Crrow777 | The Paris Attacks, Skywatching Weirdness, & The Reality Ruse

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You know him, you love him, Crrow777 returns to THC to talk about the Paris attacks, the strange things he’s captured with his new equipment, his epic skywatching road trip, chemtrails, the moon, time control, rewriting history, NASA’s lies, and more!

Check out Crrow’s footage at and keep your cameras on the Venus/Moon transit on Dec 7th.

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  1. One of the most informative, action-packed episodes ever. Always good to hear from Crrow. Really stoked that you both dug your heels in a bit with regard to your take on religious indignation and Crrow’s take on the busted Boston hoax. Encore!
    PS: Looking foward to the THC Ap-app and Crrow777 podcast. Well done, sirs!

  2. This is more like it, been sceptical about crrow for a while, but in my mind he redeems himself alot by being brave enough to talk about media fakery and totally 100% staged events, to which i would agree entirely.

    This being said, if you are interested in people that devote their time to investigating this subject about 100% staged events, and have alot of evidence for it, you might want to get in touch with Ab from or simon shack from cluesforum, in my opion an interview with one of them would be a great show, and highly relevant, since alot of people are just starting to see the part media fakery plays in psy ops nowadays.

    Excelent show today by the way, enjoyed it alot Greg , Thumbs up.

    – Zal

  3. I agree with your final thoughts about staged attacks. I choose to keep my empathy for the possible loss of human lives intact while keeping an open mind to the possibility that either, parts or the entirety of the attack, could have been staged. To just automatically dismiss all events as fakery seems like just as much the end result of a psy-op as a staged attack with no loss of life.

  4. Interesting discussion, as always.
    As to CERN, I tripped over two different Interpretations. They want to create a portal to reach Saturn to free Satan(s) and bring it here, or they want to get to the center of the earth with the same mission.
    David Icke is working right now on analysis of Paris stuff (Friday 13) and will publish his findings on DavidIcke/

  5. Now that was a good show! It felt like a comfy blanket and a cup of cocoa after a week of propaganda Paris and a fakebook “spot the sheep” French flag or else portrait picture mind experiment.
    So many people still not getting the big picture, it can be disheartening.
    On the plus side for me, signs recently that my husband is waking up, he’s been having conversations at work with clued in people and I can see him joining the dots.
    Thanks Greg and crow x

    1. That’s always great news to hear that people in one’s life are coming around. It sucks to feel alone in your thoughts, but you also can’t force it. Good luck!

  6. Awesome! The two of your’s synergy always takes things broad and deep! I’d been thirsting to hear you narrate some more of the road-trip, Crrow, much appreciated.

    Really appreciate you bringing up history falsification too Greg! I see these chronological manipulations as one of the real lynch pins of the entire matrix. The standing historical paradigm presents an image of never-ending exploitation, and only a gulf of ignorance on the deep origins of civilization. Why do Christians and Muslims, and different nations, and different races have so much antipathy for each other? “Well, whatever the reasons it’s just always been that way from the very beginning.” And if you take the textbook version as even broadly true, you have nothing to say to that. “Well, this is still the best we’ve ever done in some ways…” Even if you’re someone who wants to heal these things and thinks we can move past them, that “reality” is always in the back of your mind, eroding one’s sense of optimism.

    So, yeah. Radical reality revision, ho!

    1. I would love to do a bigger show on that. I just heard about that “New Chronology Movement” and that guy’s book series. I’m not sure if he’s still alive or speaks english, but I’d love to do that one.

    1. I learned a hard lesson that night about the limits of DSLR cameras in low light. There is a reason night vision is seen quite often in night time UFO clips and now I know why. I will get back there at some point with the right tools.

  7. Excellent talks once again guys, favorite duo 🙂 Crrow… re; loosing all your work… back up everything on many many hard drives and just re-upload if you get your YT account cancelled haha! Wouldn’t be nice at all but do the backup! (I’m sure you do anyway)! Peace! J

  8. Let’s put it this way: the father, the son and the holy ghost are…. saturn, the sun and the moon???? Just a thought! The father is father time, Cronos or Saturn. The son is the sun! The holy ghost is the hologram that looks like the moon? And the whole thing combined creates the Soul-ar system.

    Maybe you should get Wayne and Crrow on together?

  9. a Mexican girl was phoned by her family and confirmed alive after the theatre attack, she was in police custody

    whilst in Police custody, she was murdered and then returned to the theatre to be blamed on ISIS…

    MOSSAD strikes again!

