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One of my favorite authors and yours, Joseph P. Farrell returns to THC to talk about the idea of an epic cosmic war in humanity’s past. We’ve heard about this possibility from the ancient texts of many cultures, but what Joseph is now doing, is also looking at all the things that go into a post-war process when you’re talking about a conflict of this size, and finding a plethora of parallels in the details of these texts as well.

We talk about the idea of a quarantine being installed after such a war, possibly around the Earth. Also, could UFOs be the remnants of a monitoring system installed after the large scale destruction of this ancient conflict? Are the bloodlines of Elite family’s a ripple effect from the two sides involved? All interesting questions, and you can hear more about it in Joseph’s presentation at the Secret Space Program Conference in Austin.


Check out more of Joseph’s work on his website:

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  1. 3 weak weeks. Heres hoping the shows get that old spark back. I think he forgets that Germany is still in 2015 paying those reparations, France and Russia are not.

    1. I’ve had a hard time getting through most of the recent shows since I discovered the earth is flat. As usual, there is no lack of irony. Since Greg introduced me to the flat earth. (which I thank him for) I’d love for the show to go back and revisit some of the great guests like Randall Carlson & hear their takes on this Flat Earth topic/debate. Some of the the guests that discuss CERN & Magic would be amazing to hear chime in on this stuff as well. Greg, what say you bud? As usual keep up the good work.
      I’m sorry if this rubs anyone the wrong way. I want to make it clear I love and appreciate the show, it’s guests, and most of all Mr. Carlwood. I’m paying member (have been for a long time, will continue to be) & have listened to every show at least once. Except for the latest, as stated above :]

      1. Dr. Farrell’s been in the trenches for a long time and is one of my perennial favorites. No one’s research and personal narrative approach is going to nail the absolute Truth (if they do run from them! or kill them on the road!) I’m a fan of Sevan Bomar’s approach to the flat earth hypothesis — its useful as an ancient 2D astral record keeping construct that runs parallel with current (and secret) 3D astrophysical models. All check out in their own peculiar ways, with warts and incongruencies, all are used to further/suppress various political agendas. For 4D models of truth and beyond, don’t discount Dr. Farrell’s writings on the elaborate nature of the pyramid at Giza, the grid of the Gods, and torsion fields. Gordon White, Tom Montalk, Steiner’s work into 4D geometry, and other guides are also helpful …

        1. Thanks for that response. I was not aware of that researcher’s work and it was interesting.

          I contacted Dr. Farrell before the secret space program and asked him about the flat earth issue, knowing that the flat earth meme is increasing in its popularity, energy, and relevance, that I wanted to make sure that the Secret Space Program might be able to address it should it come up. I didn’t attend the program and thought the pay per view fee was too high, but I also resonate with many here who feel that NASA is so tarnished as an entity, that depending on such a monopoly of information is dangerous, regardless of what our ultimate cosmological truth is.

          I should say that Dr. Farrell has a chapter in his new book called “The Cosmological Cartel,” and I thought this was intriguing, because seen through a flat earth perspective, or spherical, it begs the question of whether the truth of our most basic assumptions of where we are — our boundaries — could be controlled by any cartel of information.

          The Flat Earth movement to me is fascinating, not so much because of its literal flat earth claims as much as it opens up people to question the history and philosophy of science, and encourages us all to take a more gnostic and on-hands approach to evaluating our reality. Instead of delegating our reason to others, we should each engage in more independent thinking and do our own research and experiments.

          What worries me very much these days is that science is not open and transparent; whenever that happens in a society, it is VERY DANGEROUS. We don’t have checks and balances on what the military might be doing, and worse, society as a whole does not advance. Perhaps this is why we are not living in that Jetson’s future of flying cars we alway dreamed of.

          Look at the architecture of our times, and one can tell we are feeling the effects of the monetary system, which is very much linked into every other conspiracy.

          To Joseph’s credit, it is this target at which he aims his amazing intellect.

          If one studies Structures of Scientific Revolutions, one learns that sometimes new science only advances once the old guard literally dies off. Meaning, even well meaning people let old ideas die hard. And that is assuming they are not censored, suppressed, or otherwise going along to get along.

          Joseph is always a great guest, but I would like to see a future show with him where he does address the flat earth issue and other controversial topics. He usually answers many of the more dangerous ones with answers cleverly abstract enough to not take a hard stand.

          However, In this age of epistemological crisis, I agree with another comment that Joseph does need to make sure his material is relevant, or at the very least, does not hold back knowledge which he clearly is aware of. He initially came to scene alongside NASA apologist, Richard Hoagland, although he has since distanced himself from him to some degree.

          If we can’t trust our truth tellers, who can we trust? But that is why I just became a member here. This is a great show, and since Red Ice has become more interested in domestic politics and nationalism issues EVERY EPISODE, I appreciate a show like THC that keeps the shows diverse, and also has a host who does his homework and is very intelligent, and able carry the interview into relevant territory.

