Isaac Weishaupt Aliens Ufos Diclosure and the Occult

Isaac Weishaupt | Aliens, Demons, Disclosure, & The Occult

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Friend and returning guest Issac Weishaupt joins THC to talk about aliens, demons, hollywood, secret agendas, gnosticism, & his new book: Aliens, UFOs, & The Occult: Use Your Illusion I 

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PLUS Content

  • Is Panspermia part of the path to alien gods?
  • Are developments in the AI arena, actually alien life?
  • Hollywood, manifestation, & the ET Agenda.
  • The Collin’s Elite, UFOS in hell, & the invitation.
  • The recent Skinwalker Ranch sale.
  • The overlap between those accused of child abuse and those with alien interests.

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  1. Good job Greg! I really enjoyed the two of you being able to give and take and by open to find middle ground, I think a lot didn’t get said out of worry of trip mines on both sides but it seems like you guys just need to keep talking and one or both of you are going to grow from it! I really enjoyed this show! I’m not a Christian so I though he took so extremely large leaps of logic or couldn’t see past some things to see clearly. With that being said I think he sees the general truth and is waaaayyy ahead of most Christians where I’m from! Keep it up carlwood!

    1. It was a careful dance, but it was also hilarious when they took on each other's strawmen. It was a really respectful conversation and one we can all learn from. 

  2. So did anyone else see the news article about the new stimulus package including in the comment section that the government had to release everything they know about ufos in the next 60 days? 

  3. i subscribe to your shows to hear this kind of discussion. enlightened

    i read 'use your illusions' book, it agrees with john keel's assessment that ufos require humans to manifest. we have been cohabiting with ufo/demons from beginning of human societies and now we add high tech to the story. john keel talked about summoning them as a 'ring of purple lights' that responded to his flashlight.

    i recommend  "christianity and ancient egyptian religion" by ahmned osman to get alternative copitc gnostics version of christos/holy spirit. compare it to the western christianity accepted as the gospel truth.


  4. Loved this back and forth. You guys have mastered the art of discussing these topics in a chill way without any doom seeping in. If anyone deserves 100k followers it’s you!

  5. I suspect many have gotten lost on the use and meaning of ‘Lucifer’ and/or ‘Satan’. Consider the etymology of the words… and their construction. ‘Satan’ just means Enemy. and ‘Lucifer’ just a title meaning ‘Light Bearer’

    Now consider the opposing principles of energy… Fire (Wave-Based Mechanics) and Ice (Particle or Crystal-Based Mechanics… ie. Matter).

    What is Fire? Light (even if you can’t see it because it’s not in the octave of current human apprehension)
    What does Matter or Ice do to Fire? It traps it… filters it… obfuscates it… ‘Bears’ in a container.

    Each principle is the enemy (Satan) of the other (Fire melts Ice, Ice traps Fire). I suspect both are two faces of the same God. Of the two faces, Fire is the one that sets us back to Zero (The Absolute)… to be set free. It is only in Wave Mechanics that Total Phase Cancellation of exactly opposing waves produce ‘Silence’ – even if the energy is still present. In particle Physics… opposites annihilate. And according to the first law of thermodynamics, “Energy is neither created no destroyed’. (In other words Matter is the Liar of the two brothers).

    Remember Saturn has Ice Rings… the Star of David is representative of Saturn… and a certain predicted messiah by the name of ‘David’. One might say that the next two ages Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Lucifer (Saturn). It’s part of the clock here.

  6. More ever increasing reference material to riddle, from two very capable reference riddlers. 

    It seems that such feeds me, relieves me of too much silence and nothing. And maybe that's all we've really got to choose among: eternal nothingness or some kind of activating that stimulates consciousness into responsiveness. 

  7. The Gnostic Christians are a great key into seeing how this negative energy has invaded symbols and religion for thousands of years. It was its manifestation out of Rome and into religion that the ancient nefarious rites could spread and build this world. A pattern of rise and fall that fights the previous order and squeezes the never failing Gnostic/Pagan view. The devil can only imitate and deceive Universal Truth. The original hermits of Christ’s day were Gnostics fleeing the Roman world away from materialism. Later the Priest class was community perversion brought on by the new order imitating the original hermits. Story of Empire I guess..

