James Corbett Interview on Bill Gates Police On The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

James Corbett | The Truth About Bill Gates, Police, & The New Abnormal

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The great James Corbett of returns to THC to talk about his latest work and the latest goings on in this wacky world.

Watch his film, Who Is Bill Gates?

PLUS Content

  • Climate change legislation.
  • Japan’s cancelled air defense system.
  • Internet censorship and mono-think.
  • Cryptocurrency, biodata collection, & the big agenda.
  • The bailout package and corruption in the financial changes recently.
  • Boycotts and Buycotts.

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  1. Thank you Greg for all these years of top tier work. You were the savior when Red Ice went weird and, have been the go to ever since. 

  2. I was going to send a message this week that you should see if James Corbett would be on your show and then he is I must have sent you the idea to through ESP! 😁

  3. Listened up to 56 minutes into this podcast and was going along but then Corbett launched into an unreal scenario, I thought he was more awake than this. He's saying there is a "real" bio-weapon which could be released and a vaccine offered. There has never been a virus which has been scientifically isolated and sequenced. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is one of the proponents of this scientific information, don't take my word for it. This just became fear porn in my humble opinion.

  4. Great Show!  
    Fear Porn, lol, It’s good to know how many different ways we can be killed off in the future.  

    Anybody want skynet because this is how you get skynet!  Defund the police, so Robots and Drones can take over.  

  5. Anybody else make it a point to flick your lighter in sync with the sound of the lighter at the beginning of each show?

    Anybody else dancing the happy dance when Ghislaine Maxwell was taken into custody by the FBI this morning?

    Anybody else betting that she's going to sing like a canary when questioned? I wonder who will be next?

    1. You still have too much trust in the system mate. She has two sisters who work with the FBI and is just insanely well connected. I'll believe she's been arrested when I see the mugshot… maybe.

  6. Hey! Love you Greg and Co! Great episode. Ever since I saw you post that Gates Rockefeller connection on Instagram I was wondering if you'd have more to say about that. Glad it got covered. I so love the new concept for the Joint Session Episode. I've always wanted to make it for one but only been able to listen to one or two even though I'm an avid listener. I would so love a forum thread to be featured in a new episode. I also think the phone aspect just made things a bit too complicated and "dis-jointed" LOL. New concept seems like a much more seamless way of accomplishing the same goal in while also allowing for wider contribution and flexibility as far as everyone's schedule. Infinite love and endless blessings. I'm also hungry for more higherside so a new episode sounds perfect. I always like hearing you in moments where you're allowed to be Greg a bit more than a host. You're the best and so are all the fans and friends who support this renaissance of real heads and true believers. I have a hat from a skateboarding brand and it says "Cult of Freedom" now maybe it's just good branding, but I feel like if that ain't a great way of seeing it. Definitely feels like a cult of freedom amongst us truth seekers and freedom finders 🙏

  7. James Corbett puts out great information and demonstrates excellent critical thinking.  I may not agree entirely with his views, but I respect them 100%.  I'm glad to see him back on TCH.  Thanks for that Greg!

  8. Great show !… In my opinion leaving the country in the hands of teenagers  anarchies instead of a reformed police is not the solution. We can protect ourselves with the second amendment , however when lawlessness becomes the ruling, and the majority , things get out of control; And a single individual could be easily over powered by  group of people resulting in bad things for that single individual; it is just like the wild wild west; just not good. 
    About  Bill Gates; to me; he is a Hybrid Demon ! 

  9. Liked the first half, but then it turned into speculative doom-mongering.

    For someone who initially claimed not to want to speculate on topics, James Corbett ultimately went full-Nostradamus and told us that the rebels were probably all going to die in a fabricated second-wave.

    Interesting. Then bleak and depressing.

    Let's hear from some optimists!


  10. Greg I am absolutely shocked at your take on policing…. I am also disappointed how you did not mention Black Lives Matter…… Long time listener and one time long time subscriber who is so shocked and disappointed. You are entitled to your take and how you wish to cover it. I just can't support this show in any form anymore. Bye.

    1. I wouldn't let some off-handed comment of mine keep you from the guests of THC, who are the real starts of the show, but I'm curious what you found so shocking? 

  11. This was a well developed interview. Not only was it deep but it was interesting. That’s a hard thing to put together. Sorry I haven’t committed on very many show notes. I’ve been a member for years. Keep it up, you’re on to something. There is a thread that most aren’t seeing. 

  12. Greg! One of the best for sure! Always due your homework, which makes for a great conversation. 

    I personally have not enjoyed a huge percentage of this past year or so. Still a plus memeber! Just wish you would stay away from mainstream and go back down the rabbit hole. 
    I do understand brand growth. But man it would be great to dig up some old episodes and see where some of those conspiracies are today. Maybe once monthly, maybe pull up old topic and do another show.  What’s changed? More evidence? New whistle-blowers? Etc… could be fun way to bring back some old topics. 
    ??? Food for thought!

    Or even a monthly round table…Met Sam Tripoli in Plano, TX comedy club and asked him if you guys would put together more round tables. Was great stuff a couple years back! 

    overall, really enjoyed your run. It’s been great! 




  13. Listened to this and ice age farmer today…. A great crash course on the undertone of current events… Its not just medical, it's a multi faceted organized shock to the collective to get them divided and submissive. 

    Gotta agree with you Greg, you almost have to applaud their efforts if they weren't such pieces of shit, they're putting in ahell of a job.

    My guess on motivation is that these people experience life from A COMPLETELY different vantage point so it's much more motivating for them to fight for their dominion and control than one would think. To me it's definitely esoteric in the sense that they definitely understand the mysticism of life, rather than some canned theology. They MUST fight or risk losing it all. They MUST control and be forward thinking because they're in shark infested waters with other deceivers, fear/greed riddled individuals, and entire governments.  And when they're playing with net worths in the hundreds of billions they are literally playing at world building world controlling levels. The masses must be talked down to because from that perspective they are that person's resources, their cattle, or once again there's this fear of losing control when not setting the narrative. 

    That's why it's so damn obvious/unsettling to see this Baal gates guy just stand there and lie. We're looking at him as a forthright human and he's looking at us like resources to be mined.

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