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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks Star Wars, Occult Themes, & Disney with returning guest, Isaac Weishaupt.

With the tentacles of the elite penetrating almost every facet of our daily lives such as education and economics, while their corporate chokehold slowly strangles society, it comes as no surprise that the only escape from this dismal reality is the constant content churned out from the Hollywood machine.
Yes, these masters of media have cleverly created yet another technique to facilitate their nefarious endeavors. With a boob tube in every household sedating the masses and corrupting their consciousness, escaping their reach is almost impossible. By using the entertainment industry for predictive programming and the advancement of their agenda, the elites have added yet another weapon in their already overflowing arsenal.
And while many us hold fond memories of what we believed to be unsullied staples of our adolescent years -classics such as Star Wars and Alice and Wonderland are fraught with hidden occult symbolism, Gnostic themes and Luciferian agendas.
Today’s returning guest, Isaac Weishaupt, is an author, researcher, and celebrity occult savant who joins The Higherside to help us wade through decades of mind control and mass manipulation from Tinseltown.
3:20 May the 4th be with you! While many of us can agree, the Star Wars saga is unequivocally one of the most universally recognized movie franchises, spanning multiple generations and captivating audiences worldwide, we may be blind to a few lesser known details about this now Disney owned film conglomerate. Greg and Isaac begin by discussing what prompted Weishaupt to write his book, “The Star Wars Conspiracy”, the underlying Luciferian and Gnostic themes as well as hidden occult symbolism in the films and the questionable connections between George Lucas, The Rolling Stones, and the Altamont music festival in 1969.
15:00 Greg and Isaac discuss the Catholic Church’s agenda to fundamentally change Christianity, remove it’s Pagan foundations and esoteric traditions, and persecute occult practitioners. They also examine the Illuminati agenda to eventually eliminate all religions and install the Luciferian doctrine. They also discuss the themes of duality, the opposing occult perspective, and it’s tie into Star Wars.
26:42 Greg and Isaac circle back to discussing the Vril Society, their cooperative relationship with the Nazis, their occult influences and their attempts to channel extra-terrestrial beings and unlock energy fields. They also discuss Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard’s use of Crowley’s Babalon workings to achieve an elevated state of consciousness, their accidental opening of a portal, and the subsequent UFO phenomenon of the late 1940s.
38:30 Returning to the Star Wars saga, Greg and Isaac discuss the reappearance of clones throughout multiple films. Citing Donald Marshall as a leading researcher spear heading the movement, Isaac contends the elite agenda to separate out our consciousness and upload it into the cloud is the beginning to a life lived in a virtual reality.

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-Award show symbolism and the Grammy Awards breakdown

-Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

-Beyonce and her role as the entertainment queen

-Katy Perry & the Illuminati

-the possibility of Johnny Depp being a Vampire

-the infamous United Airlines incident, and Isaac’s psy-op breakdown

-the Adsense crackdown targeting independent media, and Youtube’s role in removing their ability to monetize their research

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52 Responses

  1. Completely agree with you on this: mythology, ideology and personal faith are very different than organized religions. (So is education different from academia, and so on).

  2. what up Greg? Stumbled upon your podcast about a month or so ago and I really enjoy your interviewing style; you don’t just talk over people like some unnamed hosts do. Anyway I found myself singing “where would we be without THC” to myself regularly so I figured it was time to kick you down some ducats. Thanks for your hard work and great shows.

    1. Welcome! Thanks a lot for signing up so early, that’s impressive!

      Talking over guests is something I try not to do, but I’ve been more argumentative lately and probably should stop. Thanks again!

  3. Agree with him or not…Eric DuBay is pretty damn interesting (and bright) with arguments that seem to stump damn near everyone. (I can live without his rap videos though lol) As for the rest of this interview…you guys touched upon some great stuff. Clearly, Hollywood is throwing hints at us left and right. Dave McGowan talked a lot about this stuff. I recently revisited NETWORK, THEY LIVE, THE TRUMAN SHOW and MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. All these films made very obvious statements…yet they went largely ignored.

