Jeremy Corbell | Mysteries of Ufology, Covert Technologies, & Bob Lazar

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Filmmaker and researcher, Jeremy Corbell joins THC to talk about the vast and freaky subjects in his films, Ufology, other elements of his research, and some of the integrating individuals that he’s highlighted in some of his pieces, including John Lear, Bob Lazar, Dr. Roger Leir, & “Nano Man.”

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  1. Even though I’ve gone almost completely to the Dark Side in the Conspiracy Word(Flat Earth) I absolutely love Jeremy Corbell and the work he’s done with Lazar. Roger Leir and John Lear. Furthermore I love the fact that he made Stanton Freidman look like a fool onstage when debating about Bob Lazar last February at the IUC. Great work Mr. Carlwood and if I may suggest a couple guests I’d love to hear from Rob Skiba, David Weiss and maybe throw together a FE panel/debate with Eric Dubay&Stuart Robbins. Just a thought.

    1. I heard about the Stanton Freidman thing, is there a video of that?

      I really enjoy the work he does too, but I’m most undecided on Bob. I don’t know why, really. I’d love it all to be true, and he can be compelling, but so can his detractors from time to time.

      1. I believe there is video of it available if you buy the whole International UFO Congress video presentation from last February but as far a clip on Youtube I havent found one yet. I am not really undecided on Bob Lazar because I just dont see his motive to lie at this point especially since he has avoided this topic at every turn over the last 25yrs except for maybe a handful of small interviews w/George Knapp. That and his element 115 story seems to give him a lot of credibility in my eyes. Perhaps its a very long and well thought out disinfo campaign but given that would include Lazar’s wife cheating on him as part of the campaign Im just not really putting that much credence into that theory.

      2. Take what you need and leave the rest and do your own research people. You are amazing! Discovered you only a short time ago and was hooked. I subscribed to plus right away. Re: Eric Dubay didn’t you say he won’t come on the show again or you can’t get a hold of him? Check out Mae Brussell, Queen of conspiracy research. She often got death threats when she got too close to what really was going on. “They” murdered her daughter and her son was drugged and he’s pretty much a vegetable. But she continued her radio show Dialog Conspiracy and later renamed it World Watchers. She started after Kennedy was killed. Everything she said turned out to be right. So ahead of her time. We need another one like her now. She got a fast acting cancer and believed “They” did it to finally shut her up. Her website and You Tube have her show archives. She had boxes and boxes of her research. No computers then. She spent hours upon hours tracking down these people and collecting damning evidence. She bought the Warren Report with her own money and it wasn’t cheap. She poured over that report cover to cover. She covered a wide range of topics. She blazed a trail for all the conspiracy researchers and radio shows around today. They need someone to house her research because they no longer could and don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands and be “lost” forever. It’s in CA so if you or someone you know can do it you should try contacting them. It’s too important to lose. Keep up the good work. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Saw the title and guest and was very sceptical.
    Listened to the entire thing and all i could think is that this guy was me 3 years ago.

    When i started into this “conspiracy” thing, i also fell down the u-fool-ogy hole for 2 years.
    I might have had more time on my hands than this guy, because in those years i listened to pretty much everything ufo related on the net, so without mincing more words, ill give my opinion of the talking points in this show.

    Basically John Lear is a very obvious CIA agent (or whatever organization, but lets say CIA as a catch all term). His moon stuff alone is pure BS, designed to smear everything conspiracy related and literally drive people into the woo-woo crowd.
    The guy was a ace pilot for the military, then afterwards he goes all wacky with UFO’s , looks to me like he is still working for the military.

    Then you have Bob Lazar. Bob seems pretty genuine, but for a “genious” he’s as naive as they come, and if he’s not a willing participant in a hoax, he most likely got fooled by the military and used. His friendship with John Lear pretty much seals it (John being his handler is a very real possibility).

    Now onto Stephen Greer, another fine scam artist working for the establishment, look into his picture of “the loving one” that turned out to be a butterfly with added glow. His disclosure thing also achived absolutely nothing, but people talk about it like it did, good job agent Greer.

    He also talked about Snowden, as if snowden was a real whistle blower (big indicator of people that need to resreach more) Snowden is in the mainstream media giving everyone breaktrough information everyone already knew, Agent if i ever saw one.
    If Snowden was a real whistle blower he would be dead. And from a purely computer technical standpoint , exactly how did he make off with all the documents unseen? does NSA really have that lax security? is he really smarter than them all, and pulled a ocean elleven ? please, give me a break.

    Now that ive dealt with all the characters, lets get to the point.

