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James Corbett | Rockefeller History & The Big Conspiracy Breakdown

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The story of the Rockefeller family is more than a cautionary tale, it’s an example of an oligarch’s potential to dominate. On this episode of The Higherside Chats, James Corbett joins us to discuss the far reaching control of the Rockefeller dynasty. We start with the calculated steps to bring a nation to dependence on oil. Though left out of public education lessons, the results of these events reach far into today’s society. Once successful with this first conquest, what would Rockefeller seek to influence next? Listen in as we explore conspiracies in areas such as education, medicine, food, and more.

James Corbett is the creator of The Corbett Report, a site on a mission to provide open source intelligence. Since 2007 James has shared information about topics such as geopolitics, central banking fraud, Big Brother police state, and more. He uses a variety of platforms to share including podcast, newsletter, documentaries, YouTube videos, and a membership community.

James’ teachings are more than an expose of a historical figure; they are a warning for us all to gain a better understanding of control. Through extensive research and a true passion for knowledge he is able to convey the importance of a well informed public.


The Corbett Report

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Watch Century of Enslavement

Read Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl

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Love this guy


Another 5/5 show! Great interview, great guest, I’ll be checking out his work for sure.


Hi Greg, great show. I followed everything ‘JC’? did for year’s, but I began to notice, even though his content was alway good, I felt was becoming misleading, even to the point of genuine Mk ultra style mind manipulation.
I might revisits some of his shows, Although I don’t normally give second chances. There are many shows I’d like to subscribe to, but can only afford two, The ever great RedIceCreations and yours Greg. My general rule of thumb is, if Sticher etc recommend something I know to give it a wide berth.
Great work buddy.


Just curious; how do you find JC to be possibly misleading or mind control but not Red Ice?!


Through many hours of listening, knowing how mind manipulation works and how it’s done. Just listen to his conference talk about 9/11. if I can see it anyone can. But don’t take my word for it, look for yourself, please.


I’ve looked but can’t find. Enlighten me, please. If your going to make such assertions please substantiate them with facts and insites – not your own sense of paranoia


One is that a missile did not strike the pentagon. Two is that man made global warming is real. Any cursory research into either topic raises far too many questions to be spoken of as if its a definitive fact. Someone who does this for a living could not be so blind. 96% of co2 is from natural sources. 4% is man made. Does 4% seem like a tipping point? Massive fraud so they can continue to tax the basic necessities at ever increasing rates and try and sell substandard living as chic.


I’ve never heard James Corbett say that man made global warming is real in the mainstream sense; he’s done many shows on the ‘global warming hoax’. He said on this THC episode that many ‘ climate deniers’ still think there is an effect from humans, but I’ve heard him say in other episodes that he believes that effect to be minimal.
Agree with him or not, I just don’t get how you see this as mind control? No one is going to be right on everything. You could apply the same line of thinking to Greg, or Red Ice….especially Red Ice! They went from being purported ‘truth seekers’ to pushing an agenda unquestioningly.
And I’m not blindly defending James Corbett; if he is incorporating some sort of mind control I’d like to know about it, I just find your reasons for saying he is confusing and unclear.


It’s all out there. I found it out for myself and this is my opinion based on my own research, your request for validation is under founded. It is not going to jump out at you, that’s why you should never take anyone else’s word for anything nor should you make
demands. Find your own truth. Always remember, we in the West value our freedom of speech.
Keep searching and question everything.


I have been listening again to red ice and i must say it is becoming very racist and white supremist! maybe i am missing the issue but divide and conquer again it seems to me!


Absolutely, those with more right leaning tendencies see communists hiding behind the
Illuminate mask and those who are left leaning see fascists and corporations. Those that describe the elite as either being communists or fascists are really, as you have deduced, using the Machiavellian
tactic of divide and rule. Alex Jones is no doubt a perpetrator of this as well as Red Ice who push their audiences to the right. Of course the left has their Michael Moores and Democracy Now. I think Corbett
falls a bit into the Jones\ Red Ice camp which is why people are posting comments linking him to mind control. There is a lot of controlled opposition now which is a secondary layer of control for the people who see through the psyops.


And us non-racist whites are sick of being labeled as racist and people telling us we have ‘special privilege’ when we do not. So what is wrong with a pro-White show!


Been listening for awhile and just signed up. Well done on the episode , awesome guest and will be looking at what else he has done. ??


Great show.

Doctors have killed far more children than lack of doctors could ever possibly kill.


Chemotherapy has been shown repeatedly to CAUSE cancer.

27% of people diagnosed with cancer who do NOTHING go into spontaneous remission.


A side note for James… I bet you are familiar with the Gas Museum with Kanto earthquake exhibition.

Kyle May

The plot of who framed Roger rabbit dude. The judge has the front company that buys the red car and then they want to destroy toontown to build the freeway. So wild that that’s is real but with a GM secretary of defense is the judge our imagination is toontown..

red fox

Top show; excellent stuff!


Damn Carlwood! This shit just keeps getting better and better. I love the fact that you just let your guests speak, and do not interrupt them to make some meaningless point. Keep doing what your doing dude!