        1. Its an interesting read but more from the point of view of deconstructing what passes for logic with some people.

          First of all I want to say that I’m very open to the likeliness of this being a false flag event, not looking to offend, come off as condescending or bore but if anyone took the time to read that article then please read this post.

          I cant find one point that constitutes proof on any level whatsoever. The phrase “beyond reasonable doubt” being used tells all you need to know about the authors ability to reason.

          – No references, its based on what one person said they saw on TV. If the family members were broadcast on TV saying what the article claims surely more than one person would know about it?
          – Even if it is true then still seems like a friend of a friend type thing, the wariness of which was discussed in this very THC episode.
          – Wouldn’t be easier to actually do it than to stage in the manner described? If several people are randomly opening fire in an enclosed crowd your going to get a decent body count aren’t you?
          – No police or EM? We don’t know when that photo was taken, could be the 1st on the scene or everyone told to clear the area. I feel it would be a less emotionally evocative photo with them in it, with flags flag isn’t emotional exploitation the means to the end?

          Looking at the video;
          – Drummer shot? no sudden jolt backward as you would expect from being hit by something traveling at over 700 meters a second. Looks more like he saw them come in & takes the nearest cover available, not sure if the sticks leave his hands at all.
          – Crew members such as the sound engineer are usually set up in the middle of the crowd, they’d have nowhere to run, the only odd thing to me is the guitarist just standing there.
          – I have a degree in sound engineering and while yes ok a loud rock concert would be around 115-120 decibels & an ak47 clocks in at 130+db, its not as simple as that when air is being moved. Think off how small sea waves combine to make big rouge waves, the opposite happens with interacting wave forms too.
          – Also the human eardrum to brain relationship and a phone microphones don’t pick up or process sound in the same manner, to me the argument doesn’t hold up at all. Do you not think it would be reasonable for people to take a moment process what was happening then react?
          – There may well be better videos on dead peoples phones, this clip being the only one available at this point in time doesn’t prove anything.

          To keep sane in this shit show of a world I feel you need to view information as possible, plausible, probable or provable, the latter breaking down into, logical, mathematical, scientific or legal proof.

          Good example being you can use math and geodesy to show that the great pyramid encodes the dimensions of the planet, therefore it is logical to say that whoever designed it must have had that information (or wanted to fabricate it if you’re a flat earther) and were far more advance than history gives them credit for. They probably had some sort of flight method, as croww suggests in this episode.

          1. fair point.. references are good, more references are better…. but can you trust the references?

            the wiki article for the attacks was already being written before the attacks had finished…. it had 34 references before the attack was even over! who was writing this article before the attacks were over and who was writing these other 34 articles that were referenced?

            as far as I am concerned, the Paris attacks are very very similar to the London attacks, using the same template…….. I will not look or listen to the mainstream anymore as they are complicit

            we are killed for sport and there are only so many hours in the day, I am NOT going to spend all my time investigating……… I’ve made my mind up and I’m not an idiot…. and you’ll just have to take my word for that!

            1. Not aware of the wiki info, my previous post was intended an analysis of flawed logic in the 300spartains article specify, not the event as a whole. I am in no way dismissing the false flag plausibly.

              I didn’t mean to suggest that you’re an idiot, sorry if you took it that way.

          2. Brilliant.

            “To keep sane in this shit show of a world I feel you need to view information as possible, plausible, probable or provable, the latter breaking down into, logical, mathematical, scientific or legal proof.”

            I cut and pasted this into my phone for future reference.

    1. I read that right after I posted the show, I think it has merit for sure. It doesn’t change the story much, but it does give a (probably) more accurate justification for the date.

      1. My thoughts exactly; It really doesn’t change the outcome and the probable profiteers much, but it does remove quite a bit of hysteria.
        It could quite easily be blowback,( the French have been absolute arseholse in the Mideast and North Africa for nearly 400 years) that was either let run, or more probably, amped up,(more than one team in play on the ground…)
        But once the anti-refugee shit started,(not from the French Govt. you may notice) I thought, ” how the F does this play into using young Syrauki males to drive down wages and drive up profits in the EU??”

        And then, lo and Behold! the Syrian passport is a fake, the migrants are back on the “welcome in” list, and the “terrorists” were home grown, so “Yo, Yo, we gonna need waaaay more Big Bruuda action on the ground ova ‘ere!!”