  8. This interview was harder for me to follow than normal, my fault for being distracted. Has anyone heard of James Rink/Super Soldier Talks? I would love to see Greg interview him, but I can’t decide if he’s legit. If he is it seems like this interview would lead nicely to James’ topics having been involved with the Galactic Federation. 

    These topics make my head spin. So I appreciate these conversations breaking it down. Thanks Greg! Keep up the great work! 

    1. James Rink is an old friend of mine. And he is legit.

      But try to advance past that.

      Accept that truth and move on. This forum is way past that as a reality and well into the esoteric.


      1. Hi Moshe, thanks for the reply. This is intriguing for me. Esoteric just means obscure or only understood by a small group. What are you referring to more specifically? Are there specific podcasts Greg has done that you can point me to, or other topics that would help me "advance past that"?

        I have been listening to THC for at least 2 years now, maybe missed some, but finding out humans are on other planets, servicing for decades and having their memories wiped out, black goo and all that was quite a revelation if those are actual facts. I just thought it would be a fun topic on THC. But I'm interested in the "esoteric" more and more. Thanks 🙂

  9. Gordon and Isaac! Awesome way to start the year. Keep it coming!

    Also Greg, I just want to say I couldn't help noticing that you and both of the recent guests have used the word God multiple times. I just want to say I'm proud of you, not so much for acknowledging a higher power or some jazz, but rather for allowing yourself to use that particular word to describe something without being weighed down by the limitations/associations that perhaps it once carried for you. Until we come up with a better word to describe that thing, we just have to rely on the language that's been presented to us, and we may yet learn to "spell". 

    So, yeah. Cheers.

  10. Mind. Blown. Check


    i have had the exact same thought about being in another dimension and wanting to try out earth and human life but the catch was not remembering where you came from

  11. Thanks for this Greg – it was great to hear you asking some searching questions. Still with your talent for interviewing showing giving the person plenty of room to answer but still being firm. Although he did ramble a bit in the space you gave him. Having read quite a bit about gnosticism the main appeal for me is that priests or minsters are not needed to connect us to God so preventing corruption of the communication but there is a more direct connection divine spark to the Divine. NOT WE ARE GOD but have the divine spark. There is a God who IS NOT a bearded man in the sky. There is a fairly complex story about a young Aon creating the Earth alone which meant a being called the demiurge was also created who calls itself the Lord who IS NOT God. The gnostics then go from there to explain the evil in the world. As far as Lucifer is concerned – Jesus called himself the Morning Star which is what we call Venus and also Lucifer so there is a zodiacal aspect to this.

    James True has excellent grasp on these things and can cover many topics from Mind Control through the strength of Belief to Sovereignty and consent being the basis of this system. I would love to hear him being interviewed by you. Many thanks x

  12. Check out the old episode with John Lash for a gnostic explanation that doesn’t site satan. When Lash said on Greg’s podcast you don’t think this you feel it. I did!

  13. This is great, Greg. Commenting less than halfway through the episode, so apologies if I anticipate anything that comes later. I think your different take on the issues makes for a more interesting discussion. As someone who has been drawn to gnosticism in the past, but who has moved away from it in the past year, I find Isaac's critique of gnosticism really stimulating! Conspiracy discussions in general often seem to me to have an implicit gnostic vibe (given that gnosticism may be one of the ur-conspiracies), and it's refreshing to hear someone taking the matter head-on in the context of the alien disclosure topic we all know and love. I for one will certainly be taking Isaac's warnings seriously if the alien ball does finally drop, though I'll be seriously disappointed if it's just a matter of, as Isaac seems to imply, "we have special imaging machines that allow us to see the aliens you can't see — just trust us, like you did with, for example, viruses lol". As opposed to another invisible enemy, I'd much prefer little green men, or even the revelation that the masks have been rolled out to conceal the aliens physically among us (to conceal their strange mouth parts or something). That would be ridiculous too, but it would make for better theater. Gordon's episode was amazing as well. Thanks again for all you do.

  14. Before he writes one more word in any of his books, isaac should read/listen to, "The Ra Contact!" This channeled source reveals everything from the metaphysical reality we live in, the Fermy paradox, the battle going on in the astral between the self service path (evil), and the service to others (good), christianity and other distortions of spirituality, ascension, gravity, antigravity, and on and on. Recorded 40 years ago, and not one thing said can be disputed. 

