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In a long series of shows with Shamangineer,  we’ve gone over a lot of the best research and marginalized leaders across the alchemical/ethereal sciences, divided up in previous episodes by element. Today, we approach this realm of information through Shamangineer’s theory of the mind. You can explore the many resources that we talk about below:

 The CIA’s analysis and assessment of the Monroe Institute’s Gateway process which has quite a few corollaries with Shamangineer’s view, but with a great deal of additional detail:
TedX talk: My Stroke of Insight Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor:

Dean Radin on his direct consciousness test of the double-slit experiment which shows scientific proof of the mind’s effect on matter and energy:

Dr Stuart Hamerhoff on consciousness and the quantum biology microtubules:
Solar Revolution (trailer):

Secrets of Alchemy, The Great Cross and The End of Time (trailer):


PLUS Content

-Space Weather. -Bird Box. -Mercury Blooded Plasma Beings. -Don Nance and the coming M-State of everything. -Summer With The Leprechauns. -The 5G Jamming signal. -DNA & light.

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  1. Major sync for me too. I’ve just started researching quantum biology. This is the kind of material I absolutely live for. I know it’s hard guys but thinking positive and feeling love cannot be overstated, your thoughts and feelings create your reality.

  2. Hey Greg, I’m a brand new Plus member, however I’ve been listening for 2+ years. Great episode! I’m excited to know your focus this year will be in “consciousness”. I’m here to support you in your endeavors to the “truth”, for lack of a better name, community at large. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your heart with the world. It can be an unforgiving and downright ruthless world. And that takes Balls….. Kudos to ya man!

  3. Greg, get out in the field bro.
    Fly out to Baltimore for the weekend.
    I can pick you up at BWI, put you up in a guest bedroom at a historic colonial house full of crazy art and artifacts (and possibly ghosts), and we’ll take the tour of high strangeness. I have an HD camcorder, we can document the whole thing.
    We can meet up with Michael Wann and take a canoe out to see the Susquehanna petroglyphs, I can show you the entrance to the underground pentagon at Site R in the Appalachian mountains, and we can tour Washington D.C. and Crystal City.
    Not to mention the grave of Edgar Allen Poe and a million other awesome things.
    Plus, I have been a professional event planner for over 10 years, and I would love to talk to you about the prospect of hosting a Higherside Convention or other such live event. I can probably help make this happen a lot easier than you would imagine.
    Great episode. I have been anticipating the fire element show for so long now, I hope it happens eventually. I am a blacksmith, as well as a fire eater/juggler all-around pyromaniac performer, and can’t wait to dig into the deeper mysteries of fire with Shamangineer.

  4. Looking forward to the fire episode myself, it will be a talk that will require quite a bit of research to flesh out some ideas I have related to fire. The other episodes have been on material I researched over the last decade or so.

    Here is a quote related to the mind episode – specifically microtubules:
    “Instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other wilful effort of the brain is futile.” – Nikola Tesla

  5. For anyone who didn’t get enough, strap in and sorry for the awful translation in this Russian documentary about Kozyrev mirrors, but there is little English information available about Kozyrev.

    Related points to the mind episode from the above:

    1.The visible luminous symbols that appeared and were drawn by the Russian scientists remind me of petroglyphs which may tie into some of the interpretations of the Thunderbolts Project. This part starts at around 20 minutes in.

    2. I was referencing “polar hysteria” (This is discussed around 33:30) as an example of mass induced trance, which I think will probably be a side effect of the solar activity. As with the activity of the Northern lights, scalar energy is streaming through the poles and both activities could increase. Kozyrev had a theory that “time” shifted and changed course around the 73 degrees latitude in the arctic circle (36:00) which seems to influence this behavior. This would especially be the case during a magnetic reversal, of which we may be in the early stages. This would cause a great deal of solar radiation to hit the surface of the Earth.

    It seems I mis-remembered about people removing their clothing being discussed in the documentary, but the other stuff they discuss happening during the trance state is even better.

