Jen Briney | Our Corrupt Congress, The WTO, & The Push For Global Corporate Takeover

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Jen Briney returns to THC to talk about all the things she’s been covering on her podcast Congressional Dish where she reads and researchers all the bills coming through Congress. Thus, she gets a great sense of what’s really going on, and the concerning patterns seems to be emerging

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  1. Unfortunately I think a lot of people will be disappointed in this episode. Believe me, I understand. It’s been nagging at me since it was recorded. It’s a bit too conventional US politics for THC, but if I had to make the case for its value, it’s a bit interesting to see someone like Jen start to turn more towards a conspiratorial view. The more she digs, the more she starts to come around to our side.

    Either way, I already know it’s fairly weak for this audience. I have a pretty damn good one recorded already for the next ep, and I’m doing a show with Graham the week after. Just don’t beat me up too bad!

    1. I think she’s a great guest. She’s got a really unique niche. I’m guessing she’s maybe the only person in the whole United States that’s reading these laws!

      My $0.02 is the more conventional guests balance out the way-out-there conspiracy/paranormal stuff.

      1. Agree as well. Jenn has vast knowledge of the the protocols and legislative language of congress, and hearing her insights on this is valuable. How could she really understand GMO and the truth of the housing bubble when any Bill pertaining to such matters would be a whitewash? So what, she hasn’t researched these things yet, but she probably will now.

        What is truly amazing is that by simply reading every bill that passes through congress, then connecting the bill to its sponser and then to the big donors, she concedes she probably sounds like a raving conspiracy theorist to the average joe!

        Greg I hope you keep having her on every year or so.

    2. I’d still take this over “NASA as a source” people Greg 😉

      You are also correct in your assesment about conspiratorial views not being something misinformed people have, when people start digging is when they pick them up.

      Me myself was brainwashed drone number 390276 before i started researching.
      I do 3d animation for a living, and i fell down the rabbit hole while researching “real” UFO’s for my made up spaceship designs. And it just started building and before i knew it, i was the ball earth skeptic i am today (who knows what i will end up as with more information) 😛

      A Radio guy i listen to and follow called Josh Reeves (maybe something for your show? hes amazing when it comes to archeology, sadly he still subscribes to alot of NASA BS but hes a good guy i belive), use to say that every person has that one “trigger subject” that makes them start researching.

      For some its 9/11 other the Moon landings, JFK or even ELVIS 😛

      For this woman politics was obviously her weak spot.

      just my toughts.


      1. Zal, hey I like how you found the rabbit hole. I myself also did AI animation for years on the Sims, shipped over 11 The Sims titles. Boy does it teach you how to be God in many ways. Remember the game Black and White? I have listened to a great podcast on an other dimensional porthole in Los Angeles. 2 people drove into the dimension off the freeway exist. One girl committed suicide after they managed to return to the “real world”. I have thought that we live in a 3D computer world, where the designer has created millions of different computer layers on top of one another. That is how portholes are discovered into parallel worlds. I like the flat earth theory because you can have as many photoshop” worlds” on top of one another. We might very well live in the simulated world of the source being part is part AI

    3. Personally I loved this interview. Jen Briney does important work. I’ve listened to Congressional Dish since your first interview with her and have always been impressed with the work she does. I’m someone in your audience who can be more skeptical than most I suspect. I appreciate her take on things and your effort to give Jen and other more conventional guests an outlet to share their work.

    4. I thought it was a good show. Vote whatever puppet you want in, the agenda remains the same.At the end of the day we are all getting lied to and truly shafted.
      Has anyone noticed the NWO plan is on full throttle. Have a good look at the world. Its a mess. People are waking up. Even my mother has seen the light, after thinking her son was crazy all my life lol Governments and politicians don’t lie they are there to serve and protect its citizens haha
      Im in the uk, we are on the highest terrorist threat level ever.So how do we solve it? We let in loads of illegal immigrant and cut 24k police officers pmsl Divide and Conquer
      So for the rant bad hair day. Best put me tin foil hat on.
      Keep up the great work Greg

    5. Greg,
      In our world of conspiracy facts can be hard to come by, and as far as I’m concerned Jenn is the most fact based geust you have on. I really enjoyed the shows you have her on. When we are still digesting the conspiracy tangents it is refeshing to have a pure fact checker to bring it full circle. Love the work you do, and don’t sell a show short, your fans will always be there to help you vet these people.