  4. Beautiful closing outro – everything Greg says about magic, gay people and how the real enemy is crony capitalism, the power pyramid and the psychopaths running the show is spot on and needs saying. Kudos Greg you are doing a wonderful job.

  5. Excellent show as always, Greg! I listened to your show with Isaac Weishaupt in the past when he discussed his work on hip-hop and the illuminati (and so much more). This show is just as fascinating. I have been wondering about similar things that you both addressed: how to make sense of the occult/esoterra, occult magic (or magik?), evolution of consciousness, Lucifer…. Is it something good? Something evil? My sense of it is that all of this is really 2 sides of the same coin. Light and dark are not exactly the same, but they are synergistically connected or united. In other words, we can’t know the good without the contrasting shadow. Therefore, to truly ‘know thyself,’ shadow work is essential. Sadly, think it is something that gets intentionally ignored by the masses; it seems that so many things these days (music; anti-intellectual sentiments; anti-thinking, basically) are superficial. Advertising–I mean, propaganda–makes this very clear: ‘want to feel good about yourself? buy this product and if you call now, we’ll send you two for only 19.95 plus S&’H and other nonsense.

    With this notion of ‘two sides of the same coin,’ I can see that a number of things and ideas in our world exist primarily in a neutral state or impersonal state, until labeled and directed with intention. For example, consider technology and the rise of AI/transhumanism (genetic engineering). We can use genetic manipulation to get rid of disease in the gene pool, perhaps (a “good”) and we know how this played out in the past with the eugenics movement in America in the early 20th century, something which the Third Reich tapped into and ran away with (Mengele, medical experimentation, genocide). There are many many examples of something have uses for good and for evil, and I wonder if that is what Isaac was getting at with respect to some of the occult and esoteric teachings. I have read in a lot of different sources that Lucifer, the ‘light-bearer,’ is actually for ‘good’ (new age and others) and then in other contexts, Lucifer is considered an evil force (Luciferian Agenda). I often find myself perplexed, and I continue on with research, reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, etc.

