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Today on THC we welcome Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. Jeremy has a background in politics with experience in community organizing, media jamming, documentary journalism, and consensus-building. He’s also worked in Permaculture, future-roots music production, performance, and education. He’s on Twitter under @jeremywrk.

He’s also the co-host and producer of The AnteDote:
Jeremy can also be found occasionally preforming co-hosting duties on False Flag Weekly News on NoLiesRadio:

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-The Stuxnet Virus saga. -More elaboration on Kill Switch Diplomacy. -The wake of 9/11 and the role in played the larger agenda. -Other forms of Techno-tyranny.

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    1. Cheers! I hope you like this one. It’s A LOT of information, but Jeremy really knows his stuff. To me, this whole Talpiot Program is starting to sound like the definition of Evil Genius.

      1. I literally had to spend the last 15min deleting old HigherSide Chats from my phone cuz if wouldn’t let me listen to more than 7min of the show before booting me!! I’m stoked to hear all about this Evil Genius Greg. Would I be a dick if I said that Sam Tripoli from TinFoil Hat is a mega douche? I’m gonna say it. No need to endorse & im sorry if it throws me in the doghouse… I just really don’t like that guy. Blame it on the Red Wine & Reefer…

        1. Well you know you don’t have to download the shows right? You can just stream them, or use one of the apps mentioned on the help page. Downloading them each one by one is probably the biggest hassle I would think, but it’s there if you need it.

          I like Sam. He’s been really great to me, brought me in green rooms to hang with comics, put me up on stage to do sets, pretty much put together our live events himself, promoted them, booked them, & gave me more than a fair cut when I repeatedly told him it wasn’t necessary. You don’t have to like his style or his show, but the man is a good guy.

  1. You got your Talpiot guy then lol- wow though loads of info might have to listen more than once for all that to sink in o.0- great guest!
    Probably a lot you couldn’t fit into 2 hrs.. maybe a repeat interview sometime! nice work there Mr Carlwood!

  2. I’m new to Higher Side Chats, but I came from the anti-Zionist crew on YouTube. Ryan Dawson at Anti-Neocon Report, Adam Green at Know More News, and Jake Morphonios at Blackstone Intelligence Network. A wise choice in having a Jew speak of Jewish crimes. Jeremy appears to be a rare case of an American Firster. More post-Zionist Jews and Christians need to get ahead of this unfolding truth if they wish to avoid being on the wrong side of history.
    As for The U.S. Intelligence Community, I thought that public schools were inept. What kind of government allows foreign computer engineers to work on classified projects? I would like to see a policy of hiring only a national whose family has been here for four generations. We definitely should not have dual citizenship people in any government position. Could we all agree that we shouldn’t be hiring ethnic Russian, Chinese, and Jews into our government unless their ancestors have been here for four generations?

  3. To throw your mind into this information is definitively a typhoon of thought. It throws me in my self into feeling like holy shit the depth of all this is overwhelming, then i wonder how can can this be changed? The answer that seems to speak out of Nature herself is only when we as truthers pull together and start our own society, our own technology, our own currency and our own medical system. We can bark about this deep complex crazy system until we are dead or forcefully silenced but ultimately something big needs be organized! There must be people in power who want to create something new…… Entirely new…. Maybe using money at first to establish land, crop, and territory… Maybe an Island … It would be all eyes on us, yet it could very well pull powerful people unknown and known together….. That is only way to rid and free humanity from the system of domination and control. .. a place where money has no place… what are we paid for?… our time?… our services?…. our knowledge?… could we possibly create a system that in using recorded time and services is currency in itself. I believe TIME is the true currency… (example) Hey doc i’m real sick may I have 2 hours of your time, i’ll give you 6 hours of my time. I am a landscaper or I will assist and help you by learning to be a doctor from you and be able to help in the medical field.) . Imagine this idea. You go to the store for milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. When you scan them you pay with a currency of time, a set price of time. So maybe the milk is 15 minutes and 32 seconds , eggs 12 minutes 45 seconds, etc. Your purchase would add time to the localized reality of time of life. You then at certain times or weeks, go to work for the makers of the milk, eggs, cheese, butter, whatever item you buy you owe time working and helping either labor time or learning time where learning time is doubled priced . The workers and farmers would never have to pay time for those products because they provide that service… In this way all people would eventually learn about every single trade.. I believe this idea of this time based currency is the ultimate form growth that we could possibly have i feel I know in my heart of hearts. Individual payment with, time, talent, and service.. We could build a system truly built on time being the true currency. And only the world could pay us with their time in order to due business if they wanted to… No profit… only due time. We have one, or maybe many lives to live my good people, I say we break away from all this crazy shit and do this the way mother Earth would appreciate our TIME. Thats what we really all want more of.. Thanks for another brilliant video man.