    6. You are so self aware. Ur exactly correct. This was NOTHING like you and your style to do an interview like this. It was a good interview as far as “common” goes but ur way different than that. U go places where our minds might have historically denied us to go. Keep that spirit Greg, this kind of think is milk toast by comparison. At LEAST u are aware and know it wasn’t right for YOU. ur different man………. Keep it that way.

  2. I go back and forth on the point Greg and Jen made about engagement in politics. If you disengage, you do ostensibly make it easier for the bad guys to get their way. OTOH, I think it’s too simple to focus on the federal gov’t and elected office as the only way to engage in political action.

    The idea of a citizens revolt by taking the house of representatives has some appeal, but I think “the people” don’t have common cause, or even a sense of who they are or what they’d like to do. I think the thing that’s really missing is big foundational ideas. That’s why I think shows like THC, or really the alt-media in general, in spite of its various shortcomings, is really valuable–it’s an idea factory.

    So, it’s not necessarily defeatist to take a pass on the elections, conversely it might not be worthwhile to try to fend off the corporatocracy on every issue, which I think is a little bit like taking on a spider in a web weaving contest. Why fight that creature on its own turf?

    1. On the topic of engagement, I’ve found that voting with the dollar is as or more powerful a way to shift things and make change happen, on some issues, as hitting the ballot box. The follow up to that is voting when it really counts (like local elections where you know the people who are running, and also voting 3rd party for any candidate in a state that votes solidly red or blue.) Also hitting friends, family, and community members in the the mouth with solid verifiable information that they would never see brought forward by the bought and paid for script reading actors/journalists we are presented with by the main stream media (for example, the real scoop on the newest media savvy anti-establishment hero that we are being sold, Mr. Snowden.)

      I think that meditating also helps me to not catch a stroke while sifting through the daily barrage of sociopathic vileness and soul-dead apathy that seems to be steering the US away from any real aspirations toward a lasting greatness and nobility of spirit.

  3. As someone who doesn’t vote, doesn’t follow politics and doesn’t read/watch mainstream news it was reassuring to learn I haven’t missed anything focusing in other thoughts and endeavors. She certainly seems informed and intelligent, it’s just sad to me that anyone chooses to expose themselves to that much slime when they could be doing other things that are more life-affirming.

    I don’t think disengaging from the political scene mean “doing nothing”, I think that all your time and effort that would go to keeping up on the latest bill, next presidential candidate, etc. should be redirected into creating a life/living totally separate from everything government.

    What would happen if we all stopped voting, stopped serving on juries (unless you were to invoke jury nullification), stopped paying the hundreds of taxes we are forced to pay, stopped going to your gov or corporate 9 to 5 (any other work is A-O.K.), stopped taking out exorbitant loans for college indoctrination that won’t ever lead to a job that truly improves your life or financial situation, stopped getting their licenses to marry or drive, etc.? Aside from life becoming much more enjoyable, the parasitic elite would have a very difficult time keeping all of us in line and might crawl back into the hole they came from. Hell, if they just went to that tropical oasis that might be hiding in Antarctica that we have all been banned from, that would suffice for me. I don’t care where they go- I just want them to go away.

    All kinds of people have told us in the alternative info world, over and over again, that the USA is a CORPORATION. We are not a country. We are not a repub,it. We are not a democracy. If (don’t remember who said this) the constitution was our protection from the oarasitic elite it either is incapable of performing that or it was designed to fail, because that’s where we are. Forget the constitution. They sold us out in 1871 when the U.S. Became a corporation and you became an asset, thru your labor, taxes, etc. The U.S. as we knew it or imagined it was, is gone. Forever.

