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In what has to be the most extensive and experimental THC episode to date, our friend Sylvie’ Ivanowa, translated an interview between your humble host and Sylvie’s personal favorite non-English speaking Russian researcher, Alexander Koltypin.

Alexander has quiet the resume’. He graduated with honors from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute and took post graduate courses at the Institute of Oceanology at the Russia Academy of Sciences. For 15 years he took part in geological expeditions across the planet, and together with like minded researchers and scientists created the “Society for Learning about Earth’s Mysteries and Enigmas”

Since 2003, has been editor and chief of several scientific magazines. He’s also written several books of his own, and for over 2 decades has been collecting and analyzing scientific data on different aspects of the unknown. Combing through archaeological data, examining the megalithic structures and underground ruines of the world, and cross referencing the hard evidence with mythology and legends to get a clearer picture of the past. You can find much of his work on his fascinating website

Also, check out Sylvie’s newly updated site: and her YouTube Channel: New Earth

And if you missed it, my first show with Sylvie’:

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  1. This is one of my favorite subjects…..The story of Human History is in the Books of Chris Thomas (8)…..Read mr Thomas’ Books and this Guys website come alive…..The dates are incorrect…The rest of his work is excellent……

    The Earth is 40 million years old……they dated rocks known to be only 200 years old …formed through volcanic eruption…..@140 million to 2.96 billion years……the science is bogus……..Carbon dating is only accurate to 50,000 years

    Here is the link…..,%20and%20The%20Age%20of%20the%20Earth.htm


    3.9 million years ago –Due to decisions made earlier on in their development it became clear that it would be impossible for them to fulfill their goal of creating a body that would hold a ” full soul”…one of “us”….. 4 planets decide to leave the experiment. When 2 of the planets minds left the physical matter..or the Electromagnetic field that is consciousness removed itself from what it had created…. the Planets blew up causing a catastrophe in the solar system, our moon is the inner core of one of these exploded planets.

    The Asteroid belt and Oort cloud are the physical remains of these Planets.

    This disaster kills most of the life on all planets…..The Earth is the most resilient and decided to continue…..the other planets wait and see how Earth gets along.

    The remaining 2 planets left our solar system before they removed their consciousness and are now Gas Giants….4000 astronomical units from Earth.

    3.0 million years ago…..The War between the Reptilians and the Mammals….There was a “HEATED DISCUSSION” over what type of D.N.A. to use….No war occurred

    98-88 thousand years ago – Lemuria established- an ice island off the off the bottom of South America. Ideal for storing Genetic Material……and is closer to the environment of the homeworld of….The N.G.C 584 ( the alien race whom are masters at genetics) are called upon for help….Trying to get spirit in bodies here. But we fail to arrive at a body that can hold the whole soul…..We learn a great deal from our experience on Lemuria.

    85 thousand years ago – Atlantis established -The ships brought to Earth are used as laboratories then later structures are built on Atlantis ……Genetic Manipulation of Cro-Magnon Man using “accelerator chips” we achieve our goal of a body that can hold our full conscientiousness.

    The Egg of a Pleiadian female is mixed with the sperm of a Cro-Magnon Man….very few were born this way.

    The D.N.A. from Cro-Magnon man is used only

    The bodies we create are fully formed adults…..there were never any children on Atlantis…..all bodies were androgynous….no male or female sex……the birth process was not worked out till much later.

    Merlin/Thoth…… is the first to inhabit a body.

    Atlantis is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is around the size and extends to South America from Great Britain.

    Population grows to around 370,000…..Lifespan is 1500 years….

    We are currently living with our souls divided 10-30% physical self ….90-70% higher self or subconscious….with our lifespans reduced to around 70 years…(more later)

    What is noticed is that after around 1000 years in a Human Body we begin lose our Higher abilities….Telepathy/Telekinesis/Translocation

    Genetic manipulation is still going on……animal and Human genes are mixed with some disastrous results…this part of the learning on Atlantis is never resolved because…. a mistake is made……. a bacteria being prepared for another world that can turn oxygen into hydrogen is released…… and gets into the food supply…….. This is not noticed for some time but it is feared that it has become airborne ……To save the rest of the planet from contamination…..Atlantis is flooded with magma and sank into the earth.

