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Kerry Rhodes & Farzin Toussi | The Medicine: Ayahuasca, Spirit Contact, & Shamanic Healing

Show Notes

Today we’re talking about a new documentary called The Medicine, which chronicles the entire journey of a true Amazonian ayahuasca retreat, with a level of detail I’ve yet to see anywhere else. The film follows former NFL safety, Kerry Rhodes, and actress, AnnaLyne McCord, as they both seek out shamanic healing for their own reasons.

Having spent many years in the NFL, Kerry’s concerns over CTE and lasting brain damage lead him to seek out the special brew, while AnnaLyne looks to heal from sexual trauma she experienced in her past.

For our interview we spend an hour with Kerry, followed by an hour with the film’s director Farzin Toussi. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about the journey, and more. Strap in.

Find The Medicine on all your major streaming platforms, or check the website for more details:



PLUS Content

  • Kerry’s thoughts on the more than human world, the lasting effects of the medicine, & the re-contextualizing of his NFL career post-brew.
  • Farzin’s thoughts on UFOs, consciousness, & the wildest shamanic healing stories he’s aware of.
  • Why there is such an emphasis on not having marijuana in your system when mother Ayahuasca gets ahold of you.
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