Kerry Rhodes Farzin Toussi The Medicine Interview on Ayahuasca with The Higherside Chats Podcast

Kerry Rhodes & Farzin Toussi | The Medicine: Ayahuasca, Spirit Contact, & Shamanic Healing

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Today we’re talking about a new documentary called The Medicine, which chronicles the entire journey of a true Amazonian ayahuasca retreat, with a level of detail I’ve yet to see anywhere else. The film follows former NFL safety, Kerry Rhodes, and actress, AnnaLyne McCord, as they both seek out shamanic healing for their own reasons.

Having spent many years in the NFL, Kerry’s concerns over CTE and lasting brain damage lead him to seek out the special brew, while AnnaLyne looks to heal from sexual trauma she experienced in her past.

For our interview we spend an hour with Kerry, followed by an hour with the film’s director Farzin Toussi. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about the journey, and more. Strap in.

Find The Medicine on all your major streaming platforms, or check the website for more details:



PLUS Content

  • Kerry’s thoughts on the more than human world, the lasting effects of the medicine, & the re-contextualizing of his NFL career post-brew.
  • Farzin’s thoughts on UFOs, consciousness, & the wildest shamanic healing stories he’s aware of.
  • Why there is such an emphasis on not having marijuana in your system when mother Ayahuasca gets ahold of you.

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  1. Such a sincere and uplifting chat. I could listen to Kerry's expression all day. Thank you all. Homerun of an episode, uh, er I mean…TOUCHDOWN! 🙃

  2. I’ve only listened to the first half and I’ll be honest. I’m happy Kelly was able to have this experience but I’m also really jealous. I'd dearly love to have this experience, but I’m still in Greg’s former life. I live in Indianapolis IN and work in retail management. Not a Game Stop mind you, but a retail store none the less. And I can’t afford a similar experience. American Christian church’s send “missionaries” all over the world. Maybe this organization can send their Shaman to America on a missionary trip to help America. Just a thought. Great show so far Greg. I’m sure the second hour will be awesome too. Thx!!! And keep up the good work. 

  3. Yes it is a big journey… the Medicine is to be respected for sure….I had done a lot of other substances in my younger times, too much really, but in comparison Mother is a whole different ball game …… I did several journeys and yes some were so amazingly beautiful and others so powerful in the “death”  & letting go, terrifying at times.

    I came in from a cleaned up perspective in that I’d stopped smoking pot etc, and drinking alcohol and had been meditating regularly and a solid yoga practice for many years…from the get go the medicine was seriously on when I took it… it never really let up … it is not a recreational gig that is for sure…I look forward to seeing the film… thanks Greg… 

  4. Forgot to say… it is profound with emotional work… I would consider that things like the Medicine and therapy are life long tools and sit along side of rites of passage… the human condition asks of us to awaken and some of those times are messy…so when we might say therapy does or doesn’t work, short or long term, I would say there’s nothing really broken Only life learning in the University of life, on the life path we’ve chosen and that at least there is something to hold space as we need it….. existential crisis offers opportunity through the medicine and therapies to shedding masks and opening up to ourself authentically as it traverses many stages … And some can go on for ages….I wouldn’t necessarily see therapy as something that doesn’t work. A companion rather than it being something otherwise… but you know we are all different, opinions, ideas etc … 

  5. Pretty good stuff. Its a nice return to business as usual, and its always good news when fringe topics get more of the mainstream spotlight. 
    This is a step closer to the format Ive been waiting for.

    I really want you to get two regulars whos interests overlap, give them 3-4 talking points, and just see where 2 hours takes ya

    Imagine what two alt health experts could bring to the table for us and for one another if Higherside chats facilitates them talking.  Or the nuts that might get cracked if you got Gordon talking spiritual implications or nuts and bolts magic with someone who wouldnt be on his podcast.  You know a lot of people now who approach phenomenons from the scientific angle, plasmas, magnetism and what not, who could really add something! you can make conversations happen that are Gems among the larger conversation on the topic. 
    The HigherSide cabinet is well curated, let them off the leash once in a while and let this beautiful platform fly.

  6. btw, The plants all have spirits.  Ayahuasca is strong on its own, its been revered and personified for thousands of years, right up to now where its reaching far beyond the Amazon. Of course she appears consistently, shes strong enough to present herself as she chooses, who is to say  San Pedro has the strength right now to make anyone from any background or path recognize its presence.  


    1. I am having the same problem… interestingly, it shows up in Google Play but the "Rent" and "Buy" function doesn't function.

      Also – Amazon Prime doesn’t even list it.

  7. Oh my goodness has this guy never smoked a joint?

    Making Ayahusca reminds me of how a colonialism can be a good thing.

    I'm sorry , mama mushroom, I'm sorry lady J, my regrets sister cocoa, all my love father of dreams.

    The beauty of the Aya is in the ritual mix/brew. Perhaps the first known blend of two plants to achieve an effect. That is a mind blower.

    Two plants meet and create in you their child, the chance to meet your true blend, maybe? I am hoping one day the energies shall meet in me.

    I'm pleased people are approaching this plant medicine as medicine, not just another out of it.

    Thank you both, great show xx


  8. I was able to find it available on Vudu (which was a new "thing" to me, but I joined and it appears a good option).

    Note: still not showing up on Amazon Prime (weird, eh?)

  9. Great show!  I live in Peru and have drunk ayahuasca with many different maestros down the years since 2004.

    In 2007 I had a complete healing of a painful hearneated lumbar disc with Shipibo ayahusqueros which gave me concrete proof that in expert hands this medicine can heal grave physical conditions.

    Earlier this year before the lockdown started I did a week-long dieta with Delicia, a Shipibo curandera outside the city of Pucallpa.  This was my first time working exclusively with a female ayahuasquera.  At the end of the week an annoying skin condition had completely cleared up.  I plan to go back for another dieta when we can once again travel within Peru.  Where I live in San Martin province we are still in lockdown. 

  10. BTW if any Higher Side listener has an interest in doing a healing dieta with maestra Delicia who I mentioned above check out

    It is a nice, low-key traditional family-run plant spirit medicine center.  Prices are reasonable, accommodations comfortable – I even had a hot shower!  English spoken.

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