    Check out Sofia Smallstorm. Check out Marc Stevens. Check out the origins of Common Core, Agenda 21 (if you haven’t seem signs of it where you live, come to Seattle. The elite’s future for us is NOW and it’s not good. In fact, my local health food store now sells “Non-GMO” cricket protein powder. These people want us to eat bugs. Need I say more?) Check out Dr. Jennifer Daniels, a U.S. Doctor now living in Panama because pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies caused her to lose her medical license for not following Standard of Care and instead HEALING people, which isn’t allowed! So, check out her podcasts at to learn about Standard of Care and a myriad of other things we aren’t told as cattle in this society.

    Jen, you are smart, nice and very up-to-date on national politics, but I would prefer you use your efforts to start a fantastic business or educate people on how to extricate us from this mess, not “work within it to change it”. The system ONLY exists to screw us over.

  4. First and foremost, the speaker of the house job is meant to be a job held by a non politician, he/she does not have to be in the senate to get the job, just get the most support. She, like so many in this country needs to understand that we live in a Republic NOT a Democracy. Even thou this country has gone to hell, it is still way better here than ANYwhere else. You don’t see people here getting on boats headed anywhere else, all the boats are headed this way. Hilary is a LIAR! Hilary for PRISON 2016!! Burny is a communist, wow democrats are exactly why this country is in hell. GFY!!

    1. Hey iami – totally agree with you that we do not live in a Democracy. Also agree that Hillary is a liar. Totally disagree with your assertion that “democrats are exactly why this country is in hell”. You’re just messing with us, right? You don’t really believe that one party is the good guy and the other party the bad guy, right? The top people in BOTH parties have sold their votes, their influence, their power to the highest bidder/financial backer – that’s how they’ve reached the top. And just the fact that I had to use the term “both parties” indicates the real lack of choice that we are given… Damn right Hillary is a liar, but while we’re throwing around that label, do the names Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Ronald “I-Don’t-Recall” Reagan, etc mean anything to you? C’mon, man – the world isn’t black and white…. And, lastly, your parting shot of “GFY!!” is probably more suited to a different forum (say, FOX News) where intolerance of other’s opinions is not only accepted, it’s encouraged…

  5. i do not vote because it is difficult to register or get to a polling place every two years …. i do not vote because i think the system is rigged and my vote means very little …. i do not vote because it is part of the game i do not wish to play and because it is part of an illusion i do not wish to be part of …. i do not: vote, pay taxes, pay for licenses, shop at walmart, get vaccinated, drink fluoridated water, watch television, etc. … i do not do these things because i choose to abstain, to practice non-compliance – it is my way of peaceful protest … and i cannot help but think that if more folks refused to participate (as Luna Parker stated above) the system might have a chance of a re-start as alternatives are created …..

  6. Voting doesn’t matter.
    What nonsense that we voted in Obama.
    The whole point is WE DIDN’T.

    And she’s not against GMO’s because she can’t define what a GMO is, therefore they must be harmless?

    The POINT of genetically modifying an organism, i.e. Adding foreign to that organism genetic material to be integrated into its permanent genetic code (not all are permanent), usually using a viral or bacterial modified vector, is to allow more amendments to be applied to that organism (i.e. RoundUp) or to cause that organism to produce toxins it wouldn’t otherwise produce.


    She needs to stick to talking about what she knows.

    We’re ALL GMOed.

    That’s not the problem.
    The problem is the particular modifications currently employed.

  7. After a ten day spread between episodes I was really feeling the itch for some good ‘ol THC conspiracy… and then a political show dropped. Yeah… I was disappointed but Jen is a great source of information I should be more into and involved in. I enjoyed the episode as much as I can enjoy political talk.

    So much of our conspiracy theories involve politics that we should atleast make an effort to learn how it all works so we can, at minimum, be aware of political strife in the making that affects us.

    I feel they purposely make it so boring and confusing to the point that you want to stab yourself in the temple with a rusty butter knife so that people wont follow along and they can get away with much more than they could if it were more concise and easily understandable… which is one reason I hate politics. You can’t truely follow and understand the breadth of politics unless you devote a majority of your time to it… and then your always playing catch up with after-the-fact reports of the shady shit that has already went down with no opportunity to prevent it because it was already decidedby a few Good ‘Ol Boys in the back room.

    I better stop. The show was good considering the content

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  8. Everything she said is easily rebutted. Proof you can have all the facts right infront of your face and still have no idea of how to understand them if you don’t know your economic theory and political philosophy.

