Courtney Brown | Remote Viewing Iapetus, Mars, Atlantis, & More

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Courtney Brown, director of the Farsight Institute, joins THC to talk about their application of remote viewing into some of the high strangeness around the solar system, mysteries of the ancient past, and other questions we just can’t seem to get the answers to.

Check out the work of the Farsight Institute in more detail:

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  1. God Courtney’s completely made up nonsense about what is deemed “credible” to use for RV is enraging….right because having government info or NASA data is much more credible than a YouTube video. Plus why is “Flat Earth ” any more insane than his idiocy about Mars or Moon bases?!? Every single one of his statements is a complete contradiction to what he says next. It’s really sad.

    1. I am in total agreement with Eugene. How is government propaganda more credible than our own eyes. Also, Courtney LOST his credibility with the ‘spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet’. It has been awhile since I heard the interview on Art Bell but his data was complete with schematic drawings of the spaceship. Talk about fantasy.

    2. I also agree – I listened to the interview this morning and was immediately turned off by Brown’s arrogance towards “other” ideas such as the flat earth and inner earth theories. His thought process on how to validate the Phoenix Lights enigma through Youtube videos was also perplexing; he admits that people can photoshop hoaxes in respect to the Phoenix Lights, but NASA satellite images of Saturn’s moon is legitimate and not suspect? A very bizarre line of reasoning and a disappointing entry to authenticating remote viewing.

  2. Wow! Courtney’s confirmations of all those so called unknowable histories was spectacular. This disclosure is gold! The problem is that now I know absolutely that distrust of government is necessary to keep a clear thought. It just reinforces for me the value of trusting that inner sense we all have instead of institutions, people or light weight leaders. Thanks Greg for discerning the pinnacle place of these revelations.

  3. I have not yet gone to the website to watch the 911 video, but was wondering why he stayed with the obvious data, data that has already been shown, at least to my satisfaction, and did not address what happened to try he people who were on the planes that were supposedly crashed? Time we knew us all I’m sayin’.

  4. Thumbs Down.

    Unambiguous Evidence, over and over and over.

    From 29:ish
    Mr. Brown,
    “There is a Level of ‘Verifiable Believability’ that has to be there for us to pick a Target”

    By definition he uses his own beliefs as a filtering criteria for his source material. Breaking his “verifiability” rule from the start. For those interested in intellectual credibility by way of mindfulness, this highlights where he looses track of himself objectively, in my opinion, thus he looses credibility with me here.

    Mr. Brown,
    “…So, in the Iapitus Project, we have the Casini Space Probe. That’s an OFFICIAL Probe, Launched by the United States Gvmnt, launched by NASA…”

    Here he states where, and with whom he places his Faith & Belief.

    He continues,
    “…sent there and is sent back, Official photographs that are publicly available. You get it? That’s like…that’s Unambiguous. And we don’t have to worry about the believability of a particular reporter or a General, it’s coming Directly from the Government.”

    To my ears, this means he has Faith in Authority, Officialdom, and NASA. This is, to say the least, objectively problematic.
    To save space, I will only quote Mr. Brown when necessary.
    Mr. Brown then goes on to site the number of YouTube videos as precedence of believability for the Phoenix Lights. Then segueing into admitting that youtube videos can’t be used as
    “a Platform for Remote Viewing”.

    IMHO this is where he begins his passive-aggressive attack on the credibility of Crrow777’s contributions and/or Work along with those who were inspired by him. Though he has not the spine to call him out directly.

    Mr. Brown,
    “…and what if we did a Remote Viewing Project based on a Particular video we saw on YouTube that was done by a Private Person…”
    “…it could be something that somebody doctored…”

    This he repeated several times with only slight variation.

    I knew from here that this man isn’t willing to challenge his own assumptions & beliefs. He has built himself on a foundation he will defend to the last.

    Thank you Greg, but no thanks on this one.


  5. I’m sorry but this guy seams to b a very main stream status quo kind of mind. Didn’t really learn much from him. And how can he be SO SURE the earth isn’t hollow? Unless u have seen it with your own eyes or know some1 who has (that u trust to tell the truth) then you can NOT be so sure. There are MANY eye witness claims to the hollow earth. Seems narrow minded to be so sure it’s a pool of lava. Not impressed!

  6. Thanks for the show Greg. I enjoyed Courtneys stories. unfortunately i think that was all they were. So little actual Data from the remote viewings that isnt already known. Every time he was asked about the actual viewings he seemed to want to steer the subject away to another one of his stories or a discussion on remote viewing in general. I really hope remote viewing is real though.

  7. Nasa = fakery .. So a debate on the credibility of Nasa should take place before a guest can give testament on its validity . Let me see the Earth from space 1st . Neil d Tyson is talking about about a pear shape Earth . Can we now throw out all the globe s in my kids school .