    The Mid Atlantic ridge is opened up and surrounds the continent is then flooded with magma and folds into the magma core. All animals and humans that were not contaminated are moved to safety ” NOAH’S BIBLICAL FLOOD ”

    Biblical Flood @ 65,000 years ago

    The Earth shrinks

    There are 150,000 survivors that hide out in the underground tunnel systems the main one’s being Giza South America and Silbury hill…….There are thousands of kilometers of tunnels under the Giza Plateau as well as freshwater lakes…..same in South America…with Hundreds of Kilometers of tunnels in The British Isles.

    The Earth was fairly flat with some hills and mountains / volcano’s before Atlantis was sunk but now there is a settling of the land masses giving us the noted geological changes-

    South America and North America were apart and are forced together/ the African Rift Valley is opened up / the Himalayas are pushed up to their new heights / the Tibetan plateau is raised. There is a “scrunching up “of the land mass.

    THE ICE AGE HERE @ 65,000 years-

    The Northern hemisphere is frozen down to the English channel / this appears to be an instant freezing-The Tsunami created by the sinking of the continent washes over the land then freezes-Woolly Mammoths are found with seeds still in their mouths so rapid was the freezing.

    also @ 65,000 years ago-

    The Sphinx is a marker for the underground tunnel system which extends for thousands of kilometers…..Was a lion…

    There was no Seasons before…….

    40,000 years for the earth to recover ….she now has a tilt …. and 4 seasons….the Earth was subtropical before …….with very little variation in temperature…fruit would ripen all year round…..she is re-seeded with vegetation…..( Replenish the Earth)….. that becomes dormant some of the year.

    There are also references to “STARGATES” or “Portals” to our home worlds Or other parts of the Universe…..

    The Queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza had a gateway / portal where you could transport yourself around the planet to other ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Mexico.

    Sea Levels rise 200 ft / 60 meters in the year 538 A D….Interesting post Here about the worldwide Mid 6th Century Disaster.


    The story of human history is in a guy known as Chris Thomas (who can read the Akashic Records) books….(8)……Atlantis / The Pyramids / The Archons and Reptilians / The Illuminati is all explained…The story He tells in his books continues to reinforce itself….There Ain’t no Mystery regarding the story of Human History.

    His Books here……(at the time of posting all his books are sold out)

    The books are more expensive here but appear to be in stock……

    Capallbann books uk….(search Chris Thomas his books will appear in the drop down menu)

    Try Ebay or Amazon for a used copy

    A Playlist on Youtube with most of his Interviews Kindly created by TheMedowWolf…

  2. As soon as i read Dr. Alexander Koltypin, I knew this would be a good one. Been stalking Sylvie’s Youtube stuff and it’s pretty damn good.

    Does she say “penguins” in this episode?

  3. Awesome, can’t wait to listen. Gonna stick it on now and draw some comics. Love this kinda thing, alternate history, inner earth stuff. Gets my creative juices all boiled up.

  4. So stoked that your contact with Sylvie has continued and led to even bigger things! I’m just starting to absorb Koltypin’s work, gotta love researchers that deconstruct down to the roots of established paradigms. I really did take for granted in school that all those textbook geological maps must have been drawn from an abundance of real data. Must be because they’re so detailed, right? Yeesh.

  5. I fell asleep and missed most of this, probably due to gluttony. I have failed you once again, Greg. Upon waking, it occurred to me that if you are going to use a translator with a different voice and gender, you might as well also add bubbling bong sound effects to the background of her answers.

  6. Fantastic stuff as usual – you really like a challenge and it is very appreciated! Thanks. I wondered an even more far out thing which is that the myths might have been brought from other planets ie that our ancestors came from Uranus? This would not explain the buildings and earth tunnelling but we may have been the ones who came?? But why we would leave the golden age? There are a lot of myths about the moon not having been here early on so maybe that caused the catastrophes. Also the Chistopher Knight was talking about the moon being made! Love THC+!!
    On another note – have you heard of John Arcaneaux? He seems to be trying to develop from being an activist to being active on the streets and developing the use of crypto currencies to get away from the fiat one. He is working with Max Igan and Alfred Webre and is very positive and upbeat. Thanks for everything. Jennifer

  7. Hi Greg, Every time I leave a comment 3/4 way through you then go on to ask the question! I should trust you! I also love TMBGs and just saw them in Glasgow in January – it was a fantastic night and they were buzzing!

  8. So glad to see Sylvie back. She’s definitely one of my favorites. Many thanks to those involved for the work it took to put this together. It was really a stellar episode.