    One last point, and I’ll end my lost post here (sorry!). I just wanted to say that I really appreciate both yours and Isaac’s comments regarding the portrayal of gay or LGBT characters in films, whether it’s a Disney film or some other film, and stating that this isn’t a bad thing and that these characters can provide an example for a youth/teen or adult, who may be gay or questioning their sexuality. It is true, as the data bear this out, that suicides among LGBT youth particular far out-pace suicides among other populations. I identify as a lesbian myself and while I don’t hide that fact in any context, I am not one to make a big deal out of it either. To me, it isn’t a big deal anymore, though admittedly, I did not exit the proverbial closet until I was 30 (I am a child of the 70s). Anyway, what I found very refreshing and different especially in the alternative/conspiracy media and world is that many, many other folks whose work I generally respect and find interesting turn me off when they start down the path of discussing “the homosexual agenda” and condemning transgender individuals and saying that this agenda is aimed specifically at dismantling the family unit. Despite the fact that I have a PhD in sociology as well as a law degree (not licensed, so no legal advice from me!), I have been re-educating myself on the Frankfurt School theorists, the 60s counter-culture, etc in the context of the CIA/MK Ultra/mind control, etc. The theory that these “cultural marxists” are aiming to break up the family, foist upon society the “homosexual” agenda (which I find an interesting, yet not surprising, choice of words, and it shows how these folks think about anyone who identifies as lesbian/gay/bi-sexual, etc. ‘Homosexual’ is a clinical term.).
    Additionally–and this is the part that I have the most trouble with, almost to the point of being offended–is that they continue to argue that it is these “homosexuals” who are involved with and perpetuating the pedophile network and are all basically pedophilic. To me, that is the most non-scientific and fully biased claim I have heard–though, it is a very common and stereotypical portrayal of gay people, particularly gay men. I have done extensive research on sexual offenders and sex offender legislation. In fact, my dissertation centered on the initial implementation and evolution of sex offender laws in the US and how they reflected the political and penological ideas of the time: on human behavior, familial heritage (eugenics), punishment and rehabilitation and how it changed over time. By the end of the 1990s, we were at a state of simply warehousing people as a mechanism of control. With respect to theories of offending and pedophilia in particular, much of the data (and, as an aside, I get it; you need to look deeply at these sources, who is funding the research etc etc. I did not ‘wake up’ to a lot of this until well after I completed my dissertation (in 2000)), shows that by and large, most sexual offenders–if one asked them–would identify as heterosexual, not homosexual. The “homosexual” label gets placed on pedophiles who molest and hurt young boys, and while the obvious would suggest that these are same-sex relationships, they really are mischaracterized and misunderstood. A pedophile is an individual who has a sexual attraction to children. First and foremost, that is the meaning of the term. Ideas of homo/heterosexuality speak primarily to relationships between adults (same or opposite sex attraction). Pedophiles, clinically speaking, have numerous deficits, one of them being an inability to connect with adults in a mature, intimate and consensual manner. Yes, certainly, folks can look at these pedophilic relationships further in terms of the sex of child to whom the pedophile is attracted. I would argue that going down that path really detracts from the horrific nature of the criminal act and violation that is occurring! Regardless of the sex, or gender, of a child…. It’s a child! No person ever be engaging in any kind of inappropriate behavior with a child. Ever! As a lesbian, or “homosexual” as these people label folks like me, I find their characterization and discussions completely appalling, biased and unscientific. One of the few conclusions I can draw as to why these characterizations of LGBT folks arise among folks in the alternative/conspiracy world of independent media is that they are framing their thoughts from a right-wing political perspective and a religious perspective, primarily Judeo-Christian, though it isn’t just Christianity that casts LGBT in a bad light; it is nearly every mainstream religion. And sadly, for me, at the end, the work of these folks, while otherwise really fascinating and intriguing, leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    If someone wants to make an argument that there is a “gay agenda,” I would say that, as a lesbian, the only agenda I have and have ever had is to be kind and respectful to all people no matter what (and you can fill in the blanks here about race, class, gender/sex, religion, political party, blah, blah, blah). Also part of my personal “agenda” is to find and reveal the truth about our world, which we certainly do not get much of from anything mainstream. In a lot of ways, our world and the MSM border on being a joke because of all the lies that can be identified in it. And hey, maybe I am completely wrong here about the ‘homosexual agenda’ and I should do everyone a favor and just go kill myself and help rid the world of the perverted evil I am (hahaha, hmmm, nope 🙂 I am being 1000% sarcastic there.

    I do believe that, at times, the whole ‘political correctness’ goes a little overboard and is a turn-off to many people–including me. I do feel that free speech is under severe attack these days–the tables and tides seem to have flipped, how interesting–but as the ol’ cliche rings true, 2 wrongs do not make a right. Speak your mind and your views at the correct and legal time, place and manner. How else do we learn if we do not listen to others? Anyway, I am going off the rails on another topic.

    I just wonder if you, Greg, or anyone here on the forum, has thoughts about this or feels similarly to me in terms of the manner in which LGBTs have been characterized and downright castigated by some in the alternative/conspiracy media. But hey, as always, thank you so so much for your work and for bringing on so many interesting and informative guests. I’ve learned so much already and have miles and miles to go. But that’s what makes life so interesting and fun, to me anyway. Cheers, peace and much gratitude, Sue

    1. Excellent comments! I have (recently) emailed Greg about certain guests and shows that seemed to demonize LGTBQ individuals. He was kind enough to respond to my issues and questions, so I know it’s not something he sets out to do as a host. He welcomes people from all sides of the political spectrum, and, usually, lets them say what they want without criticizing them, too much. I admire that.

