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Jim Chesnar | The Bock Saga, Hell & Earths Origins

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Join The Higherside Chats as The Carlwood welcomes, Jim Chesnar, to discuss the Bock Saga, its deep relations to hell and the origins of the Earth. Enjoy the authentic ambiance as Jim, his rooster, and Greg dive into the deep end of the weird pool and do their best to wade through the dense body of esoteric knowledge passed down through the lineage of the family of Bock. Brace yourself.

1:10 Passed down meticulously by methodical oral tradition, through one prominent family, the Bock Saga, contains an elaborate mythology that describes how our reality was formed, where we came from, as well as a history radically different than what we hear in the mainstream. It also contains a detailed description of the origins of the Finnish, Swedish and English languages along with etymology describing the development of letters, sounds, words, and language that is far different than our understanding.
4:03 As the nefarious puppet masters of the power pyramid work hard to erase the pieces of human history passed down through various secret societies, esoteric orders and the oral traditions of enlightened people, here at THC we understand they’ve rewritten history to suit their needs and stripped out any useful knowledge. It is thanks to those like, Jim Chesnar, an Elder Leader of The Order of the Gnostics, who have taken up the task of sharing this sacred occult knowledge, we are able to peer behind the curtain. A friend of Ior Bock, the last remaining member of the Bock lineage, Jim has studied the saga inside and out since 1984.
5:50 Listen as they painstakingly discuss the dense origins of the Bock Saga. Every good journey must have a beginning, and the Bock Saga is no different. The saga begins with the assertion that the Bock lineage is the oldest family on earth, and their oral history is one that starts from the beginning of humanity and creation, rather than backtracking from our current time. This mythology is a history, based on one root alphabet that is 29 sounds with each sound having both a mark and meaning. The saga tells a story based on the Sun, Moon and planets told by a sound people using a true logic that we now call astrology. Listen as Jim details the history and layout of our universe through etymology and connects the saga, it’s root alphabet, and it’s meanings that are now hidden in the plain sight of our everyday language.
12:50 Yes people the Hollow Earth is back with an honorable mention in the Bock Saga. Hold onto your hats as Jim takes us through the twists and turns of our planet’s creation. Follow along as he details the explosion of our magma egg, creating the planet we all know and love, Earth, in its current geographical form. Listen as Jim details a pre-tilted planet, with a huge internal cavern, otherwise known as the underworld. It’s situated at the true north pole, located near present-day Helsinki. This ancient sacred space, centered on an axis has been referred to as the original Holy Land and sits below the North Star, also known as Polaris.
21:50 Hell, it may not be so bad after all. Perusing through the dictionary, one can find more than 60 words that begin with the word hel. By integrating the principles of the Bock Saga using the root alphabet we can better understand the origins of the concept and the truth about hell, the demonizing of it through the Catholic and Muslim religion and lastly, it’s location here. Under the threat of annihilation from both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics, the Bock family fled to northern Finland, leaving the pagans residing in “hell” to be completely wiped out. Yes, there is a hell on Earth.
38:42 Crediting the Sun as the life giver, and planet maker is just the beginning of the Bock Saga. Listen as Jim explains the four gifts from the Sun. The first of these gifts is linguistics, which grants us the power of detailed expression. Down came the lightning bolt, sending with it the gift of fire and all that it brings. The third gift brought from the Sun was mathematics in it’s most basic, form of a ring, pole, and dot, also known as a sundial. And the grand finale of gifts was the walking stick, a symbol of one’s ability to carry on through the journey.
43:00 Return to the hollow earth and listen as, The Carlwood and Jim, dig deeper into the “hellhole”. Listen as they discuss the trappings of the Yehovah system found within the small area already excavated and envision what relics lay beneath in the gold-lined hallways and chambers of the ancient Asher peoples.
58:00 With excavations currently on hold, Jim elaborates on the current climate surrounding this controversial excavation and what exactly it’s findings might unveil.
103:00 The Carlwood asks Jim about the lack of translation using this etymology for other languages. Listen along as they discuss the complex origins of the root language and it’s sounds, while they build the narrative for it to be seamlessly applied to any spoken language today.
118:25 The Carlwood inquires about the rumors of Hitler actively attempting to eliminate the Bock lineage during his rule. Jim helps to rectify any misinformation surrounding this old wive’s tale and explains the most recent troubles of the Bock family. He helps fill in the blanks of the Finnish people and their journey from Swedish control to Russia’s communist dictator, Lenin.
133:15 As we all know the shadowy elite have gone to great lengths to squash any ancient knowledge from pagans, gnostics, and indigenous peoples. They have been known to bastardize cultures, writings, rituals, and traditions. A shining example of the high-jacking of history can be seen in the Bock Saga’s long-held history involving Krishna and Moses. Both radically different from their current day perceptions, Jim breaks down old beliefs and introduces new ideas about the involvement of Krishna and Moses and their crucial role in the past.