  9. Listening to this episode makes me want to smash my head through a wall. Please get someone on that actually understands these issues. She talks about the housing boom like she knows what she’s talking about and she’s got it all wrong, she leaves out the fact that the government was forcing these banks to make loans to underqualified borrowers and backed them up with tax payer money, so of course banks are going to try and find ways to get these bad loans off their books. She also leaves out who bought all these derivatives, which was the government under fannie and freddie. This entire market was a direct result of government action, and government action that she actually supports like getting poor people into homes! She’s completely clueless, as most progressive socialists are. Again, get on someone who actually understands this stuff because the real story about how the government and the federal reserve does this is absolutely mindblowing.

      1. Yes!!!! Would love to hear her.

        She makes the corrupt economy very easy for anyone to understand. I love her concepts of the “tape worm economy”, “popsicle index”, the us gov’s role in drug dealing and ruining people/neighborhoods, how to create your own local economy/lending system, livlihoods that are needed, stable and ethical to get you out of the college/loan debt/corporate $ gov workforce matrix and the average American’s unwillingness to “push the button” and stop participating in their own long-term demise in favor of short-term gain…

        I would also love for her to talk more about how she kept herself mentally and ethically strong when the Feds were desperately trying to find some way to prosecute her. She thought of it as a spiritual war and I think we could all benefit from her strategies and mindset, given the people (?) we are dealing with today.

    1. The housing boom was even more insidious than that. We literally saw housing prices quadruple from 1980-2000. Back in 2000 as the consequences of outsourcing labor were coming to a head the government needed to stimulate economic activity and used the housing market to do so; by driving the prices up to increase the amount of money changing hands and cover up the massive trade deficits we had been hemorrhaging since Clinton sold out the working man.

      My FIL was an appraiser and broker so I got to see the business from the inside and this is how it worked. If you were trying to secure a loan of 200k for a appraised 300k house its was like you had 100k liquidity in the property already. But banks couldn’t make that claim themselves (pesky laws prohibited that). So what they did was tell the appraisers the numbers they needed for the deal to go through (also blatantly illegal and also common practice).

      The appraiser then could find a way to fudge the numbers or not get any more work from them (which given the conglomeration of banks would essentially mean find a new profession). After 3 properties in a given area received the fraudulently inflated value all the rest could legally be appraised at the new price. This happened again and again. Banks made a killing and due to lax oversight most of the time appraisers got away with it. Appraisers are supposed to be impartial arbitrators neither influenced by the buyer or bank. However their dependency on banks for their livelihood essentially negates that. For their risk an appraisal back then was maybe 200-300 bucks each and literally made the banks trillions. Banks were not the victims of government requirements but either helped devise the system to work in conjunction with government (the payback being the eventual bailout) or as many allege own the government and use it as the scapegoat for their games of financial domination. Just as they had in the earlier S&L bailout from the 80’s.

  10. Quite a surprising, refreshing voice to add to my growing list of legit, politically/ socially conscious podcasts and alt-media all stars. Love this one to give some balance to the Swerdlows and Jordan Maxwells (of which I both admittedly enjoy hearing) out there. Thanks, Carlwood, for exposing the gems of the info-sphere

  11. I found your show due to Jen’s first appearance, and now happily subscribe to you both. The work she does is invaluable for those of us who want to know what the heck is happening in Congress, but just don’t have the time to research it ourselves. Please continue to have people like her on the show, as I feel she really does help to legitimize those crazy “theories” we all have because she backs it up with documented proof of their shady dealings. Also, not everyone is going to be happy with every single guest that you have, but you are here to broaden our horizons, and I’m sure the people who were bummed about it still learned a thing or two (whether they will admit it or not)! Keep up the good work, friend!

  12. I thought it was a good show. It was really nice to hear from someone doing the valuable legwork journalists at news organizations are prevented/conditioned away from doing. Even if I heartily disagree with her solutions and think she retains too much faith in the system 😉
    Really, when it comes to GMOs, if you’re not up on the complexities, “a corporate-driven, technological solution to ecological challenges” should be enough of a red flag for anyone like Jen who follows government at that level. Apologists claiming no danger and arguing against regulation in such a case should get your Heaviest dose of skepticism!! These are exactly the kinds of protections (perfect or not) that these international trade agreements would just love to make impossible! Frustrating.