        I still agree with Gordon; it won’t work, none of it. That shit is so last-two-millennia baby. However, just because their plans seem to turn to custard 5 min after they are implemented, does not mean that it is not going to continue to get very uncomfortable for all of us before this little shit-show is wound up.

        I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last 2 1/2 months have been pretty bloody heavy, and I have had to all but disconnect myself totally from the shitstorm, save for a few outlets we know so well( this being one) just to keep some sort of balance going.( and I am working my arse off at maintaining it!)

        If the aim of the game on the way out the door IS to de-coheir “Us” as much as possible, ‘They’ are doing a bang up job!! Most of my old friends seem to blowing their brains out, one way or another, every chance they get just to cope. Good for alcohol sales…….

      1. Both are pretty much saying very similar things and it does seem kind of childish on Eric’s part. On a recent interview, Dubay seemed to have been really turned off by Crow’s moon wave but does it really tarnish EVERY other things he stated?

        During a trip in Cuba, some friends and I witness a bright moving light up in the sky at sunset. I tried to steer their attention towards it but they quickly jumped on the ‘Oh, that’s just the ISS’ bandwagon…

        I would also like to state that chemtrails are even sprayed in Cuba so this phenomenon is most likely to be in fact, worldwide.

        1. For me I don’t get it. Sure it would be nice if we had black and white answers to these topics but that is almost never the case. Eric makes some compelling arguments and so does Crrow. I can appreciate what they both bring to the table and just take away what resonates with me. What if everything including you and I are holograms residing in a artificial construct that allows us to have the *physical* experience? Then isn’t all the rest of this silly to argue over? Bottom line no one knows for sure but to anyone honestly trying to figure it out, whether they ultimately are right or wrong, I give them props for even attempting in this age of disinformation.

          1. Spot on, greyowl.
            But, those who went before did leave us clues, hidden amongst the falsities, as to understanding the nature of what we find ourselves in, (without taking it to levels that you can not influence, and so are pointless).
            And if you start to weave these riddles together, using Occam’s razor to cut the excess threads, you MAY start to see the beginnings of a map as to how you can get out.

            Heavens Gate weren’t as raving loony as the Press made out, by a long shot.

            You really need to cut through a lot of misinformation and mind control/programing.
            Occam’s razor or the Knife of Kali, there is much cutting away of old paradigms to be done. As well as recognising most symbols for what they really are; breach of copyright at best. Downright bullshit appealing to your sense of mystery at worst!

    1. I am on that list for supposed support from Huffington post. I have a rebuttal clip posted on my channel that show why his claim is made up out of thin air which should tell us all something about the source. Here is that video. Tell me, did I get support from Huff or just more BS from a mainstream source? . Cheers

  10. Good EP. Especially the fake/staged/planned events and/or attacks. I find this stuff fascinating as there really is some meat on those bones. Would be great to do a show that goes even deeper into Sandy/Hebdo and some other less known events AND how the fallout is being used to justify a radical reshaping of our society. That special place keeps getting smaller and smaller.

    1. Night vision. The real problem is that the good night vision, 3rd gen is very expensive. I try to only film quality HD clips so using mediocre tools is not an option for me and the price of the good stuff is out of reach right now.

      1. Hey crow I remember you saying you was in the marine Corp, I was in the army twenty years ago so I had a pair of NVG’s on my side when we had a field problem. Did you have a set issued on your field problems? If you did I can only hope you gazed up. On a deployment to the Mojave desert and one to ft. Hood I saw things through the night vision that you couldn’t see with out, that I still wonder about to this day, vast formations, straight lines of slow strobing lights that hung around so long we all would grow bored with them. I hope you get what you need, I plan to contribute what I can very soon because I feel that your work is important and you wouldn’t put on any “shananigans”. Stay true my friend

        1. I clearly remember being blown away with a standard issue Starlight Scope for my M-16 in combat training. At the time I did not look up per say though I did get to use it for about a week on night ops. What struck me was that people in camouflage hiding in broad daylight are more easily hidden than at night using a starlight night vision scope. I am sure night vision has come a long way since the 80s and hope to get that tool some day. If I do I am off to the UP to film a mind boggling UFO filled sky over lake Michigan.

  11. Pretty good episode, although I disagree with Crrow on a few points. On the chemtrail note, I was talking to my brother about this the other day and he just thought that was normal. The college he graduated from had a flight school and one of his good friends told him years ago that he he got a job where he “flies around and sprays stuff in the air to see how it affects the atmosphere.”

