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Ras Ben | Yellow Fever: America’s First Plandemic & The Cycles Of Time

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Some combination of intuition and ancestral advising led Ras Ben to investigate the Yellow Fever Pandemic that hit Philadelphia in 1793, and how closely it rhymes with the times today. What he found was a microcosm of corruption and conspiracy that had yet to really be unearthed in the modern day, yet shares so many similarities when it comes to players, goals, and execution.

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PLUS Content

  • Astrological forecast for the second half of 2020.
  • The coming cataclysm & the return of Star Nation.
  • The Dr. Greer Interview.
  • Star Nation vs the Inner Earth beings.
  • Defunding the police.

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  1. Bow the knee.  Greg you help me make it to another week.  I broke my neck playing college football and my NFL potential ended there.  I have two brothers that currently play in the NFL, and one just won the super bowl.  I have had 20 spinal surgeries since and am in constant pain.  Through many of my darkest hours your show was the only thing that could walk me back from the edge.  I have been with you from the beginning, and its because its the best therapy for me!  I know a lot of the community feels the same way.  Thank you Carlwood!

    1. Holy shit. Pretty heavy man, but I really appreciate the kind words. I hope you find a therapy or something that helps ease your pain. Best of luck in everything, really glad you enjoy the show. 

  2. Ten minutes in and I'm already a puddle of goo. It's hard to pay attention to what he's saying sometimes, because his voice is like silk and gives me tingles and relaxation. I end up listening to his shows about ten times each.

  3. Yessss! Thank you Greg! I literally was looking Ras Ben up today to see if he had any new videos and I've been waiting for you to have back on! ( Especially after Steven Greer…sorry that was THE.WORST ONE EVER.)  It was like someone from 2000 that no one believes AT ALL.

    Love you Ras Ben!!!

  4. The "news"/msm is setting up BLM as a scapegoat for the second wave? Just not true. The media is deadset on blaming Trump rallies and the people who live in red states that want everything to open back up so they can put food on the table for their families.  

      1. I'm sorry that I have to disagree, with you, on this minor point. I feel strongly about this due to the hypocritical narrative that the media is pushing. According to the media here (Philly), The BLM protests/riots did not cause any spike in cases. There have been several articles written about this and the mayor actually issued a public statement endorsing these finding/articles (essentially encouraging more protests/riots). But shame on the red states.

        It is a disgusting double standard. And since this episode (any Ras Ben show) has an emphasis on the breaking down of language and etymology, I think its appropriate to share what I learned many years ago in my Political Science 101 class.

        Basically, we learned that in politics, when you want to rally a group of people around any idea, you have to send a message that you are against something. A war on drugs, a war on terror, Mothers against drunk driving, etc. The jist was that people will argue forever about what they are for, but will come to a consensus when they have a common enemy. So with that perspective in mind, you might understand why I think "Black Live Matter" is deliberately named to have a divisive message. The moral non racist message is "All Lives Matter" I would feel differently about their message if they were called "People Against Police Brutality". I'm against police brutality. I have been treated unfairly by cops. Instead the unification message that is being put out is "Defund the Police" which is a logically absurd position and yet seems to be resonating. Hell, you must have mentioned "Defund the Police" on the last 3 shows, alone!

        This kind of word play is diabolical and a form of mass hypnosis. BLM should be viewed with suspicion and heavily investigated. I have never seen anything with more corporate and media support since vaccines, GMOs, The war on terror……….

  5. This was Transfuckingcendant!
    Thanks Greg. Ram Das is one of my favorite repeat guests. The man expands my mind in was that blindside me. His understanding of the early US has got to be some of the most valuable info you can know these days when it comes to seeing clearly. 
    He challenges me to be more, more me, more mystic, more proactive, more educated, to be a better Brother. 
    Respect, Sage Rasta!
    ( I still want him to look at NJ highpoint park and the obelisk up there looming over the NY NJ PA tristate area)

  6. Hi Greg, I've signed up for Plus again…I'm sorry to be in and out financially because I listen to every single show 1st hr show. Even with the guests I don’t understand or agree (i.e. Steven Greer) with I always love your interview style…it keeps my mind open.  I live in San Diego, too and have come to hate it here.  It always upsets me a bit at the beginning of each show when you say 'from sunny San Diego' because mostly it's not sunny anymore…the skies thick with chemtrails day after day…at least in Carlsbad.  The [fake] pandemic is tedious as are the willfully ignorant with their masks, gloves and social distancing…I don't smoke or drink but I've thought about starting πŸ™‚ Anyway, thank you for bringing a voice of inquiry and calm to this shit show that is 2020. 