  13. To anyone who does not know what the Clinton’s and their mates were/are trying to do with this privatised World Bank/Health/ whatever, look no further than The East India Company; a privately held company, with a private (huge) standing army, with major Government backing( including use of said governments Army!!) running someone elses country for a profit……

    It only really went sour when said Government realised that they were becoming an arm of the Company, instead of the other way around!

  14. I loved this episode. Jen Briney is great, and I enjoy political subjects one in a while. Just a comment on the cost of Medicare. She stated it’s $150 a year. It’s actually $105 a month, so $1260 a year, and it’s going up in price next year. I’m 28 years old a permanently disabled so Medicare is still my cheapest option for insurance. Medicare is not just for senior citizens, it’s for disabled people too.

  15. This one I had a number of issues with. I’m not sure if Jen is a agent of the elite trying to encourage others to engage and waste time and energy in futile acts or if she really is just incredibly naive and too young to understand how the world works. Either way the interview was littered with a ton of mis/dis info. To clarify on GMO’s. GMO’s are not the selective breeding farmers have done for thousands of years. Its when you take a foreign element from a different genome and force it into another. Like combining a plant and an animal. Or in the case of corn a pesticide (roundup) and the corn. While the GMO corn is not sprayed with actually contains it in its DNA and THAT is why those crops are not sprayed. So GMO corn is NOT pesticide free and organic corn is NOT by default sprayed with toxic pesticides. There are many non toxic techniques farmers have used for thousands of years to protect their crops from pests and many of the companies trying to bring back better produce are using again.

    The intellectual dishonesty with her statements on that matter were quite frankly dumbfounding and troubling to any credibility she might have on other topics; especially politics. Your vote already is not counted. Her solution to vote everyone out is not even possible due to this, let alone practical trying to unify the vast majority of the nation to vote for this candidate or that. And even with a secure vote there are still about 1000 ways potential candidates can legally be kept from having a shot. In 2008 some people might recall how Dennis Kucinich was *excluded* from Presidential debates once they got 6 months out from the election. He was a legitimate candidate, had passed all prerequisites, had even raised 4 million dollars…but couldn’t be taken seriously compared to the vast amount of money other candidates like Obama had raised (150 million I believe). So they just removed him from the debates and denied his voice. Then later we saw DK cave under party pressure to the Health Care *Reform* act. Politics is joke and people just need to accept that they have no say in who runs the country let alone what that person decides to do. The illusion is that you do and anyone who has seriously looked at evm’s and actually understands how votes are actually cast for candidates by delegates (not your vote) would concur. Unless of course they were trying to perpetuate the myth of choice.

    To everyone out there put your time and energy into making your life better. Fixing the things within your control and learning to live with the things that are not. You would be far better served by reading a book than reading any of the garbage that is called politics. Like another poster said, I haven’t followed it in years and I haven’t missed anything; but have gained a ton of time to manifest things that have made my life better than it was 10 years ago despite the downward spiral we are in collectively.

    1. Yeah man, ” Tyranny is never defeated on the Macro level; it is defeated by millions of acts at the micro level…” Gordon@RuneSoup in one of the THC interviews, and I could not agree more.
      Instead of bitching about the government you did/did not vote for,( who cares; they are NOT working for you at that level. “Do you know what insurance on an E Class costs?!?”) start fixing the bits of your life you do have control over, and watch what happens…… oh, and set up and ancestor altar, ’cause like the man says, “…it’s better luck magic that luck magic…”, truly!

      Alex Stark is another one to glean info from, regarding actively taking control of your life in a way that might just get you burned/stoned to death in Saudi Arabia……high praise, in my books! 😉

      1. Also, with the plant hybridization/GMO’s; give me a break!
        Check out what these guys did with wheat in the 50’s, before they even learned to insert proteins……
        It’s called farming for profit, so you can pay back your bank debt!( one day in the future)

        …so they can spray less chem and feed the world?? It’s called”RoundUp Ready” and it means you can spray chem all season to kill the weeds and FrankenPlant doesn’t die. Still want to eat it?
        And if we really wanted to feed the starving, perhaps we should stop dumping half of the food we buy in the garbage uneaten, and give it to them instead? The world grows enough high quality food. It the distribution model that is up the shit, not the plants or the soil.