  15. Greg – The parody songs are so good!

    They really should be more accessible and out there in the Ether.

    Comedy is one of the most important memetic art forms for subversion of the prison paradigm and communication.

    Like everything you do, you've alchemically condensed, concentrated, and crystallized these ideas into art and comedy. It must be shared.

  16. Great show Greg. I was the Supervising Producer of the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 1. I of course know Brandon. I guarantee it’s all strangeness. Working in Hollywood for 20 years, it’s clear that entertainment has been, and is, training us. After working for Prometheus Entertainment, production company that produces the show, I’ve left reality tv. Thanks Greg… always love listening. – Paul

  17. Excellent interview Greg!  Wonderful range of topics.  Isaac brought a lot of great knowledge and interesting perspectives.
    I guess I'm a bit more optimistic than ya'll.  I agree that elites are trying to "turn this playground into a prison."  But, I don't think they are so great at it.  All incarnated souls are still flawed, and learning, and they will make mistakes.  Especially the ones who tend towards evil.  I also don't think they work well with each other.  Psychopaths tolerate each other, but are ultimately as selfish as narcissists.  The elites across the world are fighting each other & roughly balance out.  
    There's a flawed argument at the root of a lot of disaster movies and authoritarian dystopias which is the idea of a monopoly.  It's always like "everyone uses this 1 app" or "1 corporation rules the world"  or "1 evil person takes over".  Human history has demonstrated that we tend to diversify  ( at least since the collapse of the tower of Babel).  Yes many people or companies want a monopoly, but it's very rare that anyone actually achieves either a horizontal or a vertical majority within a market, and never has anyone achieved a complete majority control across all aspects of people's lives (in other words, maybe a religion gets dominant, but there are still competing governments, and market forces, and cultural forces.  In another situation, a Conqueror violently gains control of a majority of the land/people, but religion & commerce permeate borders & unique cultures persist).  And in any worst case scenario, once an evil ruler dies, as all incarnated beings will, power must be transferred to someone else, and there will be change.
    Also, in reference to the idea that consciousness or souls would be moved into an artificial construct.  Yes I agree that people will try to build these and offer the service.  Honestly I have no idea whether it's fundamentally possible to do.  It might end up that we can only transfer memories, but never a soul.  Or maybe it's a copy of the soul, or a new soul enters the universe (like a baby) but with your memories and a robot body.  And very few people would be interested in prematurely leaving their human bodies to digitize.  Anyway even if it is offered, I can't see a scenario where anyone would be forcing all people to join the AI construct and leave their human bodies.  It doesn't make sense to force people to join.  Actually I think they may be very exclusive.   If you are going to live in a super mind, you don't want to let in morons, and you certainly don't want a large group of minds that don't want to be there.  Ya'll would just be sabotaging it and trying to reconstruct human bodies all the time.  Once willing hive mind people join, and are having their hyper speed knowledge sharing experience, safe in a redundant computer network, why would they care at all about the slow sloppy homosapiens?  And no I don't think they would then want to kill all humans either.  I think any super intelligent human/ai being would very quickly get over any notion of mass extermination , and actually would have a very gentle and thoughtful hand.  Wouldn't they be the smartest, wisest, and have great inner debates, without selfism or the corrupting desires of the physical body?  
    Anyway I loved the show, I don't mind having different viewpoints since it gets you to think differently and expand.  I really loved the part about how a paranormal entity exists as a paranormal wave, and if we observe it we can collapse the paranormal wave into a paranormal particle, and it therefore can have more impact on the physical universe.  And the act of magic is essentially summoning the right paranormal wave/entity and observing it accurately to incarnate it.  I think this is spot on, really great.  
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  18. Another mind blower Greg! Great interview!  Some wild and possibly frightening stuff.  I really appreciate your summaries at the end,  because you always bring it back home and give us that spoonful of sugar.  I guess maybe like a fruit roll-up and a juice box in the sandbox of life.  Thanx for all you do! Many blessings to you! 

  19. I see Christianity and Satanism as two sides of the same coin. They fit together like a glove and define themselves as opposites. In reality this is the checkerboard of Masonry, the dualistic belief system necessary to play the game. Both the god of Satanism and the god of Christianity are immature gods unworthy of our worship and time. 

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