      I appreciate that others have the same issues when these topics keep popping up on conspiracy shows they listen to, though, and are willing to chime in that they do not agree. I think it highlights the (very) conservative values that are actually at the root of many conspiracies, and I can’t really agree with the application of those particular values to criticize a whole group of humans based on religious principles that aren’t (usually) shared with the groups being criticized. It is hypocritical. I do not hold others to my religion, nor to my ‘gay agenda’. (lol – could you imagine if we did that, really?)

      Thanks for the comment. Solidarity!

  6. Well he sure got my hackles up when he talked with such distain about magic. I calmed down toward the end and thank you for your comments!
    Regarding George Lucas. I know his children went to a Waldorf school founded on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. In Kindergarten every morning a fairytale is repeated to the children word for word. By the end of the week the children act out the fairy tale. I looked up one of Steiner’s lectures in 1908 on fairy tails. It is an hour long talk. He analyzes two tales. One is “A Tailor’s Apprentice”. It is deep and esoteric.

  7. Vader did actually bring “balance” to the force. When he joined the Jedi, there were what, like hundreds of Jedi, and like 4 Sith? By the time he was done there were 2 Jedi left (Obi Wan and Yoda), and 2 Sith left (Palpatine and Vader). The point is, when you are winning, balance is a bad thing.

  8. Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That song was Deja Vu by Beyonce ft. Jay-Z!!!!! It comes it at the top of Jay’s verse: I used to run base like Juan Pierre….


    1. I kept rewinding trying to make out the lyrics to search, but it was too distorted. Great catch! Very strange. With the work Issac does, I wonder if maybe he had another window open, or something, anything really, to explain that. Weird.

      1. Sometimes my browser, Firefox, will start playing a YouTube video on one tab if I open a new one. As for why it would totally disrupt his mic feed yet let his headphones remain interrupted I don’t know. Could just be a bug, especially if he maybe uses a Linux distro as that’s the OS I’m using when the tab thing happens.

      1. That’s really weird! 😀 You guys were talking about Beyonce then the all seeing eye and katy perry; before the next topic unfolded, the audio cuts off then this dejavu song of Beyonce starts playing where Jay z makes the all seeing eye symbol in the music video (towards the end).

    1. Dating Carmen Sandiego?

      I got a little behind in my listening and posting. The forum threads haven’t been in my wheelhouse much lately. I just started listening to this particular ‘cast, but I really liked the Gordon White interview. The tone at the start of this one has me wondering if it’s going to be my cup of tea, or worth my time. I’m not so much pop-culture focused. (I haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies–oh my!) I don’t tend to ‘make something of it’ about many themes. What we get to see of what goes on in the world is not what goes on in the world, so why would I want to get worked up? The nature of information being that it is incomplete, maybe better just to concentrate on present awareness, very locally, and see stories as no more than stories. Things only have the meanings we, ourselves, give them, and it’s my peace of mind I invest in any bugaboos such as what Lucifer might be up to. I have little need for that. There are bigger, more relevant, questions.

      Maybe I will be around more, but maybe not, if the PNW rains abate, and I am well enough physcally to overcome some chronic (this sloppy wet year) cabin fever, I might be pretty scarce. 🙂

      BTW, thanks for asking.

  9. I really think the projects to crowd-source news, like, are going to take over information sourcing.

    Check out the white paper, at the site, before you scoff.

  10. Wow this episode was extremely enjoyable! Just want to add a little bit of color to the star wars ‘force’ thing. I never read the star wars novels, but apparently in the novels some Jedi become what is known as a Gray Jedi. They are described as walking the line between light and dark forces… I guess they seek to acheive some balance within the force?

    Funny enough, I have been thinking about the light and dark force philosophically for some time now so this topic really resonated with me. One thing I find a bit peculiar about the Sith is the “Rule of Two”. Here is an excerpt from the star wars wikia on this.

