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Isaac Weishaupt | Star Wars, Occult Themes, & Disney

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks Star Wars, Occult Themes, & Disney with returning guest, Isaac Weishaupt.

With the tentacles of the elite penetrating almost every facet of our daily lives such as education and economics, while their corporate chokehold slowly strangles society, it comes as no surprise that the only escape from this dismal reality is the constant content churned out from the Hollywood machine.
Yes, these masters of media have cleverly created yet another technique to facilitate their nefarious endeavors. With a boob tube in every household sedating the masses and corrupting their consciousness, escaping their reach is almost impossible. By using the entertainment industry for predictive programming and the advancement of their agenda, the elites have added yet another weapon in their already overflowing arsenal.
And while many us hold fond memories of what we believed to be unsullied staples of our adolescent years -classics such as Star Wars and Alice and Wonderland are fraught with hidden occult symbolism, Gnostic themes and Luciferian agendas.
Today’s returning guest, Isaac Weishaupt, is an author, researcher, and celebrity occult savant who joins The Higherside to help us wade through decades of mind control and mass manipulation from Tinseltown.
3:20 May the 4th be with you! While many of us can agree, the Star Wars saga is unequivocally one of the most universally recognized movie franchises, spanning multiple generations and captivating audiences worldwide, we may be blind to a few lesser known details about this now Disney owned film conglomerate. Greg and Isaac begin by discussing what prompted Weishaupt to write his book, “The Star Wars Conspiracy”, the underlying Luciferian and Gnostic themes as well as hidden occult symbolism in the films and the questionable connections between George Lucas, The Rolling Stones, and the Altamont music festival in 1969.
15:00 Greg and Isaac discuss the Catholic Church’s agenda to fundamentally change Christianity, remove it’s Pagan foundations and esoteric traditions, and persecute occult practitioners. They also examine the Illuminati agenda to eventually eliminate all religions and install the Luciferian doctrine. They also discuss the themes of duality, the opposing occult perspective, and it’s tie into Star Wars.
26:42 Greg and Isaac circle back to discussing the Vril Society, their cooperative relationship with the Nazis, their occult influences and their attempts to channel extra-terrestrial beings and unlock energy fields. They also discuss Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard’s use of Crowley’s Babalon workings to achieve an elevated state of consciousness, their accidental opening of a portal, and the subsequent UFO phenomenon of the late 1940s.
38:30 Returning to the Star Wars saga, Greg and Isaac discuss the reappearance of clones throughout multiple films. Citing Donald Marshall as a leading researcher spear heading the movement, Isaac contends the elite agenda to separate out our consciousness and upload it into the cloud is the beginning to a life lived in a virtual reality.

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