    The more you look into the ufo and alien stuff you realize its all made up by the military, the modern stuff anyway, the greys, abductions, ufos as spaceships, the ancient alien angle (as masonic it comes).

    The interesting things i dont know what to do with so far is the ancient paintings and stories about lights and strange shapes in the sky (emphasis on lights and strange shapes) like in this picture.

    And what Jeremy mentioned of the “summoner” guy.
    These things are legit, but i can not explain them because i honestly dont know what the phenomena is.

    But from all my research i am pretty sure the answer is not “Aliens”.

    The disconnect happens between whats actually observed (by non agents, Ie LIGHTS in the sky) and the interpertation “it was aliens of light from the federation of whatever”.

    In my opinion the military is not half as dangerous as they want us to belive, stuff is coming out nowadays of everything from nukes possibly being fake (think about the implications of that) to UFO’s and Fake space programs (and fake secret space programs too).

    In the end it all comes down to the fact that The best weapon the military has is the TV, and it makes people belive things that empower them (I.e the government/military/secret societies).

    “The strange lights in the sky are aliens, but i’m sure the government is on top of it hiding it from me”

    “We never went to the moon, but i’m sure the military went there in a secret space program and they are probably on mars now (mostly being pushed by Hoaxland in the early days, a known agent)”

    “The CIA killed Kennedy and got away with it” (look into the Zapruder movie being fake, squibs and other practical movie effects used in that clip, the entire situation smells of being staged)

    look objectively at these statement from the standpoint i just gave.
    It makes an otherwise mediocre (with no nukes/icbms/satelites/whatever) military, seem super powerful (aka the job of “intelligence” agencies).

    Its called controlled opposition people, and it got set up earlier than most of us would like to think.

    In time though, and with research, most people realize what i just ranted on about (we all fall for aliens in the start, its part of our growth as researchers), and im sure Jeremy will be no different, i give him 3 years.

    This being said, its been a while since i listened to an alien show, so i enjoyed it from the angle of getting a refresher on the stuff i used to belive myself.

    And just to clarify incase i get set in the flat earth camp, i have researched that alot more lately, and i heard a great point from Josh Reeves, that the people pushing the flat earth are and have always been masons.
    This has huge implications and i am still trying to get to the bottom of this.

    That being said, ball earth is a joke anyway, no matter if the flat earth is a red herring.

    Basically what i am trying to say in this wall of text is, that the “conspiracy” movement have been so incredibly contaminated by inteligence agencies with layers upon layers (aliens being layer one, the first one you run into when you start) of lies.

    It will take us years to get to the bottom of everything, possibly forever, unless we attack the root of the problem.

    The Intelligence agencies got to go !


    1. Zalian, your post was well written and I agree with a lot of it. My only issue is that I know that your view on aliens is wrong. I don’t know if they come from outer space, inner Earth, both, or somewhere else, but I know they exist. I have been researching aliens since the 80’s when I was a kid watching every VHS tape and cable channel documentary I could find, and reading every alien and UFO book I could get my hands on.

      I believe alien abduction runs in my family, and have seen enough proof just in my own family to be 100% convinced of this. I have not only seen UFOs in the sky, both in the day and at night, but I have also personally summoned a UFO. While sitting on a high rock off of a hiking trail, I put out a thought that asked for my “space brothers” to appear. This weird tunnel-vision thing happened and my eyes were pulled to a specific spot in the sky where I saw a silver orb high up in the sky. I watched it fly right over my head and then it did a u-turn and flew back in the direction it came from and then it faded out.

      My sister has dealt with the greys and I have some pretty fascinating stories I could tell. She has also seen UFOs in the sky, but even stranger, she sees them battling sometimes, and if there are other people around, they do not see what she does. It’s a very strange thing.

      So for me, aliens most certainly do exist. I can’t say for sure where they come from, but I know they are real. The big problem with aliens and UFOs though, is that no matter what evidence or testimony we have, they are so hard to accept and believe in unless you have your own personal experience with them.

  3. The original guys in the FE movement were most likely masons.

    from Rowbotham to probably many of the leading guys today.

    the guy writing the blog in that link has a very tiresome way of writing and he speaks alot of BS aswell, but most of his mason research checks out with my own.

    Does that mean the earth is round? no.

    Does not even mean its not flat, just makes me think there is more to this than what we are being told.

    Trying my best to dig into it at the moment, but information is scarce on ths subject.

    You should do your own research too, being a follower of authority (flat earth gurus or government) is how we got here in the first place.