    “The Rule of Two was a Sith philosophy mandating that only two Sith Lords could exist at any given time: a master to embody the power of the dark side of the Force, and an apprentice to crave it. The philosophy of two governed the Lords of the Sith for a millennium, beginning with its founder Darth Bane.”

    It is understood that the Sith Apprentice will eventually kill his master and assume his role. This kind of relationship reminds me of Zeus taking Saturn’s place. It reminds me also of “Ancient” Greek pedarasty (Man boy relationships) and I can’t help but see a bunch of big little symbolism (pizzagate/pedogate?).

    Kanye’s earlier album’s I guess can be considered ‘conscience’ rap since during that time he was working with the likes of Common and Talib Kweli. But even still, I feel like the ‘conscience’ hip hop movement was just to capture those who wanted to move away from gangsta rap. I honestly think most celebrities are “in the club” even if it’s a smaller one. Why hasn’t anyone one looked into Def Jam (Death Jam)? There is clearly a lot there with Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin being involved at the onset of mainstream hip hop. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a black laurel canyon type of thing, but there definitely has to be some conspiracy meat on those bones.

    One other thing, I definitely recommend checking out Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth”. Greg, keep the 5 star shows rolling!

  11. Great interview… Really enjoyed this. That said, not all occultism is Luciferian. In fact most magic is based upon the 7 Hermetic Principles and if one is to read the associated Emerald Tablets of Thoth they’ll see that Thoth/Hermes is basically a monotheist and friend of mankind that abhors slavery and tyranny. Not to be an apologist or dismissive about Crowleyian influences on pop culture and even darker threads like PizzaGate but there are plenty of Occultist that use the Hermetic Principles to liberate our brothers and sisters, while the Dark Lodge uses them to enslave. That ol’Dark Lodge does seem to be pretty well funded and organized though.

  12. I’ve noticed a recurring theme of people who say that they find a particular theory to be unreasonable (Flat Earth, in this instance) because it would require too many people to coordinate and “why would they do it?” Then, a few minutes later, they will discuss a theory they put their faith in (Brainwashing via Star Wars or other media, in this instance) which would require a similar effort of coordination and is also subject to “why would they do it?” If anyone still listens to Joe Rogan, you see this over and over; Joe will shit all over Flat Earth/anti-NASA, and on the same episode, talk a out how the FDA and all the scientists/nutritionist are lying to us about what kind of diet we should have (which should be Keto diet according to him).

    I am not a Flat Earther, but I can remain open to the idea until there is solid evidence (doubt that day will come). I’ve seen enough round/flat/concave research to have a strong opinion that we are being lied to. Yet, if theorist has a book/movie he is pushing that requires the nasa/cosmos story to be real, then Flat Earth/Concave/Enclosed is crazy and nasa is the only gov’t branch we should believe. Just my observations.

    Good episode, Isaac is a fun guest.

  13. Hello Greg – Great interview – could you elaborate…At about 17:30 you pivot the discussion to catholics. You go on to discuss the ancestor alters, bloodline rituals, etc. Could you elaborate on these discussion points? I too was raised Catholic, then walked away. I am now looking at gnostic texts. Thanks.

    1. Gnostic texts, bingo!

      I mentioned I was raised Catholic, but I think I equated those elements of magic to ancient Christians, not Catholics. If not, then I misspoke, but this was fresh in my mind because I had just recorded a show all about Gnosticism with Miguel Connor. It will be coming out fairly soon, but the point is that Christian groups did seem to have forms of magic in the old days. They worldview though, has now been so overshadowed and influenced by Catholicism- that when they adopt this “magic is bad” propaganda from the Vatican, they’re actually condemning a lot of their own early practices. Exactly what the Vatican wanted.