    3. Just about everything in this video is about consciousness and the mind, so oodles. Nostradamus’ psychotroic egg chair (reminiscent of a orgone accumulator) is on the docket.

    Some other links about Russian research into mental abilities:
    CIA scan of a Sublte Engergies magazine article about Russian research.
    A research paper about the history of Russian Psychotronics research:

    Material related to magnetic pole reversal:
    Observations that may indicate reversal.
    Navigation updates are being requested by the military ahead of schedule to account for above-average shifting magnetic field lines. They are being delayed by the shutdown.

  6. Hi Greg and Shamangineer, brill, brill show will have to listen a few times.
    I used to take an interest in some of the talks of a guy called Stuart Wilde, some very interesting stuff though he’s been dead a while now. He said he used to go battling in the ether in worlds but he also said there would be an event coming that would literally blow our minds open in the future, a DMT explosion that some people would not be able to handle. I kept thinking about that as I listened. Cool, cool show

  7. If you want to get someone who can talk about permaculture look at Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast”. He’s smart as hell and has an amazing ability to explain the topic at any level.

    Love the show!

  8. Hey, all!
    1. Shamangineer mentioned one of the books that I think is a MUST-READ: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. It lays the groundwork for the big picture. ((Another must-read nothing like Holographic Universe is Tragedy & Hope 101 by Joseph Plummer, free on his web site but he can use the $$ if you can afford it.))
    2. HOLY FUCK! I was blithely listening along, when, at 1:35:58, during your loose speculation about what it would be like if the whole world went on a psychedelic trip all at once (due to the 2012 crossing of the galactic plane), Shamangineer said, “Imagine it’s Chicago on LSD – there are going to be people who are going to a dark place, there are going to be people who are going to a light place…If shit starts getting crazy, don’t freak out too much.” A huge, scary LSD trip in Chicago blew my mind, put me in the psych hospital for a day (“you’re schizophrenic” – no, you just can’t put reality into words), and ended my first year of college, so that was a big synchronicity with my personal story.
    3. You DEFINITELY still have it, G! Is there any indication you don’t?! Please keep on!

  9. For a personal account of the use of the Kozyrev Mirrors see, “Entering the Circle, Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom” By Olga Karatidi, there is a story of the developer coming to her, a psychiatrist, and inviting her to try it which she did. The discription is quite technical.

  10. Hey fellas absolutely awesome show will also have to listen to it a few more times I found it intriguing and thought provoking. shamangineer the section where u spoke about dragons blood really stuck accord with me as I have done experiments with gold with such a nature with no idea of what I was aiming for. The red liquid which you said look Like food dye sounds a lot like aqua regia with gold dissolved in it. Any way I have been inspired again to try further experimation, any suggestions or guidance? Greg mate u are God send on which this world is of real need, you have opened up many minds and probly on the path to saving many souls, thank you and whoever is helping you, keep it up cobba!! Hola from down under and cheers again.

    1. Urcos, Peru is the correct spelling. It is a few hours Southwest of Cusco. When Jay Weidner went there he discovered that there had been a cross there until the 50’s, but it disappeared shortly after Fulcanelli’s Mystery of the Cathedrals was re-published with the information regarding the Cross of Heyendae slipped in per Fucanelli’s instructions.

      1. Oops Urcos is Southeast. Be careful if you visit, I heard a few years ago that a lot of drug production moved from Columbia to Peru, but that might be dated. I know they have Ayuhuasca ceremonies though.

        1. hey, thanks for the info, i will do some digging before going.
          – any recommendations on breathing techniques for brain hemisphere coherence?
          – any opinion on The South Atlantic Anomaly? will be traveling for an extended period in South America and dont feel the need to fry my cells 🙂
          thank you

          1. Here is an article on breathing and the effects on the body, this should help to guide you to an appropriate technique:

            As far as the South Atlantic Anomaly it would seem to be stable in the short term, but perturbations from the sun or weakening electric field could cause it to shift more abruptly. Beyond that I cannot say for certain.