    Courtney is way too main stream quoting Government and Tenured professors . Not buying it !

  8. Yeah, I’m in agreement with a lot of what’s been said already. Sounds to me like he’s stuck in his own kind of bubble which works for HIS audience but not necessarily this one. This says more about Courtney himself than it does THC. Keep it up Greg! Glad you’re exposing us to new people regardless.

  9. Yeah sorry guys, this was not one of my favorites. I thought the Farsight Institute sounded pretty interesting, but I was disappointed in this show. I asked in the beginning for Courtney to make the case that remote viewing is a trustworthy tool for these projects, but ended up with a lengthy definition of the word “skeptic.” I also wasn’t a fan of the 10 minute preface to each question explaining what the official story is. (9/11 & the pyramids)

    He seemed reluctant to go into a lot of retail because he wants you to go buy the documentaries. It was hard to get much of a word in, but when I did I tried to force some details into the conversation. Sorry if this ended up being a bit of a misstep.

    1. Shit happens, bro. Look, atleast you lined up the best guest for, and took a shot at, getting a legit person on to give credibility to a fringe topic. There have been very few shows that have been a little disappointing and I think we have gotten spoiled. Yin and Yang… there has to be some shows that fall a little short of the mark to fully appreciate all of the rest of the shows that are so great.

      Reguardless of the reluctance of the guest to give details in the interview to make his case and the interview more noteworthy, I recognized your efforts to make the interview more interesting and move it to incidents that the listeners might be more eager to hear about. You did a good job, as usua Gregl. :0)

      Looking forward to the next show!

    2. Don’ t worry about it, I would like to offer a suggestion to you which is something I think you can afford to do because you have a built in audience that pays to hear this audio. You should really start pushing back at some of these blatant contradictory “researchers” who just talk to hear themselves talk. I would of loved to hear you just tear apart Courtney’s idiocy to his face but not in a mean or demeaning way but a way that just shows enough is enough. I dont feel that way a lot about your interviews but this one I did and I did during Joseph Farrell’s Roswell/Nazi tech stuff…. I think there is a way to do it where you do “walk the guest” but even if you did I dont think its a bad thing. At some point there has to be time where you just put the foot down and say “Courtney you do realize your rules about what is credible to use for “targets” is just absolute idiocy and you have zero spine and even less credibility now if you knock down ideas such as Flat Earth or Hollow Earth just because you took an airplane ride”…..Maybe it’s wishful thinking but hopefully not.

      1. I understand where your coming from but he kinda relies on guests doing an interview with him because that’s what we pay to listen to so I understand if Greg is hesitant about doing that. If others think he might do that to them they might be hesitant to have Greg interview them.

        I agree that he could push a little more or confront their ideas or line of reasoning if he felt the need. Its ironic how some of these “researchers”within the fringe topics can be so closed minded about other fringe topics or non-mainstream theories

        1. That’s why I said there is a way to do it without “Walking the guest” but even in that rare occurrence where it might turn into a flat out yelling match who cares? I mean seriously in the end nothing is more entertaining than a good debate and Greg is smart enough to not have it turn into name calling. If you want to hear a good example of someone pushing back on someone’s nonsense listen to “Dead Air Paranormal” from 3wks ago when they had Richard Dolan on and the host just had enough of Dolan’s lies and absolutely hypocrisy. He pushed back and Dolan acted like such a little child it was mindblowing and from that moment on the small inkling of respect I had left for Dolan was lost and I’ll always respect that researcher although he has the most annoying and god awful cohost woman in history Andrea Parron…. Anyways I think Greg has pretty much stated that this interview kind of got away from him as far as keeping it on the “believability rails” when he let Courtney just ramble on and on and on about his idiocy. I expect it will be different in the future.

    3. It seems like all of Courtney Brown’s interviews go like that. He always seems to have his own talking points he wants to get to and he doesn’t seem to let the interviewer (whoever it may be) really ever take control of things. And he always mother fucking spells out his website “, like seeing far” in every mother fucking interview. Sorry for the language, but mother fuck.