        Oh Joe, you edgy son-of-a-gun; imagine an alt-podcaster putting on a pro-GMO dude….

        Seriously, I have not listened to Rogan, Trussell or Bollelli for nearly 12 months, and this does not make me reconsider.
        I have to listen to my own ego talk shit all day; listening to theirs as well is just overkill.

  16. Voting is easy!!! If u r not voting u r part of the problem. I personally wish everyone would quite their job and or stop paying taxes, but my chickens have taught me there is a natural pecking order. I have also learned that people will never agree or cooperate so voting is important

  17. Paying attention to debates are important. Voting in primary’s r important
    Local voting is important. Sports & tv r distractions. Duh, huh? Thanks for having her on Greg. U might be shock, I haven’t agreed with 100% of everybody. Love Thc !!!

  18. Like several other people who have commented, I’m probably a bit more radical than Jen. On the other hand, I found her analysis of the forces that are really shaping US domestic policy very informative – even if I don’t see exactly eye to eye with her on the solutions. She’s a first-rate researcher in terms of bringing to light the things that the corporate media is instructed not to touch – at least in terms of the conventional political institutions. That’s where her talents lie as a researcher.

    Having studied several alternative researchers’ work for about a decade now, I know that they are best when they stick to the subject(s) they know most about. I would respectfully suggest that the whole GMO issue is probably not Jen’s area of expertise. In her interview she cited the “What is CMO anyway?/We’ve actually had this technology for thousands of years” sleight of hand that I’ve heard from several corporate sponsored so-called “experts.” It’s a piece of sophistry that relies on the listener’s ignorance of the technology so as to blur distinctions. The splicing and insertion of alien genes into genetically unrelated organisms – which is what GMO technology essentially is – is a fundamentally different technology from the selective breeding of genetically related species, perhaps over many hundreds of years. Why is this important? Well, for one thing, some of the genes that are spliced into the GM food that people eat are from bacteria and viruses. They produce the very same toxins that were formerly sprayed on crops in order to make those crops resistant to pests. So, in some senses, it is true that GM crops reduce the need for spraying, but only because the crops themselves now contain the toxins, rather than the pesticides.

    Even the boast that GM reduces the need to spray is, at best, a half-truth. I’ve spent some time in the province of Cordoba, northern Argentina, where Monsanto has transformed the economy with large scale cultivation of GM soy and maize. Local people have been camping outside Monsanto’s main depot in the Province, because they object to the massive increase in the spraying of Roundup that has happened since GM was established there. One reason for this is the recent mutation of superweeds that are resistant to Roundup. I could go on about how GM organisms can alter the biology of the human gut; how people and animals that eat GM have problems with the content of the gut leaking into the bloodstream; how corporately-patented GM seeds are now illegal for farmers to save etc etc,

    In short, the real information about GM is suppressed – just like information about the realities of politics. The agenda behind the suppression is the same as that behind the political system, though.

  19. Did my best. Listened as far as I could. The young lady’s optimism is annoying. Probably my fault in believing representational government is antiquated and all applicable laws should fit in a concise book in your back pocket. InCorporation should be made illegal. Sovereignty should be in everyone’s understanding. You can’t vote out corruption. You can’t vote a war machine to not war after such a boisterous history of being at war 220 out of about 240 years. Thinking otherwise is like arguing law with a lawyer and a judge at the table when ya can’t speak their language. Until sovereignty and fallacious argument are encompassed we as a wishing things would get better people are just fooling ourselves. Might as well listen to the Big Bang theory for science advice.

  20. There’s an organization named DownsizeDC who make it easy to contact your representative and your senator. They have three core bills that they want to introduce into congress. They are called the “Read the Bills Act, ” the “Write the Bills Act,” and the “One Subject at a Time Act.” These are three bills that would go a long way to reigning in the corruption in DC. Anyone who wants to get involved should look into this organization and support it.

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