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Want more Jim Chesnar? Check out his work here or watch his series Bock Saga 8 Powers pt.1, Bock Saga 8 Powers pt. 2, or Bock Saga 8 Powers pt.3 on Youtube where you can also catch his movie Welcome to Hell.

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  1. Tolkien must have had knowledge of the Bock saga. So many correlations.
    I made the mistake of googling ‘Helsinki hell hole’ and learnt more than I bargained for. (It may well make you blush)
    Great show Gregg. Enjoyed it.

  2. Fucking dope. Can’t wait to listen, got the PA. System fired up and ready to blast this out. Been really looking forward to this episode since you mentioned it in the newsletter, I watched all of Jim’s YouTube videos in one massive binge. Love the way this guy speaks. Such a dude.

  3. Thanks for this Greg! I’ve been looking forward to this one since you mentioned it on twitter, and can’t wait to hear what Jim has to say. I’ve heard him interviewed on another show and got the basics of his story there, but there is only one THC. Im ready to go deep.

    1. Yes. Id like to think that more people are seeking evidence backed facts rather than just taking someones word for it. I think that these people without evidence will very soon have to rethink their approach. Trouble is though…most people consider belief to be evidence.

  4. Molten lava in the center of the earth? How the hell does he know? I didn’t think there was n e 1 left that still thinks the earth isn’t hollow but rather full of magma. Ok. ?
    Whatever, at least he isn’t talkin POLITICS. So sick of politics I could puke.

  5. Higherside isn’t necessarily about finding the “truth”. Truth seems to be relative anyway, so there probably is no ultimate truth. But we can leave no stone unturned and thats what I love about this show. Thanks Greg.

  6. Yeah I agree, definitely worth while viewpoint to have on.
    But when he says things like ‘one system’ instead of “a system”– using an article–makes me feel like he’s more interested in fitting in with and impressing his fellow Gnostic peers, than trying to seek out the truth. also the word “healthy” is absolutely not “hell tea’. putting “y” on the end of a noun makes it an adjective. Unless you think “funny” means “fun knee”. that’s just simple grammar for gods sake.
    On the other hand, anyone who believes in living very simply in and with nature; And that there probably are not other planets with life, and that this is probably the only world there is… I tend to vibe with that.

  7. Great story full of disinformation but really entertaining – Moses was a white woman!!! Good one…And Eor Bock – was that not the donkey from Winnie the Pooh? Still as you say what we get in school is probably even more nonsensical and with a more sinister agenda. Lily Kosolova says its best if the planet stays tilted as it will align with a portal system and let even worse entities through than are here already!

  8. so much yessss! the Sun is GOD, always has been. jesus christ is metaphor for the SUN the SUN of GOD, Gold in the metaphysical world is considered sunlight in material forum which is why is so unique. great podcast man.

  9. He claims early on that “Ra” is female and a name for the Moon. But then he switches about halfway through and calls the Sun “Ra”. As a story, I give it 7 out of 10. Inventive for sure, but materialistic Sun worship in the end. Sorry, sir. Love is God. Not the Sun.

    He did make some interesting points about the masculine line and the feminine curve, but I think he has the feminine future and the masculine past backward.

    Although it was interesting to hear about the Bock Saga, I think I could have listened to the hour long show and not missed out on much. That’s fine. I couldn’t finish the Donald Marshall episode either, and that was the one that finally got me to join the +. In the end, I think the chickens were the real stars of this show. Kudos for being a man of the land, Jim.