    1. Ive done all my own research but I havent come across a single person that seems to be a Mason in the current movement. I know Mark Sargent did a show on Mason’s and the Flat Earth Thursday night but I just dont see him being a Mason.

        1. To be honest i tune out when people say “Dimensional” remember all the dimension stuff is based on very shady theoretical physics, provided by the scientism cult.

          Would not put much stock in it being true.

          That being said i will read your book, and i will let you know if you change my mind 🙂


      1. I tried to listen to the flat earth Mark Sargent show and only go 30 mins in…….
        So much esoteric knowledge taken at face value. It pained me. No wonder hidden knowledge stays hidden. ‘sigh’

        This is not a reflection of flat or round Earth, just couldn’t stand listening to dudes talk on David and Goliath and King Sol as if it were all a LOTR movie and completely miss the point, continuously.

        They minced wisdom so much, I started to think they were both mis info agents.

  4. I listened to that show too.

    He claims to not be a mason, yet admits most of his family is, and he read all the mason books, and knew the full story of solomon which is pretty hard to come by if you are a casual researcher on the net.

    And his entire spiel is trying to push religion on us with the dome BS.

    If anyone looked like a mason to me it would be him.

    But that being said i can not prove it, i don’t have a member list with his name on it, but im watching him closely, till proof of either his innocense or guilt shows up 😉

    Also i was not talking about him in particular, i was just airing the idea that if the orginal guys pushing the theory, and the flat earth society (Rowbotham, Samuel shenten etc) all are confirmed masons, something is up.


    1. One thing I have been wondering, do Masons run under centralised power like the Roman Church, or are they decentralised, like Islam?
      If the latter, then it would be hard to talk about ‘The Masons’. There could be groups quietly pushing wisdom out there, even as others continue to hide the power.
      That said, if Sargent works ‘for’ anyone, which I am doubting’ his job is to muddy the waters; ” I think David beat Goliath because he had Soloman’s ring, which he passed down to him…” Give me a fucking break!

  5. I have heard masonry described as Zionism for non jews.

    Don’t know what to do with that “informartion” , i do not subscribe to the “jew world order” in the same way as lets say eric dubay 😛 there are many powerful jews sure, but i do not belive they are the very top (that would be the priest class in my opinon). But i will admit many of the rituals are very khabbalistic.

    (i have also heard that mormonism was once set up as a front for freemasonry way back when, when masonry was illegal/frowned upon)


  6. Every show comment section is turning into a flat earth forum. wtf?! i agree the flat earth is intriguing, & im deep in every rabbit hole that exists, but holy shit man it’s really not that serious. Concern yourselves with the false flags & the rapidly encroaching 1 world systems that are right on top of us. Educate yourselves on those topics & do your best to help open other people’s eyes. 99% of our population believes the “news” is legitimate information! We have to do our part in exposing this crap. You can’t do it by pushing it in anyone’s face.. it has to be a slow process or their eyes will never open.

    Enjoyable show.. I’m not a fan of this guy, lear, or lazar. i believe they’re most likely all disinfo agents (including this cat), but you did a great job, Greg.

    Thanks for posting. One of my favorite things about your show is the wide range of guests you have on. Neither myself nor your other listeners need to believe each guests theories; It’s our responsibility to dig in & find the answers for ourselves.

    Thanks again Greg

    1. trintdaddy, I think the FE movement is important because of the implications if it is true. I agree that we need to wake up the world and the focus should be on unplugging as many people as we can from the Matrix. I was just talking about this to my 12 year old this morning – the need to balance out the sheep and the awakened. I think we are seeing good progress in this task, but still have a long way to go. As for the FE movement, I am still on the fence about it, but there are definitely problems with the globe model. Same with the FE model, giving me the impression that the truth must be something else.

      At this point my best guess is that the Earth is some sort of projection, hologram, or something similar. Maybe it does not even exist except in our minds. I’ve been watching a lot of videos about quantum physics and the idea of a holographic universe, and it does make sense to me that maybe this is all fake – a hologram. Its very fascinating and fun to think about.

      1. I agree,it’s intriguing, & it raises a LOT of questions. The moon, I’m still digging in there too. I don’t have definitive answers for these topics but I’ll keep looking for them.
        FE is important, but important topics abound at this point in history.
        My above comment started as a statement about how every show’s comment section turns into a FE thread. As a friend pointed out above, it’s called controlled opposition.
        But yeah, I’m with ya brother. Keep on keeping on & keep on digging. Try to help at least 1 person remove “truths protective layers” 😉

        Hooe you all have a great night!

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