  14. I’ve only heard this interview once, and I was half-way into a bottle of cheap vodka – well, Grey Goose, not that cheap. Curious about Adam’s reference to Johnny Depp’s “best friend” Allen Ginsburg, who died ten years ago, at the age of 70. Okay, it’s true, it’s on Wikipedia that Ginsburg was friends with Depp, and a member of NAMBLA, but it seems to be a stretch to tie him with Johnny Depp now. And I just gotta say that all the kid-fuckaz I know (I have friends at the Bohemian Grove) hide their crimes from public eyes, while Ginsburg was very public in his support of NAMBLA. I do think Depp is a freak, and probably a tool for darker forces, but the Ginsburg reference is clearly homophobic.

    Having watched some of Adam’s videos, it seems that he softened a lot of his Christian and anti-gay rhetoric in this interview, to fit-in with Greg, and, I’m guessing, get new subscribers. And, I didn’t quite understand how he got away with shooting down FE by stating that he got a degree in science and launched satellites. Greg was great when he jumped all over this….. and, oh, wait, Adam didn’t really participate in launching satellites, but he was in the same building as other people who did that….. maybe. Anyway, we have GPS, so, satellites, and all the rest of it is real. And we just keep on spinning and hurtling through the galaxy, and we can’t feel or sense any of it, but, strangely, many of us get an upset stomach on a high speed elevator. At least….

    “Chicago is not a mirage” (watch the video)…. it was made by an avowed Christian.

    GREG: the story of what happened to your uncle was sad and tragic, and your commentary was amazing and soulful and I am so glad that you spoke about this publically. When I “came out” to my father, he drove me to a regional psychiatric facility with the hope of getting me committed. I was fortunate that the chief psychiatrist refused to commit me; instead she counseled me well. She told me that I would have to find a life away from my family, and that it would be a difficult journey, and she was right.

    There’s hardly any safe territory for a liberal, fag, intellectual, flat-earther, but I keep looking & hoping……. And Lovin’ The Carlwood.

    1. Solid comments man, of course I can’t say what Isaac is thinking. I consider him a friend, even though we might view several things a bit differently. We have a commodore over our Rude Jude Sirius XM appearances, and just that he was an early THC guest who I’ve stayed in touch with.

      As for your similar story to my unknown uncle’s, man, that sucks. To have your own father, your protector, try to hand you over to that sick system is a tragedy.

      I mentioned that I didn’t know how my uncle got caught and charged with sodomy, because sex is such a private thing, but I asked my mom about it some more. Apparently, an undercover cop befriended him, took him on a fishing trip, and when advances were made- arrested him. Ugh, such a sad situation. Also, I asked about the bank, hoping to find some old article online about it. He attempted to rob the same bank as Patty Hurst, who was famously radicalized by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Some bank near San Fran. She robbed in in the mid-70s and my uncle would have does this in 1980 or 1981. Of course any searching of the relevant terms is overshadowed by the Hurst saga, but I figured I’d just pass that along too.

      Stay strong man!

      1. Wow… thanks for responding, Greg. I don’t know why I called him Adam, I guess I get all my biblical names confused when I’ve had a bit of vodka. I was Mark Devlin’s tour guide on his first night in L.A. I wouldn’t rate as a guest on your show, but I know a few things, and I’ve been a few places. Next time you’re up in L.A., or, if you and the wife want some time in Palm Springs, hit me up. Let’s figure out the true nature of Reality. Until then, it makes me really happy that you’re Alive, spreading truth and information and good vibes. Hell, I’d even pay seven bucks a month….. GRIN.

  15. I have to say, for conspiracy guys that think they are always battling TPTB and find reason to question everything, I find it interesting how each of you and so far nearly each comment afterward tiptoes around the “untouchable” topic du jour, homosexuality and especially transgenderism. You tow the line completely. No questioning allowed, no dissent, or you’re a “homophobe” or “bigot” or “transphobic”. Sound similar to anything to you? Like, Conspiracy Theorist? It shuts down dialogue immediately. Interesting to me that I can so blatantly see the control they have over people who think they know what’s up.

