In what has to be the most extensive and experimental THC episode to date, our friend Sylvie’ Ivanowa, translated an interview between your humble host and Sylvie’s personal favorite non-English speaking Russian researcher, Alexander Koltypin.

Alexander has quiet the resume’. He graduated with honors from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute and took post graduate courses at the Institute of Oceanology at the Russia Academy of Sciences. For 15 years he took part in geological expeditions across the planet, and together with like minded researchers and scientists created the “Society for Learning about Earth’s Mysteries and Enigmas”

Since 2003, has been editor and chief of several scientific magazines. He’s also written several books of his own, and for over 2 decades has been collecting and analyzing scientific data on different aspects of the unknown. Combing through archaeological data, examining the megalithic structures and underground ruines of the world, and cross referencing the hard evidence with mythology and legends to get a clearer picture of the past. You can find much of his work on his fascinating website

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