Gordon White on Time Actionable Intellgence Archon Conpsiracy Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Gordon White | Mythic Time, Actionable Intelligence, & The Anti-Life Archon

Show Notes


Our good pal and go-to magician, Gordon White, joins us for lucky number 13 and breaks in the New Year with just the right tone and message.

Check out his podcast, as well as his rich and robust magic school at

PLUS Content

  • The best tools in the magical tool box for these times in particular.
  • Contract clearing, entity attachments, & being as un-hyjacked as possible.
  • Viruspunk, The State, & Death.
  • What we can learn from Qui-Gon Jinn.
  • Hearing, Healing, & Story.

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  1. Was thinking I feel like listening to THC and then arrive to see this has dropped. *Sigh of relief as I inject this alternate perspective into my veins*

  2. Beyond what is needed right now. So very refreshing to hear (and know) that there are other willing to spend this life navigating in joy. 
    Beautiful episode, Greg. I honestly think each of the episodes is playing off one another and getting better each time. Good stuff. Extremely good stuff. 

    we are on our way to the valley 🤍 ⭐️ 

    1. You know, I was feeling that same kind of continuity, or flow…the end of one episode connects with the beginning of the next like 2 puzzle pieces. Remember, drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep, turn of the news, and inhale

  3. Just joined the plus membership! Small price to pay for your excellent work Greg. Truly, I've been listening for about a year and your interview skills are informed, intelligent and respectful, while also adding the right touch of humour  to important subject matter.

    Always love hearing Gordon, good to have a man like him on board. Glad to be part of this and the people here. Should have done it sooner…but. Nice one Greg! 

  4. Funny,

    I recently received one of those “Jed Said…” Wisefool Press emails with a quote from Jed McKenna. Reads:

    “Thank you,” said Alice, “for showing me,
    What for so long I have longed to see.
    That I’m just a prisoner inside of a dream,
    And nothing here is as it seems.”

    So she drew a sword from a nearby tree
    And deftly beheaded Tweedle-Dee.
    And seeing that it was all in good fun,
    She promptly skewered Tweedle-Dum.

    Included was a pic of Alice skewering Tweedle-Dum.

    So…. one can just stay with Fire… and burn a hole to the center of the wheel (The Void… or what some might call the Endless Empty Parking Lot).

    Why not break the Clock? Both Fire and Ice Fear what Fire can do during this hand-off. Why not screw with the system?

    I like to think once you have fully contemplated suicide, and discovered that the world was going to kill you anyway, then why not see if you can trip the system up?

  5. Love the show and love the message. Thanks for bringing joy and the kind of investigation of information and mindsets I can’t get enough of. To 2021 and beyond!

  6. If 2020 were a movie I would have walked out after 5 minutes and got my money back, the writing was shit. 2020 should be on MST3K getting ripped apart by Tom Servo and Crow T Robot.

  7. Excellent excellent excellent show!!  Thank you to both of you for doing what you do – so well.  You are both a light in the darkness, clarity in the muddy waters, lightheartedness in the seriousness, and encouragement in the despair.  Your dedication to be being excellent in what you do is admirable and inspiring!  Thank you for helping us all navigate this thing we call “life”.  Cheers!

  8. Healing often comes after a major life crisis. I’m not wishing that on Greg but I do believe that people need to be whacked over the head with some unexpected terrible event in order to find the healing path. If you’re basically fine and you’ve dealt with your ear for your whole life, you really don’t have much impetus to change/grow yet…

  9. Hi Greg!

    I've been a THC listener for about two years, but recently decided to become a plus member. I really enjoyed this episode due to the very sound and wise advice that Gordon gave.

    I was happy to listen to an episode that was strangely uplifting regarding the crazy times that we are living in. It was not just doom and gloom and it did not leave me feeling queasy, like the Deborah Tavares episode did (though I enjoy her work). 

    I felt that this episode's main message was: you can’t control the universe, but you can control how you react. That is downright empowering. 

    Thanks Greg and keep doing the great work you do.

    1. Cheers! Obviously not ever guest comes with that message you describe, but the way I generally feel is going to be most aligned with the most repeat guests, like Gordon. I'm with you, thanks for joining!

  10. One of the great, most timely encounters for us members Greg, thank you! Have to say, since everyone loves beating up on the new age movement for being the psyop that it was and is, I have witnessed in my life a certain intellect emerge, that bridges in a super productive way the polarized reality , that is exactly where this discussion with Gordon was rooted. There is a real magic that occurs when we align our intentions with our actions, along with morality, love and enjoyment of the process, like Gordon has so eloquently outlined here.’s clear to me now these truths bind humanity in a pre existing structure, as it is clear also, we are all having birthing pains bringing this paradigm shift to reality. I’m thinking it’s a great moment to bring Neil Kramer back on, he is the other most well rounded compassionate approach to this most important understanding! Cheers! Love and light to all my THC family, thanks again Greg!  

  11. Wow. Best one yet Greg I feel a whole lot better about the world right now. Big fan and I wait for each new show with more anticipation than I did for smurfs every Saturday morning as a child..and that says a lot. 
    keep up the good work and I’ll keep subscribing.

    Justin O

    Brooks, Alberta 

    Canada eh 

  12. As within, so without, Greg. 

    I think Gordon is right on about your ear.

    It's a spiritual / emotional / belief based thing to address first. Then the physical fix will follow. 

    So much cool stuff in this interview,  I'll listen to it again with my journal. 

    Also, I just signed up for Lynn's master class because of your interview with her. 

    I'm loving the health stuff, food stuff, agricultural folks you have on! Keep it up!!!!!


    Thank you!!!!

  13. I like Gordon…he is a great writer as well as a great astrologer…. I get his subscription letters in my Email ; and I always think 💭 God that guy really writes pretty !!!! 

  14. Hi Greg, I'm new to your show and have only listened to a few of them (very much enjoyed them), most recently this episode with Gordon.  The content of this episode resonated on many levels, and was exactly what the non-compromised doctor ordered at this moment in my life and the general circumstances around us.  I've since shared it with a number of people, including my dear Mum, which for what it's worth is considerable endorsement on my part.  Thanks so much for what you are doing and please keep it up.  Cheers from the UK.

  15. Fantastic show as usual! It resonated with me especially with being on my journey to finding those around me in which I resonate with.  Derrick Brozes freedomcells has helped a lot with that as well! Thank you so much for having such amazing guests on so frequently!

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