          So many cheers to Greg, and others should look at Joseph’s work, and let’s not dismiss him yet because he has yet to speak on such new topics that are of interest to all of us. I would like to see him again, when he doesn’t have the Space Program to promote, because he is a deep well of wisdom, and can discuss anything from JFK to ancient civilizations. He is indeed a perennial favorite of mine as well.

          But I agree that people must begin to deal with fundamental axioms that we have taken for granted; and the fakeology/media manipulation is one further aspect of this. If the Secret Space Program does not deal with key axiomatic issues, it will not seem like the Secret Space Program Conference, but the Secret Space Program Distraction Conference.

          I will give the benefit of the doubt until I view the material from this year’s conference. Meanwhile, keep up the great work! The show with Jim Marrs was one of my favorites.

      2. I have the same view as Jayluke, 1 year ago i would eat this up. but now i feel like we are past this and joseph needs new material.

        Greg doing good as usual though 😀


      3. I was typing out the same exact message. I can’t listen to or trust anyone who uses anything NASA or space related for research since I’ve jumped head first into Flat Earth. The only reason I still like Joseph Farrell somewhat is because of his incredible knowledge on the Nazi’s. As I’ve also turned my attention to the Holohoax&Dinohoax, I do appreciate someone who can give incredible info on the Third Reich even though Im beginning to believe that maybe 10% of what the Nazi’s were accused of doing they actually did. I do wish Greg would’ve taken the angle of “prove to me why the Holocaust wasnt a hoax” however I understand why he wouldnt at this juncture.


        1. I considered it, but nothing about this episode was about the “genocide.” Joe talks about Nazi’s as a power group that could still exist using hidden sources of wealth. That really isn’t related to anyone’s thoughts on the Holocaust. That’s why I didn’t. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

          1. @Carlwood Yeah that’s why I said I understood why you didn’t because it basically would’ve came out of left field. I really would like to hear Joseph Farrell’s take on it though and I absolutely agree with him that the “4th Reich”(credit Jim Marrs) is alive and strong all throughout the world. Maybe you could drop him a note and have him back on in about a month or two to have his take on the Holohoax. Just a thought.

      4. Get a grip motherfucker…..and motherfuckers all jumping on this or that bandwagon and crying your little tears because not everybody in this world gives time and regard to your pet theories of the month…..For fucks sake, could you guys be any more a bunch of mental midgets…..children.

      1. To me, it doesn’t matter the working- framework of ideas someone like Joseph Farrell comes up with — I celebrate his uniqueness and wild, imaginative thinking, not to mention he’s a brilliant man. There’s no law that says imagination has to be the absolute truth — that’s the type of attitude that crushes creativity which I got enough of in school, thank you very much. Creative thinking is what’s going to enable people to pull themselves up out of this insane asylum. Just because Farrell is playing with ideas doesn’t mean you have to follow them as the gospel truth. His creativity no doubt sparks the imaginations of others that might come up with some invention that completely pulls us all out of the suppression grid, like something in the free energy realm that can’t get suppressed. Although I disagree with many things he says like most anybody I read or listen to, his example inspires me to use my own imagination.

  2. I loved the discussion on the quarantined section around this part of the universe. Made perfect sense to me that this could/would be done if you had just almost blown away half of this part of the Galaxy in an epic ancient battle.

    It also jives with my hypothesis that the flat earth model and outer space don’t necessarily need to be mutually exclusive. Why can’t there be a perfectly encapsulated, flat, domed prison section that we live upon that is basically farmed and harvested for energy and outside of that is ‘real space’, which we are not allowed to access?

    Loved the zippo sound effects, love J Farrell.

    1. Agree whole-heartedly that flat earth / outer space models don’t necessarily need to be an either / or. At the most basic level we are looking at how Consciousness interacts with Prima Materia (two nouns and a verb, the trinity), there’s been a movement from unity to duality, and eventually we are all headed back to home base (prodigal son parable). I’ve got a strong hunch that flat earth projection vs. NASA projection is the kindergarten 2.0 version debate of whats really going on here and man I ain’t got time to raise up a flag and get pulled down into the weeds.

  3. Hey.. its Zippo man 🙂 Good show. I wish we could have dug deeper ibto his new material. Great questions, Greg and smooth conversations. Well done. Gunna have to listen to this one again since my mind wandered off a few times.

  4. I can’t help thinking that Dr Farrel was recruited while at Oxford University. After all, academics don’t usually get into this sort of thing. The secret service have a long history of recruiting from Oxford and Cambridge.

  5. FLAT EARTH is to conspiricy world like Witch camp is to Pentecostal Christianity It is SO far out there and it blows your mind and it makes so much sense but could not possible be right. Even thinking about it changes you forever. They will be reading Dr Farrel years from now.

