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Isaac Weishaupt | Aliens, Demons, Disclosure, & The Occult

Topics Covered: Aliens, Disclosure, Occult, Otherworldly Entities, Spirits, UFOs

Show Notes

Friend and returning guest Issac Weishaupt joins THC to talk about aliens, demons, hollywood, secret agendas, gnosticism, & his new book: Aliens, UFOs, & The Occult: Use Your Illusion I 

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PLUS Content

  • Is Panspermia part of the path to alien gods?
  • Are developments in the AI arena, actually alien life?
  • Hollywood, manifestation, & the ET Agenda.
  • The Collin’s Elite, UFOS in hell, & the invitation.
  • The recent Skinwalker Ranch sale.
  • The overlap between those accused of child abuse and those with alien interests.
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