Graham Hancock | Magicians of the Gods, Atlantis, & The Ancient Impacts

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Greg Carlwood Graham Hancock

International bestselling author, Graham Hancock, joins THC to talk about his latest book that’s breaking down the walls of conventional history: Magicians of the Gods. We discuss the latest evidence that helps to demystify why civilization seems to have sprung up out of nowhere,  the validity of the Atlantis story, and the idea that the oral traditions and ancient writings all around the globe that talk about “helpers” and  “seeders of knowledge” – are really attempts by the ancients at describing their encounters with the fractured remains of an even older lost civilization. Look out.

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  1. So Happy For The New Episode! always Ecstatic When A New One Is Posted! Keep Up The Excellent Work Greg! You Are Exceptional At Interviewing And Hosting In General! 🙂

  2. Thanks Greg, good show. Graham is one of my hero’s and you have obviously formed a bond since your recent trip.
    On a side note, the loading speed was so much better, and I could flick back and forward. I know you have been working on this. Great job!

  3. Stonehenge has been rebuilt about 3 times during the last 100 years. Some of it is just steel boxes encased in concrete. How can anyone know what the original was really like? They rebuilt it to make it more sexy for the tourists? Where is the archaeological integrity?

    I think Stonehenge might have been lined up with the Saturn polar configuration, and then they lined it up with the sun when it was rebuilt. They don’t want people to know about the Saturn polar configuration.

        1. Yes flooding seems self evident.
          The amount of water required to carve a landscape that sharply and deeply boggles the mind. Surely the only way to account for it using know forces would be for 100’s of cubic miles of ice sheet to suddenly become water and flow through.
          Cant see how other forces such as a tsunami or electrical arcing would leave erosion patterns with that directionality.

          1. recently deposited volcanic ash…… several meters deep…. flood waters will cut through that stuff like a knife through butter….

            if the earth either changed it’s direction of spin or temporarily stopped spinning or even changed it’s angular velocity; the quantities of water moving out from the equator of the oblate spheroid would be absolutely astronomical

            then again there is also the electrical arcing which carved out the canyons on Mars and makes the Grand Canyon look puny

            I say CATASTROPHISM!


            1. As a proponent of the impact hypothesis I am very much a catastrophist too.

              While the other causes you have mentioned are very possible I don’t see the geologic evidence to support them in this particular instance.

              We aren’t talking several meters, its a 100+, the erosion patterns don’t seem to indicate a water flow spreading out from the equator, the erratics and the silt they sit on require large icebergs to explain. Randall Carlson lays this all out very clearly in the 2nd half of the cosmic patterns presentation, which i highly recommend.

              Also surely sea water is going to leave evidence of salt? the origin of the worlds salt lakes however, you might be onto something.

  4. And aging of geologic strata is a complete JOKE. A complete racket!

    The extinction of the dinosaurs might have been 100,000 years ago. From a human perspective, 100,000 and 65 million years might as well be the same thing. Probably an increase in gravity that led to the extinction of the big lizards. Gravity went up and the big dinos could not run without breaking their ankles!

  5. Great timing Greg. We can all be thankful for stellar researchers like Graham Hancock as well as talented hosts like you to help us stay informed. Can’t wait to read GH’s new book and his return to THC in 2016!

  6. Wow, this show was brilliant; one of the best yet. I’d rather have 1 hour of GH than 2 hours of certain others. I’m a new plus member and have just almost finished all the plus shows. What a fantastic job Mr Carlwood. Really looking forward to you and GH chewing the fat in ’16.

    1. NIce! Yeah, not every guest is for everyone. I’ve actually had people blast me and unsubscribe for having Graham on. You just can’t please everyone, but I hope to cover enough ground in interesting topics/guests to keep most people happy 75% of the time. Either way, thanks!

      1. Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson are 2 of the most important people going right now! Anyone who would unsubscribe because of a brilliant man doing brilliant research in my opinion is a tad bull headed!

      2. I think the only thread that needs to be there from guest to guest is either a belief in conspiracies or factual contribution to said beliefs through research and investigation. As for the particulars I think it only natural that some points of view will conflict with other narratives. Whatever the full *truth* is; to me it is less important than the journey. Its a shame that some people choose to exert pressure on you by withdrawing financial support because they were idealogically opposed to a show or two you did. However those people really wouldn’t be a sustainable target market anyways. They would only get more demanding over time and narrow the confines of *allowed* discussion which is kind of the opposite of what you are doing and really only constricts the type of people who would be interested in what is being talked about. Personally I would only stop contributing if I was in a dire financial situation or the shows started consistently sucking and becoming really infrequent. Red Ice comes to mind on that front transitioning from the most thoughtful and cogent interviews on far out topics to 3 hours of hate speech, racism and nationalism.

  7. Ancient civilizations has always been an interest of mine, Graham is one of the best with solid research and evidence to back up his hypothesis.

    Taking a side step, I listened to Clyde Lewis yesterday and he was talking about the Black Knight probe/satellite and that some think it’s 13,000 years old. This would tie it right to what Graham was talking about, could the Black Knight be a time capsule (warning device) from this lost civilization? Sent into orbit before the disaster.

  8. I’ve been mulling over the meaning of the “tribe of Dan” for a long time as, maybe, those carriers of civilization, Johnny Appleseedish types of the long forgotten past.

    In pop culture, there are numerous references, even in the “Game of Thrones” Daenerys Targaryen, Danny and Peachey in “The Man Who Would Be King”, Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1. All of them are civilizer-types, solar people.

    There are classical and biblical references too, the Greek Danae, Tribe of Dan., etc…

    Great interview. Lots of info to think about.

  9. Graham is awesome, love his work and want to hear more.

    If the Earth is flat and motionless, stationary and it has no wobble, then the stars above us could be exactly like 13000, 13000000 years ago. I don`t think that whoever built Gobekli Tepe knew/planned it to be excavated in this time.
    There are people who seriously think that dinosaurs never existed and are faked for some reason. Could be true, who knows. I haven`t seen any 🙂 , and a skeleton too, but dinosaurs are very popular these days and maybe for a hidden reason.
    And also – history, historical dates and times and even famous persons are another thing that is very questionable. Who knows what year it is, what actualy happened before our time..

    Greg, I admire you for not focusing on a very narrow path of topics.. I mean – if I was a host all I would talk about would be flat earth, spiders, black goo, Crrow777 work about Hadibov and few other things.

    Sorry for my broken english, not my first language, and today I find it hard to translate my thoughts into English correctly 😀 .

    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂 !

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