            If you read the above while substituting the concept of a central plasma sun capable of altering gravitation and magnetism and generation of matter during expansion events on a global scale for the liquid iron core you will get what I get from it. Sorry if I blew your mind, but it can be difficult to distill this stuff sometimes.

  11. Soooooooo good. I sure hope you are covering recurring sun micronova theory soon. Cyclical planetary catastrophe but without any good side effects like enlightenment. Much thanks.

  12. Hi, what a great show. I have not absorbed all yet. This one will take a couple or 3 x’s or more.I have been teaching students who have been recognized as “gifted in art” for almost 20 years. I am also a long time published professional artist. I have gained an in-depth understanding of the depth of the visionary experience of the creative mind /soul and heart included. I frequently use the “Drawing from the Right side of the Brain” techniques in class when my students get stuck… when drawing from observation. I reccomend that everyone try this very interesting and easy technique. Illustrates the split to the T.

  13. Hats off to you, gents! That was simply a spectacular show.

    What you discuss is so hard to comment on because it’s so wide ranging, but somehow, you hold it together in a coherent way.

    Just brilliant. I really look forward to discussing it in the forum!

    Thanks so much to both of you!

  14. On elementals/ sylphs:

    ‘Some secret truths, from learned pride conceal’d,
    To Maids alone and Children are reveal’d…
    Know then, unnumber’d spirits round thee fly,
    the light Militia of the lower sky:
    These, tho’ unseen, are ever on the wing…

    Transparent forms, too fine for mortal sight,
    their fluid bodies half dissolv’d in light…
    Ye know the spheres and various tasks assign’d
    By laws eternal to th’ aerial kind.
    Some in the fields of purest Ether play,
    and bask and whiten in the blaze of day.
    Some guide the course of wand’ring orbs on high,
    or roll the planets through the boundless sky.’

    Alexander Pope, Rape of the Lock (1712)
    paraphrased from Canto 1 & 2

  15. Wow, the title of this show didn’t exactly grab me but boy did it deliver! It went in all the directions I love to go.
    Someone who has some pretty incredible information that ties in with a lot of what was said regarding a Plasma event is a guy called BrianAustinLambert33 (his YouTube channel name).
    I don’t recommend having him on THC, he’s arrogant and a little overbearing. But if you have a mature enough mind to look past personality flaws and see the wealth of information available then he’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve yet to see better historical and scientific evidence that backs up the Plasma event than his. He also states we are due for another one soon.

    Shamengineer touched on so many things I’m digging right now, and the Plasma Event memory wipe where the survivors became the elite is tying right into Mud Flood, Hidden History and Tartaria for me.
    Great Episode.

  16. Great discussion. I hope that when the cosmic ‘event’ takes place we all can develop advanced mental capabilities, not just a select few. If you want to see what the sheeple do to the advanced few, watch a Russian film called “The Ugly Swans” (subtitles-sorry)

  17. On that discussion toward the end, about the ‘coming event’ (awakening), and the intention of the ‘rulers’ to thwart it (5G, signaling, simulated metaphysical environment, atmospheric chemistry…. etc.) – it’s about the ‘profile’. The system is getting desperate and is attempting to lock all elements into profiles.

    The awakening is more like the genie (Jinn… what we are, at an aetheric or energetic perspective) naturally escaping from the bottle. The bottle being like a profile… a cup holding water, and the water evaporates from the cup. So the game for the so-called ‘Elite’ (the aspect of consciousness that values ‘solid profile’) is to freeze the water (Jinn) before it can evaporate.

    Or… in an elemental/energy-state perspective, Earth (solid… ice… colder versions of energy) is the only element of the ancient system of energy that presents a home/prison (apparently fixed profile). The other three elements/states are escape artists (Air, Fire, and Water) – all of them seeking to transform or escape their profiles. Thus, the 3 wishes that set the Jinn free…. as if returning the water back to the infinite sea of energy (the ‘one’, or the ‘zero=all possibilities’, or the undivided).