  9. Wow. I am passionate about True Ancient History and this podcast gave my starving intellect some excellent food to help fill up that knawing emptiness. Thank you Greg.
    I wonder if instead of an envelope of mist around the earth in the so-called Golden Ages to explain the worldwide balmy weather, if instead the answer might be that Gaia was not yet tipped over on Her side.
    Greg, your questions are always so smart and well thought out. You are a wonderful breath of fresh air. I’m spoiled now. I can’t seem to be able to finish listening to anyone else’s podcasts cause they’re usually clueless about the person’s work with whom they interview. You rock!

  10. Nice one Greg, and thanks to Sylvie for the translation. I think that the subject of our origins and history is one that
    fascinates me the most because there is so much physical evidence that just can’t be denied.
    We know that Byrd’s expedition did happen and that afterwards both the US and Soviets “tested”
    nuclear weapons in Antartica. THC members know all about Crrow777’s work, and should also know that there was a plan by the Pentagon to explode hydrogen bombs on the moon. Other physicists have written about the structure of the moon:

    So what does it all add up to? If the Earth had a golden age as a satellite orbiting around Saturn or Jupiter as Dr. Koltypin suggests, (I’ve read this before from other sources), and then was moved to an orbit closer to the sun, that would imply the intervention of a type 2 civilization. If the moon is as Crrow777 has shown is an artificial body that would also
    indicate the existence of a type 2. Trying to come to grips with the reality that a Type 2 civilization is not only right at our doorstep by actively working to shape life on earth is enough to make my head explode but the evidence can hardly be denied at this point. It may be that our intelligence would be akin to that of a insect by comparison to the intellect of those of the type 2. This would explain the coverup for sure, the existential implications would be too much for most people to process let alone comprehend. Maybe better to live in blissful ignorance? I think it might have been better if I was less curious and had never ventured into the rabbit hole. No turning back now I guess, I’ve all ready gone in too deep. But as a subject for another show Greg, how about the effects of these truths on our psyches? What about the discussions we all have had with family and friends who adamantly refuse to see what is right in front of their noses. We see the chem trails up there but most folks have their noses glued to their Iphones. Is this denial on a mass scale?
    I think most people know in their hearts the truth on some level but to admit it just does not jibe with the world they
    want to live in – a warm and fuzzy consensus reality. Bringing it up just makes folks uncomfortable. I would love to hear
    what you – Greg and other folks are thinking as they make their way deeper and deeper.

    1. 🙂 If you haven’t kept up with Corey here is a link to S4E2 Cosmic Disclosure: Who Built the Moon?
      It maybe interesting to you. Usually, a new transcript is up by Wednesdays each week.

      Usage Policy: Please post 1/3 of this article and a link back to this page for the remainder of the article. Other portions can be quoted from. It would be appreciated if all those who re-post this information would follow this standard.

      1. Thanks for posting the link. The transcript has quite of bit of information and fills in quite a few blanks. I do think we have to be careful here as so much information of this type is based on second hand stories or hearsay. This form of information is quite subject to disinformation and misinformation with people like Dr. Steven Greer being prime suspects. So many times I’ve hungered for the truth that I’ve leapt to connect dots over a great distance and this has only hurt my argument. Dots do exist that are closer together, based on facts that are mainstream an unassailable, and when pieced together we can only come to one conclusion. That we live side by side with an alien type 2 civilization.

        This may be behind the Orwellian push to get folks to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 (or whatever they would have us think). This why I’m trying to focus on actual archaeological, anthropological and photographic evidence to make my arguments.

        The evidence for the faking of the Apollo moon landing’s is so obvious looking at the footage which leads to the question, why? Debunkers never really answer any serious questions put forth by anyone who contests the official narrative. They always just knock down straw men put up by disinformation agents. Perhaps the existence of a type 2 civilization living along side us is the ultimate truth and those in the know the ultimate conspiracy. The cover up and how we as genetically engineered Cro Magnon Homo Sapiens fit into the picture is what bothers me though. The truth may be disturbing but I do believe we have a right to know our history and place in the cosmos. Those in the know have made a decision that building a web of lies to hide the truth from most folks is a top priority. But why? Is it selfishness on their part (they can profit from this insider knowledge and technology)? Are they colluding with this Type 2 Civilization who has their own agenda for us a species? Or, as I would like to believe, they are protecting us from truths that would break us emotionally and spiritually. Truths
        that we because of our technological primitiveness are powerless against. ( I’ve heard the story that President Carter was seen sobbing after a briefing on the subject). I’m sure that in reality it’s most likely a mixture of all three reasons. Whatever the truth, the web of lies is crumbling now. It was bound to happen as the the psyops and disinformation where never very well constructed. I believe the next ten years are going to be very interesting indeed.