  7. I had to stop the episode at 8 minutes to watch his video and: MY MIND WAS BLOWN…thank you so much. Now I'm back to finish this interview, I hope my heart and brain can cope…I got Rocks of Ages after the last show and wow!

  8. This is fascinating and should be taught in schools but never will be.  It helps us look at the  Plandemic in a new light.  I worked at Pennsylvania Hospital and they showed us where Mary Lum and the rest of the lunatics used to be kept in a basement, but I think Mary was kept in a tower.  The lunatics were let out into an outside pit around the hospital where the citizens of Philadelphia could pay to come and enjoy their antics.

  9. Awesome show I have been doing a deep dive into every show ever the past two weeks. There are so many good ones. I have been asking for guidance to truth and it's amazing where it's lead me. All the way back to the beginning of the archive and much more. Manifestation is real. Keep up the awesome work we have been sharing like crazy with our friends. 

  10. Man…brilliant show!!

     I only had an inkling that we were unwinding massive cultural collective karma, now I am damn well convinced of it!!

    Not this time, MFers!! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’œ

  11. Another great show! The only thing that happened is something that frequently burns my butt about these type shows and it's when people fall into the trap of thinking that they have to do x,y,z things PHYSICALLY in order to illicit a SPIRITUAL response. This is false, it doesn't matter how much meat you eat, how many times you brush your teeth with flouride, what your blood type is, etc: you are ALWAYS a spiritual being having temporary material experience. The idea that you HAVE to do certain physical things, use specific crystals, etc in order to achieve this is just a hold over from materialism and does a great disservice to the person.

    Spirit creates matter, not the other way around. Tapping into your spiritual nature is an innate quality by virtue of you being human and being a shard of the divine. The only one standing in people's way of doing this is that person themselves, not the elites, not McDonald's, not reptiles, not the Rothschilds, etc. 

    Ok that's the end of my soapboax LOL 

    But still, I do enjoy listening to Ras and his optimism even if I don't agree with his sometimes borderline materialist views

  12. Very provocative and interesting show.  Love how he also loops in Astrology with and all these cycles and conjunctions.  History repeats itself and the masses (myself included) are so ignorant to our past.  We arrogantly think our reality is so original.  Wished he would have elaborated on the Jacobean Moorish Hatian connection.  Also with Haiti I always think about how they were forced to pay reparations to France for their independence which was finally paid off in 1947 to the tune of approximately 21 billion.  You can see why Haiti has been so impoverished, this reparation to France and plantation owners is the epitome of immorality. The soviets and the nazis got rid of the police, and installed there own, food for thought.

    This Plandemic will last for some years but then I hope we will see the light and have a new renaissance. 

    Can you have a show giving us a guide to what we can do if we are forced to have vaccinations , how to prepare and detox.  We need to prepare for plan B, not all of us can move to a bunker in the woods.

  13. Group meditation is something that I had mentioned to some friends, with regard to at least trying to engage in positive thoughts, habits, etc, during The Masquerade. Nice to know that folks that I respect are encouraging the same, but I have to remain sceptical with Unify's connection with the UN. Call me conspiratorial, but I don't think that the UN would have any interest in helping to usher in a new age that actually serves humanity, instead of inverts in.

  14. Fabulous show!  I can’t decide what I love more—this man’s beautiful silky smooth dulcet voice, or the amazing history & views he shares with us.  I am a huge history buff & I always learn something completely new & fascinating every time Ras Ben drops by.  So happy to have him back on THC again.  One of my all time favorite guests & he did NOT disappoint.  Thank you!

  15. Oh yeah. Keep that Ras Ben knowledge flowin. He might just catch up to Gordon and Chris on the show tally.

    I've been wearing my hematite, and carry Aqua Aura Quartz. Fortified Magi, Dreamtime Jedi, blessings to I and I. Ashe.

    Next up:


    No more giving them drones and assault rifles and shiny new tactical (and unmarked) vehicles every few years.

    No more training them to shoot first apologize later, no more throat crushing, no more bullshit traffic stops because they need to meet their monthly quota.