  10. Listening to this guy after about 30 mins or so just got painful, it felt like my ears were bleeding. I mean once you figure out its a flat earth its difficult to listen to someone, especially someone as educated as himself, that clearly has not given the Flat Earth more than 20 seconds of research. He also has clearly not done any of his own credible research on Nasa, because if you look at their videos, I mean seriously, you have to be very, and I mean very dumb to think that they are actually in space. I haven’t heard a guest on THC since I have listened to it that has made me upset at all, I am usually pretty dam neutral, but this guy actually pissed me off. Like come on man, if your gonna go on a Podcast with this level of respect for being open minded and having done your own credible non-influenced research. Its a standard tool of basically everyone in these various areas of whatever it is there doing lol. I mean spreading information on the realities of what is actually going on or has more than likely occurred in the past. Ill summarize it with the fact that a lighthouse light beam can be seen for HUNDREDS of miles across the sea, this is impossible on an 8000 mile round “jelly filled earth” that this retarded fuckhead claims we are living on. I don’t typically name call in a childish manner like that either, but I cannot stand it when someone says things like… “If you had any common sense and you thought about the earth being hollow, you would know it is clearly not possible.” This is a statement at the level of around a grade 2 or 3, maybe grade 5. The mentality of someone being dumb if they don’t agree with your non verified opinion, even if it was verified, someone is not dumb if they do not agree with your opinion, they have only taken in a certain amount of research and therefore have based there opinion on what they have experienced. If they had actually taken the time to learn what you had learned then they hopefully wouldn’t be o ignorant. And that is why this guy doesn’t deserve to ever be heard on THC until he has actually done his own research and has grown up from his infantile personality.

    1. Well said. I have been debating Flat Earth theory on Facebook and I was surprised by how much support Flat Earth was getting, but the globe Earth people turn the debate into a 2nd grade argument, complete with name calling. But like I said, there was more support for flat Earth than I expected, and people on that side of it had solid input and arguments. I am still on the fence, but am leaning towards the Earth being flat. Simple observation proves to me that water is flat, and it sure looks like the land masses are flat as well. But I am still researching it.

  11. whats up…. “you know these pictures are 100% accurate because they’re coming STRAIGHT FROM THE GOVERNMENT”! get the hell out of here. this guy sucks.

    i appreciate your hard work, Greg.

  12. Greg, you did a great job of trying to get this bloke to say something, anything, that we really didn’t already know!!
    Seemed like a sales pitch or he really wanted the website traffic or something……
    Remote viewing is something I can buy into, but he was paddling in another direction on this one.

    As to getting fired up about NASA or molten core Earth and all that, this bloke admitted to buying the official Twin Towers story for more than a week; enough said!! 😉

  13. It’s been said many times, but the reasoning this guy uses is pretty interesting. He mentions that government is all about secrecy , yet is willing to trust NASA and “official government” information as truth. Remote viewing is a pretty fascinating topic, but this guy didn’t help the case :/

  14. Courtney….the voice does not ring true, I can hear witb my own ears this garbage and no offence Greg can’t win em all. This geust was so full of shit…. a man of truth does not attack his opposition when asked for PROOF of what he claims. Sounds like a sham wow to me.

  15. Kind of on the same topic others have brought up. Greg, your ability to allow ALL those voices through with impartiality is one of the strengths of your show. That you don’t focus on gotcha moments. Don’t let other people paint you in a corner to call out areas of conspiracy you find less credible (like the radio interview) because in terms of real world proof all the stuff lacks definitive evidence. And any guest who spends lots of time attacking other ideas as opposed to presenting their own is one who loses credibility with me. For myself I just enjoy the ride and the stories and the *multiple* possible realities of our world. Its all fascinating and while I may gravitate to one idea more than another I appreciate all of the perspectives presented and the stories intertwined.

  16. Hey – This Guy had some interesting points. Remote Viewing is something that I have a hard time understanding or even believing. But just because I don’t totally understand it, does not mean it might not be true. Same with the Lunar Wave and the Flat Earth. I really think the point here is that we all have been lied to so long by our schools and government – that we dont know who to trust or not trust. So if someone is speaking a little out of our comfort zone – we just say bullshit and close our ears. He is not our teacher or our church leader, our souls are not going to burn in hell or we will not fail a grade if we don’t understand everything. Open our ears and minds,just remember what he has said – Maybe sometime in the future we will hear something and this might all make scene. Who Knows – at least this guys has a place to speak freely and openly – Believe him or not. At least he wont be censored like ABC, CBS or CNN…… Thanks Greg for being that soap box that everyone can be heard from. I know that I have grown a little from this podcast.

    1. I sgree, ocm, but I don’t think most people here necessarily has s problem with remote viewing, but his results using NASA, mainstream ideas and other “proof” that we dont think is legit to back up his claims. On top of that he scoffs at other fringe theories that he obviously hasn’t taken two minutes to actually research the very topics that he argues against and brushes off as silliness.

  17. As with all things, you should listen to everything with an OPEN MIND!!!!! You make the choice to believe or not believe…… one can make you do anything!! Greg, I cannot begin to tell you how great your podcasts are!! They are taking us places where I never thought we’d go!! My husband and I listen every morning and they are the highlight of our day!! Keep up the good work and smokin’ the smoke!!!!!!