    Not to say that I AM a “homophobe” or “transphobic”. Neither scare me at all. I really don’t even care what people choose to do with their lives, especially in the bedroom. I just would prefer not to hear about it, and that includes the sex lives of heterosexuals! Just don’t shove it in my face. But look at what has happened. I mean, REALLY look, if you can get over the notion that it might make you a “—-phobe” to do so.

    It started with tolerance. Ok. We all agreed as a society by and large we could do that. Then it was about acceptance. Ok, so we agreed with that. Now I see the LGBT+ community, or at least people who claim to speak for it, putting out all kinds of media subtly requesting participation. GQ ran an article about how having sex with a man doesn’t make you gay, and that every man should try it. Followed by an article on Mic. stating essentially the same thing. Then, a prominent trans woman on YouTube says that men who prefer vaginas over penises are bigots. Genital preference in heterosexuals is bigotry. Seriously. Now we have children who do NOT have the cognitive capacity to fully understand sexuality and gender in all of it’s complexity (hence why we have laws against sexual relations with children, and rightfully so) taking hormones to stop puberty or hormones to initiate transition. How can they understand changing their sex when they do not have the capacity to fully understand sex and gender? Why are we as a society allowing children to determine something that will affect them for the rest of their life in probably the most fundamental way, when we don’t allow them to choose what to eat for breakfast?

    Moreover, think about what this essentially does. It takes away, permanently, their ability to have children, if taken to its fruition of gender reassignment surgery. Only adults should be able to make such a life altering decision. Couple that with the declining testosterone rates in young men, the intimacy crisis in Japan, which is beginning in the US, and there is something afoot. We absolutely must ask ourselves why it is being pushed so hard.

    But, I’m sure I will be labeled as just another bigot. Probably a Christian fundamentalist too, right? Well, no I’m not. I’m not religious at all. So the Christianity boogeyman need not apply here.

    You both talk about the destruction of the family. What do you call removing the ability to reproduce in children before they fully comprehend what reproduction even is?

    And Greg, you are completely wrong about slavery. Slavery has not been eliminated, not by a long shot. Slavery is at an all time high globally. Look it up. The statistics are sobering.

  16. I think the discussion of Anakin/Vader is catastrophically incomplete without addressing the end of “Return of the Jedi”. (Presumably he gets into it in the book?) The way I see it, Luke’s actions are a repudiation of the dualistic mindset of the other Jedi and Sith. Basically, Obi-Wan (and to a lesser extent Yoda) was wrong about everything: Anakin wasn’t “dead” and irredeemable, and Luke *did* need to really feel his emotions to triumph. First, he finally channels his rage and uses it to physically defeat Vader. Then, through compassion for his father and the recognition he’s going down the same cycle of bitterness, he stays his hand and even throws his weapon away. Luke was able to use the dark side without “going to the dark side”. Seeing his son suffer for this is what reawakens Anakin within Vader, leads him to abandon his drive for personal power and sacrifice himself by sucker-throwing the Emperor to his doom. Come to think of it, it’s like the Son redeems the wayward Father (rather than sinful ol’ humanity) and the Father decides he’s the one who needs to be sacrificed.

    And another theme somewhat buried in the prequels’ cardboard caricature badness is that the Jedi actually were corrupt and self-blind. Their puritanical customs ended up creating devotion to order alone, without heart. Anakin really was too old to begin the training (indoctrination) because he had known familial love long enough to actually remember it. That we can sympathize with Anakin’s turn to Darth Vader doesn’t mean that he didn’t embody and perpetuate evil. It is, however, illustrative of the failure of the Jedi way, which was to treat passions and inner darkness as if they shouldn’t exist. Anakin was so ill-equipped to deal with the pain of losing a loved one that his reaction was completely ego-driven. Therefore, an overall message of I-VI is that it’s care combined with selflessness which allows one to own their darkness, rather than the other way around. I definitely don’t exclude the presence other subversive or more negative subtexts to these movies. But I think the heart motif is the sort of “Layer 1” psychological theme that helped them garner such massive cultural impact and fan devotion.

