never take it for granted. I just keep trying to go towards what interests me, and I hope that keeps working. To think about the impact is pretty surreal. It’s a great feeling compared to selling video games!

  3. Dear Greg I thought that all of my hippie family were just being a little over-the-top regarding how important light is to us but apparently not.. This was truly an insightful THC session and amazing questions and answers as well. I am going to try some of his technique and ideas, I really love the idea of how different colored lenses those glasses sound really good and I know a few people that would love them including myself. I am blind but our body does need light and the suppression of light therapy is very massive and I think about how the Chinese want to block the Sun which is not good. Thanks again Greg all the best

  4. This was a very informative (and informationally dense) show and really hit home as fact that light needs to be a part of my daily life.
    The number of specifics and amount of content (in this and many other shows) is what brings me to the following suggesstion. Now I know you’re very busy; but I also know that you are extremely prepared for each of your guests. Your notes alone could make my request possible:
    I would happily tack on another $3/mo to my plus show membership fee for a summation of key points, data and takeaways for each show. I would love to have something in front of me that captures everything I would like to remember or ponder later from each guest. Sometimes I replay a show and try to take some notes, but I just don’t have time to do that often enough.
    So I really hope this is something you will consider offering your Plus Show listeners.

  5. This was an excellent interview Greg, I truly appreciate it and you! I have studied holistic health and nutrition for 4 decades and this added some pieces to the puzzle nicely. Bravo! With gratitude, Heather Raven

  6. Our feelings and thoughts DO create our reality. The quicker we own the power of our own creative force the quicker we will create a better world. Connect to the field of love and oneness and synchronicities will show you the power.

  7. I really LOVED this Greg!! I had no idea how important natural sunlight was and honestly this will change my life. I’m going to read his books now. Thank you so much for all you do. You’re awesome and appreciated.

  8. If one watch more talks from him at Youtube one will find that he repeat over and over some specific histories.
    But this is in contradiction with what he says… that never prepare a talk beforehand !
    He do not need it, because his specks almost the same stuff each time…

    Plus, why he did not teach about “Sun gazing” to the health of the eyes ?
    I have been doing this for decades and do not need glasses, even though 53 yeas young.

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