        1. Hi jwp,
          As I read your reply, I remember my own journey to find what I believe. It might be my own knowing that started very early for me connected with what people now say, “gut feeling”. Where this knowing came from ? I think it was in my baggage. Kinda pissed about the one way ticket, so, I keep listening .

          Always, sort of a meditative person and reading what I thought at the time good foundation material, because it felt right. Then I learned hypnotherapy, it was the next logical step. I don’t know more than you, what I do know feels solid. The internet is the biggest dis information source, sometimes a gem falls out. according to Seth and a few others ‘everything’ is possible, we are limited by our minds.

          So far, I agree with the points you make but, I look at the word “constructed” very carefully. And yes, It ‘is’ and has always been very interesting. We keep learning how to learn I guess. Thank you, for your insights too.

          1. Thanks for the insight. Yes, so much of what I do is sifting through everything on the Net for those gems as you say.
            I like yourself go with my “gut” and see if it passes the smell test. The truth shines out even if it’s buried under so
            much sh*t. And yes, I’m pissed about the one way ticket as well…

  11. I don’t know why Greg scrutinizes the Flat-Earthers and Christians on what they have to say, but guys like the good doctor and Stewart Swerdlow can talk total non-sense (that cannot be proven) and doesn’t challenge them at all. Please have some more objectivity Greg.

    1. I think most people dont want to give up their precious outter space.

      Star trails around polaris is more than enough proof in itself to understand there is only one movement in the sky.

      Another possibility is that most people tend to believe flat earth researchers are religious and most likely dont want to get stuck with the label of being a flat earther and/or religious.

      Just a thought.

    2. As a Flat Earther myself I understand what your saying, however when I hear people talk about “outer space” and alien’s now I just let it go and realize that they haven’t gotten to that point in their truth seeking yet. These days I think of “alien’s” as either some sort of multi or other dimensional beings or perhaps as those who, may and maybe always have, lived in the “underworld”. Spaceships are man made, perhaps from some ancient technology or whatever but certainly not from the fictional “space”.
      After re-reading what I wrote I hope it makes some sort of sense as to what I’m so pathetically trying to say. 🙂

  12. This was a fantastic episode however, I have been spending a lot of my time recently going through what Kent Hovind has to say.
    A lot of these archelogical finds and preserved ruins make more sense to me if you consider the earth to be around 6000 years old. Hovinds science is fantastic a provides a more manageable template for the origins of our seemingly not so a ancient history.

    If you haven’t heard him speak yet you must, he is an evangelist and doesn’t hide it? But his emphasis is on lies in the text to books coupled with science they teach in the text books. And his links to scripture are not insane ramblings but you do realise by the way he speaks that its all based on faith. Evolution and creation. There is just more evidence for creation in. He loves dinosaurs and they sit comfortably in his thoery Co existing most likely with the not so primitive humans because the earth was covers in green ( as is evident du to the fossils in Arctic regions of plants and palm leaves)

    It is also interesting to note the harassment and false paedophilia charges he ended up in prison for, for a long time. I don’t know the whole deal, no one does but his lectures are incredible and involve a lot of common sense. Eg why are clams and fish at the bottom of the fossil record and birds at the top… because that’s where they live maybe. Or why are clams on top of mountains.. because the water rose possibly. Odd that we have 260 odd flood legends. It really is fantastic.

    1. Im gonna check his work out today.

      I honestly couldnt sit through this whole interview. It felt like i was listening to siri blab off info for 2 hours.

  13. Very interesting, but started to loose my buzz when he began talking about other planets and other info from NASA…. mainstream astronomy and all NASA info is mostly bullshit.

    1. But why the BS? Why does NASA go to all the trouble to spin such a web of lies? Some of it must be true as we can see it with our own eyes. This is something that I’ve been grappling with and I would like to throw out some scenarios for people to ponder. I hope others will add to this list of possible reasons why NASA is slinging so much BS.

      1. Space beyond low Earth orbit as described by NASA does not exist. It is a projection or simulation of something that may exist somewhere but not for us. Every single probe or rocket launched fails just outside of low earth orbit and so NASA must “create” a reality based on the projection to keep us in the dark. This I think would imply that we live in a simulation of reality. Maybe it’s just something akin to a giant MMO game? This is the “Matrix Scenario” and “Flat” earth could fall into this as well.