Oh yeah! My two faves in one show!! James is so straight and fact-filled. Great show- one of my all time favorites! Greg Carlwood- you are awesome!!!! Love the show- everyone should sign up for THC-plus! So worth it!

Excellent interview. The content and historical events are what should ultimately be studied. The messenger is just the messenger. One’s opinion of James Corbett may differ from another.

What truly matters? One must understand why the Rothschild banking family would even be well connected to the Rockefeller clan in the first place. Look to the origin of the name. Both originate from the same region. Both lineages appear to be following a very flawed and incredibly dangerous ideology proven to be diabolically detrimental regarding the social condition of humanity as a whole.;id=30827


James Corbett is one of the best, great interview Greg. Regarding minimum wage though I disagree. Raising the price of anything including labor reduces demand. My local McDonalds just replaced 4 cashiers with self serve touch screens which work great and never call in sick.


Really interesting show as you say in the outro he goes so far but no further which always frustrates me but useful to have a history lesson nearer the truth! Thanks, again


after listening to this you should get LARKEN ROSE on the anarchist of all anarchist.


you should get a transcript for these podcast i would love to easily be able to quote some of this guys stuff.


Hi, Greg, greats show!

Any chance you could do a show on the Mandela effect? There’s a lot of youtubers talking about it, maybe one would make a good interview.

Keep up the great work anyway!


I looked at a few of these videos and it is like a form of gas lighting. I would put money down that it’s another red herring thrown out by psyops.


Seriously dude ?

This MANDELA effect is a contrived made-up completely artificial phenomenon to fool the people into believing FANTASY. Most common people want to believe in these kinds of things because it makes them feel that there is some overall unifying underlying force. That is true, but don’t be fooled into believing FAKE Spiritual phenomenon only because you are so desperate to believe in them. (this is not directed at any one person).

Why people continue to be so naive is distressing and disheartening.

Nelson Mandela really did die in prison.
This is no lie and the information to find this is available but requires hard work to uncover.
Note also this was well before the advent of world-wide internet and social media.

Think of it in this way:
When someone (Mass Media) lies to you repeatedly and disgracefully, why would one continue to believe them (Urine stream of the Mainstream Media) ?

One should cultivate a personality and perspective, that these fuckers are lying unless proven otherwise.
That is a very sound and logical proposition.


I don’t really know what’s going on with that website. For the past several years, they have been apparently working on a book. But it doesn’t seem like they have a strong theory as to what is going on. They discuss the possibility of sliding between dimensions, but I don’t believe the site owners come from a physics background, so I don’t know how in-depth they can go on this.

I could see some Mandela effect memories being just a psy-ops, but the Berenstein Bears thing is the trippiest part of it for me, and that’s what has sent me on down this rabbit hole. I found one of the many Berenstein books I had from my childhood when I was helping my Mom pack up to move, and the cover said BerenstAIn when it really should have said Berenstein. I remember it being disturbing that it was spelled with an A, it just seemed wrong. I thought to myself “that’s not how it’s supposed to be spelled” and I remember quickly throwing the book in the trash because it gave me such a shitty feeling looking at it. It was after my Dad had died, and I was like “everything sucks, and oh look this shit is even spelled wrong, fuck this.” And this was before I had even heard of the Mandela Effect, and before I heard of anybody else having this alternate memory. It was months later when a friend sent me this link: and my heart started racing when I remembered finding the book in the basement with the wrong spelling, and I realized that this is an actual thing that is happening to other people as well. I could see some of the celebrity death ME’s being a psy-op, but I don’t know how the B-Bears could be one, because then how would my own childhood copy of the books be changed.

I’ve spoken to a ton of people I know about this, and they all remember BerenstEin vividly when asked how they remember spelling it (I always ask people in a strategically vague way, like “hey you remember those Beren____ Bear books?” so that I don’t skew their initial recollections). They pretty much all say Berenstein. Not only that, when I tell them that it has apparently always been spelled with an A, they get extremely upset, and start researching it as well. My Mom wasn’t in the basement with me when I found the book, but I told her about it months later after reading that link, and she got really upset too. She read those books to me a billion times as an adult, so it can’t just be a case of kids remembering wrong. Something is going on, and I wonder if it could be related to CERN.


I hadn’t heard of this before. Bizarre, but I love it. I have an old counting book by the Berenst_ins that I picked up for my kid a year or so ago at a used book store, it’s got to be from the early ’80s. It’s not actually a “Berenst_in Bears” book (it’s not about that bear family), but it’s by the Berenst_ins. I’m pretty sure it says “Berenstein” – but I can’t wait to go look at it. Will report back with photos.


Good interview Greg. I liked the fact that you guys got into what we would replace the Oligarchy with as far as
government goes. I tend to think the Swiss confederation model might work best to create the small C (capitalist),
individual, self reliant local governance that we need to break the monopolies of the Oligarchs.

I do think that James Corbett’s arguments can sometimes be taken too far though and it brings to mind this bit from the “Life
Of Brian”. “All right… all right… but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order… what have the Romans done for us”? It’s a double edged sword for sure. I mean 3D printing at best is only going to save a few of us….


Great show. Very well presented. It’s good to hear problems taken back to the roots.
Love your show Greg.


God I love that last song!

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