Jim Marrs | Occulted History, Banking Corruption, & The Vast Conspiracy

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This week alternative author and legendary truth seeker, Jim Marrs, joins THC to drop knowledge on a variety of conspiratorial topics including the history of banking, ISIS, Atlantis, The Anunnaki, the moon, hollow Earth, the Pyramids, and a ton more.

In the second half, we dive deeper into the history of banking and Zionism, the evidence for an ancient global civilization, UFOs & free energy, the giant skeletons hidden by the Smithsonian,  and some ideas for a system that works for the people beyond the control of the global elite.

It’s a true grab bag of conspiracy goodness. Enjoy.

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    1. I was about to throw Jim under the bus until he finally mentioned Jews/Zionism/Israel. Although he initially, carefully refrained from mentioning Jews when it came to Babylonian banking, usury – which is right in their wheelhouse.

      It was only Greg that got Jim talking about it. So props to you, Greg.

      You saved this interview from being just another C2C snoorfest.

      Someone like Texe would need no prompting whatsoever.

      1. I didnt know texe marrs was a nazi, I thought he was just a conspiracy guy. my bad. Dont have him on.
        I hope the highersidechats isnt about that. I thought this was pot, mellowness,and great conspiracy theories. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

  1. I really like Jim Marrs’ conversational style – but sometimes he needs a good interviewer to get him away from the most recent book he’s selling. Greg, you did a good job.
    I see a lot of knocking of C2C, which I understand is ‘the done thing’. US listeners, count yourselves lucky. I’m in the UK and subscribe to C2C (and THC+ and Jeff Rense), and though some topics leave me cold, there are plenty of interesting subjects to send me off looking for info. We don’t have any nightly radio programmes like C2C or Jeff Rense here. And only a small handful of consistent, reliable podcasts. There’s room enough for everyone.

    1. If you need to change subscription info, that’s typically done through your account on the payment processor you used. For example, log into your paypal account and look at your “reoccurring payments dashboard” and make the adjustments you need. Hope that helps! Email me at if you need anything else.

  2. Great show Greg, I appreciate the shout out at the end, that put a big smile on my face. Here is some hometown trivia for you, Jim was talking about the mounds found around the Mississippi river. Right out side St. Louis in Collinsville are the Cahokia Mounds, the largest Pre-Columbian earthwork in the Americas and the largest pyramid north of Mesoamerica. If you go there on a field trip they tell you it is a burial chamber with chiefs layered on top of each other, and at its height the area of the mounds held the largest population in the world. Carl Munck in his presentation Deciphering the Code talks about them:
    “Most curious is the latitude of the Rattlesnake Mound, at exactly 380 degrees 38 minutes 38.8 seconds north of the Equator. An interesting sequence of numbers, is it not? But are those repeating 38’s a coincidence? Or were the builders trying to tell us something?
    Then, exactly one minute of latitude to the north of that is America’s largest pyramid, Monks Mound, with a curious terrace arrangement offset to its northeast corner. Why was it placed just there, so that the highest terrace situates on our modern USGS topographical maps at exactly 38 degrees 39 minutes 40 seconds of latitude? So might the pyramids’ mathematical order not be a language whose intent was to convey some message to us from a time before time?” and talks about them lining up somehow through pi to other pyramid structures.

    The largest mound is called “Monks Mound” because in the early 1800’s Catholic French Trappist monks upkept it and did ceremonies on the mound so the locals called it the “monks mound”. Trappist monks are a pretty weird group when you look at them too, I’m sure something pretty creepy was going on there.
    Also the town Collinsville was founded by the Collins family, who Fritz Springmeyer talks about as one of the 13 Illuminati families. The small town has the second largest police budget in the state, home to Cahokia Mounds, Chapter 666 of The Order of the Eastern Star, railroad over passes referred to as the Gates of Hell and a statue of Pan on main street.
    Since your from the area I thought you would find it interesting since it linked up with what Jim was referring to with pyramid and mound structures. I just happen to know the back story of the Cahokia Mounds, and I wonder if a lot of these mound and pyramid structures have similar local conspiratorial weirdness that goes on as well.
    Keep up the great work,

    1. That’s all great info man. Never put 2 and 2 together with Collinsville all these years….I can’t remember if we talked about Josh Reeve’s “Lost Secrets Of North America” but it’s a 2 part doc series that’s pretty awesome and covers a lot of that stuff. We had an interview scheduled, confirmed 24 hours prior, and then he was nowhere to be found at showtime and hasn’t answered my emails, but his films are good nevertheless.

  3. Love Jim and a great show. Not sure he knows what Communism and Socialism actually means though if he thinks the powers that be are of that demographic.

    His view on Islam is kind of skewed too. He admits the Brotherhood is a black-op essentially as are ISIS and has no problem correctly identifying them as Western creations but then seems to think it is Islam itself that is responsible for the ‘head-chopping’ mentality. Well, if it was then the Spooks would not need to create entities to do that would they? Seems an odd view – if ISIS are actually just Islamic what would make anyone think that they were Western-created entities?

  4. Jim Marrs is always a pleasure to listen to. I’m an old timer like he is and I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time.
    I’m new to THC and have enjoyed listening to the archived interviews over the past couple days. Great shows Greg and definitely worth the monthly fee!! Cheers!

    1. Just talking about race, and origins, and history is not racist. It might get racial, but not racist. I’m totally comfortable talking about those things, but I would never demonize an entire race based on the actions of a few. Otherwise I’d have to pay for all the crimes of white Europeans and I’d rather not open that can of worms.

  5. I could listen to Jim Marrs for hours lol….and i will, found a couple of his audiobooks on itunes so after listening to the great THC+ interview i ran out and got those too lol. Thx Jim and thx Greg you guys rock!! def bring Jim back again for another show please

  6. I still have to read the book. Actually just got it today. Anyone have any thoughts on Sitchin? I know there’s a chapter in the book about him. London school of economics. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was compromised 

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