    1. Flat Earth Could not possibly be right? Why is that? I’m pretty sure there is a very very very detailed argument that proves that it is. As a matter of facts Eric Dubay just released a 2hr video that is incredible showing 200 reasons the Earth is Flat. Yes I will admit some of it is conjecture but most of it is flat out undeniable proof.

      1. Flat Earth theory COULD be right………but it’s still a theory. Just like Farrell’s work. And like Farrell’s work, I think it’s a lot of fun and I really appreciate it. 🙂

        At this point in time, I have seen nothing that proves that it is, or isn’t right, so it’s a theory.

        But here’s the hot news flash; just because NASA are a lying bunch of ‘frontmen’ doesn’t mean the Earth is flat, or round. It just means they know something that they are not telling us.
        I personally think the flat Earth model has got plenty of legs, but I can’t prove shit, and I can’t bring myself to rubbish anyone who isn’t on board. I may just be flat out wrong.

        Also, just because WE can’t pass the ‘Firmament’, doesn’t mean that nothing at all can get through.

        I really do think that despite Ockham’s best efforts, the reality is going to be much, much wyrder than we are willing to let our brains get at this stage…….. 😉

        1. WHY do you think that EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING FLAT EARTH? Could you also inform the rest of the world what ELSE they need to give up their own interests in favor of, so you can be happy that nothing else is brought up? WHAT THE FUCK DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH FLAT EARTH? I can tell you, that like millions of other subjects of interest that exist in this world, it has FUCK ALL TO DO with it… why do you and your little flaming cheerleading squad keep spouting off about the fucking FET like youve been cheated and badly used because oh teh noez, ole Joey Farrell didn’t talk about it even once……so we better rally folks, and bring it up all over the place where it is not expected and does not belong….the world is not your flat earth beliefs forum….You fucking idiots….need to get a grip and grow up, maybe not in that order.

          Sorry Hammer, that I put that under your post….youre one of few clear and always interesting and very informative kind of guys I look forward to reading the views of. Carry on, hermano en espirito

          1. You do realize this is a comment section correct? One where people respond to other people’s posts? If you can’t follow the line of questioning and comments to figure out why people are talking about Flat Earth in certain posts then anything I say to you will be pointless. If you actually need a realistic answer the reason people are mentioning Flat Earth is because Joseph Farrell is very intertwined with the “Secret Space Program” & cites many NASA related facts which makes mostly any person who believes in Flat Earth immediately not trust a word Joseph says. Now if you had read any of the posts you angrily commented on you would’ve already known that but I figured I’d type it for a second time.

            FYI WE ALL KNOW THAT YOU ARE ANGRY ALL THE TIME SO YOU DONT NEED TO TYPE WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON TO SOMEHOW SIMULATE YOU YELLING AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN. Furthermore you calling anyone a “fucking idiot” after the nonsensical diatribe you posted above is hilarious. I look forward to your unintelligible response!


            1. Thanks Mr. Rosa! You just saved me all that writing! I try not to read many posts because there are still many that just scare the hell out of you and make it seem like we are still devolving faster than evolving! Im laughing out loud as they say!

  6. Flat earth doesn’t necessarily mean that all other theories are wrong. We could be:
    1 in computer simulation where it’s all manufactured/ programmed reality aka matrix. Flat round square all possible
    2 on a flat/domed constructed habitat/planet in which we are inprisoned cause:
    A. we have been bad/are dangerous
    B. We are the ultimate prize because we manifest reality
    C. We are being protected from a nasty universe
    D. Many other reasons if one ponders

    I have come to the conclusion that… Like is always stated… The more we know the more we realize that we don’t know.
    We all experience a small slice of reality. Reality seems infinite. We can not put all of our individual experience together at this time or maybe ever. So anything is possible and even likely. Infinity and beyond. Etc. I can see all of the topics coverd here fitting together in a puzzle but an infinite number of pieces are missing and I don’t have the time or energy or intelligence to put it together anyway. But I think all of the pieces have at the very least their wave pattern in our reality.

  7. Wow, glad I held out to the end. The last political financial stuff was out there in a hair standing on end sort of way, and loved the ending with him saying the TPP facing trouble in Europe. I see it fading even here in the US and all that is good news, and Russia might possibly lead the way out of this control structure, though every person I meet from Russian is quick to tell me how awful it is over there. Okay, I don’t think its a big deal, but I do like the original opening and I have to admit I do miss it. I don’t think its worth complaining about though. Going to check out Sevan Bomar that Talemh3 suggested. I’m completely fascinated with all things flat earth right now, though I’ll gladly take break from that to listen to your show.


