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Ras Ben | Global Resource Reset, Informed Intuition, & 5G Wellness 101

Topics Covered: 5G, Astrology, Spirits

Show Notes

The great natural mystic, crystal earthkeeper, celestial counselor, wellness provider, sacred timekeeper, and all around good time, Ras Ben rejoins THC for a 3rd time to talk about his latest work, 5G Wellness 101: Thriving In A 5G Environment With Crystals & Sacred Stones in the wake of the Coronavirus chaos.

Check out his website for his other works like Great Mystery Philadelphia, Rocks of Ages, & Free Your Mound and Your Mind Will Follow.

Watch his full 2020 Astrological Forecast here:



PLUS Content

-Ananse & The Magnetosphere. -The depths of ancient indigenous knowledge. -The power of crystal, minerals and the energetic body. -Deep details on minerals and crystals that absorb, filter, and shield positive/negative frequencies. -The Elestrials. -Meteorite Insight. -Moki Marble politics.
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