    1. This long-winded panic reminds me of 2008 conversations about sustainability. The best thing to do is read and learn the history of sustainability thought. A recent guest, John Michael Greer aka the Archdruid, may help you with his lucidity. For economic thought on sustainability, I enjoyed his 2011 book – The Wealth of Nature: Economics as if Survival Mattered. I don’t remember the non-Amazon site that carries this book. If I remember correctly, Greer spoke of there existing three markets, and therefore we should have 3 currencies. I have a similar sentiment.
      Greer is so varied in his topics, that he could return to the Higher Side.

  4. I really wanted Adam Green or Jake Morphonios to do this topic, but this guy really knows his shit. He may be the best choice. I’ll definitely look into more of his work.
    Where’s all the Chump cultists at? There gonna hate this one. LOL
    Twust Da Scam
    “There’s never been a bigger friend of Israel.”
    -Donald J Chump

  5. So jews and or israel are causing corruption, mayhem and death on every continent and in every sphere of life. But we don’t want to jump to any rash conclusions such as jews being a rival ethnic (or religious – whichever they find convenient) group with a desire to enslave or destroy all other groups? Over complicating this problem just leads to navel gazing and endless circular discussion. Its time to recognize the problem and look for solutions. Start simple – no jews in positions of financial, political or media power. Just because some jews are loyal and honest – like Jeremy – we shouldn’t suspend our pattern recognition abilities.

      1. Jews were thrown out of countries at least 359 times, not 19 that you typed, not the 109 times that is promoted. They are brainwashed with Passover and Moses myths to convince them to subvert all nations. Until they renounce these Judeo myths and quit being Jews, not cypto-Jews either, Jews will always subvert and corrupt societies. Jews are wired for corruption as Latino men are wired to catcall women. Jews can conspire, but there is no need. Jews corrupt society by their religious indoctrination… Just as Latinos don’t have a Global Catcall Conspiracy.
        Remember, Jews are not Hebrews, nor are they Semites. They should return to the Russian Pale.
        Kicked out 359 times documentation:
        http://” rel=”nofollow”>

  6. Will have to listen again as so much important and unique info. Very depressing. However this IS a war which most of us don’t know we are fighting and which the other side think their god has chosen them to win apparently because of a mistranslation of a couple of words – not they are chosen by but they chose to sign the contract with the god below the GOD. I sometimes wonder if this was not a test for them to see if they could make the right choices – well it seems as a whole they can’t thankfully one or two are speaking up which may eventually mean they will endure. Hopefully THEY will wake up and realise that they have left their souls behind and that is the only thing which survives beyond death. Thanks both great talk.

  7. Wood-ster – it would go a long way toward digestion and illuminating experience if notes on show could list all of the articles Jerry sites during interview. Very good intel and resources . We neeed to get more familiar with the zio game. Good show.

  8. HOLY MOLY! Jeremy sounds like some sort of savant. As someone who’s been a guest on this program and have my own podcast, I can honestly say it’s very difficult to talk articulately for extended periods and drop specifics such as detailed dates, names, page numbers, etc like he’s done here. He must have spent a year prepping for this interview while also having been a radio host for over a decade. This reminds me of the Kate of Gaia conversation where Greg was mostly silent for two hours.

    Thanks Greg for this. More episodes on Israeli / Zionist criminality + skullduggery please. It’s important to have balanced perspective’s on the deeper truths of “Antisemitism” while not sounding like a toxic Red Ice Radio comment threat being mean spirited to those of Jewish descent as a whole.

  9. OMG Greg! This was one of the best THC interviews I have ever heard. Huge kudos to you and especially to Jeremy. Such a memory, a ton of info laid out so clearly. Chilling info for the most part as I had not heard much of this before.
    I loved the permaculture section and I want some of that soil for my garden! I hope you get him back on, I’d like to hear more from this fella.

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