  12. So glad I joined the +. Hey carlwood, I got the + because I had to hear the rest of what crow was saying, and after this show I tend to agree with you on the ritual of the the elite that seems to be under the surface of these ‘events’. Nothing is free, really, so look at the level these operators of the system of control we live upon, what is the price paid in these rituals, these blood sacrifice offerings, if I may be so bold, theft, deceit, murder…….and what is gained at this price?

    The history lie, the chronological subject u touched upon sounds fascinating, like a bell being rung the moment you take the correct turn. I look forward to what I find. Keep up the good work bro and keep it green

  13. Thank You Greg and Crrow777, I appreciate all fine work Crow has done. Please Crow check into teleportation even further during the daylight hour. On the somewhat clear days small instant clouds will form, watch them instantly increase in size. while watching them they will illuminate in spots. then decrease in size, illuminate again in sporatic spots, as this little cloud dissapates a craft will appear as if coming from behind the cloud but no, it is made of the particles that made up the instant cloud. I have seen this happen three times and then as quickly as it appears, it moves a bit across the sky and starts to dissapate making another instant cloud and slowly dissappears at what looks like behind a cloud but as it slowly breaks down it actually is forming this other cloud and slowly breaks down and takes this other cloud ( which looks like it went behind this new second cloud) and out of the the sky it is. The last time(4thtime) I saw this it was actually a weird spiralling orb with a dark head and white tail spiralling ( counterclockwise upwards) out of what once was a cloud and as it dissapated it formed this orb. Some sort of teleportation with the chemcloud crap being sprayed tooHard to put in words crrow, sorry but I have been trying so hard to get this info to you via yewtruuube but have never been able to post. Not crazy Crrow, truth, Thanks so much for every thing you do and I appreciate Greg for a lot of other guest he has introduced me to

  14. Man I like crow. Correct me if I’m wrong though, but wasn’t crrow in comms in the marines? You had to do uhf satcom at some point…. Being a radioman in the navy, and using these satellites everyday I just can’t get behind that they don’t exist. Just the radio theory alone would have to be the biggest cover up and lie the navy has to push. I’m not one to believe everything everyone tells me hence why I love this podcast. But sadly I hate to say it but the satellites are there and you can Google the locations. You can even buy some second hand radio HAM satcom equipment and get the downlinks from them.

    1. I hear you! My contention is that first hand, long term observation seems to pretty much prove satellites do not exist AS THEY HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED TO US. Having said this does leave me wanting more though and I can only keep on trying to get more. Cheers.

      1. Ok I agree with that. I know most aren’t just one band and communication purposes only. The couple them with spy cameras, and all that to save cost. One usually consists of shf, uhf, and high deff camera capabilities. They do this because apparently it’s $10k a pound to go to space do naturally cram everything on one bird. This also would make them super classified… But you can snag their locations of Google, and if your caught jamming one like the Iranian governments do they’ll come for you. 90% of them are geosynchronous as well so it’s hard t yo see them…. Idk Shit I’d fuzzy to me too, but they’re there.

        1. If there are satellites there, they have to be waaay lower than they tell us.
          Living in a ‘desert’ region nearly all my life, I have see lights moving mostly South to North that I always used to pass off as satellites,( as well as many other, much stranger things. Got to love 30% relative humidity! 🙂 ) but they are moving much too fast to be at the altitudes they tell us, I think.
          I also have memories of them moving slower when I was a kid.

          Using UHF/HF daily because of distance we have to cover and VHF in aircraft and so knowing a little about radio, my favourite line is still being told by the course instructor that FM stood for Fucking Magic!! 🙂

          1. So funny as I clearly remember the instructor saying the same thing about FM and what it meant. That is a whole other show covering the lack of knowledge on so many commonly used wav based technologies – from AC current to FM radio.

    2. Hey man I was a radio man in the army, L.O.S. ,UHF,SHF, etc. and I know a little about the tro po systems , dat. Sat. Systems, and most of the times the signals for the tro po & dat sat were (get this) bounced off of different layers of the atmosphere or to a relay then a node center so on and so forth. For me personally I never had a transmission to a satellite or even received a signal from one, even though the description of the equipment and operations would use the word satellite. Very strange now that I sit here and think about it. Crrow has hit the nail on the head when he says “AS THEY HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED TO US”. The only thing I could verify in my time working with this equipment was the l.o.s. ( line of sight) we would shoot a signal to a another antenna the we could see with binoculars or sometimes we would to drive to the other site. As for anything other than that you would just have to take some else’s word that the path is what they say.

