Ras Ben | Global Resource Reset, Informed Intuition, & 5G Wellness 101

Show Notes

The great natural mystic, crystal earthkeeper, celestial counselor, wellness provider, sacred timekeeper, and all around good time, Ras Ben rejoins THC for a 3rd time to talk about his latest work, 5G Wellness 101: Thriving In A 5G Environment With Crystals & Sacred Stones in the wake of the Coronavirus chaos.

Check out his website RasBen.com for his other works like Great Mystery Philadelphia, Rocks of Ages, & Free Your Mound and Your Mind Will Follow.

Watch his full 2020 Astrological Forecast here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XAXNPsnLd4



PLUS Content

-Ananse & The Magnetosphere. -The depths of ancient indigenous knowledge. -The power of crystal, minerals and the energetic body. -Deep details on minerals and crystals that absorb, filter, and shield positive/negative frequencies. -The Elestrials. -Meteorite Insight. -Moki Marble politics.
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Can’t help but to comment before listening. So very excited for this one. #seektruth #dogood #share


my bro and I are weed growers but we inherited 300 cows when his gf was killed. they are calving and will have babies within a month. if you need to trade for beef holla 🌈🌈🌈🌈 lauralibertyxx@gmail.com


also….. wasn’t the frequency of the planet way higher than 5G on the planet during Atlantis. My feeling is we need to strengthen our bodies with cannabis oil , shr00ms, silica/crystal, silver and mono atomic gold or we will combust under incoming CORONA-L ejections


the crystals in the store are often fake and manufactured. i bought some on insta and could tell right away they were fake as soon as i touched them because I dig my own in Montana. be careful buying crystals . you need to go draw your own crystals to you in nature by yourself


This is a cool dude, glad to see the interaction between you two growing. When you guys reach mutual understandings I can’t help but to smile and laugh too. There were so many topics and so much value it’s hard to even leave a comment but I had to leave something. Definitely will need a relisten. Timely information and appreciated as people continue to blindly believe every statistic while I just dig my hands and feet deeper into the dirt haha


Every Ras Ben comes on I like him more. at this point…Does he need a lab assistant? I can carry a lot of Crystals around, Ive been training lol.
Having a interview already lined up, so Ras Ben was not only booked but prepared to talk about a lot of Non corona stuff after briefly touching on it. Im 100% for this crystals as currency idea. You mention bankers, Imagine a banker who actually had to sweat for a living? Pulling crystal out of the ground instead of sitting around playing a shell game. I really dont see anything wrong with this. we can keep our coffee can of Uncle Sam vouchers in reserve and do crystals in our personal communities, see how many people we can move to the crystals and favors standard.
So much love, we needed this pow wow right now.
Ras Ben, Hudson Valley NY sends love. Check us out sometime, tri state lower and central hudson valley. Its a freaky all you can eat buffet. we have a lot to do with the expansion of the rail roads, our native and settler history is raw and truthful in a way you dont often see in the east cause our natives never went anywhere, our natural geomancy is a living text book/ lab, theres Shen Yun and their golden pagoda tower HQ, the 5g hijacking our local ley lines, High point Obelisk sits on the highest peak in view- the highest point in Jersey, the most Ufo sightings in the country. Yes, Philadelphia is interesting but this place is deceptively low key but theres a lot behind the curtain.


I feel conflicted when I listen to this guest; on one hand, I love his “don’t worry, be happy” vibe about all this. On the other, it is clear that many of the things we have all been screaming about for the past years and even decades is now coming to fruition. Something unprecedented and globally changing is underway, but there isn’t much to be gained from panicking about it. The bottom line I think this guest is trying to make is that we all need to enjoy our precious lives with our loved ones, and that’s all we can currently do. I’m torn between wanting to warn everyone and say I told you so, and reiterating to myself that there’s not much I can do about it. Greg, keep up the conversation and the enlightened guests that you are bringing on to discuss this topic, and I’ll keep listening and digesting everything I hear.

dreamtime jedi

I found this interesting.
I googled ‘copper metal kills viruses on contact’, and this was the first result.


Another big problem with people staying locked up inside all day – so many buildings are full of mold. People have mold illness and allergies and don’t know it. Also, as a different guest said, all the artificial scented products people have in their homes – candles, plug-ins, oil diffusers, all the scented Clorox and Lysol and sanitizers – cause respiratory symptoms in many people already. But they are another thing that people refuse to look at as the cause of their illness because doctors, and the medical profession in general, refuse to acknowledge it. Many with these illnesses have predicted that thousands more people will develop severe allergies and adverse reactions to these products after being cooped up at home for months and spraying everything in the world with sanitizing products. This will then cause thousands more people to think they have a virus and go to the hospital, straining the system for people who really need it, and prolonging the panic. It’s a sad situation that is promoted by corporations who want to sell their scented garbage.


Amazing. Ras Ben really brings it this time. I am beginning to think he is one of the wisest voices out there right now. Enjoyed this episode with a handful of goji berries!


As Ras Ben noted within the episode, you have found your calling as an interviewer, I think this is your best episode. Hopeful and informative about our current situation. He is a well of knowledge and wisdom and you were drawing buckets and buckets from the well.


Thx’s for all. All…..
Highly interesting times and I agree to reduce the “NOISE” to a minimum daily. And I agree, ones perception is relative and important to your health. This does not have to be a denial.
I wrote an email to our local paper (New Orleans) about why is their headline Banner on Digital Edition does not count in big Red : how many in Recovery. We are given : how many tested ,how many test positive and how many dead.
They reporter answered back that THE STATE does not release than information. Hmmmmm! I also feel that I had this “virus” around Xmas as well as most of my working community( wrong flu shot it seems and I don’t get them anyway) it had all of the same symptoms.. All.
Also my sister who is recovering from cancer and her husband who has a heart condition and are both in their late 70’s had over 200 people from all parts of the country in and out of their house , eating, drinking etc. over a period of 1.5 weeks during Mardi Gras this year and neither of them have the virus. It has been over
4 weeks. Most of out deaths have been occurring in Assisted living homes. Like 11 just in one. Interesting you hit just on this topic.
We are also home to a certain private University who received 5 million in fed grant $ to work on a vaccine. They have an interesting past and have a huge primate facility across the lake. Don’t want to state a name here.
Right now ,today , it’s a great city to live in. But..
First confinement : 200 people, then 100, then 50, then 10, then , 6 feet apart, next can’t leave Louisiana to go to neighboring states or face jail time and fines, next might be , can’t leave the city and then maybe house. A clearly coordinated and controlled event.
Following the payouts …..
I know one of my work mates that was tested positive for the virus and has since recovered at home in 3 weeks with no problems. I still believe I had this :or it could be a brother from another mother? .
Be safe and I enjoyed all of the crystal vision info.
Maybe crystals need to be activated physically by their human partners . Just a thought !