Robert Sullivan | Cinema Symbolism & The Esoteric Archetypes of Hollywood

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Returning champion and 32 degree mason himself, Robert W. Sullivan IV, joins THC to talk about his new book Cinema Symbolism where he dissects the esoteric, occult, and archetypal symbolism embedded in a whole host of films. We discuss Back To The Future, The Wizard Of Oz, Fight Club, Alice In Wonderland, James Bond, The Dark Knight, The Matrix, Star Wars, Black Swan and I’m sure a few others on this wild ride through Hollywood’s esoteric toolbox.


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  1. I’m surprised no one has commented on this interview yet! Great one as usual Greg…I was familiar with most of the material discussed, but I’m a big fan of Mr. Sullivan’s rapid-fire delivery. Here’s hoping that you have him back for Cinema Symbolism 2. Great job and thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I hope this one is well received even though the comments are low. I really loved the Wizard of Oz and Back To The Future breakdows. He also got me thinking much more about that Thoth/Hermes archetype and how much I love those types of characters.

      1. Loved it–probably few comments because it was so complete and packed with info. Once you get clued into the symbolism, it becomes a lot easier to see it everywhere. I’m starting to think we human beings live inside myths. It’s just how our brains work.

        I’m watching the Stargate SG-1 series, now, which has some episodes on the main story arc that are packed with symbolism, and maybe is the story of the Masons. I’m starting to see them more as good guys–or that there are a significant number of good guys there–instead of the conspiratorial view I’ve had for a number of years.

        I think the gist of that series is really that awareness of mythology is one key to human freedom, and that if there is a god/gods it’s the natural world.

  2. Awesome show! It’s nice to hear an insider’s perspective, despite the tip toeing that happened a few times. You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you get a lot of flack from people about disinformation agents, but no matter who gives insight, it’s insight never the less. I felt he had great information as usual and you can’t help but like the guy even though you want to get him some decaf at times lol. I started my journey when I was 8 in 89 and I realized that there was a missive conspiracy that hid the truth in plain sight and everyone including grandma was in on it. What a laugh they had, fooling the masses of uneducated and uninitiated children into believing that an entire fantasy world existed just so we would behave and fear straying from the norm lest we be outcast by our peers and labeled “bad influences” by their parents who wanted their children to fall in line without doubt of their reality. I’ve seen no difference from that massive conspiracy and the one that holds even them in their place with similar stories and hinted consequences. Well I vowed then to never let my children’s eyes be filtered by a veil created by anyone, including myself, and I’ve stuck to that I’m glad to say. I’m really glad I came back and doubled down with the plus, because you have a hell of a show and a like minded outlook. I appreciate you and every one of your guest. Keep up the good works and never let the demon of doubt be your road block.

  3. My husband is a Mason, and every time someone mentions the Masons orchestrating the New World Order, I think of all of the tottering 90- year-old retirees at the Masonic crab feed fundraiser I am forced to attend every year. And then I think…nope. Not orchestrating anything. Sure, maybe it’s all really happening in the upper echalons of these organizations. But the idea of a small group of nearly unfailingly intelligent and far-seeing, yet evil, individuals controlling the whole world seems unlikely to me. Instead, maybe all of us, including the elite, are influenced by outside forces that are pushing us in the direction of certain outcomes.

  4. I met Crispin Glover over the weekend at a showing of one of the (very strange/great) movies he made with his own money, and I mentioned this book to him briefly and the BTTF stuff. He said he would read it, but that he didn’t think much of illuminati talk, although he had been very vocal in his q&a session about his protests re: the materialism in BTTF and the influence of corporations in movie propaganda culture in general.

  5. This was great. As a huge movie buff i love hearing bout all the symbolism packed into our most popular films. Mr Sullivan was so well versed in this stuff im gnna rush out and pick up his book. Your interview was pretty packed with insight but i assume the book will be more so. Def get this guy back when cinema symbolism II comes out plz. Anything to do with symbols and symbolism in the entertain,emt industry fascinates me not just movies could be CD covers, comics you name it im all for it. Thx again Mr. Carls…..err Carlwood lol

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