  15. I am new here. Subscribed tonite. Great show, can’t wait to listen to the archives and more shows! Regarding chem trails, I have heard different theories from different people/shows that I follow. The latest one from Pattie L. Brassard was that chem trails are terraforming the planet to be more hospitable for ETs, which was the more recent one that I had never heard before, and another is the basic “to make us sick” and poisoning our crops and trees. James Gilliland at ECETI ranch in Oreagan, says they have sprayed so much there for years that the trees are dying. I have followed James for years, he would be a great guest, and Patti worked for NASA, Lockheed, etc. developed computer systems for them, and still accesses all their sites, and posts screen shots of everything she reports. I first heard her on Open Your Mind Radio Ireland . She reported that CERN blew last nite, and she and and Karen Ann MacDonald, another great ‘would be’ guest, followed the story most of the nite. All these peeps are public on facebook. She also posted an article “ABC 7 Amarillo said that the Halliburton plant in Pampa, Texas was “completely leveled” last nite by a tornado. Anybody heard anything on either of those items? Verrrrrry interesting!

      1. Zal, I should have said Pattie was a independent contractor for Nasa, etc. , and not promoting aliens more than anyone else. But thanks for the heads up. I just take it all in and keep an open mind, discerning as best I can. All part of the journey 🙂

        1. Let me clarify. She worked for NASA, a organisation that is a branch of the military and lies about everything.
          Lockheed martin, the main supplier of the military.
          And she is promoting aliens, that the sheer belif in presupposes that NASA has at some point told the truth about anything.

          Three strikes, shes out.


  16. I’ve been thinking…dangerous I know…. isn’t the moon INCREDIBLY BRIGHT??

    As far as I’m aware, light intensity is inversely proportional to the distance squared. So if you were standing on the illuminated part of the moon, it would be like standing on a light bulb?

    If you look at a white computer screen, you get a kind of luminosity that you don’t get from looking at a white sheet of paper. And the same with the moon; you get a kind of luminosity that you don’t get when you look at a rock in daylight…?!

    am I going mad here???

    1. This has been one of the things that has always irked me too.
      the “pictures” from the “moon” that Nasa gave us are monochromatic and dull, not very shiny.
      There is a major disconect here.

      As far as your inverse square light thing.
      Any major 3d program uses this algorithm for realistic light falloff in computer graphics, so you are correct about that.


      1. the peak “illumination” should be at the point on the moon that is closest to the sun, since that surface is perpendicular to the light from the sun
        the rest of the illuminated portions of the moon are approaching a tangent to the sun light, until you get to the point where it goes past that tangent and a dark shadow is cast

        so basically, if the angle to the light is 45 degrees, then it should be half the light intensity….. if the angle is 80 degrees, even less…. and at 91 degrees it should be dark….. WE DON’T SEE THIS IN THE SKY!!!

        1. Wow this is absolutely correct. I learned about how light looks on a curved object in art classes. Looking at the moon, we would never think it was round if we hadn’t been programmed to think so. I have noticed that the moon looks flat without being clear why. You nailed it. I even experimented with a potato (round and not shiny) and a single desk lamp in my apartment just now, and walked the potato far from the light source. There is a light hot spot.

          Either the moon is flat or what we see gives off its own light source.