    Ah Mercy! Here I am ranting on about the finer points of Star Wars in a comments thread. My internet nerddom experience is now… complete.

  17. Everyone should try a psychedelic, Lsd, Silva, peyote, dmt…. but I’d recommend the plane old mushrooms. Never done the peyote or dmt myself. But as a starter to drop the veil and open up that third eye, try it once. It will change how you view reality, promise.

  18. That’s sad about the uncle in the wrap up. For those who don’t know about sodomy in the military it is still against regulations but it’s not what you may think. I haven’t heard of anybody getting prosecuted when I was in but they still have those rules. Sodomy covers homosexuality, but The military also considers sodomy as intercourse between a man and a woman given into unnatural positions. There are only two positions which do not constitute sodomy in the military. Let’s say you were with your old lady, and somebody walked in on you in the doggy position, technically they can get you for that. Missionary is approved I know, but I’m unsure on the other one. Like I said, I haven’t heard of it happening after year 2000, but it’s still a dumb rule they can prosecute somebody with. They kinda redefined what sodomy is. It’s pretty fucked up, but maybe this will answer somebody’s question. They basically have to catch you in the act.

  19. I really like Isaac but he seems to be inclined to characterize anything not Christian as somewhere between dubious and diabolical. As a polytheist it makes his opinions a little hard to relate to at times. There is a tendency in American Christians to view anything symbolic or at least not revelatory as potentially deceptive, where I would be more inclined to view personal gnosis as more genuine since it lacks a authority or intermediary. Perhaps I could suggest a look into biblical hermeneutics if he hasn’t explored that already. Aside from that this was a good one.

    1. Wow, I’ve never heard of the term biblical hermeneutics. Took a glance at the definition, “Biblical hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible.” Thanks for that, just what I needed currently!

  20. I always saw Star Wars as a retelling, a long time ago, of the King Authur saga. Young boy, ignorant of his true parentage, meets a old wizard who gives him a magical sword and then he goes and falls in love with his sister!

  21. Lovely heartfelt outro, with some insightful notions about magic and spirit work to boot. Thanks from a newish listener! I’m fairly convinced that much of the bad press magic-in-general receives (even the idea of ancestor veneration, dealings with spirits of place, practices often termed animistic) is because it’s a pretty decent fit for how parts of reality actually operate and can be made malleable. It’s in the interests of some folk to keep that understanding off limits, scary it up or otherwise muddy the waters, sometimes with good reason, most of the time with less than good reason! Bless your open heart, best wishes and keep well. X

  22. I feel like almost everything in here, minus the Star Wars angle, has been said by other guests on other episodes, with the exception of the Manson stuff, 100% of which is in “The Manson File”. If he had read that Altamont book a little more carefully, he would have known that Lucas was not “THE cameraman” but one of many, stationed a very great distance from the stage only to accidentally ruin the footage he took. I strongly feel like this guy needs more schism206 in his diet. Not to be a dick, but that’s how I felt about it while listening, sorry to be the old man shaking his fist

  23. I have been following The Thunderbolts Project for about as long as The Higher Side Chats. I fell asleep with this show playing last night. I awoke with a possible connection. Tying the concept of the Black Sun with the Electric Universe theory, plasma has 3 modes: dark, glow, and arc. Our current sun is in glow mode. Supernovas are the arc mode. Before and after arc mode, suns go into a dark mode phase. I think those who have not destroyed history know that at one time our sun (or the one they might have been in) was in dark mode. Black for an intensive purposes but still able to sustain life.
    p.s. I am on Twitter @thegistof

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