      Dude’s as close to a modern gnostic as anyone I’ve ever heard speak, talks about DMT experiece. He’s well versed in the occult and ancient systems of knowledge, overcoming obstacles to breaking through to expanded consciousness. I think he would be a great guest on THC if Greg could put some kind of containment unit on him and reign him into a Q and A format. I recommend starting with the interview he did on Freeman TV last June, that was a fun show.

      1. Just caught the latest ‘Keymaker’ stuff, plus one with Santos B. from a while ago.
        This man is On.It!
        Thanks Talamh3

        Puts the FlatEarth vs. RoundEarth where it belongs; in the fucking sandbox! 🙂

  8. always inspiring to listen to a conversation between two intelligent human beings … j f one of my favorites, so was especially interesting … as weeks go by, i watch for the next thc interview and get a little thrill when i see it posted … well played, greg … well played

    1. I prefer the old one, it’s just fucking cool and and an awesome execution of concept. But I have to say the new one is growing on me, its also very well done. The old intro lives forever in the archives so the haters can always go back and listen to those episodes they missed if the need a hit.

  9. and every time you drill for natural gas you are simply piercing the pressure vessel and tapping into the pressurized hydrocarbon gas inside

    same with an erupting volcano… it’s a just a pin hole in the pressure vessel

  10. and the biblical flood happened when the earth was captured from Saturn by the sun………. the earth changed the direction of rotation during which it temporarily lost its centrifugal force, this led to gazillions of gallons of water temporarily flooding the southern and northern polar regions

  11. IF and that is a big IF the earth were flat than how come you can fly in an airplane from Hawaii to to the East?

    I think the whole flat earth thing could easily be a way of discrediting the alternative… I just can’t get there, and I’ve embraced a lot of that which I didn’t before. This one, even though there are obviously some peculiarities with the math, physics etc. lunar landing etc. it’s just a little too far out there… I mean where do you fall off? Also, I know a guy with pictures that has flown and hiked on the South Pole.

  12. Thanks for this, Greg. For me, the jury is still out regarding the shape of the earth and the truth about the space program (I’m guessing there are many of us). I thought Farrell’s take on Russian geopolitical strategy was fascinating – I had to listen to it twice. Also, his comment regarding the elites not being interested in chemical rockets seems key in teasing out what’s going on with NASA and what function it serves. Keep up the good work!!

  13. New to this website thanks to a link on Freeman. I was actually sad that Henrick decided to go “white Nationalist”. His show used to be a lot more interesting.

    You’ve filled this void. Thanks for the info and the user-friendly interface.

  14. Big shoutout: thank you! Although personally I could not finish the show, somebody starts talking cosmic this and NASA universe that and ya know this guy just isn’t waking up to the new paradigm. Great to see so many individuals are though. Of course all of us here are trying to make sense of this new flat earth stuff and its ramifications….. And it’s primal, initial, and basic to all steps forward, every time I hear something non inclusive it rings of someone not doing their homework. These are amazing times!

  15. Lovely interview, again.
    I can’t stand interviewers who interrupt their guests. You have never done that.
    Your research into the subjects shows very well in your interviews.
    Keep up the good work. You might possible be the best interviewer I’ve ever heard.

    First of all, well the earth very well could be flat, your never going to know… until we as a people raise up and overthrow the oppressors who control us, lie to us, and hide the knowledge from us.
    Until we storm the gates of NASA (Never A Straight Answer) we lack the resources to truly find out if the world is flat, round, or whatever. Therefor, The flat earth theory is just a detour away from what is really important.


    How about we deal with that problem and then try to find out what shaped object we live this (holographic) perceived physical reality on. ok?

  17. Another great show! Lots of fresh ideas tossed in the hopper for processing.

    I had never considered international treaties and peace accords as a map to model our relations with ET in the local solar system. It makes some sense though and a lot more sense than the idea of ET traveling light years for the purpose of conquest. Perhaps all systems whether natural or human or hybrid experience short periods of cataclysm followed by long periods of equilibrium where opposing forces are balanced out. After great wars a rebalancing of power occurs.

    I’m surprised by all the flat earther comments. It seems to me the flat earth meme is a psy-op to discredit alternative types and/or to test how far a conspiracy theory can go. Perhaps it could also be designed to create a backlash returning people to the welcoming arms of the scientific establishment once they realize they’ve been had by the flat earther snake oil.

  18. I’m sympathetic to the flat earth, so I understand people’s impatience with cosmological fantasies, but this dude is all right. 2019 here and this episode is still fresh. Interesting that Jordan Peterson also uses the Tiamet/Marduk story, though in a different way — must be required mythology for heretics of all stripes.

  19. I’d also like to stress, for anyone coming late to this episode, that the focus on “earth shape” in the comments is a little misleading. Cosmology isn’t really the focus here. More interestingly this episode is mostly a conspiracy-minded romp through European and German military history, from a perspective I still find novel. Kind of an “alt-history” thing. Love it!

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