  17. Great work guys. Amazing show and content. I was actually there with Crrow in Houston/Space Center as we did an interview in person – and then went into the museum – so I figured I’d throw in my view on the topic. Sort of bring this podcast into reality from another unique perspective. To me this was just the most odd thing I’ve ever experienced as well. I drive by the place daily but hadn’t been behind the locked security gates in over a decade – before knowing – so I honestly had no idea what to expect. You could really go on and on about this but to hear it from two Youtube guys who have been watching what we know as reality – and edit our own footage all the time – is a whole other story. The “locked movie” was absolutely as Crrow described. To me it was disappointing as NASA chose to use some of their best footage (ex., Ed White’s 1965 Gemini Spacewalk – To me, growing up in this environment, that was always some of the best footage ever available and very nostalgic personally. To me I feel as though with all of the alleged advances in what we are told is ‘space’ it is extremely telling that most of the film was old footage. Nothing new under the sun, so to speak. Thing was – in the film – they chopped it up so much that it was almost unrecognizable. Crow didn’t even mention the fact that – after going through two locked turnstiles with security (this is leaving out them data mining your zip code just to pay to enter; the security guard who searches all bags; etc.) – just to the right of what is a fairly sizable movie theater and screen – there was even a ‘moderator’ who is intentionally dressed to look official – standing at a podium which appears official – and stands, facing the audience through the entirety of the film. As I said – odd. The film itself was an intentionally and a professionally edited overwhelming of the senses and clearly intended to affect you emotionally. After this ~20 minute long “film,” you’re herded into the darkest room you can imagine, you see a few artifacts, a ‘space’ capsule, and then you’re led into this literal mockup of a “science lab” where they have the alleged moon rocks. If you believe Brad Meltzer’s coverage, allegedly most of the moon rocks were stolen back in 1995 from JSC in Houston. If you believe the official story they just were almost literally thrown in a file cabinet and an employee stole them all never to be heard from again.

    From my perspective – I’ve worked in my own laboratories over time, specifically using electron microscopes – so to me – being that this is a museum with what should be their most heavily guarded and prized artifacts – it is setup almost in a way that is laughable in regard to what should pass as reality. I’d rate their entire stage setup as a B grade soap opera set. Same thing with the moon stage which they also show you. For example, after the movie you’re forced to watch, they have this whole large set with the alleged moon rocks – demonstrating the “science” aspect of looking at the moon rocks – yet I noticed their microscope setup (literally with a dummy/manikin standing at the scope) is something akin to an old “Hasbro” (children’s brand) microscope you’d buy from Sears in the children’s section maybe a few years back. I can tell you – I used to work the opposite of astronomy – and that was using a DSLR camera to take photos of certain devices piggybacked to an electron microscope – and their setup, even though it is just a set – is an absolute insult to a thinking man. That’s my view. Again, great show guys. Looking forward to any future content.

  18. I don’t think anybody woke up because of this Paris attack, even though it’s the complete works like 9/11. I’m done talking to people, they’re the enemy. The divide and conquer worked, they co-opted my peers.

    1. Sir – or Mam. A huge amount of headway has been made in two short years. You are seeing a ruling class scared to death that so many of us are on to them. We see the signs of this fact every where from Nat Geo, to movies to the mainstream news. Even Charlie Sheen could be viewed as an effort to take eyes away from the Paris fraud as so many folks are not fooled. Hang tough and support your fellow man/woman. To do anything less in these times is akin to fighting for the enemy. Cheers.

  19. Greg, your views on European socialism at the beginning have driven me to comment. I’ve not commented before here. I’ve studied the economic situation of a number of European countries, I live in one, yes there is socialized healthcare, but waiting lists, actual service and actual cost to the taxpayer is disastrous. That includes the likes of Sweden and Denmark. I don’t doubt you possibly met people who have had good experiences, but overall the systems are in serious trouble. The insinuation that you favour socialized anything suggests you favour central planners, a select group of people to make what I would deem hugely important decisions with respect to private individuals, this to me seems mind boggling. Finance and healthcare are the most over regulated government controlled areas in our lives. They are also the most corrupt and dysfunctional. You don’t see any red flag here. Or are you another person who foolishly thinks ‘If we could just get the right people in power, someone who’s for the people’. Don’t be naive. As you well know A. anyone who gets near being elected only gets there because they in no way threaten the elite, from Bernie Sanders to Yanis the communist in Greece, they say all the nice things, but at the end of the day want high taxes and more importantly: Central Banking, I need say no more on that. A true radical leader would want to abolish central banking and any centralised power to allow people to organise or choose not to organise themselves rather than be forced to organise under the state. And B. adults need to evolve to a point where they are responsible for themselves (along with their families and communities, that does not mean abandoning vulnerable people), for spending their own $ on whatever health service they choose, rather than taking the lazy way out and just wanting a mob of strangers to make all those choices for them. For the record, I’m neither right wing nor left, I was left wing until three years ago when I started to learn economics and realised the damage socialism has caused especially my country and Europe.
    If you’re looking to discuss this or learn more, you are smart enough to know not to find the people who make you feel good, say the things you agree with, but challenge your views and perhaps open your mind.
    I know this is not related to Crows interview, but I felt strongly enough that I had to post. Most of Europe and the US is totally dependent on governments, you mentioned that you think right wing people are trying to kill socialist programs in Europe, what is actually happening is exactly the opposite. Bringing in a new population who will be given free education, healthcare, perhaps accomodation etc, these people will obviously love the state, whereas right now we have many European countries who are seriously questioning state power and beginning to see state power over all of our decisions, from money to health to anything else, is dangerous. Again for the record I am not against immigration, I think peaceful people should be free to travel where they wish. Both the left and right is nonsense. The only way for adults to have power in their own lives is to stop wanting governments to make these important decisions. But most people don’t want that responsibility, so they hope for someone nice to get into power n make decisions that suits them. It’s laziness. I used to blame the bankers, then I blamed the corporations, then I blamed the politicians, today I blame voters. Voters are bought off with promises of free stuff. They are foolish enough to want a stranger to regulate their lives and then get annoyed when it doesn’t go to plan.
    What unnerves me is so many people are ignorant of history and ignorant of economics. The vote for and promote what makes them feel good, what sounds good, such as ‘free healthcare’, they have no idea A. why private healthcare is so expensive (its not greed, its called barriers to entry, its cronyism to stop competition driving prices down) and B. how this so called free healthcare is going to be paid for (doctors, nurses etc still need to be paid for their work. It will be paid for either out of their taxes being raised or by printing more money which pushes the burden onto future generations, its usually both). Explore the alternatives, they’re not taught in schools and not debated on tv or in the media, but they exist and work and the elite and governments don’t want anyone using them.