  18. Greg brother love the show love you, been with you since before plus love that non-filtered think for yourself karate chop to the head info as for the snake Courtney Brown only one quote comes to mind from one of the greatest prophets of our time” you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time ” Robert Nesta Marley

  19. defo the worst so far but as i always say the truth is in the lie and this guy was obviously lying notice his intonations and freudian slips-total baloney sandwich. that can be very revealing and similar to what was said about dolan(thx must check tht out btw)-
    also i fed up with you greg, repeatably saying flat earth is bull and never saying why-
    ok you think your guests go on about it too much?
    try organise a debate between anyone(n, d, g, tyson) and eric dubay-see which one will agree-
    the truth is in the lie-
    love you, n, your show-

  20. I have been turned off to this guy since he did his “clues” a couple of years ago. they all led to “buy my documentary”
    I didn’t listen to this because I knew how he would be- and all these comments confirm that I made a wise choice not to waste my time. Greg, every other show I have heard has been exceptional!! with the exception of the crazy lady who was spouting psychotic ramblings about her husband and the reptilians and yet insisted that psychedelics were the worst thing for people.
    Live and learn.

  21. Guys – If this was the best show or the worst show – So what.

    Like GRAYOWL said : ( you might want to go back and read his post )
    ” For myself I just enjoy the ride and the stories and the *multiple* possible realities of our world. Its all fascinating and while I may gravitate to one idea more than another I appreciate all of the perspectives presented and the stories intertwined.”

    There is other possibility out there, like I said – the Lunar Wave, the Flat Earth???? Maybe Remote Viewing? But there is possibility. If one closes your mind to one, you absolutely limit every other possibility. I took something away from each and every podcast.

    I try to allow everyone to have their opinion on something. Even you guys. And if you want to discuss topics, that’s great. But when you say ” I know this guys is” or “Obviously this guy”, Now I have to know your proof. The one thing this guy does have is some proof – a lot of time and research into Remote Viewing, a Website and a Vimeo / Youtube channel. It seams this guy has a little more proof then just your opinions that he is a baloney sandwich or a piece of shit. At least he is not standing on the side of the road with a sandwich board that says ” THE END IS NEAR” no proof there ether. Sorry the truth hurts!

    Please – I challenge you all. Listen with open ears and open minds. Maybe some is hard to believe or understand, And you don’t have to. But maybe it might tie to something else in the future – who knows

    1. you wrote a lot-

      in my opinion there is a whirl of dis info agents
      as the truth gets out and the lies less credible .
      i think this guy KNOWS he is full of it-
      just my opinion of his tone(which is far from scientific fact)
      another thing towards the greater questions-
      is croww777 and mark sargeant some kind of monstrous deception-
      hearing there interview the other day was interesting….
      i think we all need eric back for round two-greg you prove him wrong-
      if one thinks ones ideas are ridiculous one should have no problem confronting one, no?
      looking forward to next show hope its coming soon!
      piece by peace we’ll figure this darn thing out-

  22. Low rating, just because I’m not into remote viewing and the speaker didn’t have the most interesting conversational dialogue. Not a slack on the show as a whole. Keep up the good work Carlwood.

  23. Oh my Greg.
    My first ever 2hr episode as a plus member and I had to turn it off at about 40-45mins.
    The entire intro was talking the so called true skeptic and having an open des mind, then we moved into how to truly set up the perfect transparent double blind test so as not to discredit your self or the method.
    Than the sewerage began.
    The exact opposite to all that came before.
    You did your best to keep things on point but CB just kept taking us back into unverifiable fairy land.
    No more so verifiable than the things you mentioned and he put the end to as myth.
    Atlantis, Mars structures, antipodes, distant spa retreats, ancient multi millionaire warren buffet types with interstellar travel tech.
    Does he honestly think that because he has a so called talent we son not possess we are that stupid?
    We the people who listen to your show may not know as much mass mind commonly agreed upon information that he does. But we do know one thing.
    How to smell the breath of a bullshit artist and call BS long before you are given the time to push your general consensus point of view onto us.
    Sorry CB I have enjoyed many an interview and movie clip in the passed.
    But this time round it felt like their was a script and you lost me.
    Keep up the good work Greg.
    Love your pods.
    I learn from good and bad. So I don’t judge thankyou.

  24. Honestly, I just couldnt finish the interview…..sorry, but this one was not up to par. However Greg, that’s not your fault, the guy was talking in circles and all about pushing people to buy his stuff. Oh. Well! Onto the next one!

  25. Greg, as usual, you did a great job. I’m starting to figure out which guests I dislike versus the ones I do like. Guys like Courtney are the types I do not like very much. The common thing is that they are way too matter of fact and detailed when they really have no way of knowing. I think that is why I like Crow so much. He is about proof and knowing. I much rather hear a guest say “Honestly I have no way of knowing” than oh yeah we have 7 bases on the moon for all 17 species of alien that live around us and here’s what they look like etc. Yeah…I’ve seen the Men and Black trilogy too…

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