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Isaac Weishaupt | Magick, Music, Blood Sacrifice, & The Illuminati

Show Notes

The man behind, Isaac Weishaupt, joins THC to talk largely about his new book Sacrifice: Magic Behind The Mic which covers the crossroads of magick and music, celebrity and conspiracy.

We talk about the manipulation of Hip Hop into gangster rap, the idea of blood sacrifices, and our old pal Crowley. We also talk about many of the artists and producers of the industry, trying to discern who’s involved and who’s been a victim of the big media manipulation machine.

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Great show, interesting stuff. The entertainment industry is blatantly dark and in your face about it. Beyonce looked weird and dissociated last month at a nets game, swaying side to side. Fame and fortune maybe not all its cracked up to be. Vigilant Citizen is a good place to check out similar craziness. Thanks Greg and Isaac x


Thanks K-jo! Yea Beezus is falling apart as that mind control breaks her down. Jay-Z stays cool as a cucumber tho…


Love the show Greg!! Keep up the “great work”… Found something interesting if my understanding of Marty Leeds number system is correct this may be interesting.
4+1+2=7 -1=6
If you count the hyphen as a minus sign his name =6

Hollynn Francis

I am dying to know what 6 means… what does it mean???


Dr. Horowitz has some great info I to numerology. He had mentioned a quote by tesla… If mankin only understood the significance of 3 6 9s and 8s the world would be a different place.


Great show, i just have to mention that the South African artist’s known as Die Antword originally signed with Sony Interscope records and left do to creative control issues although i would agree that much of their work is “satanic”, it’s by their own admission, “tongue in cheek” and not taken seriously. The last thing in the world this band is about is getting it done for the powers that be…


Check this video out as well; I compiled a bunch of Die Antwoord’s Satanic symbols:


I don’t think Gangsta Rap is all from the Illuminati. A good amount of Gangsta Rap is just describing the environment and conditions people were living in because the media wasn’t covering it.


A man came out on alternative news sites, I forgot his name, but he tells a story about being a song writer bound by a secrecy clause in his contract, years ago, from a meeting in which people were invited to leave if they did not want to sign on. He was young and signed it anyway more out of curiosity. The meeting ushered in some heavies plus music industry spokesperson and they were told straight up the labels owned shares in the prison industry/ privatised jails are corporations that pay dividends/profits to stockholders – their new assignment was to twist the music culture towards glorification of criminality. It can’t be too hard to find this. Might make a good interview if he is still alive. (As he breeched the contract after 12 years and wrestling with his conscience).


Here is the best link so far about what I posted (above)


I was sitting here drinking a little drink and smoking a little smoke listening to Isaac Weishaupt and it was so good it got me off my backside and I have become a +plus member. Matt, Sydney Australia


New +subscriber here, great show greg…love this entertainment industry stuff especially the movie stuff with Jay Weidner. Keep the awesome shows comin and ill keep my subscription up to date 🙂
Check out my paranormal forum (register to use chat box and begin posting)




I have been listening to the 1 hr. free shows for a few months and I dig your style of interviewing.I’m a plus subscriber now. and have been going thru archives listening to the rest of what I have missed.Great job .love the diversity of topics!


I love hearing Isaac!!! I have listened to him on many podcasts and he is always an interesting guest. I also listen to his podcast and it does need some work! Ha! Glad that its going thought. Thanks Greg


Hi Greg, I’m a new member and am catching up on all the podcasts. After, or during, the interview I like to check out the guest’s website and when I clicked on this one, it said page not found. Just thought I’d let you know that the website name is, not – it’s missing the “er”. Best regards to you.


On 17m, I have to disagree. Deva means in sanskrit shining or divine. It refers in general to any deity: deva, dio, dios, divine, all come from the same linguistic root. It is not for female deities. As a matter of fact, its feminine is devi. This is not occult knowledge either. It is a pretty common in Hinduism belief system.


Greg I hope you’ve deleted that photo by now!

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