  20. The less government the better, I agree with you on centralized banks, all the give out is debt, and we do take it. It will have to begin at the family level, the way government regulates and destroys the civil society, it all begins in the family unit and the elite know this, and that there is nothing more important nor stronger.

  21. The so called blood moon through Autumn and into early winter has always been referred to as the Harvest Moon in the British Isles and was seen as a festival celebrating the collection of a successful harvest. However, the media has once again influenced public thinking (western worldwide) to perceive such an event as ominous. I personally think that this is a small part of their distraction to the change of consciousness taking place and keep people’s minds in a negative mode. The recent acts of terrorism around the world are all apart of this effort to lower humanities vibrational shift and I predict that the media fest will continue throughout the holiday season. With further false flag events to keep us in a state of fear and uncertainty, the majority will find it difficult not to be drawn in to the illusion.
    Like Crrow777, I am interested in what goes on in our skies and the solar system and I really enjoy his perspective on the activities in and above our atmosphere. Has anyone else noticed that the colour or Sirius (a) in Canis Major has changed to a deep orange instead of a blue/white colour? The Romans referred to a similar event as the harbinger of death and destruction. With the well known references Sirius has in mythology and illuminati symbology, and along with their usual Modus Operandi, I think that it is no accident that events on our planet are being orchestrated to coincide with this astronomical event. Hold on tight folks, we are entering some really interesting times!

  22. I’m in the same corner with crow. You guys both got this show right. A conspiracy buffet. But my thoughts? NASA is just pushing that idea with these crazy finds and media attention. All these interstellar alien stories just promote that bogus idea and the NASA lie.

    1. Another thought. If there really are satellites, then why would these trans ocean cables knock out communication? Russia was talking about cutting the cable. If theres satellites then what’s the big deal?

  23. Wow this was great! My wife and i are christians but also keep our minds open. Doing some research we were reading about a time that had only one language. It is the pre flood (babel)language. And how this true history has been hidden from us by the puppetmasters. Also found in pre flood times was two large grails and 12 cups. The art on the cups is the star chart predicting the birth of christ! Astrology is a bigger part than people thinkThis talk just fit in to all of that to me… Loved it! Ill try to find links about this to post

  24. Wanted to write about my experience of the Bible which is an unusual perspective. I was raised Jewish and chose involvement with Christianity later in life and completely by my own choice. When I read the gospels, I found that a lot of it didn’t make logical sense. Particularly the parables. They don’t make sense but they pried open my heart, they healed me in a way I can’t even put into words. They have some kind of power, in spite of all the translations and political censorship they have gone through. I have talked to others who have the same take on the parables. It is interesting to note that when people use bible quotes to support agendas of hate, they rarely quote the parables. The parables do not fit other agendas, they stand on their own and transmit love for those who are open to this particular energy.

  25. I love this material. I’ve listened to it many times and follow their work. It’s a very interesting read and listening. I’m so glad to be a plus member, Greg you do a great job and I appreciate all you do in this arena!

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