      2. Space does exist as we can see it but we can’t escape low earth orbit. This hypothesis is popular with researchers like Joseph Farrel. In this scenario a type 2 or 3 civilization has us under quarantine and is preventing any exploration into outer space. They are masking their presence on the moon with a holographic projection and preventing us from receiving any transmissions from more advanced civilizations so as to keep us from advancing too quickly technologically. NASA is colluding with this civilization so they can remain hidden. Also it might not be just us that is under quarantine, it could be that those entities that live underground are also under quarantine.
      This would be, you guessed it, The “Quarantine Scenario” and is my favorite of the three.

      3. Space does exist and most everything that we have been told about it is true scientifically but NASA is covering up the existence of an extra terrestrial presence in our solar system and/or advanced technology. There are two space programs, a real secret space program that uses technology that the elite don’t want us to have knowledge of, and a public program that is simulated by NASA to reveal controlled data to the general public. This is probably the most main stream scenario and is advocated by researchers like Richard Dolan. This would be the “Cover Up Scenario”.

      1. 2 tickles my fancy the most, but it will turn out to be much, much stranger than all of these, me thinks. But will probably have elements of all…

        If 99.99 odd % of ‘matter’ is empty spacy, how do you design a system that behaves as if it is solid,( when autopilot is engaged!) while only needing 1 part in 10,000 to actually exist?

        I think the answer is in here, somewhere…. but until I find it, keep searching for that damned autopilot button; fuckers keep moving it on me while my back is turned!! 🙂

  14. First off, thank you very much Greg for all the hard work that you and Silvie did into putting this together.
    However (!), the theories put out by Dr. Koltypin seem to be quite ill thought out. You, Greg, actually nailed it 28 minutes in when you brought up shamanism. I would say that all the things he refers to can be seen as interdimensional/4D/Otherworld spirits/contacts and he has interpreted the numerous legends and myths in a materialistic manner rather than a spirit one which just makes his premises seem very flakey imo. There is nothing wrong in a literal interpretation but that does not imply a materialistic one.
    I’ve got as far as 60 odd minutes when he refers to the Piri Reis map as being somehow a surviving artefact. I would refer back to your recent interview with Gordon when this matter was brought up by Greg when also talking about Sirius in that it is quite implausible to have a surviving map/memory of that distant a time period but that it is NOT implausible to have the information contained in the map “transmitted” by Otherworld spirits. So far, it seems Dr. Koltypin needs to research spirit contact as it appears to be lacking in his analysis. Apologies to him if I am mistaken. Right, back to listening.

    1. Exactly! How do you map a coastline that has been shrouded in solid ice for tens of thousands of years?

      Answer; the info is dumped in by an entity with a poxy eye for time pertinent detail, or a wicked sense of humor!! 🙂

      Still chuckling, I’ll bet.

  15. Gosh this is very well done, Greg. I found the conversation flowed surprisingly well and is very organized. You can tell you guys put a lot of time and effort into this one. This is the stuff I want to hear about and can’t get enough. Love it.

  16. I really dig this episode, but what I love is that song! The story behind it, the story, and message of it, everything about it! I love this show, been listening to it for a while, and am now subscribing. Keep up the great work….

  17. Interesting stuff, but too many things mentioned by the guest are not verifiable, there are no proofs and/or are just fantasy/hearsay.
    I think THERE’S NO WAY you can date ANYTHING millions of years old. How can someone say that and beLIEve it’s true. All that super ancient history so many millions of years ago – nobody will ever be able to prove it to be true. Because of language barrier I’ll say it simple – I think most of what the guest said is bullshit.
    Thanks Greg for hard work, and thanks to Sylvie too.
    It would be so cool if you released the interview without Sylvie – all answers in russian, original. I understand russian pretty well.

  18. Hey Greg,
    Steve and Evan Strong have pretty much destroyed the out of Africa genetic theory with their research. The Australian Aboriginal are the oldest race left on the planet today.

  19. Wow! Simply amazing! Your special efforts on this show I can so appreciate and Sylvie’s talents in translation/interpretation and certainly the courage and drive she embodies are top bar. I’ve not been a plus member or even a listener for all that long–fairies, aliens, little people and giants–these are a few of my biggest blocks! How inspiring to feel how you, and each of your guests, have found your forte and are offering that back to us all. We are lucky indeed to be inspired and challenged by your talents, skills and research. I’m really appreciating y’all, and I hope you hear that often enough!

  20. Thanks for putting this together.
    I hate to moan as clearly a lot of work went into this.
    Surely using a male english voice for the final audio translation would have been better. It sounded more like youtube computer translation!

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