    Strict regular psych evaluations for officers if that's what's needed. Teach them how to deescalate situations, and take people safely into custody when all else fails. Make them watch every episode of the Andy Griffith Show.

    The non-lethal technology is there, but not properly put to use.  3 officers shot a guy I knew a few years ago (white victim, white cops) who was holding a hammer.  A fucking hammer, not a gun not a machete. He was not threatening them with it, he just refused to put it down, basically ignoring them and continuing to hit nothing but his own truck. They had tasers, batons, pepper spray, not to mention diversion and martial arts, etc. But they opened fire, killing him on the front lawn of his home, in front of his family, on Christmas Eve. Officers never charged, never made national news.

    What is going on has nothing to do with racism, viruses, or any of that fake-ass news. It's an all-out ritual assault on our consciousness. Non-conventional warfare. The elitists are scared of what's happening, and are getting desperate. I believe the show has yet to begin. I got my popcorn, and am kicked back awaiting the feature presentation, armed to the teeth. If the purge kicks off, I'm dropping acid and going berserker on anybody that tries some shit in my neighborhood. We are a peaceful folk, but not at all afraid to lay it all down.  Let love, peace, and compassion prevail.

    In other news; Marina Abramovich says a clan of shamanic dream sorcerers told her that Trump is the magician that will usher in the Great Awakening.  Make of that what you will.


  16. Love your Ras Ben interviews but my question is how long have you had this one in the can before posting it? Trying nail down some of the dates he was hammering out is all. Really Glad and appreciate to here him say how excited for the future. This how I prefer to look at things in our world. Very happy I have found THC man. 

    1. Disregard previous comment. Jumped off Half-Cocked with a Half assed question. I should listened all the way through first.
      Though I do stand by my original post in that I am happy I have found THC 

  17. Big up to Ras Ben, disagree with some of his viewpoints but his work on Philly is more then enough to pay respect. Helped me understand the ritualistic Mormon massacres here in Utah better. 
    Hope the aliens save him on his timeline though…


  18. There's always more to the story. Just like the 2020 "flu d'etat" false flag, where the friendly exosome is blamed for illness caused by something else, it occurred to me that the Yellow Fever Plandemic in Philly might be caused by something other than the maligned mosquito, so I wrote to an earlier guest on THC for their opinion.

    Hi Dawn and David,

    I learned of you and your work from your appearance on The Higherside Chats.

    I appreciate your dedication and effort. I bought your book, and I reference it frequently.

    I heard someone talking today about a pandemic of Yellow Fever in the 1790s in Philadelphia. It was supposedly spread by mosquitoes.

    Your book briefly mentions yellow fever and discusses how mosquitoes are not carriers, but doesn't offer a theory for the spread of yellow fever.

    Can you point me to better information about Yellow Fever and what might have been the real cause of that outbreak?

    Thank You,
    Wanderer Wondering


    Hi Wanderer,

    Thank you for your email and for supporting our work.

    According to the medical establishment, yellow fever is caused by a
    virus, but this clearly cannot be the case because no virus has ever
    been proven to cause any disease. Also, as we explain in the book, there
    are no separate diseases, there are only combinations of symptoms that
    people experience.

    Our book would have been twice its size if we had included discussions
    of every disease 'outbreak'. I cannot make any suggestions as to what
    the real causes may have been as we did not investigate that episode. I
    would need to understand the circumstances and the symptoms people
    experienced at the time in order to explain what may have happened. I
    will, however, look further into it and see what I can discover. I am
    not aware that there are any alternative explanations other than the
    'viral' cause, but you may find the discussions in our book about
    smallpox to be useful to an understanding of the living conditions of
    the period, which are likely to have been contributory factors.

    Best regards



  19. Oh man I was wondering when you were gonna interview Ras Ben . As a person of color I was hoping you would during "these times". Thanks for doing the good work! Because of you I was able to meet up with him in person in philly a bit ago. Cheers!!!!!

  20. Mr. Carlwood, can we somehow add a player option on the site that allows for faster listening speed? I listen to most content at 2X speed but I can't seem to do that here. Thanks

    1. The option is there, look at the 3 circles in the middle of the player, click on the 1x. 

      You can also download the mp3 file and listen offline on the player of your choice. Hope that helps! 

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