  10. I have to say that this is another puzzle piece to chew on and I enjoyed this show, knowing that the more time has passed, the more a story changes/evolves. Maybe that’s what Mr. Chesnar was talking about when he described the difference between belief and faith.

  11. Great show, I really enjoyed it. If I hadn’t just signed up for THC+, I would’ve after this show. Am I the only one who wants to plan a trip to Finland now?

    Please have him back again.

  12. Interesting related material:
    Popular Science Dec 1923: Lost arctic colony.
    Check out pages 29-31, and 136. The ZR-1 airship was damaged in a storm and never made the proposed arctic journey, but the story about the lost colony seems to have inspired the 1974 Disney movie “Island at the top of the World”

    I don’t quite know what to make of Jim Chesnar or Ior Bock. They could be some sort of low-grade neo-nazi psyop using NLP to brainwash you as you listen to their word-salad or they could be legit and the ambiguity comes from the fog of time. Somehow I don’t understand how a root language has all those ooo sounds that sound exactly the same to me. I don’t really have enough information to make any determination for certain so I suggest generous helpings of this essential ingredient for life:

    1. Interesting man. The Bock Saga is a lot of material, and I don’t know that it was as clearly laid out as it seemed to me, having just digested like 10 hours worth of it. I like the anecdotal connection though.

      PS: You’re on deck!

    2. Addressing only the sounds: the slightest change in pitch and tone, shifts the frequency. Once the frequency shifts, the energy changes and can result in a huge difference in its manifestation, or perceived manifestation. Everything is energy, energy by its very nature has/is a frequency, or wavelength. Manifest meaning it’s expression in reality, which is different for each individual observer. “You” or “I” are/am always atleast half of every equation, as everything must first pass through our filters/brain, to get to our consciousness where we can be aware of it based on the angle we view it.
      That being said, I loved the show, many pieces for me, not necessarily how he presented them, but how I perceived them from where I’m at. That’s all we each see anyway. I do disagree with his definition of gnosis. But maybe I’ve always been wrong. I’m always open to being wrong, in fact I hope I am on a lot of things.
      Anyway, the show in general is great, I feel the guest was great. We don’t always have to believe everything to get something from it, BTW. Now I’m going to go watch office space I think.

  13. Sorry, this one sounded like the ramblings of a mad man. I could only get about 20 minutes in. Also, this was all just Norse mythology. There was no insight one wouldn’t garner from reading a myriad of other mythological texts . Obviously its nice for this gentleman to have decided on the mythology that suits him best, but I’m with Gordon White and think everyone should work towards creating their own personal pantheon and mythology.

  14. One thing I would have to say about the mythology (the scant details that eek through the word-salad) is that it seems materialistic, male-dominant, and incomplete – the symbology does not seem to have a larger governing context and is limited in scope compared with other mythologies I have heard.

    On the other hand he mentions a few things which may sound strange but that I have stumbled across elsewhere: Like Gypsies coming from India.
    Cobra Gypsies Documentary Full:


    The above article about Ior Bock piqued my interest, particularly due to the wealth of citations. The biography it paints is not flattering and shows an orphan with identity issues training as an actor and working as a tour guide developing a kind of cult of personality around himself after a prolonged slide into historical delusions which seem to have followed binges at a hippie community (possible LSD trauma? possible recruiting into psyop?). I cannot say whether the article is true, as there is little information available in English but it sounds about right.

    This I could verify:
    Bock was stabbed on three separate occasions spaced years apart, with the last stabbing resulting in his death. Something about his personality seems to have made different roommates and acquaintances want to stab him, even when he was a paraplegic from a previous stabbing. You gotta be pretty pissed off to stab your cripple friend.

  16. interesting story at first , if ior bock spent 2 hour a day 7 days a week for 20 years (supposedly) listening to family members about the saga, very unlikely that jim will tell the story in 3 hours +, the story that he tells leaves more questions than answers , he’s jumping back and forth and also repeats himself too much loosing the natural process of a story telling ,, I learn somethings that I didn’t knew,, that’s the positive .. PEACE ..

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