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Thanks for the calls, and for all the support through this crazy ride. Happy New Year!

Here’s the Weston A. Price Foundation PDF for COVID Vaccine Talking Points that was mentioned:


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It’s all Plus content baby!

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  1. Hey1!! I just joined for a year and saw your Tim Dillon show ad but forgot to use the promo code. D’Oh! Happy to pay full price for your great work! Thanks from Iowa;) Keep making your move!

  2. No doubt they will make us feel alone and isolated. We will have to find creative ways to connect. Maybe a zoom conference once a year that we pay to attend. Greg make sure you rest along the way, as we are all in this for the Long Haul. So glad to hear you will be covering some fun topics as we need to continue to expand our curiosity and not just let them dictate our focus because of their nonsense. If we dont they will own our imaginations.

  3. Oh, hey, it’s Emily-the self deprecating comedian-first caller. First thoughts “Is that, is that my voice?” (Yes-that was an Emperors New Groove reference.) Anyway, I appreciate the advice on watching my words towards myself but, as I am someone who has a lot confidence, and it tends to rub people the wrong way, self deprecating humor is my way to balance the scales to make others feel more comfortable. I also, was pleasantly surprised at the other voicemail callers who felt the same kinship towards you, makes me feel less…creepy 😂. I live in a very, very rural community in Colorado, so people in general, let alone like minded people, are hard to come by. 

    I also appreciate the concern for a.)my research obsessive nature and b.) my need to get people to see the truth of our realities. They both are things that I have to always keep myself in check on. But being an Investigator profile in human design and an Aries sun and rising-chilling out and keeping my mouth shut are not my best qualities. But I do need to chill out and enjoy life a little more that isn’t revolved around just research, investigation and melting peoples minds 😏. But I am here to help bring healing and true sovereignty to humanity, and like you, strive to make sure I am putting together the best content I can-so to help others. 

    I also know I was fairly vague on all my research I’m doing-there’s a couple of reasons for that. First, I feel ill prepared to explain all of it in a way that will do-not only the subject matter but, also the amount of time I’ve put into all of this-justice. Secondly, the information I stumbled upon is fairly intense in content matter and once I begin sharing what I’ve found-my life will undoubtedly go up on the “girl, you in danger” meter. So, I want to have everything in order so I’m prepared on all fronts. That being said-looking for soul tribe members, always and anyone interested in helping-I’m always down for. I believe Colorado, and my area, especially, are bigger players in the game than most are aware of.

    You can always email me at Or check out my ‘gram @lemonlanelass1111 to basically just get a lot of dope memes or to contact me. 


    Young Stoner Dude, I will definitely be hitting you up on some space content you should look into, I consider my self as a Jill-of-all-trades, type of person, and have knowledge in a lot of areas but-space is one of my main focuses. I’d also check out Greg’s episodes talking about the Cosmic ether because that shit is going to be the answer to a lot of things Universally.  

    Anyway, Greg, thanks again. I know you get uncomfortable with compliments, as do I. But practice makes perfect, I suppose. You’re truly one of the best, and I promise we will be having an interview one of these days. I feel like a lot of us will have paths leading towards each other eventually. A lot of us are fairly physically alone right now and likeminded people are not easy to come by-especially for us rural folk. But I believe we always find our soul tribe eventually. So, I look forward to hopefully interacting with a lot of the fellow listeners out there. And I really did enjoyed the quote you shared: “Talk less, smile more, Don’t let them know what your against or for.” (Or something like that). I think it is actually something I will need to repeat in my head from now on, just so my boisterous personality doesn’t bring in more attention than needed, for now.  

    K. Ramble done. 

    -Emily 🖤🔥✊🏻🍋

    1. Hi Emily,

      I had an interesting synchronicity the other day. I was driving around listening to the joint session yesterday and thought to myself "maybe I should leave a voicemail for Greg sometime," and the very second I finished that thought, you introduced yourself as Emily. My name is also Emily! I love getting a little nod from the universe like that. I took it as a sign to participate in the community a little more. I am also an Aries sun and on the path of a healer.  I don't have anything else to say, really. So from one Aries healer named Emily to another….hello.

  4. I am so excited to become a member! I recently subscribed to Tim's podcast and heard the ad, but thought that I wanted to pay you for your time. So, at least one person heard it 🙂 If I would have know it would have made a difference for you, I would have punched it in the promo. No idea what took me this long, but others may have heard the ad and motivated them to show you some love.

    Been on a personal countdown to hearing the second halves after years of listening to first half. Sorry for the extended delay. It must be time.

    Love S-

  5. Ha! Hey-other Aries, Emily-I am so happy that I was used by the Universe as a little nod towards you to jump into THC community. It honestly was the first time I finally pulled the trigger-so it’s a funny “coincidence.” And I think it’s a good community to choose. Thanks for the shout out, made me smile. 🖤

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