    To some degree, ‘the rulers’ (or the security/karma software system) is providing a ‘service’ – not all Jinn want out of the bottle… not all rain drops want to go back to infinite source (the sea from which they came). For some, escape looks like a horrifying death.

    I am reminded of the Zeppelin lyric…. “There are two paths you can go by…. but in the long run… it’s not too late to change one your on.”

    Personally, I tend to see my Jinn-self as that which is drawn to getting out of the bottle… or even to change the shape of the bottle/profile on a whim from the inside or outside… which is not conducive to the lock-down aims of the security software.

    Here again I am reminded of the words of the security software itself…. “Weaving spiders come not here.” Where Athena or Minerva = ‘The Authority of the Gods’ (or the Greater Engineers), and Arachne = a “Minor Jinn” (or a Minor Engineer… a rain drop), and Arachne was trapped in the form of a ‘spider’ (a profile) for ‘Challenging the Gods’ (by means of ‘weaving a better program’), then the underlying meaning of ‘Weaving spiders come not here’ is ‘Do not challenge the gods’.

    I strongly suspect that any natural awakening implicitly refers to a break in the software… where the profiling is not effective, and the minor weavers cannot be turned into spiders… or rather, any attempt to perform such profiling is rendered desperate and futile.

    My personal perspective yields no choice… there’s only ‘one’.

  18. Thanks Shamangineer for another great talk.

    I think this episode could also be called the Ether episode. I know in ancient eastern systems, there were 5 elements, with ether or “space” being the fifth, which I believe ties into the realm of the mind as well as vibration, color, and sound.

    Also, I think the “elementals” or fairies as known in the west are the Jinns in middle-eastern beliefs, whose nature is said to be “smokeless fire”, which could be a description of plasma. So “plasma beings” would make sense in that context.

    Another thing in regards to fire is that many of the indigenous religions are fire-worshipping religions, worshipping the sacred or holy fire divided into the 3 worlds: the Sun in the Upper world, and the sacred fire in the Middle World and Underworld. At least in the Native American cosmologies, these are all connected by the Axis Mundi, which is symbolized by a tree. The prevalence of the solar cross (upper/middle world fire) and swastika(lower world fire) symbols throughout history comes out of these fire religions.

    1. Nevermind about calling this the Ether episode – i’d forgotten that was already the first episode in this series. Very cool idea making the Mind its own episode, in light of its power to influence reality.

  19. Always a pleasure to listen to you Shamangineer. At one point you touched on reincarnation, a subject I feel needs much deeper investigation.

    While most people focus upon the apparent evolution of the soul through successive Earthly lives, I'm more interested in why reincarnation needs to occur. Could it be that people are not truly incarnating, and therefore need to re-incarnate to have another chance? Most people are unaware of the subtle, spacious energetic ground of their bodies and instead, live in a mental-emotional world, outside of themselves.

    For me the Earth is like the human body, the Moon, the emotional body and the Sun, the mental body. For the most part it seems like until now, the human body has been insufficiently conscious to function without the support of the mental and emotional bodies. 

    Since the Renaissance and the discovery that the Earth revolves around the Sun, there has been a shift towards scientism, the cult of rational belief. This makes sense, as our macrocosmic understanding of ourselves in the solar system and Universe, mirrors our internal microcosmic understanding that "I think therefore I am". 

    Now we know that there are black holes, rather than stars at the centres of galaxies, we are on the cusp of full awakening. We're at the point where human body consciousness no longer needs to be puppeted by thoughts and emotions, to function creatively and autonomously. Black holes represent pure awareness, creating life out of themselves. Their domain is not limited to the gravity of emotion, or the isolation of thought, but infinite as all inclusive, interdependent presence as the ether.

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